52 New APIs: Redbox, Burning Man, and Quantcast

This week, we had 52 new APIs added to our API directory including new APIs for movie rental service Redbox, a text analytic service, and an API for the Bureau of Economic Analysis. We also attended and covered the API Strategy and Practice Conference. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

binlist.netbinlist.net API: binlist.net provides public access to a database of IIN/BIN information. Issuer Identification Numbers (IINs), formerly called Bank Identification Numbers (BINs), are composed of the first six digits of a credit card number. An IIN can be used to identify a card's brand, type, category, country of origin, and issuing bank or institution. Users can query the binlist.net database to retrieve this information via REST API.

Bureau of Economic AnalysisBureau of Economic Analysis API: The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) is a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce dedicated to promoting a better understanding of the national economy by providing value-added economic accounts data. BEA provides programmatic access to published economic statistics. Supported methods include retrieving a subset of statistical data and the metadata that describes it.

Burning Man PlayaEventsBurning Man PlayaEvents API: Burning Man is an interactive art event and temporary experimental community that gathers yearly in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Burningman.com’s PlayaEvents API provides programmatic access to information describing the event. Exposed data includes information describing events, theme camps, art installations, and streets. API access is free and publicly available.

CampusBooksCampusBooks API: CampusBooks is a search service designed to help users find the lowest prices on new and used textbooks. Rather than selling textbooks itself, CampusBooks allows users to search for the best prices among dozens of bookstores, thousands of sellers, and more than 8 million new and used books. Developers can integrate textbook search functions into their own websites and applications using the CampusBooks REST API.

Claim4FlightsClaim4Flights API: Claim4Flights is an English service that helps travelers who have delayed, cancelled, or rerouted flights receive compensation under EU law (EU261). The site advocates for travelers and only takes compensation if the claim is approved. The Claim4Flights API isn't public yet, but interested developers should email claimteam@claim4flights.com.

CometdocsCometdocs API: From humble beginnings as an online file conversion system, Cometdocs has evolved into comprehensive online management system offering services such as document sharing, transfers, and storage. The Cometdocs API provides programmatic access to the Platform’s backend tools. Most functionalities are available free to registered users. Premium quality file conversions are available for a fee.

Consumer Complaint DatabaseConsumer Complaint Database API: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) works to make markets for financial products and services work for Americans through education, enforcement, and study. The CFPB’s Consumer Complaint Database catalogues the complaints received about financial products and services. The database consists of a single dataset, while providing multiple views through which to analyze the dataset. The Consumer Complaint Database is exposed through a RESTful API built on the Socrata Open Data API. The API allows applications to retrieve metadata about the dataset and views, query for views matching specified search criteria, or retrieve specific rows of data from the dataset and views.

CORIS MittelfrankenPlusCORIS MittelfrankenPlus API: CORIS (Cluster Oriented Regional Information System) collects and maintains information on clusters - networks of companies and their supporting facilities. CORIS MittelfrankenPlus covers information on cluster in the Middle Franconia region of Germany. Users can register with CORIS to add and maintain their own company data. The CORIS MittelfrankenPlus API allows users to retrieve information - such as companies and company relationships - from CORIS. The CORIS website is provided solely in German.

CSS Sprites GeneratorCSS Sprites Generator API: CSSspritegen.com provides a Web Service helping developers optimize websites by using CSS Sprites, which speed loading times by reducing HTTP requests. The site’s CSS Sprites Generator API allows developers to create CSS Sprites through simple HTTP requests. Requests require a session token and all responses are UTF-8 JSON formatted.

DancesportInfoDancesportInfo API: DancesportInfo is an international dance information website that is available to visitors around the world in 19 languages. It provides current news and interviews with professional dancers and coaches along with an active forum with contributions by thousands of registered users. DancesportInfo maintains extensive databases of couples and individual dancers, dancers looking for partners, competition results, and competition photographs. Developers can access much the site's ample information programmatically via SOAP API.

DocolocDocoloc API: Docoloc is a plagiarism detection service that searches papers for text fragments that also occur in other documents. Users can create an account with Docoloc and upload documents in PDF, Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, RTF, HTML, or plain text formats to be reviewed by Docoloc's software and databases. Docoloc will then notify users of any plagiarism, copyright infringement, quotations, or other sources for the document at the user's account, email address, or both. The Docoloc website is available in both German and English.

DR NUDR NU API: DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) is a Danish media company that provides television, radio, and online media services. Its website provides access to program information and streaming episodes. DR also provides the DR NU API - "nu" being the Danish word for "now." This makes public REST methods available for retrieving programs, program information, videos, lists of videos, and more. The API also provides a search Function. The DR website is provided primarily in Danish, but the API Documentation is given in English.

