53 New APIs: Google+ Hangouts, PicYou, 2009 Recovery Act data

This week we had 53 new APIs added to our API directory including a photo sharing service, web application analytics service, video chat service, Recovery Act 2009 data, web advertising analytics service and a cloud database service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Adigami Web AnalyticsAdigami Web Analytics API: Adigami offers a web analytics monitoring and aggregation tool that lets users view their data in a single dashboard. The REST API is designed to jumpstart developers who need access to all the major web advertising analytics data. Support is included for Google AdWords and Analytics, Microsoft adCenter (Bing and Yahoo search ads), Facebook Ads, Facebook Social (Graph API), DoubleClick (display and search results from ReportCentral), Yahoo APT (display ads),and Twitter. It gives users a few dozen or so standard calls that are applicable across many platforms. Responses are formatted in JSON.

Archimedes Project DonatusArchimedes Project Donatus API: The Donatus system provides a unified frontend to a variety of morphological analysis software and databases. Morphological services are provided through an XML- RPC interface that can be utilized by specialized user applications. In addition to providing access to pre-existing linguistic data, Donatus allows for the dynamic extension of morphological datasets by a user. The API can be used to abstract the linguistic content of a document from its structure and to add entries to the databases.

BurstlyBurstly API: Burstly is a monetization Platform for application developers. It allows developers to integrate ads into their applications for profit.

The Burstly Download Tracking API allows developers to track downloads of their applications, as well as the ad conversions within the applications.

Chicago MetropulseChicago Metropulse API: The Metropulse website is a joint project of the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) and The Chicago Community Trust (the Trust). Metropulse makes available data about the regional quality of life over time in metropolitan Chicago. Available data sets include demographic, economic, transportation and related data for the greater Chicago region.

The Metropulse API is a service of CMAP. It uses RESTful and GETful protocols and returns responses in XML, AMF and HTML formats.

CingCing API: Cing is a deal service that provides daily emails, as well as search on their website, for available deals in a city. Deals include food and drink, services, events, retail, and other activities.

The Cing API allows developers to access deal information from Cing. The API can be used to search and retrieve all available deals within a 25-mile radius of a zip code. The API returns merchant information and deal information.

CloudSigmaCloudSigma API: CloudSigma is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider offering high availability, flexible cloud servers and cloud hosting. The API provides access to the full feature set including user management, drives management, servers management and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in TXT.

CurebitCurebit API: Curebit is a social marketing campaign platform that enables companies to get their customers to refer their friends from social networking services to purchase their products or services.

The Curebit API allows developers to access the subscribe Function in Curebit. As the API is in the initial stage, developers are asked to contact Curebit if they plan on using the API.

Data Translation Web Service (DTWS)Data Translation Web Service (DTWS) API: The Data Translation Web Service (DTWS) is a service of NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center's Space Physics Data Facility (SPDF) to facilitate and promote data exchanges among space scientists. DTWS supports data in Common Data Format (CDF). The API uses the SOAP protocol and allows users to translate one or more local and/or remote files into other data formats.

Demandware Open CommerceDemandware Open Commerce API: Demandware offers an on-demand ecommerce platform and is the ecommerce foundation of more than 200 ecommerce websites. The Open Commerce APIs let developers build shopping widgets and experiences – including transactions – external of the native Demandware Commerce platform by allowing outside web applications and enterprise software to interface with all shopping functionality.

Developers can extend enterprise and commerce functionality to Facebook applications, shoppable blogs, mobile and tablet applications, and recommendation widgets. The APIs expose functionality such as product, catalog, search, promotion, customer account, cart and checkout. Full Documentation is not publicly available.

Dialogue Bulk SMSDialogue Bulk SMS API: Dialogue provides interactive services for mobile messaging and mobile billing. Dialogue’s bulk SMS API product lets users send bulk SMS text messages to global networks from their applications using an SMS gateway platform. Users can connect to Dialogue’s SMS gateway platform with one of the following SMS API interfaces: HTTP, SOAP, SMTP, SMPP. Developers must contact Dialogue for API documentation.

