53 Feeds APIs: Google Ajax Feeds, Superfeedr and Feedzilla

Our API directory now includes 53 feeds APIs. The newest is the App.net API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Google Ajax Feeds API. We list 45 Google Ajax Feeds mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of feeds APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 28 feeds REST APIs and 7 feeds JavaScript APIs. Our directory lists 23 feeds XML APIs and 21 feeds JSON APIs.

The most common tags within feeds are 12 RSS feeds APIs, 7 social feeds APIs and 7 data feeds APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 14 feeds mashups. We named LocalSignal as mashup of the day in October 2007.

For reference, here is a list of all 53 feeds APIs.

  Acrostic.me Trending API: Bible poetry Feed service

  Adobe Feeds API: Integrate Adobe feeds

  App.net API: Social network and social feed service

  Best Buy BBYOpen BBYFeed API: eCommerce shopping services

  BetaSignal API: News aggregator

  BitDeli API: Data analytics tool

  CashOrTrade API: Ticket Selling and Trading Service

  eCoComa RSS API: Custom RSS feed creation service

  F My Life API: Social blogging service

  Feedbooks API: Mobile book and RSS services

  Feedzilla API: News feed aggregator

  Foreca API: Weather forecasting service

  ForexYard API: Automated Trading Service

  ForSWOR API: Star Wars gaming forum

  FuturePrice Data API: live NYSE shares feed

  Geocaching API: Geocaching Data Set and Feed Service

  Google Ajax Feeds API: Access RSS and Atom feeds with JavaScript

  Guzzle Ayup! API: PubSubhubbub Hub

  Hojoki API: Cloud application Integration service

  Infinigag API: Meme and photo sharing Platform

  Interserve Job Openings API: Ministry jobs feed service

  INZU API: CMS for the music industry

  IsItBirthday API: Birthday Reminder Service

  Jawfish API: RSS/Atom feed widget

  Junar.com API: Community Data Publishing

  MadScan Signals API: Financial Data Filter Service

  Magicspatula Stock Quotes API: Stock Quote Service

  NewsBlur API: RSS feed reader

  Newsfeed Lab API: News feed and activity stream service

  Newsmonster.org API: RSS feed aggregator service

  Nigerian Stock Exchange API: Nigerian Stock Feed Service

  nooked API: Feed management services for eCommerce

  Pheedo Ping API: Rapid Publishing Service

  Phreadz API: Information feed creation service

  PORDL API: Embed RSS feeds on websites

  PostRank API: Social engagement data analysis service

  Q-Sensei FeedBooster API: Webfeed search service

  RentShout API: Rental Advertisement Tracking Service

  San Francisco Crimespotting API: Crimespotting data for San Francisco California

  Sapo Games API: Gaming content feeds

  Schedules Direct API: Television program listing feeds

  SimplePie Live API: Access RSS and Atom feeds with JavaScript

  SpitCast API: Surf Prediction Service

  Superfeedr API: Realtime feed parsing service

  The Sports Network API: Sports data feeds

  Twingly API: Blog Search Service

  VidCaster API: Video site creation platform

  W3C Feed Validator API: Feed validation service

  Weather Decision Technologies API: Weather content provider

  Whale Wisdom API: Company Filings Retrieval Service

  Winestein API: Wine Paring and Organizing Service

  WorldDataSource API: Financial Data Feed Service

  Yandex Podpiski API: RSS feed subscription service

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