54 Calendar APIs: Eventful, Google Calendar and Upcoming.org

Our API directory now includes 54 calendar APIs. The newest is the InfoPark Web Calendar API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Eventful API. We list 47 Eventful mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of calendar APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 39 calendar REST APIs and 10 calendar SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 39 calendar XML APIs and 25 calendar JSON APIs.

The most common tags within calendar are 14 events calendar APIs, 8 social calendar APIs and 4 reference calendar APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 28 calendar mashups. We named GoTime as mashup of the day in October 2011.

For reference, here is a list of all 54 calendar APIs.

  30 Boxes API: Calendar service

  Anniversarator API: Annual event calendar service

  AOL Calendar API: Online calendar service

  Appointment-Plus API: Online reservation software

  Arts Holland API: Dutch cultural event data provider

  Astrid API: Task tracking system

  AtMail API: Webmail Service

  BankHolidays API: Swedish banking holiday lookup service

  Calgoo API: Online calendaring service

  Cheddar API: text-based task management Platform

  ClickBook API: Online appointment management service

  ClicRDV API: Calendar and Appointment Scheduling Software

  Daum Calendar API: Calendar services

  DayDetails API: On-this-date lookup service

  Discordian API: Date converter from Gregorian to POEE calendar

  Docket Alarm API: Litigation Tracking Service

  DoStuffMedia API: Music festival data lookup service

  Eventful API: Local events discovery and demand

  Futuremail API: Email Scheduling and Queuing Service

  Fuze Box API: Internet and mobile communication services

  Google Calendar API: Calendar service

  Holidays Service API: Holiday dates lookup service

  Idsecat Advance Release Calendar API: Idescat publications calendar

  InfoPark Web Calendar API: Event calendar service

  Jotlet API: Online calendar service

  Kickserv API: Online CRM service

  LessAnnoyingCRM API: Customer Relationship Management Service

  Lifepod Open API: Online calendar service

  LiveConnect API: Microsoft services connection platform

  MakePlans API: Online scheduling service

  MINDBODY API: Universal Business Management Solutions

  Mobyko API: Mobile phone syncing service

  My School Holidays API: School holiday search service

  Notely API: Academic notes and calendar service

  Orange Personal Calendar API: Calendar service

  OSU Calendar Web Service API: Oklahoma State University event retrieval service

  Plancast API: Social event service

  Planning Center API: Ministry Planning Tools

  Projjex API: Project management and CRM system

  Recollect API: Garbage and recycling collection reminder service

  Sapo Holiday API: Portuguese holiday reference service

  SCHED* API: Social Scheduling For Events

  Setster API: Appointment scheduling widget

  SnapAppointments API: Appointment schedule management

  Socializr API: Event listing service

  St. Gregorios Church Calendar API: Easter date calculator

  StesCodes Social Event Manager API: Social network calendar management service

  TeliaSonera Calendar API: Calendar creation tool

  Triumph API: Educational Framework and tools

  Upcoming.org API: Collaborative event calendar

  Venteria API: Social event calendar

  Vodafone Address Book API: Access contacts and calendar items on mobile device

  When I Work API: Employee work scheduling application

  WizeHive API: Collaborative workspace service

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