EdupediaEdupedia API: Edupedia bills their service as a social learning platform. Edupedia is designed for teachers and students in primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. All content is from Wikipedia and classified according to the Hong Kong Curriculum Development Program, to enable teachers and students to more quickly search for and use Wikipedia.

Edupedia provides an API so that schools and other developers can integrate the site content with their applications. Documentation is available to registered members only.

EncoderCloudEncoderCloud API: EncoderCloud is a service that allows users to encode video files into compatible formats for web and mobile from any website or application EncoderCloud is integrating into.

The EncoderCloud API allows developers to integrate EncoderCloud functionality into other websites and applications. Some example API methods include accessing encoding job information and status, creating a new encoding job, and retrieving notifications and details about encoding jobs.

ERS/USDA Per Capita Food Availability DataERS/USDA Per Capita Food Availability Data API: The Economic Research Service (ERS) is a primary source of economic information and research in the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Food Availability (per capita) Data System provides data series on food and nutrient availability. The API provides access to this data using the SOAP protocol and returns responses in .NET DataTable/DataSet and XML.

FluidVMFluidVM API: FluidVM is a service that handles systems management, local and iSCSI SAN storage, and network management, along with supporting virtualization technologies, web hosting, and data center environments. For Integration into existing products, FluidVM provides an XML-RPC API and a JSON based proxy service. The FluidVM API can handle starting and executing multiple queued tasks, and can later retrieve the status of any tasks. FluidVM also provides two different license options, a permanent license or a monthly license.

Game JoltGame Jolt API: Game Joltis a web site and community centered on free online video games. The API provides access to site data. Data includes users, sessions, trophies, scores and the data store. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Google Plus HangoutsGoogle Plus Hangouts API: Google+ Hangouts is a feature of Google Plus that lets users video chat in the same room as their friends while on the web. The Google+ Hangouts JavaScript API allows users to develop collaborative apps that run inside of a Google+ Hangout. Hangout apps are like normal web apps, but with the addition of the rich, real-time functionality provided by the Hangouts APIs. Apps have the ability to control aspects of the User Interface, synchronize data between hangout participants, list hangout participants and respond to various events in the hangout.

GroundLinkGroundLink API: GroundLink is a platform that aggregates, manages, and executes ground transportation services. GroundLink works with consumers, travel agents, and travel and transportation providers to offer an engine where users can search for and book ground transportation.

The GroundLink API allows developers to integrate and access GroundLink functionality and data into other applications. The three API methods are converting addresses to geocode, searching for transportation, and booking transportation.

GroupFlierGroupFlier API: GroupFlier is platform to set up group communications. Users can set up groups to share text messages, voicemails, and conference calls.

The GroupFlier API allows developers to integrate the functionality of GroupFlier into other applications. Some example API methods include creating and managing groups, finding and managing group members, managing and creating messages, and accessing account information.

Health Indicators WarehouseHealth Indicators Warehouse API: The Health Indicators Warehouse (HIW) is a collaboration of many agencies and offices within the Department of Health and Human Services. The HIW is maintained by the Center for Disease Control’s National Center for Health Statistics. The purpose of HIW is to "provide a single, user-friendly, source for national, state, and community health indicators; meet the needs of multiple population health initiatives; facilitate harmonization of indicators across initiatives; link indicators with evidence-based interventions; serve as the data hub for the HHS Community Health Data Initiative to release data, encourage innovative application development, and catalyze change to improve community health."

The HIW provides an API which uses both the SOAP and RESTful protocols.

iDirectDebitiDirectDebit API: iDirectDebit provides payment processing services in the UK and abroad including paper and paperless Direct Debits, credit cards, debit cards, checks and postal orders. The iDirectDebit API allows service users to integrate sign up functionality into third party applications. The API supports the creation of a customized Direct Debit sign up wizard and allows Direct Debit Instructions (DDIs) to be easily managed and maintained. It provides users with control over branding, payer sign up, Direct Debit collections, edits, confirmation and reports. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML. Full documentation is not publicly available.

