52 New APIs: USPS Calculator, Spark, and Musicovery

This week, we had 52 new APIs added to our API directory including a music information site,PassBook passes building & management service, and a financial trading platform. We also discussed APIs, caching, and data delivery.

4C4C API: 4C is a big data and social analytics platform. 4C collects public social data and provides insights and analytics about the relationships between consumers, brands, and behavior. The 4C API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of 4C with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

Axantum XecretsAxantum Xecrets API: Axantum's Xecrets is an online password management service that allows users to securely store their passwords, codes, pins, keys, etc. and access them from anywhere. Xecrets is available online through any standard web browser and as an Android App (still in Beta). Passwords are stored in an encrypted online archive, not the Xecrets website. The Xecrets REST API allows developers to write programs and applications that access Xecrets' services.

BinDBBinDB API: BinDB is a bank identification number database that helps businesses identify credit and debit cards. The BINDB is widely used for fraud protection and credit card payment processing. BinDB provides a flexible API solutions to query the Issuer Identificaton Number database. An account is required to use the API.

Captain PassCaptain Pass API: Captain Pass is a web service allowing businesses to build, distribute, and manage PassBook Passes. The Captain Pass API provides a RESTful interface for creating, delivering, and updating passes. The API is able to create passes such as coupons, tickets, store cards, member cards, and transport tickets, for all major mobile platforms.

Club SpeedClub Speed API: Club Speed provides race timing and facility management systems for Kart and other racing facilities. Services include timing, HR, financial reporting, scheduling, social network integration, and an online management portal. The Club Speed API exposes the service’s rental karting data, allowing facilities to programmatically access their data. Exposed resources include racer information, race results, and track information.

CoinMillCoinMill API: CoinMill is a currency exchange rate calculator that allows users to select among dozens of currencies to receive slightly delayed currency conversion rates. The site also allows users to get exchange rate through a typed entry requesting the conversion. The CoinMill API uses JavaScript and allows users to select currencies and embed a convertor into a third-party site.

CricscoreCricscore API: Cricscore is a free API that delivers near real time cricket scores. The API accepts GET calls and returns JSON formatted content. Cricscore is able to deliver a list of available matches as well as scores.

DockerDocker API: Docker is an open-source platform to build, deploy, and manage containers for applications. Docker offers a variety of features that allow applications to run on any server and on multiple platforms. The Docker API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Docker with other applications. Some example API methods include managing user accounts, managing files, and retrieving containers and repositories and associated data.


E-go API: E-Go is provides courier and freight services throughout Australia. E-Go offers its shipping calculator as an API, allowing merchant websites to offer on-line delivery quotes. The API accepts HTTP requests specifying the number of items, item type, and parcel dimensions. The API responds with a price and estimated time of arrival.

ElsawtElsawt API: Elsawt is a Lebanese social networking platform that aims to provide a media outlet for everyone. Participants can use the platform to consume and share news in a variety of formats using Elsawt's unique structure that divides news into specific tabs. The Elsawt REST API allows developers to access some of the core functionalities of Elsawt. Use the API to post a shout on behalf of a registered user or get a registered user's timeline. An API key is required.

ElvantoElvanto API: Elvanto is a church platform management service that aims to provide all the organizational, planning, and financial tools for a religious organization. The Elvanto API uses REST calls and can return JSON, XML and PHP. The API allows users to make calls to access information on people and church members, access groups, the church calendar, and financial information. An account is required with service.

Enterprise Communications DialerEnterprise Communications Dialer API: Enterprise Communications is a call center service provider that offers clients qualified staff, VoiP calling, redundant infrastructure, emergency call monitoring, and many other features. The Enterprise Communications Dialer API allows users to integrate the predictive dialer system into third party applications. An account is required with service.

ExpertusONEExpertusONE API: ExpertusONE is a dynamic, cloud learning management system (LMS) that helps companies train and educate their employees, business partners, and customers. The ExpertusONE APIs allow developers to access and integrate the functionality of ExpertusONE with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

FarmSenseFarmSense API: FarmSense creates digital tools for DIY farmers, delivered via API. The FarmSense API currently delivers three services. • Day Lengths returns a JSON string of solar data for a specified place and time. • Frost Dates delivers data from the NOAA Frost Date data set. • Moon Phases returns a JSON string of Moon Phase data for a specified date.

