54 New APIs: Adobe, BitTorrent Sync, and ShopYourWay

This week, we had 54 new APIs added to our API directory including a social people search API, a multi-lingual social network, and a product information and pricing provider. We also discussed hackathons and the top 10 mistakes in running hackathons.

AdministrateAdministrate API: Administrate is a business management Platform designed specifically for online training providers. Administrate's CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software allows users to maintain relationships with their students and suppliers, manage sales, put together reports, and handle course bookings. Users may employ whichever external accounting software they prefer and link it to the Administrate platform. Administrate also provides an LMS (Learning Management System) for creating online, SCORM-compliant training portals. Administrate's REST API allows developers to access all aspects of the Administrate system for Integration and app-building purposes.

Adobe Marketing CloudAdobe Marketing Cloud API: Adobe Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive, integrated marketing solution composed of services such as Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Social, Adobe Experience Manager, and Adobe Media Optimizer. These allow marketers to manage, track, and optimize their campaigns and promotional materials. The Adobe Genesis service allows users to consolidate their online marketing tools in a central location. The Adobe Marketing Cloud also provides a collaborative User Interface and dashboards that update in real time. The Adobe Marketing Cloud provides developers with an Enterprise API and a Partner API. The Enterprise API is designed for use by Adobe Marketing Cloud customers. It provides programmatic methods for collecting, importing, exporting, and running reports on customer data. The Partner API is designed for use by Adobe Genesis partners, allowing them to use integrated data to improve their businesses.

ArkArk API: Ark is an email, search, and people search application. Ark provides an email application that compiles all social information about contacts and provides a social search engine for people and contacts. The Ark API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Ark with other applications and to create new applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should request an API Key here: http://ark.com/beta-api.

AvidMobileAvidMobile API: AvidMobile is a company that offers white-label mobile marketing and advertising services. AvidMobile provides a SOAP API that gives developers programmatic access to their SMS marketing services. Its functions include sending and receiving SMS, creating keywords and responses, converting RSS feeds to text, getting usage data, and more.

BITalinoBITalino API: BITalino is a solution that allows users to develop projects and applications that use body movements and physiological sensors to control the application and/or device. The BITalino API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of BITalino with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing devices, creating functions, and calling up responses.

BitTorrent SyncBitTorrent Sync API: BitTorrent Sync is a file syncing, storage, and management application. BitTorrent Sync allows users to sync files and access them from any computer, phone, or tablet. The BitTorrent Sync API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of BitTorrent Sync with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving folders, retrieving files, and managing and creating files and folders.

Bizowie Bizowie API: Bizowie is a cloud-solutions technology company. Bizowie offers cloud-based software-as-a-service platforms for enterprise, companies, governments, and more. The Bizowie API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Bizowie with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact info@bizowie.com.

BlinkMapBlinkMap API: The Blink Network is an electric vehicle charging infrastructure, composed of charging stations spread through 16 major metropolitan areas throughout the US. The BlinkMap API provides a RESTful interface for receiving network information such as charger locations, operation hours, rates, network status, and more. The API is able to retrieve all information in a geographical area, search a geographical area for objects and data types matching specified terms, or retrieve detailed information describing a specified single location.

Blippex FirehoseBlippex Firehose API: Blippex is a search engine. Blippex indexes only pages that have been seen by real people and rank the pages by the time people spent on a page. The Blippex Firehose API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Blippex with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving a live stream of all URLs getting indexed, searching and retrieving links, and accessing rate limits.

BugBusterBugBuster API: BugBuster is a web application testing solution. BugBuster provides automatic exploration and an API to allow developers to automatically scan and detect bugs in their web applications. The BugBuster API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of BugBuster with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

CGI AutoplusCGI Autoplus API: CGI is a business information and technology company. One service they provide is Autoplus, a database of Canadian automobile policy and claims information. Its records span more than 15 years and include 40 million policy records and 30 million claims. This information can be accessed using a driver's license or a policy number. Reports can be obtained at different levels of detail, ranging from Autoplus Classic to Autoplus Platinum. Users may access CGI Autoplus using the internet, web services, the API, or a host-host connection.