DronestreamDronestream API: DroneStream provides real-time and historical data from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism describing every reported United States drone strike. DroneStream supports a simple API allowing applications and websites to access drone strike data. The structured data is delivered in a JSON Feed.

EnergimolnetEnergimolnet API: Energimolnet provides a low cost solution for receiving electricity data and is designed to simplify access to energy consumption data throughout the nordic region. The Energimolnet API allows businesses and individual developers to enable automatic and reliable access to energy data. All methods in the API work via HTTP GET requests and all responses are in JSON format. A developer account and API Key are required.

FantasyData NFLFantasyData NFL API: FantasyData.com provides NFL statistical data for fantasy football professionals, developers, and fans. Products include web services, historical team and fantasy database downloads, and a RESTful API. The FantasyData NFL API provides developer access to NFL data including live scores, season information, team stats, and box scores. The API is delivered over the Apiphany platform and is offered at four subscription levels, depending on data needs.

FixidoFixido API: Fixido is an online marketplace for buying and selling sales related information, or "leads." Sales leads are provided to Fixido systems by lead sellers and lead buyers can buy them in the Fixido marketplace. Fixido manages the information and the handling of the transaction. The marketplace includes global leads from a myriad of industries. Fixido provides a RESTful API for the import and export of leads and ordering. Responses are provided in JSON or JSONP. An API key is required.

HyperTable ThriftHyperTable Thrift API: HyperTable is a Big Data management service that was designed to help companies organize, manipulate, and analyze large data sets. The company aims to reduce costs by utilizing maximum efficiency to require less datacenter space and less electrical costs. The HyperTable Thrift API allows users to add, remove, update and manipulate the large datasets that HyperTable manages. An account is required with service.

ICanBuyICanBuy API: ICanBuy provides mortgage rate information collected by Informa Research Services. Users can search for rates by location, type of home, credit rating, and more. ICanBuy is useful both to people looking to buy a home and people looking to refinance. The advertised rates on ICanBuy are submitted by the lenders and brokers, and the actual rates may vary from the projected quote on the site.

InnovativeTxtInnovativeTxt API: InnovativeTxt is a global text messaging service that provides a bulk messaging service for advertisers. InnovativeTxt offers a cloud-based SMS API, that works with Bulk SMS as a marketing communication channel. The API uses REST calls and allows users to send and receive high volume of messages with a high deliverability rate. The API opens to platform for developers to build text messaging applications that can Send and Receive messages with virtual mobile number, long code and short code.

Iowa Sex Offender RegistryIowa Sex Offender Registry API: Iowa makes its Sex Offender Registry available online so that members of the public can better protect themselves from sex offenders. Users can search the registry for offenders by name, gender, city, county, state, age, height, weight, Most Wanted status, location, and profile update date. This information is made available programmatically via REST API. A JavaScript version of the API is currently in beta.

KU Leuven LiriasKU Leuven Lirias API: Lirias is an archive of publications and linked files authored by researches affiliated with KU Leuven, a Dutch-speaking university in Belgium. This structured repository captures, stores, indexes, and distributes these digital research materials in an open and accessible manner. Developers can access the archive programmatically via SOAP API.

LuminosoLuminoso API: Luminoso is a text analytics service that provides actionable business intelligence by combining a unique approach to textual understanding with a comprehensive commonsense knowledge base. Luminoso enables you to know what people saying about your company and product, directly and indirectly, through hints, allusions, and metaphors. Luminoso brings linguistic inputs into any species of numerical algorithm through a RESTful API. API methods include Accounts, User, Projects and Supported languages. Responses are formatted in JSON and an API key is required.

MnmlRdrMnmlRdr API: MnmlRdr is a feed reading service designed to minimize clutter and increase readability. It is accessible from any kind of device that features a modern web browser - no installation required. One added feature is that users can bookmark their favorite stories and mark unread stories for later reading. Users can interact with MnmlRdr programmatically via REST API.

MxToolBoxMxToolBox API: MxToolBox allows users to find out whether a given domain has been blacklisted by checking its IP address against 105 DNS-based blacklists. Users can also verify reverse DNS records, perform simple open relay checks, and measure response times. Developers can use the REST-based MxToolBox API to determine whether their domain name or email server has been blacklisted.

National Crime Victimization SurveyNational Crime Victimization Survey API: The Bureau of Justice Statistics is dedicated to collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information on crime, victims of crime, criminal offenders, and the operation of the criminal justice systems at all levels of government. The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) is a Justice Department census tool that collects detailed information about people victimized by certain types of crime. The Bureau of Justice Statistics exposes the NCVS criminal victimization data through a RESTful API. The data describes the frequency, characteristics, and consequences of criminal victimization in the United States.

