53 New APIs: General Motors, Google Real Time Reporting and Torpio

This week we had 53 new APIs added to our API directory including an application development platform for GM vehicles, browser testing service, real-time data from Google Analytics, location-based analytics service and cloud application extension service. In addition we covered a managed video platform. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AirVPNAirVPN API: AirVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) made by activists for net neutrality and privacy. It allows users to get around censorship, blocks, and filtering, and it complies with EU directives on Data Protection and e-Privacy. Users are also provided with a new IP address. No actions taken while using the VPN are logged. The AirVPN API allows users to access and control their accounts programmatically via REST calls.

BackSolverBackSolver API: BackSolver is a cloud-based service for solving complicated industrial problems such as activity scheduling, finite capacity scheduling, project portfolio planning, workforce planning, and transport optimization. Send BackSolver your problems in a standard agnostic format over the Internet. BackSolver resolves the problems using their optimization algorithms and provides you with a solution.

BackSolver offers access to their services via a REST AI. Use the API to submit problems to BackSolver, check their computation status and to retrieve the solutions. Responses are returned in XML format.

BitxBitx API: Bitx is a South African Bitcoin exchange service that enables users to securely trade Bitcoins and store them. The site offers users the option to purchase Bitcoins using increments of the Rand, or trade on the open market. The Bitx API allows users to make public and private API calls to get ticker info, view the order book, check trades, as well as manipulate trading activity. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. SSL is used for Authentication.

boolibooli API: Booli is a Swedish real estate search Portal. The booli API allows developers to connect programmatically with boolis data. The API is RESTful and returns JSON formatted data.

BotSmasherBotSmasher API: BotSmasher is a Web Service that aggregates data from five anti-spam resources to verify if IP addresses, email addresses, and names are from legitimate human users. BotSmasher protects against comment spam, forum spam, fraudulent registrations, and other illegitimate actions. The BotSmasher allows registered users to automate the services anti-spam measures, as well as submit information on potential bots.

BrainMeasuresBrainMeasures API: BrainMeasures is a testing and certification service that helps employers screen to hire the best candidates and for users to take developer and other certifications to further their professional credentials. The BrainMeasures API allows for the Integration of some testing and screen services into third-party applications. BrainMeasures offers technicians, at no additional cost, to aid in the integration and upkeep of its API. An account is required with service.

BrowserStackBrowserStack API: BrowserStack is a service that allows developers to securely test their HTML, CSS, or JavaScript code in real browsers on both Windows and Mac operating systems. This includes not just PC environments, but also mobile devices and tablets. Most popular browsers are available through BrowserStack, including multiple versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

The RESTful BrowserStack API allows developers to integrate BrowserStack's testing functions into other systems and applications.

ClinikoCliniko API: Cliniko is web-based practice management software that is used by healthcare practitioners around the world. It is accessible from most devices that connect to the internet, including phones, tablets, Macs, and PCs. Cliniko can be used to manage appointments and, if the practitioner wants to, allows patients to book appointments themselves. It also keeps track of treatment notes and financial accounts. Cliniko comes with reporting functions that give an overview of how the practice is doing, and it offers integrations with other specialty applications.

The Cliniko API allows users to manage their appointments, businesses, practitioners, and patients from other applications and systems via REST calls.

Ctrack VMIgreenlightCtrack VMIgreenlight API: Ctrack is a mobile asset-tracking and management company that facilitates customers in Australia and New Zealand with tracking, controlling, and operational assistance with mobile workforces. The VMIGreenlight API allows users to use REST calls to access data form the VMIGreenlight service. The data can be integrated into users' legacy systems for use in payroll, billing, planning, project management, and other purposes. An account is required with service.

CumulocityCumulocity API: Cumulocity is an open, application centric, cloud-enabled M2M solution. Cumulocity's aim is to make mobile machine to machine applications profitable for businesses through ready-made, cloud subscription services.

