52 Language APIs: Google, Calais and Bing

Our API directory now includes 52 language APIs. The newest is the Transfluent API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Google Translate API. We list 40 Google Translate mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of real estate APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 34 language REST APIs and 15 language SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 34 language XML APIs and 26 language JSON APIs.

The most common tags within real estate are 27 translation language APIs, 18 tools language APIs and 9 reference language APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 15 language mashups. We named Fast & Quick Online Translator as mashup of the day in September 2010.

For reference, here is a list of all 52 language APIs.

  Aonaware CountCheatService API: Solutions to anagram problems

  Apertium API: Translation Service

  Archimedes Project Donatus API: Morphological analysis data service

  Ask AMEE API: Natural language query service

  ASPECT Vocabulary Bank for Education API: Education vocabulary controlled lists

  Bing Translator API: Web translation tool

  Calais API: Semantic data search and extraction service

  CDYNE Profanity Filter API: Profanity filtering service

  ClearForest Semantic Web Services1 API: Natural language processing tools

  CloudBank API: Crowd-sourced language learning service

  Cloudwords API: Translation project management Platform

  Complexity Intelligence Part Of Speech Tagging API: Semantic tagging webservice

  Convey API: Social media sentiment analysis service

  Detectlanguage.com API: Language detection service

  Factolex API: Fact/Lexicon Database Service

  GEMET API: Multi-language thesaurus management service

  Get Localization API: Crowdsourcing Translation Service

  Google AJAX Language API: Text translation service

  Google Diacritize API: Language pronunciation tool

  Google Translate API: Language translation service

  How do you pronounce and use...? API: Multimedia pronunciation dictionary

  ICanLocalize API: Translation service

  Illocution Upzilla API: Language analysis service

  Intellexere API: Natural language search service

  iTranslate4.eu API: European language translation service

  LangId API: Language identification service

  LetsMT API: Language translation service

  LingoTip Translation API: Document translation service

  LX-Center API: Linguistic text processing services

  Microsoft Translator API: Web page and subpage language translation

  Morpher API: Russian language reference service

  Museumsvokabular API: German museum vocabulary retrieval service

  myGengo Human Translation API: Language translation service

  MyMemory API: Language translation service

  MyMemory HTS API: On demand human translation services

  NITLE Blog Census API: Blogging platform information service

  OneHourTranslation API: Translation service

  OneSkyApp API: Web and mobile app translation management service

  PHIN VADS API: Public health terminology service

  SpeakLike Translation API: Translation service

  Spellchecker.net API: Spelling correction service

  Straker Translation API: Translation services

  TauYou T-Image API: Translation technology service

  Transfluent API: Language translation service

  Transifex API: Collaborative Translation Service

  Translation Cloud API: Language translation service

  Translution API: Automated translation service

  Visual DataFlex Date Functions API: Multi-language ID code and date name retrieval

  WebPurify Profanity Filter API: Profanity filtering service

  WorldLingo Translation API: Language translation service

  Worldwide Lexicon API: Open source, collaborative language translation service

  Yandex Speller API: Find and fix spelling mistakes

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