NationBuilder Election CenterNationBuilder Election Center API: NationBuilder is an open platform for users to create online communities centered around issues relevant to them. Users can create community organization websites, access a people database, and use communication tools such as email, text messaging and social media. The NationBuilder Election Center API uses REST calls and returns JSON. The service offers access to a database of voter data, political and geographic regions, and other campaign information. This data can be integrated into third party applications to facilitate the design of campaign centered applications.

nToklonToklo API: nToklo develops eCommerce tools to help retailers capture, process, and apply user data to the development of social commerce. The nToklo API allows customer applications to implement the nToklo social commerce platform, including management tools such as recommendations based on user history and the creation of product lists and charts.

Page2ImagesPage2Images API: Page2Images is a website thumbnail creater optimized for mobile devices. Page2Images exposes its service through a REST API. The API allows websites and applications to generate thumbnails of a given URL. The API is able to specify image size, device, screen size, and more.

PhraseAppPhraseApp API: PhraseApp provides translation management services for websites and applications that are offered to end users in multiple languages. The PhraseApp Translation Center provides a User Interface for translators that helps manage the translation process through the editing, storing, and reviewing phases. It also provides in-context editing, which allows translators to edit content directly on the website and immediately see whether the translation interferes with the site's layout. The PhraseApp API allows developers to access all of their data and resources remotely. PhraseApp comes with a Ruby client for the API, though developers can create their own client if they prefer.

PlaidPlaid API: Plaid is designed to allow developers to integrate transaction and account data from most major financial institutions into third party applications. The data includes merchant names, street addresses, geo-coordinates, categories, and other info. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. An account is required with service.

PredictionIOPredictionIO API: PredictionIO is an open-source Machine Learning server. PredictionIO allows software and application publishers and developers to add automatic, predictive features to their products, such as recommendations, content discovery, and personalization for users. The PredictionIO API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of PredictionIO with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include creating and managing users and user records, retrieving items and content, and creating and managing recommendations based on the user.

Quantcast MeasurementQuantcast Measurement API: Quantcast is a digital advertising company focused on direct audience measurement and real-time advertising. The Quantcast Measurement API provides customers with programmatic access to their Quantcast audience and traffic data. The REST API accesses data such as traffic by network, site, or subdomain, as well as audience segments and demographics.

RedboxRedbox API: Redbox provides automated movie and video game rental kiosks throughout the US. They have more than 35,000 locations, and individual kiosks may provide as many as 200 titles and 630 discs. The Redbox API allows developers to programmatically access information on available products, kiosk locations, and inventory for a specific kiosk.

Redbox WidgetsRedbox Widgets API: Redbox provides automated movie and video game rental kiosks throughout the US. The Redbox widgets allow developers to feature information on their websites regarding available movies and games as well as the locations of nearby Redbox kiosks. The different types of widgets can display top hit movie rentals, top movie rentals in a given genre, top video game rentals by console, or Redbox kiosk locations by zip code. Widget information automatically updates itself on a weekly basis. As of this writing, users cannot customize the appearance of the widgets, but this feature is under development.

rFocus GISrFocus GIS API: rFocus provides a handful of GIS-related web services to the public free of charge. These are limited in focus, designed mainly to showcase some of the technologies that rFocus has been involved in. They are also available as a Resource for anyone who only requires simple geolocation services. The GIS APIs allow users to find the real-world locations of IP addresses, get the GPS locations of physical addresses, perform reverse geocoding, retrieve location-related Wikipedia articles, get the weather for a given location, and track courier packages.

RidePSTARidePSTA API: The RidePSTA API provides programmatic access to bus information from the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority. The API is capable of delivering real time arrival predictions and location data. Use requires a RidePSTA.net account and developer key. The API uses the BusTime system from Clever Devices, Inc.

SchoolDude ConnectBASSchoolDude ConnectBAS API: SchoolDude is a company that provides operations management software for schools. One of its offerings is FSDirect, an event planning program that lets campus departments make online room reservations and requests. Users can interact with FSDirect remotely using the ConnectBAS web service. The SchoolDude ConnectBAS API allows users to retrieve possible event locations, events for a facility and date range, and the current version number of ConnectBAS.

ScribblePicsScribblePics API: ScribblePics is a service that lets users create postcards from their photos. The postcards are printed using professional digital printers in Australia, the UK, and and the US. ScribblePics is commonly used by travel services to allow their customers to send custom postcards featuring their vacation photos. Developers can integrate the ability to create postcards into their applications using the ScribblePics API.

ScriveScrive API: Scrive is an online service for the e-signing of contracts, tenders, and other documents. The service allows users to upload documents, sign them, and send them along to contractees to be signed digitally. The electronic document is then saved and archived. Scrive offers a RESTful API for programmatic access to the Scrive service. API actions include requesting authorization to create and send documents on behalf of a Scrive user and Creating, sending and checking state of documents on behalf of a Scrive user. The API uses OAuth version 1.0.