CGI HITSCGI HITS API: CGI is a business information and technology company. One service they provide is the Habitational Insurance Tracking System (HITS), which gives insurers access to a majority of the personal property claims data for Canada. This includes 55% of data for Quebec and 98% for the rest of Canada. The HITS data allows people to identify bad risks before taking them on and find patterns of suspicious claims. When no claims information is available for an insured property, HITS can estimate a score based on neighborhood information and demographics. Users can access HITS data by logging on to the CGI website or using its web services, API, host-to-host, or batch methods.

ChurnBeeChurnBee API: ChurnBee is a Saas metrics dashboard for startups. Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, the service provides a visual representation of how a startup is progressing from day to day so that owners can focus on making the very best business decisions. The ChurnBee dashboard is integrated via API. ChurnBee offers a REST API as well as ready made JavaScript and PHP libraries. An initial signup with the service is required.

DealerBaseDealerBase API: DealerBase provides resources for vehicle dealers in New Zealand, especially (but not exclusively) clients on AutoBase, a major vehicle dealership listings website. The DealerBase SOAP API allows users to remotely and securely access their vehicle stock information in order to add vehicle images, perform searches, determine how stock is sorted for potential buyers, etc.

DNV Reference Data ServicesDNV Reference Data Services API: Det Norske Veritas (DNV) is a Norway-based risk management company for high-risk global industries. They provides all kinds of services, including advising, assessment, certification, materials testing, training, software development, and more. The DNV Reference Data Services allow users to retrieve ISO 15926 Reference Data. This includes relationships, classifications, and metadata on different kinds of equipment, objects, and events relating to oil and gas production facilities. This data can be accessed through the RD4 browser, or it can be retrieved programmatically via SOAP API.

DoFormsDoForms API: DoForms is a mobile web form building platform that allows users to quickly make forms for use in sites and web services. These forms contain any number of features including tables, music, pictures, and videos. The DoForms API uses SOAP calls and can return XML, JSON, or CSV. An account is required with service. The DoForms API allows users to collect and store a variety of data from a mobile forms built in DoForms.

DuduDudu API: Dudu is a multilingual social network that offers a translation technology that allows users speaking different languages to communicate freely by translating phrases from one language into another in real-time. Dudu offers a simple API for the integration of Dudu services into other applications. Example API methods include FriendsList, worldEventCreate, changeAvatar, setPageTitle, and more.

E-additivesE-additives API: E-additives API is a REST based service that returns JSON-P. The API allows users to make calls to get a list of food additives, as well as designate a sort order for them. Users can also search for food additives get information about a single additive, get a list of additive categories, and get information about a single category, An API key is required for use.

Film GeneratorFilm Generator API: The Film GeneratorAPI can convert webpages or text into cartoons and animations. The cartoons/animations have smaller file size: An hour-long, DVD quality cartoon consists of several Megabytes. The cartoon can be played by most web browsers. The API uses REST calls, and the terms of service must be agreed to before use.

ForeignAssistance.govForeignAssistance.gov API: ForeignAssistance.gov provides information on U.S. foreign aid through the Foreign Assistance Dashboard, a joint initiative of the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development. The ForeignAssistance.gov API provides a RESTful interface to the dashboard, allowing developers to filter data by type, format, country, sector, agency, and fiscal year in multiple ways.

Form Assembly Form Assembly API: Form Assembly is a web form and data collection service that allows users to build web forms using a simple GUI and collect customer data more efficiently. The Form Assembly APi uses REST calls and returns JSON or XML. The Form Assembly API allows users to interacting with user accounts and exporting data. An account is required with service, SSL, an API Key, and OAuth2.0 are used for Authentication.