FDA Content SyndicationFDA Content Syndication API: The United States' Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the nation's regulatory body for food and drug products. The administration reviews new products as well as oversees the management of food related issues around the country. The FDA Content Syndication API uses REST calls and returns XML. The API is designed to allows users to subscribe to news feeds on FDA topics to allow users to be alerted when new content is added to a topic.

GoalAPI.comGoalAPI.com API: GoalAPI.com provides real-time football scores and league standings via API. Data is available for UEFA leagues, national leagues, and the World Cup. Available data includes kick off date and time, teams, current score, current match status, and brief match metadata.

GuubieGuubie API: Guubie is an email marketing platform designed specifically for startups. Guubie can be accessed through any standard browser or through its app for Mac or Windows. Users can perform unlimited A/B tests and get reports and statistics on each campaign in order to optimize their messages. Guubie can connect to the user's preferred email delivery service and send emails automatically based on pre-set triggers. Developers can integrate Guubie with their own platforms and services using the Guubie API. The Guubie website is available in both English and Spanish.

HistoryFile JobsHistoryFile Jobs API: HistoryFile is a job posting and job listings directory. Employers can add job postings to HistoryFile and users looking for jobs can search HistoryFile for job postings. The HistoryFile API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of HistoryFile with other websites. The main API function is retrieving the job listings to show up on another website.

Intelli MessagingIntelli Messaging API: Intelli Messaging provides wholesale mobile messaging services that can either be used or resold to other users. The Intelli Messaging MessageCore can be integrated with existing applications to enable them to send and receive messages and handle administrative tasks. It supports Outlook messaging, automated responses, long messages, and more. Messages may be sent in ASCII, Unicode, or binary. Replies can be received by an application, email inbox, or mobile device.

ionDESKionDESK API: ionDESK is a trading workspace designed with comprehensive tools for multiple types of financial instrument traders. Users can practice trading against live market data. The site also offers tools like backtesting with optimization and automated trading. The ionDESK API provides integrate-able tools for developers to build and deploy trading solutions that work within ionDESK. An account is required with service.

Jamaica Sports DataJamaica Sports Data API: Sports.Data.org is home to the Jamaica Sports Data API, a REST web service capable of delivering Jamaican sports information. The API delivers data for cricket, track and field, football, and netball. Datasets include information describing events, performances, institutions, athletes, and infrastructure.

Live ScoreboardsLive Scoreboards API: Live Scoreboards provides an API that delivers real-time football data, including live scores, future fixtures, team line-ups, and historical statistics. Leagues covered include the Barclays Premier League, League One, League Two, La Liga, and The Championship.

MailingBirdMailingBird API: MailingBird is an email marketing application that turns email addresses into usable data to validate addresses and manage email marketing campaigns. The MailingBird API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of MailingBird with other applications. Some example API methods include validating email addresses, sending email, and managing user accounts.

Mammalian Adult Neurogenesis Gene OntologyMammalian Adult Neurogenesis Gene Ontology API: The Mammalian Neurogenesis Gene Ontology (MANGO) is a searchable database describing the key stages in the development of adult hippocampal neural stem cells. MANGO is exposed to developers through an API. The MANGO API accepts HTTP GET requests and returns HTML, XML, or text formatted files. Exposed fields include GeneID, PubMedID, cell stage, effect, evidence, species, type, and expression.

MendixMendix API: Mendix is a mobile application building platform. Mendix offers a variety of features and functionality to build mobile applications. The Mendix API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Mendix with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

MindMeldMindMeld API: MindMeld is an application by ExpectLabs that serves as an intelligent assistant. MindMeld aims to understand users' conversations and finds information before a user searches for it. The MindMeld API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of MindMeld with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up for access here: https://developer.expectlabs.com/getAccess.

mNotifymNotify API: mNotify is a company that develops SMS and mobile applications for both public and private sector organizations, especially those involved in education, manufacturing, health care, finance, insurance, religion, real estate, and hospitality. It provides bulk SMS services that users can either resell or make use of themselves. Developers can access mNotify's SMS gateway programmatically via REST calls.

MoltinMoltin API: Moltin is an eCommerce solution. Moltin offers a variety of eCommerce features such as catalog management, payment acceptance and management, and subscription billing management. The Moltin API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Moltin with other applications. Some example API methods include managing products, managing payments, and managing users.

MusicGraphMusicGraph API: MusicGraph is a music information service that has millions of music facts that can be used to search for new artists or incorporated into applications. The MusicGraph API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and allows users to make queries to get a list of suggested artists, albums, tracks, playlists, and other categories. An account is required with service.

