53 Microblogging APIs: Twitter, TwitPic and What The Trend

Our API directory now includes 53 microblogging APIs. The newest is the Sohu Microblogging API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Twitter API. We list 708 Twitter mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of microblogging APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 47 microblogging REST APIs. Our directory lists 39 microblogging XML APIs and 36 microblogging JSON APIs.

The most common tags within microblogging are 41 social microblogging APIs, 24 Twitter microblogging APIs and 14 blogging microblogging APIs

On the mashup side, we list 251 microblogging mashups. We named My Twitter for Thrutu as mashup of the day in October.

For reference, here is a list of all 53 microblogging APIs.

  Adocu API: Single word microblogging service

  BackTweets API: Twitter link search service

  BeliefNetworks API: Semantic Intelligence, Site recommendations service

  Bentio API: Microblogging Service

  Blake.lt API: Lithuanian microblogging service

  Blellow API: Microblogging Platform and social network

  Blipea API: Hispanic micro-blogging service

  Bnter API: Social conversation service

  Buzzzy API: Google Buzz Search Engine

  Cirip API: Microblogging service

  cnFOL API: Chinese microblogging service

  Daum Today API: Micro blogging service

  Foller.me API: Twitter user information service

  Frinly API: Photo sharing service

  Google Buzz API: Social sharing service

  Google Plus API: Content sharing service

  Google Wave API: Collaboration and communication platform

  HelloTxt API: Service for updating status messages

  Hictu API: Video microblogging service

  identi.ca API: Microblogging service

  Jaiku API: Social messaging service

  Kanvaso API: Twitter utility

  Phweet API: Twitter talk service

  Plurk API: Microblogging service

  Pownce API: Social networking and micro-blogging service

  Qaiku API: Micro-blogging and social network service

  ScreenTweet API: Media sharing service

  Sina Weibo API: Chinese microblogging service

  Sohu Microblogging API: Social microblogging platform

  Summize Twitter Search API: Search Twitter tweets service

  SuperTweet API: Twitter analysis, metadata, and monetization services

  Tagalus API: A dictionary for Twitter hashtags

  Tarpipe API: Lifestreaming services

  Teidu Mikroblog API: Micro Blogging Service

  TweepSearch API: Twitter profile search services

  Tweet Press API: Long tweet blogging service

  Tweet Scan API: Twitter and identi.ca search results service

  Tweetburner API: Twitter link tracking service

  Tweetmeme API: Twitter link popularity service

  TweetPhoto API: Twitter photo sharing service

  TweetShrink API: Tweet shortening service

  Twinfluence API: Twitter profile analysis service

  TwitPic API: Share photos on Twitter

  Twitter API: Microblogging service

  Twitter Grader API: Twitter user ratings service

  TwitterCounter API: Twitter user statistics data

  Twittervision API: Location based data for the Twitter service

  Wassr API: Twitter for SecondLife microblogging service

  Watwet API: Microblogging service

  What The Trend? API: Twitter trending service

  Yahoo Meme API: Microblogging platform

  Yahoo Status API: Yahoo account status

  Yammer API: Microblogging for business

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