Cumulocity functionality is available to developers via a RESTful API. Resources include self, inventory, identity, event, measurement, audit, alarm, user, and deviceControl. Data exchanged with Cumulocity is encoded in JSON format.

Device42Device42 API: Device42 is an infrastructure management provider that offers data center management, IP address management, and IT asset and QR code management. The Device42 API allows users to enter, edit, and retrieve data. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON, XML, or JSONP. An account is required with service.

Digital OceanDigital Ocean API: Digital Ocean is a cloud server and cloud hosting service. Digital Ocean offers developers a service to manage and control their virtual servers and SSD cloud servers in the cloud.

The Digital Ocean API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Digital Ocean with other applications. Some example API methods include managing domains, managing files, and managing account and server information.

DispletDisplet API: Displet provides website design services for real estate marketers. They also provide a robust RETS / IDX system. This allows users display thousands of MLS listings and draw people searching for property addresses and MLS numbers to their website. Users have the option of customizing each listing's title and meta description.

Displet users can make registration requests appear to site visitors at various points in the search process. Registered visitors are able to save searches, favorite listings, and view their browsing history. Displet comes with a property suggestion tool that sends visitors new properties based on their search history.

The Displet REST API allows users to integrate the RETS / IDX system into their websites.

DoorkeeperDoorkeeper API: Doorkeeper is an event promotion service that helps promoters build a network of participants called a "community." Invites for future events can be sent instantly to everyone in a community, and upcoming events automatically appear on community members' calendars. Should a promoter decide to switch services, they can easily export community members' information and take it with them.

When an event is created, Doorkeeper can share its information with other event listing sites. Instead of just getting a count of people who say they're coming, promoters can choose to charge in advance for events and then check participants in using a ticket scanning app. They can also send reminders to people who signed up for an event in advance to make sure they turn up.

The Doorkeeper API allows users to retrieve all of the events listed on Doorkeeper or the events for a given community. The Doorkeeper website and API Documentation are offered in both English and Japanese.

EngagorEngagor API: Engagor is a social media management, monitoring, and engagement Platform. Engagor allows users to manage their social media content and posts, monitor and analyze results, and engage with their customers over social media.

The Engagor API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Engagor with other applications. Public documentation is not available yet; interested developers should email info@engagor.com for more information.

EvergageEvergage API: Evergage is a platform for companies and brands to track user behavior in one dashboard. The dashboard is customizable, and allows companies to better their customer service and increase visitor conversion rates.

The Evergage API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Evergage with other applications. Some example API methods include importing and exporting data.

FastSpringFastSpring API: FastSpring is a complete, cloud-based e-commerce solution for selling digital products worldwide. It provides users with mobile-compatible order pages that can be customized for their brand. Its payment system offers customers a wide variety of payment options and is capable of handling subscriptions, refunds, in-app purchasing, and international tax collection. FastSpring provides download-file hosting for the user's digital products as well as DRM support.

FastSpring can help users manage reseller partners and multiple stores. They also provide consultations in the areas of SEO, affiliate programs, and online marketing. Analytics services, A/B split testing, and a pre-launch testing environment are provided to help users optimize their order pages. Customer surveys are supported as well.

The FastSpring API allows users to retrieve, update, cancel, and renew subscriptions as well as retrieve information on individual orders and generate coupons. These functions are accessible via REST calls issued in XML format.

genderize.iogenderize.io API: Genderize.io is an API that determines the gender of first names. Potential uses include segmenting a list of users for marketing or analytics. The API accepts HTTP GET/POST calls specifying a list of names, and returns a JSON formatted response.

General Motors RemoteGeneral Motors Remote API: General Motors has created an API-accessible application development platform for their vehicles. This platform is accessible through an in-vehicle API and a remote API.

The GM Remote API, scheduled to be available late in 2013, supports development of applications that remotely interact with GM vehicles. Supported methods include vehicle commands such as unlocking doors or activating the alarm, and accessing subscriber or vehicle data.