MusicoveryMusicovery API: Musicovery is a music player and music discovery application that allows users to listen to music based on a user's mood. The Musicovery API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Musicovery with other applications. The Musicovery API provides data to generate music recommendations and playlists of all types, such as ones based on mood, artist, genre, title, and more.

Podium.ioPodium.io API: Podium is real-time content management service that allows users to push updates and information to user apps and proprietary applications through a single device. The Podium API allows app managers to collect data about users and monitor app performance and well-being so that users can make informed decisions about your products. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON, an account is required with service.

PriceMyLoanPriceMyLoan API: PriceMyLoan serves the mortgage lending industry by providing loan pricing and underwriting services online as a service. The PriceMyLoan API allows users to integrate the mortgage processing service into third party applications. The API can returns a variety of data formats, and an account is required with service.

Realtime ExpressRealtime Express API: Realtime Express is an Australian freight and parcel delivery service provider. In an effort to allow merchant websites to offer on-line delivery quotes Realtime Express has exposed its rate calculator functionality via API. The API accepts HTTP requests specifying number of items, and package weight and dimensions. The API responds with a price and estimated time of arrival.

Red Frog FreightRed Frog Freight API: Red Frog Freight is an in-game service for the MMORPG EVE Online. The Red Frog Freight API provides developer access to Red Frog’s hauling services. The API exposes the Red Frog Jump Calculator and delivers data from the Red Frog Queue.

RoundSky Lead-SellerRoundSky Lead-Seller API: RoundSky is a U.S. based advertising service that specializes in payday loans, title loans, and installment loan products. The company provides its services primarily to direct payday loan lenders, installment lenders, title loan lenders, store fronts, and financial market vendors. The RoundSky Lead-Seller API allows users to integrate third party systems with the lead selling service with RoundSky. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON and XML, the API allows users to access multiple price points with static and revenue share pricing as well as get real-time lead response. An account is required with service.

Slick TextSlick Text API: Slick Text is an SMS marketing service. It allows users to send bulk texts instantly or schedule deliveries for a later time and date. Users can also send marketing campaigns from their cell phones, run text-to-win contests, post text messages to Facebook, shorten links, track link clicks, and verify the ages of potential subscribers. New contacts can sign up for promotional texts by texting a custom keyword, using a website widget, or scanning a QR code on a flyer. Users can securely store and manage an unlimited number of contacts. Slick Text doesn't require any long-term contracts, and users can switch to a higher or lower plan at any time. There is no charge for incoming messages, and any unused texts from one month roll over to the next. Slick Text provides analytics that include opt-in and opt-out rates, geographical statistics, and more. The Slick Text REST API allows users to integrate access to the Slick Text SMS gateway into other applications and systems.

SMS CentralSMS Central API: SMS Central provides users with an online SMS portal for launching bulk SMS campaigns and sending two-way SMS. It also allows users to personalize messages for their recipients, customize sender ID, create templates, schedule campaigns for a later time and date, and review previous messages and their metrics. Users can also send SMS by email or API. The SMS Central API allows users to integrate with its messaging gateway using REST or SMPP calls.

SMS FAKESMS FAKE API: SMS FAKE allows users to customize the sender ID or phone number that is displayed on their text messages. This allows the user to send anonymous or spoofed SMS. Users might employ this service for marketing purposes or to pull a prank on a friend. It should be noted that if the sender ID is spoofed, the recipient won't be able to reply to the sender; if a fake number is given, any replies will go to that number. It is up to the user to determine the legality of their intended usage. Users must supply a name, a valid email address, and their home country to create an account. Records of requests made to SMS FAKE are kept in order to comply with government standards.

SMS IngenuitySMS Ingenuity API: SMS Ingenuity (SMSi) is an SMS marketing service that can be used for bulk messaging, birthday reminders, timed campaigns, one-on-one communications, text-to-vote campaigns, and recurring messages. SMSi comes with features for automatically personalizing messages, managing contacts, and creating message templates. Developers can integrate the SMSi messaging gateway into their own application using the SMSi API. This allows them to send SMS programmatically using a wide variety of protocols and methods.