IMG to CSSIMG to CSS API: IMG to CSS is a conversion tool that converts image files into HTML/CSS. Using IMG to CSS, users can make sure their images will be seen in emails, as email clients won't block CSS.

The IMG to CSS API allows developers to access the functionality of IMG to CSS. The API method is generating CSS from image files.

InveniInveni API: Inveni is a movie and TV show recommendation service. Inveni uses both an algorithm and recommendations from user's friends to recommend new movies and TV shows based on a user's taste profile. Inveni also integrates with Netflix.

Inveni has an API that is available to business partners, but public documentation and information is not available. Those interested should email bizdev@inveni.com to learn more.

Let's CrateLet's Crate API: Let's Crate is a file sharing service that allows users to create "crates" to upload files to and generate a link to share with others.

The Let's Crate API allows developers to access data from Let's Crate. Some example API methods include listing files, uploading files, deleting files, adding crates, listing crates, and deleting crates.

LoggrLoggr API: Loggr is a service that provides web application analytics. Loggr includes event logging, analytics, and notifications. The analytics and information are completely searchable for users.

The Loggr API allows developers to access and integrate Loggr functionality and data into other applications. Some example API methods include searching and listing event logs, listing and creating events, listing and creating alerts, and listing and creating bookmarks of events.

Melissa Data Data Quality SuiteMelissa Data Data Quality Suite API: Melissa Data provides data quality and data integration services to websites and businesses. Their data can be used to standardize, verify and validate a business' contact data. The Data Quality Suite is a toolkit of APIs for postal address verification, phone verification, email validation and name parsing. The APIs use both REST and SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

MonitroMonitro API: Monitro is a website monitoring service. Users can monitor up to three sites for free, and then subscribe to monitor more sites. Monitro will let users know if and when their sites monitored go down.

Monitro's API is in beta stage, and is asking for developers to let them know if they would like to access the API. Interested developers should email support@monitro.net for access. Some example API methods include adding, deleting, and editing URLs to be monitored, turning on and off monitoring services, and accessing account information.

MultiURLMultiURL API: MultiURL is a tool that lets users combine multiple links into one short link that that can be shared with others. It makes the process of sharing multiple links at once easier, quicker and safer. The links are trackable to see who opens them, as well as customizable.

The MultiURL API allows developers to integrate the functionality of MultiURL into other applications. Some example API methods include creating a new group of links, deleting links, and accessing information about the links.

MyAnimeListMyAnimeList API: MyAnimeList.net is an anime and manga community that introduces visitors to people, anime, manga, and helps them organize their collections. The API lets users interact with the site's data programatically. Functionality includes site search, anime and manga listing, and account verification. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

NASA Coordinated Data Analysis System (CDAS)NASA Coordinated Data Analysis System (CDAS) API: The Coordinated Data Analysis System (CDAS) supports the plotting of data variables from multiples instruments produced by multiple space physics investigations. Any data that has been produced in Common Data Format (CDF) with the ISTP/IACG Guidelines is accessible. CDAS is a service of NASA/GSFC Space Physics Data Facility (SPDF). There are about 600+ data variables from Geotail, Wind, Interball, Polar, SOHO, ancilliary spacecraft and ground-based investigations accessible in the publicly available database.

The CDAS Web Services API allows developers to access CDAS data services.

Newsfeed LabNewsfeed Lab API: Newsfeed Lab is a hosted API for adding scalable news feeds and activity streams to web and mobile apps. Users can add single or multiple news feeds to their apps and can have newsfeeds across multiple apps depending on their plan. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Overpass OpenStreetMapOverpass OpenStreetMap API: OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the whole world, made by users, that allows users to view, edit and use geographical data in a collaborative way from anywhere on Earth. The OpenStreetMap Overpass API is a read-only API that returns XML encoded OSM map data in response to requests.