Google Real Time ReportingGoogle Real Time Reporting API: The Google Real Time Reporting API provides access to real-time reports from Google Analytics. The API allows developers to access and integrate the data from the Google Real Time Reporting API with other applications and to create new applications. The main API method is returning the real time data from Google Analytics.

Gurock TestRailGurock TestRail API: Test Rail is a test case management service designed for QA and development teams. It allows teams to manage, organize, and track their testing efforts from a central location, making testing more efficient. Users can execute tests and track the results with built-in, real-time reports and metrics. Test Rail is designed for integration with bug trackers and other testing systems. Users can download Test Rail or use a hosted version, which can be accessed programmatically via REST calls.

HabitRPGHabitRPG API: HabitRPG is a habit building game that treats a user’s life like a Role Playing Game. Players can use the site to track daily habits. Players are penalized for indulging bad habits, and rewarded for completing productive tasks.
The HabitRPG provides developer access to the platform through an API supporting HTTP POST, PUT, and DELETE calls. The API can return site and user data, as well as create or edit tasks.

HoneyHoney API: Honey is an enterprise social network solution for today’s workplace information challenges. The tool allows you to discover, discuss and archive content that matters to you and your colleagues. Anyone in a company can use Honey to share documents, links, videos, ideas and internal news with their colleagues.

Honey offers a RESTful API for developers. API endpoints include accounts, users, company, topics, posts, misc., and search. API requests are returned in JSON.

I'mPDFI'mPDF API: I'm PDF provides conversion services to change a web page into a PDF. The services uses REST calls and allows users to render html.xthml, css, jsp, cfm, PHP, and other site formats into PDF. The site states that no account is required with service, there no usage fees, and the service has a 99.9% up time.

Ideal PostcodesIdeal Postcodes API: Ideal Postcodes is a simple postcode lookup API for UK addresses. It uses Royal Mail's Postcode Address File, the most accurate address database in the UK.

IlliriIlliri API: Illiri is a technical service that connects two or more devices or platforms (mobile, web, radio, TV, etc.) together.

The Illiri API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Illiri with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include connecting devices, starting and managing sessions, and managing account information.

imm.ioimm.io API: Imm.io is a one-click image sharing service allowing users to upload an image to share or link to. Images depicting inappropriate or illegal content, or design elements, will be removed, as will images that have not been viewed for 30 days. The imm.io API allows developers to automate uploads through HTTP POST calls.

IRCCloudIRCCloud API: IRCCloud is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client that operates in-browser. It is designed to always be connected and able to receive messages, even when the user's browser is closed and their computer is offline. Users can access IRCCloud from multiple computers at once without confusing the service. The service's design focuses on unobtrusive Function, and it doesn't use graphical emoticons.

The IRCCloud API allows users to access the service programmatically via REST calls. Only secure access is supported. The API is functional, but still under development. Its methods, responses, and message formats are subject to change at any time.

KwikeeKwikee API: Kwikee is a Resource for consumer product images and nutrition data. Kwikee makes this data freely available to retail trade entities to help ensure products are accurately represented to consumers.
The Kwikee API allows access to weekly exports of the entire publicly published products database, as well as daily incremental database updates. Future methods will allow users to execute on-demand queries for specific manufacturers, brands, UPCs/GTINs, and more. Data is delivered in XML format, which includes product image URLs for downloading.

Locaid ComplianceLocaid Compliance API: Locaid is an enterprise mobile location provider that works with companies to provide Location-as-a-Service. The service aims to facilitate location based marketing, reduce fraud expense, enhance customer experiences, and provide many other services. The Locaid Compliance API aims to help companies, like gaming and gambling companies, that have location-based compliance issues verify users' location within a specific state or territory. The API uses SOAP calls and returns XML. An account is required with service.