SmsDialSmsDial API: SmsDial is a bulk SMS service for both individuals and organizations. It provides a secure, high capacity messaging platform with a delivery time of less than five seconds. Developers can integrate with the SmsDial messaging gateway via REST API in order to either use or resell its bulk SMS services. The API allows users to send bulk SMS and check their SMS units balance programmatically via REST API.

SMSWebGhSMSWebGh API: SMSWebGh is a Ghana-based SMS service that lets users send bulk SMS to over 1,000 mobile carriers, both in Ghana and worldwide. Users can send SMS to any country in under three seconds using the secure SMS gateway. SMSWebGh supports Unicode and allows users to send SMS in any language. The SMSWebGh API allows users to send SMS and check their account balances programmatically via REST calls.

Spark.ioSpark.io API: Spark.io is a product that allows users to connect all types of electronics to the internet over wi-fi. The Spark.io API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Spark.io with other applications and devices. Some example API methods include turning the wi-fi off and on, connecting devices, and managing devices.

tradeMONSTERtradeMONSTER API: tradeMONSTER is an online financial trading platform. It provides two APIs for programmatically accessing its resources and functions: the XML API and the FIX API. The XML API is designed to let tradeMONSTER customers create their own desktop applications. The FIX (Financial Information eXchange protocol) API lets users send and receive transactions by connecting their own computer system to tradeMONSTER's backend. Detailed documentation is available upon request.

TSYSTSYS API: TSYS is a payment acceptance service that provides a services from payment processing and merchant services, to gift card servicing and exchange rate payment services. The TSYS API allows users to integrate third-party applications with the payment processing service and other products with an emphasis on the mobile services. An account is required with service. TSYS uses SSL for authentication.

Universal SMS AdvertisingUniversal SMS Advertising API: Universal SMS Advertising enables users to send Flash SMS, Unicode SMS, picture SMS, customized SMS, scheduled SMS, and group SMS in bulk. It can be used to send automated reminders, notifications, and bulk advertisements. Delivery is instant, and users can get status reports for each sent message. Developers can integrate their application or website with Universal SMS's messaging platform via REST API, allowing those apps to auto-generate SMS messages.

USPS Price CalculatorUSPS Price Calculator API: The USPS (United States Postal Service) provides both Domestic and International Price Calculator APIs. These allow users to quickly calculate postage rates for their domestic and international shipments online. The calculators cover a wide variety of shipping options and can return unique mailing restrictions and declaration form information for international shipments.

Venstar Venstar API: Venstar Inc is a designer and producer of lighting, refrigeration, and HVAC systems that are focused on increased technology. The products include and focus on Energy Management, Internet Control, Wireless Products, Phone Control, Voice Recognition, Light Activation, and IR Remote Control. The Venstar API utilizes a Remote Control Protocol which enables WiFi equipped thermostats to be controlled through REST calls. An account is required with service.

VivoVivo API: Vivo is a school rewards system, in which educators set goals and students earn points (Vivos) for achieving those goals. Students can then turn in Vivos for various rewards. The Vivo API allows developers to access information stored within the Vivo system. Exposed resources include user data, transactions, award information, reward management, and search functionality.

VoodooSMSVoodooSMS API: VoodooSMS is a bulk SMS marketing platform for organizations, individuals, and resellers. It comes with 25 free credits to let users try out the platform before committing to buy. It also provides delivery reporting to let users know whether a message has arrived successfully on the recipient's mobile device. Users can send SMS in three different ways: from the online SMS gateway, by email, and via API.

WIKISKYWIKISKY API: WIKISKY is an online sky map showing the positions and basic characteristics of space objects. The WIKISKY API exposes several functionalities from the site, including the ability to generate direct links to any object on the Sky-map, to generate dynamic or static sky images, and to access various types of object metadata and parameters.

YouSecondYouSecond API: YouSecond is a social network for adults, that allows users to search profiles, chat, share photos, write blogs, play games, and much more. The YouSecond API exposes the platform’s functionality, allowing developers to programmatically retrieve information on any given user’s friends, messages, notifications, photos, and user profiles.

Zoom.usZoom.us API: Zoom provides a platform for hosting meetings in the cloud. The platform comes with high quality video, voice, content, and screen sharing services and works with all kinds of systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Users can start a meeting immediately or schedule one for a later date. Meetings may include up to 100 participants, devices, or rooms. Each person, room, and meeting has its own ID. Meetings may be recorded in MP4 or M4A. Zoom's REST API allows users to programmatically manage both meetings and users, as well as retrieve reports on meetings.

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