PicYouPicYou API: PicYou is a photo sharing site that also works with Facebook and Twitter. Users can upload photos, edit and enhance photos, and share with their friends.

The PicYou API allows developers to access and integrate PicYou functionality into other applications. Some example API methods include uploading photos, retrieving recently added photos, and accessing information about photos.

PlanboxPlanbox API: Planbox is a project management and collaboration service. Built on SCRUM, Planbox offers a dashboard that allows project and product management, tracking, and collaboration between team members.

The Planbox API allows developers to access Planbox's functionality and data. Some example API methods include searching and retrieving product information, accessing tasks, and retrieving resources.

PlaywirePlaywire API: Playwire is a video hosting and publishing platform that allows users to encode, host, publish, and monetize their video content with one program.

The Playwire API allows developers to integrate Playwire functionality and content into other websites and applications. Some example API methods include listing videos and counts, showing videos, uploading new videos, deleting videos, and displaying video category lists.

PlingsPlings API: Plings is a UK based activities and destinations website for young people, and it works with local organizations to promote positive activities for teens.

The Plings Input API is aimed at providing an easy and programmatic way to submit a large number of activities to Plings either through the SOAP API or through the XML via HTTP POST API. The Plings Input API requires an API Key.

The Plings Output API can return feeds in XML and CSV, which require an API Key, or it can return data in iCal, KML, or RSS formats without the need for an API Key. There are two types of feeds for the Plings Output API, the activities feeds and the venue feeds, which can be integrated into any website.

Pond5Pond5 API: Pond5 is a stock media marketplace. Pond5 offers royalty-free videos, music tracks, sound effects, photos, illustrations, and After Effects projects. Customers can search and purchase media, and artists can submit their media for sale.

The Pond5 API allows developers to integrate the functionality of Pond5 into other websites and applications. Developers can add Pond5 search functionality within other sites, as well as retrieving media.

PulseFlowPulseFlow API: PulseFlow is a analytics and user behavior service. PulseFlow works with websites, web applications, and mobile applications. PulseFlow tracks user behavior and events on sites and applications.

The PulseFlow API allows developers to access and integrate PulseFlow functionality and data. API methods available are starting a user session, recording a user session, and tracking user information for further analysis.

ReadyTalkReadyTalk API: ReadyTalk is a service for businesses to easily create and publish webinars, web conferencing, and web training. The ReadyTalk API streamlines the process of integrating these web conferences into existing business applications for increased data accuracy and speed of sales follow-up.

The ReadyTalk API is provided via SOAP or REST technologies, with extensive developer documentation, a Sandbox environment for development and testing, and access to tech support.

Recovery.govRecovery.gov API: Recovery.gov gives transparency to the funds made available by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The website allows taxpayers to track how and where Recovery funds are spent as well as reporting of potential fraud, waste, and abuse.

The API gives developers access to Recovery data. It uses the REST protocol and returns responses in XML.

Recreation.govRecreation.gov API: Recreation.gov stores information about federal recreation areas, facilities, events, activities, and more in the Recreational Information Database (RIBD). This information has been made available through the RIBD Web Services API.

The RIBD API uses the HTTP and SOAP protocols, and returns responses in XML.

SaleLocatorSaleLocator API: SaleLocator is a sales search engine. Salelocator can be searched by location, keywords, and categories, including health and beauty, sports, clothing, and furniture.

The SaleLocator API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of SaleLocator. Some example API methods include searching sales by geolocation, searching sales by category, and searching sales by holiday.

Satellite Situation Center Web (SSCWeb)Satellite Situation Center Web (SSCWeb) API: Satellite Situation Center Web (SSCWeb) is a NASA service consisting of software and an associated database which provides geocentric spacecraft location information mapped to geophysical regions of Earth's magnetic field. Access to an SDK and associated API are available for developers to create and incorporate SSCWeb software and data into their own applications. The API uses the SOAP protocol.