LtcoinLtcoin API: Ltcoin.net is a website that provides a variety of mining pools that users can take part in. The site contains pools for mining 13 different crypto-currencies, the primary of which is litecoin. The ltcoin API allows users to make a REST query to get the data on the current mining pool statistics including the number of shares, the hash rate, the number of miners active, and the block number. An account is required with service.

Manga EdenManga Eden API: Manga Eden is a website where users can read manga (Japanese graphic novels) that have been translated into English and Italian for free. Users can register with the site to use the myManga feature, which allows users to keep track of their favorite manga in a list and see new chapters as they become available. The Manga Eden REST API allows users to retrieve manga information, full chapters, and myManga lists and updates.

MinutelyMinutely API: Minutely by Ourcast is a weather application. Minutely aims to provide weather information in real-time, minute by minute. Users can customize their Minutely app by locations and types of weather.

The Minutely API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Minutely with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact info@ourcast.com for API access.

MovideoMovideo API: Movideo is a managed video platform (MVP) that allows users to deliver their online videos anywhere, to any kind of device. Users can share their media content with other Movideo accounts and with external partners while retaining full control over when, where, and how that content is streamed. Movideo is also capable of doing livestreams of events and performances as they occur. Media players are fully customizable using CSS and XML. Video files can be transcoded singly or in bulk into as many different formats and quality levels as required.

Movideo provides JavaScript widgets for inserting media onto websites. Additionally, all of Movideo's functions are made available to developers via REST API.

Mythic BeastsMythic Beasts API: Mythic Beasts is a DNS hosting service based in the United Kingdom. Mythic Beasts offers a DNS API that allows developers to modify DNS entries for a specified domain, allowing DNS changes to be scripted. Possible uses include implementing DNS-based failovers for a site, dynamic DNS systems, or to use DNS to redirect during site maintenance.

NativeXNativeX API: NativeX is an application creation, management, and backend-as-a-service provider. Users and developers can build, manage, promote, and monetize their applications with NativeX.

The NativeX API allows developers to access and integrate the monetization feature of NativeX with other applications. Some example API methods include creating sessions, claiming offers, and redeeming currencies.

Nimbus PhantomNimbus Phantom API: Nimbus Phantom is a service that simplifies the management of on-demand resources across multiple infrastructure clouds. Phantom monitors available resources and automatically provisions and configures new ones as needed to counteract failures and cater to increased demand. It can be used to supplement local resources with cloud resources or to deploy virtual machines across multiple clouds.

Nimbus Phantom is currently being used with Openstack, AWS EC2, and Nimbus clouds, but it is capable of working with any infrastructure cloud supported by Apache Libcloud. Phantom's functions can be accessed programmatically using REST calls issued in JSON.

PathPath API: Path is a private social networking and content sharing application. Path allows users to share information, photos, videos, and other content with a select number of people. Path also has one-on-one messaging features.

The Path API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Path with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should apply here: https://path.com/developers/apply.

Paytrail ConnectPaytrail Connect API: Paytrail is a Finnish online payment service that aims to help companies provide a pleasant shopping experience for their customers. The service allows customers to make purchases using their preferred payment method whether it is online bank payments, card payments, invoicing, or installments. Paytrail also offers an account for consumers that allows them to use one login for all their online purchases. The Paytrail Connect REST API offers programmatic access to Paytrail services. An account with service is required.

PeerJSPeerJS API: PeerJS provides a simple peer-to-peer data sharing API that functions by wrapping WebRTC. It provides true binary data support and can preconnect to clients for faster connection establishment. Each peer wishing to share data simply provides an identifier that other peers using the same API Key can connect to. The PeerJS service deals with WebRTC handshake and handles NAT traversals for the users.

PeerJS brokers connections by connecting to PeerServer. Users can choose to run their own PeerServer or use a free version hosted by PeerJS. This hosted server can be accessed programmatically via JavaScript API.

PlacedPlaced API: Placed is a location analytics service. Placed allows marketers and publishers to track what customers physically do in the real world. Affiliates can monetize applications with Placed.