Good Technology Good Dynamics Shared Service FrameworkGood Technology Good Dynamics Shared Service Framework API: The Good Dynamics Shared Services Framework is a set of APIs that allows applications on the same device to securely interact and share capabilities such as printing, emailing, and file sharing. This allows mobile workers to complete complex tasks securely without having to constantly switch between applications. The Shared Services Framework can also be used to create unique services (e.g. connecting services for popular CRMs) for other apps to use.

Gracenote EyeQGracenote EyeQ API: Gracenote provides music, video, and auto applications. Gracenote also provides applications that connect devices to interactive programming. The Gracenote EyeQ provides an interactive programming guides for entertainment content, such as TV shows. The Gracenote EyeQ API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Gracenote EyeQ with other applications. It allows TV provider, channel, and program lookups, as well as text-based lookups of movies and television series.

IndixIndix API: Indix provides information and intelligence about products. Indix provides a Big Data and SaaS tool to support brands and retailers to access product data including descriptions, images, and almost-realtime pricing information. The Indix API allows developers to access and integrate the data and functionality of Indix with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include searching product information, retrieving product information, and retrieving a price history for specified products.

InterSwitch ConnectInterSwitch Connect API: InterSwitch is an integrated payment and transaction processing company based out of Nigeria. InterSwitch provides advisory services, technology integration, transaction processing and payment infrastructure to government, banks and corporate organizations. InterSwitch Connect is a payment platform for developers and merchants. The platform aims to make it easy for developers to get started with integration and provides tools for creating payment related products and solutions. The InterSwitch Connect platform offers REST APIs for their QuickPAY, Autopay and Loyalty services. The QuickTeller API allows Merchants to make payment on the QuickTeller platform and is available Interswitch Partners. The Autopay service enables mass payments to multiple recipients or beneficiaries. The loyalty API enables consumers to track and manage Reward Money balances and transactions.

Iowa Environmental Mesonet RadMapIowa Environmental Mesonet RadMap API: The Iowa Environmental Mesonet (IEM) collects and makes available environmental data from a network of independent members. The IEM produces several products to display their data, including the RadMap API. The RadMap dynamically generates a PNG image based on a given set of HTTP parameters.

JetAdviceJetAdvice API: JetAdvice is a service for the print and copy market that provides customers with an complete view of all their print and copy costs. JetAdvice offers solutions such as printer usage monitoring, the automatic ordering of supplies, information on ensuring the best ROI of new output devices, and more. Active JetAdvice account users can access the JetAdvice REST API. API operations include login, customers, levels, users, devices, tags, reports and views. All calls require authentication via API key.

KantanMTKantanMT API: KantanMT provides solutions to build machine translation engines that can be integrated into any workflow or project management system. The KantanMT API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of KantanMT with other applications. Some example API methods include searching jobs, managing jobs, and uploading documents and files.

KeepconKeepcon API: Keepcon is a content moderation solution. Users can integrate Keepcon into their content management systems and websites to moderate content via Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing. The Keepcon API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Keepcon with other applications and systems. Some example API methods include managing accounts, retrieving content, and searching for semantics.

LiteTreeLiteTree API: Litetree is a crypto-currency exchange centered around bitcoin and litecoin users. The site allows users to buy and sell litecoins and bitcoins for and with fiat currencies. The LiteTree API allows users to access and control their accounts using REST calls. Call examples include making requests for tickers, account balances, order books, as well as make calls to execute transactions. An account is required with service, and SSL and API Keys are used for authentication.

MinuumMinuum API: Minuum is a mobile application keyboard that can be used with smartphones and wearable devices. Minuum is a smaller keyboard, with more ways to type on mobiles and wearable devices. The Minuum API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Minuum with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here: http://minuum.com/contact/.

MobipaycashMobipaycash API: Mobipaycash is an e-commerce integration company that serves business to business clients and as well as business to customer clients. The site offers airlines booking, hotel bookings, bus booking, fund transfers, e-commerce integrations, and bill payment services. Mobipaycash offers APIs to utilize each of the travel recharge, finance, e-commerce, and educational services. An account is required with service.