Spy DialerSpy Dialer API: Spy Dialer lets users identify missed calls and mystery numbers by going directly to any U.S. based cell phone's outgoing voicemail to hear whose cell phone it is. With the Spy Dialer API, users can integrate the service into their web site or application. The Spy Dialer API uses SOAP messaging with HTTP POST or GET methods for accepting requests and returns results via XML. Full documentation is available with registration.

Tiny.ccTiny.cc API: Tiny.cc is a tool for making email-friendly links. Use on blogs, forums, social networks, instant messages, online publications or ad campaigns. Shorten and track it for business or educational projects. Users also can check their statistics, get interactive charts with realtime analytics, trace uniques, returning clicks, visitors' country of origin, browsers used and more. No account needed to monitor stats. The free API lets users integrate the service into their applications. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

TMC SMS GatewayTMC SMS Gateway API: TMC is the UK's leading provider of business SMS messaging. TMC's API allows an organization to utilize SMS as a communication tool, direct from a database or software application. With the API, users can integrate functionality from TMC's SMS gateway into their software or applications. Functionality includes sending multiple messages via a single post and sending messages via secure password login. The API is available via REST, SOAP and SMTP.

TopspinTopspin API: Topspin is a service that provides tools that allow musicians and musical artists interact with their fans on social networking sites, sell merchandise and show tickets, and track results of the efforts.

Topspin offers nine APIs that allow developers to integrate and access Topspin data and functionality. The APIs provide the following methods: emailing, order status, embedding a Flash widget, creating new stores, accessing stores, searching for artists, logging events, and embedding players.

USASearchUSASearch API: USASearch is a program of General Services Administration’s Office of Citizen Services and Information Technology (OCSIT) to improve access to government information. USASearch’s Search Data API returns data allowing USASearch Affiliates to control the look and feel of their search results pages. Data include sections for search results, summary stats, boosted sites, spelling suggestions, and related searches, among other data.

Must be affiliated with a government agency to use this API and registration is required.

USASearch Product Recall DataUSASearch Product Recall Data API: USASearch is a program of General Services Administration’s Office of Citizen Services and Information Technology (OCSIT) to improve access to government information. USASearch’s Product Recall Data API returns data on product safety and recalls for food, cars, and other products. Data include descriptions of recalled products, defect summaries, manufacturer information, recall dates, and more.

The Product Recall Data API uses HTTP protocol and returns responses in JSON. An API key is required.

VenueCostVenueCost API: VenueWebServices is a service that collects information on events, venues, and tickets and distributes it and a collection of venue promotions, giveaways, and concession pricing for integration on third-party applications and websites. The VenueWebServices API, VenueCost, provides access to the entire VenueWebServices database, including promotions and cost info for MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA venues. API documentation is not publicly available.

VideoBamVideoBam API: VideoBam is a free video hosting service that allows users to upload videos to share on social networking sites, blogs, and other websites.

The VideoBam API allows developers to access and integrate the data and functionality of VideoBam into other applications. Some example API methods include accessing user information, retrieving lists of videos, uploading videos, deleting videos, and accessing video information.

Xeround Cloud DatabaseXeround Cloud Database API: Xeround is a company providing a cloud database SaaS that is fully compatible with MySQL and is stored on Xeround's servers on Amazon EC2 and RackSpace. The Xeround Cloud Database API is a SOAP or REST API that allows developers to build their own cloud database management software/application or integrate their cloud management into existing applications. The Xeround API is only available to registered users of the Xeround's cloud database service.

youRoomyouRoom API: youRoom is a web application for group messages and conversations. youRoom includes functions like private mailing lists, "rooms" for group conversations, and searchable archives of group messages.

The youRoom API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data from youRoom. Some example API methods include accessing timelines, managing entries, showing attachments, and creating and managing user information.

ZomatoZomato API: Zomato is a restaurant, food and lifestyle guide in India. It offers API which lets users access most updated content available on Zomato in real time directly from within their apps. Users can get information such as restaurant listings, location coordinates, reviews, discounts, photos, menus and more. The API lets users search over 18,000 restaurants, covering 10 major cities in India, based on various criteria. Calls are made using REST and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.