The Placed API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Placed with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here: http://www.placed.com/publisher-solutions/placed-affiliate.

SBA Content ShareSBA Content Share API: The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) assists U.S. small businesses with contracts, loans, loan guarantees, counseling sessions and other services. The agency aims to preserve competitive enterprise, strengthen the economy, and help businesses grow. The SBA Content Share API is a module designed to allows users to initiate data transfers from a third-application or browser. The service uses REST calls and will return either XML or JSON. An account is required with service.

ScoutScout API: Scout, by T3, is a platform for mobile and web application developers. Scout allows companies and brands to access smartphone sensors to tailor the application experience for each individual customer, based on their behavior and activity.

The Scout API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Scout with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact scout@t-3.com for API access and information.

Simple LegalSimple Legal API: Simple Legal is a legal billing and payment service. In addition to sending legal bills and receiving payments, Simple Legal also scans bills for potential duplicate charges and fraudulent charges and alerts the customer.

The Simple Legal API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Simple Legal with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

SiteleafSiteleaf API: Siteleaf is a service that allows developers to manage their websites in the cloud. Users can develop their own templates locally or use Siteleaf templates, both of which are built with HTML and Liquid. Websites can be tested locally using the same data as the live sites, and users can invite others to come edit and review their websites. All site data is permanently archived independently from the service.

Siteleaf users can access their data for integration with other sites or apps via JSON- RPC API.

SubregSubreg API: Subreg is a Czech Republic based domain registration services provider. Subreg exposes its services through a SOAP API, allowing developers to automate management of domains, profiles, contacts, and much more.

The Old ReaderThe Old Reader API: The Old Reader is a Feed reading service that allows users to view their content and share notes and comments with friends who get the same content. Currently, users can search for their friends manually or see which of their Facebook and Google contacts are using The Old Reader. Users can import their feeds from other services and share items on their Facebook timelines. The Old Reader will never make any unwanted posts on the user's behalf.

The Old Reader doesn't have an official app, but they do provide a REST API that allows people to write their own apps that include the reader.

TorpioTorpio API: Torpio lets anyone create simple scripts that integrate and extend cloud applications through built-in interfaces to popular cloud apps. Torpio is a tool for interacting with APIs. The service provides Webhooks/run URL as an API, it can accept an input and by writing up a Torpio script users can then get that API to do anything they need it to do. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. An account is required with service.

updown.ioupdown.io API: Updown is a webservice that checks a website’s status by periodically sending a HTTP HEAD request to a specified URL. Developer access to updown’s service is available through a RESTful API. The API allows applications to Fetch uptime data and automate checks. Responses are JSON formatted.

Value2SMSValue2SMS API: Value2SMS provides users with bulk SMS services that can be branded for the user's organization. The service can schedule messages for future delivery, save drafts for later use, and keep a history of all messages and transactions. It also comes with an online address book that allows contacts to be collected into groups for batch mailings.

Users can access the Value2SMS messaging gateway via REST API, allowing them to deliver messages or check their account balance from other applications.

VeryPDFVeryPDF API: VeryPDF provides a suite of cloud-based APIs that allow developers to work with many different kinds of documents - such as Adobe PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, barcodes, and email formats and protocols - within their applications. These services allow users to create new documents and to automate common processes, including document format conversion, text and image extraction, PDF Encryption, metadata removal, and many others. The VeryPDF APIs can be accessed from any platform or programming language using REST calls.

VoicesphereVoicesphere API: Voicesphere is a voice control platform. Voicesphere can be used as an application on mobile devices or as a platform for developers to integrate into applications.

The Voicesphere API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Voicesphere with other applications and to create voice-controlled applications. Some example API methods include retrieving calls, sending requests, and managing responses.

WatchsendWatchsend API: Watchsend is an application that allows developers and publishers of applications to record their application and record how their users are interacting with their application.

The Watchsend API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Watchsend with applications. The main API methods are recording a session, tagging a recording, and blocking views.