SegPaySegPay API: SegPay is a billing platform for handling credit cards, checks, and European direct debit authorizations. The platform comes with marketing tools, sales reporting, automated password management, and an online web interface. It can provide payment portals in multiple languages and accept a variety of currencies. Many of SegPay's functions are accessible programmatically via SOAP calls.

sendwithussendwithus API: Sendwithus creates tools that make transactional mail more effective and efficient for marketers. Services include A/B testing support and user analytics. The sendwithus API provides email templating for SendGrid, Mailgun, Mandrill, and Amazon SES. Developers write code once and let marketers update content as needed.

Smart AdServerSmart AdServer API: Smart AdServer is an all-inclusive ad server that allows users to program rich media and video campaigns and to deliver ads to mobile sites and applications. Smart AdServer allows users to gather data on their audiences to improve ad targeting. It also monitors metrics such as fill rate, average CPM (cost per thousand views), and sales in real time. Smart AdServer provides their customers with around-the-clock support. Users can integrate with Smart AdServer via SOAP API. The Smart AdServer website is available in English and a variety of other languages. The API documentation is primarily in French.

SmartyStreetsSmartyStreets API: SmartyStreets is a service for verifying and standardizing postal addresses. SmartyStreets can be used to get address completion suggestions, perform bulk address verifications for an Excel or list file, standardize addresses in a database, etc. SmartyStreets provides the LiveAddress API, which allows developers to integrate address validation services into their site or app.

SpellodromeSpellodrome API: Spellodrome is an online education tool that helps students between the ages of 5 and 18 learn to spell. It uses games to teach students and to help them get interested in learning. Spellodrome provides weekly reports, which are emailed to parents and teachers. The SOAP-based Spellodrome API allows users to log in, retrieve the most commonly misspelled words, and retrieve a user's personal best score.

Statistical MeStatistical Me API: Statistical Me, born out of GovHack Perth 2013, is a web service exposing census data from the Australia Bureau of Statistics. The site’s front end allows users to explore the data through a randomized dice game. Statistical Me delivers structured JSON formatted data through a simple HTTP API.

StressFreeAirportParkingStressFreeAirportParking API: StressFreeAirportParking offers a web-based booking service for users to arrange for an airport meet and greet. This service offers travelers a way to safely store their car while traveling. Users drop off their car with a driver at airport, the car is securely stored. A drive will pick up the user in their car when they return. The StressFreeAirportParking API is a parking price comparison energy for this service and other travel related parking services across England and Europe. The API can be implemented into a third party site to generate site revenue.

VeriFone OpenVeriFone Open API: Verifone is a global technology provider for electronic payment and point-of-sale services. The company provides services to the financial, retail, hospitality, government, petroleum and other industries. Verifone has an open API upon which developers can build mobile applications that utilize the payment or Point-of-sale services. An account is required with service.

VidispineVidispine API: Vidispine is a video content repository that offers a complete backbone for the creation, management, storage and processing of audio-visual content. Vidispine services enable users to create packaged solutions that meet the needs and requirements of any part of the media industry. All functions in Vidispine are exposed via a RESTful API. Examples of API resources include items, metadata, users, storages, jobs, thumbnails and relations. API documentation is available upon signup.

VisiStatVisiStat API: VisiStat is a web analytics and customer intelligence provider that aims to help small and medium sized businesses with advanced data management. The site offers services to identify web visitors, track online marketing efforts, manage social media, track activity on web sites, and many other services. The VisiStat API allows users to build custom reports from the data, integrate data streams with CRMs and CMSs, create mashups, and manage billing and reseller account creation, among other uses. The API uses REST calls, and an account is required with service.

XQueue MaileonXQueue Maileon API: XQueue is a German email marketing technology company. One product it offers is Maileon, a professional email newsletter creation, sending, and analytics platform. It is capable of generating up to 100 million emails per hour, ensuring that all customers receive their newsletters at the same time. These newsletters can be made with Maileon's pre-existing email templates, or users can create their own. Users can also create distribution lists and filter recipients using a variety of criteria. Maileon's reporting services can collect raw data on metrics such as sending time and delivery success and convert them into graphical data representations. Developers can integrate XQueue Maileon with other apps and services using its REST API. Code samples, tutorials, and other assistance are provided. The API documentation is available in both English and German.

YootlesYootles API: Yootles is a group prediction and decision making mechanism that also includes a system for establishing social IOUs. Yootles uses a REST-style API to allows users to integrate the IOU service into other applications and make calls remotely to send, update, and track IOUs between users. An account is required with service, and an API Key must be obtained to use the API.

ZuluTradeZuluTrade API: ZuluTrade was built to bridge the gap between information and trade execution in money markets and to provide an open environment where currency traders can connect any trading platform and share their knowledge. The ZuluTrading API allows developers to trade programmatically through a RESTful interface. Use requires a ZuluTrade Trader account.