MSW ForecastMSW Forecast API: MSW (Magic SeaWeed) provides detailed, long range surf forecasts for almost 3000 beaches in 180 countries. The MSW Forecast API offers programmatic access to core weather and ocean data specifically purposed for surfing. The RESTful API provides access to data types such as breaking wave height, wind, temperature, and sea level pressure.

namebaynamebay API: Namebay provides domain name registration services, including a reseller program. The namebay API allows developers to programmatically manage reseller services. The API exposes user accounts, domains, contacts, name servers, and more through HTTP POST commands. The API also supports several SOAP commands.

NeutrinoNeutrino API: Neutrino API is a powerful and general purpose Web API. Features: ★ IP geolocation ★ Email address validation and cleaning ★ Phone number validation and geolocation ★ User-agent parsing with mobile device features ★ URL validation and monitoring ★ HTML cleaning and sanitizing ★ HTML to PDF rendering ★ HTML Resource extraction ★ Bad word filtering ★ Currency conversion ★ Unit conversion ★ High quality image resizing and water-marking ★ QR code rendering And more...

PagelimePagelime API: Pagelime is a CMS (Content Management System) that allows users to manage their sites' content using a web application or FTP API. This service was designed for use by web designers, web agencies, and web developers. Pagelime will Function regardless of where a user's site is hosted or what scripting platform (if any) is employed. It requires no changes to be made to the site's underlying architecture. Users can mark up their web pages using CSS classes to let Pagelime know which parts are meant to be editable. When users make edits from the Pagelime web application, these edits are published to the CSS-marked areas via FTP. Pagelime's FTP-XML API allows developers to separate a site's content from its HTML code by mirroring the HTML content in XML, rather than using CSS mark-up. The resulting XML files can then be accessed via FTP.

PagevampPagevamp API: Pagevamp is a service that allows users to automatically update and maintain their websites from their Facebook pages. Pagevamp essentially makes it possible to update both a Facebook page and a website at the same time, all through Facebook. The Pagevamp API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Pagevamp with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here: http://www.pagevamp.com/developers.

PaymentSpringPaymentSpring API: PaymentSpring is online merchant account and payment gateway that allows companies and users to quickly send and accept payments. The site offers flat rates, no contracts, lower PCI compliance issues, and no credit card storage. The PaymentSpring API uses REST calls and uses and API key for authentication. The API allows users to make calls to manipulate customer data, plan data logging event data, charge data, and subscription data.

PaysiusPaysius API: Paysius is a bitcoin payment service that allows customers to use bitcoins to pay merchants. The service offers zero risk of chargeback or payment reversal of any kind due to the use of bitcoin. The Paysius API uses REST calls and returns JSON. The API allows users to make queries to get new bitcoin addresses, send bitcoins, get bitcoin balances. An account is required with service, and an API key is used for authentication

PowaPowa API: Powa is an eCommerce and mobile commerce solution provider. Powa provides online and mobile sales platforms for companies, vendors, retaillers, and other organizations in need of online sales capabilities. The Powa API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Powa with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up for a developer account: http://www.powa.com/page/Developers+%26+agencies.

PretzilPretzil API: Pretzil is a website, API, and mobile application suite that leverages its cloud-based database to connect smartphone users with mobile apps. The Pretzil API enables developers to ping Pretzil data describing when, where, and on what device their app is used. Pretzil uses this data to enrich their app rankings and provide developers with increased exposure and analytics.

ProProfs Quiz MakerProProfs Quiz Maker API: ProProfs is an online Quiz maker tool. It offers tool to create and share two types of namely scored and personality quizzes. The site provides the option to upload any documents including videos that can be referred before taking the scored quiz by quiz takers. It offers a choice of question types including multiple choice, check boxes, and matching. The API allows users to capture learner's data for a database of website. Example usages include inserting lead capture into a database such as name, email, or quiz taker or insert a name and information for people that take certain test. An account is required with service.

RagicRagic API: Ragic is a data management solution for teams and companies. Built like a database but with the interface of spreadsheets and/or forms, Ragic allows users to manage, share, and edit their data. The Ragic API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Ragic with other applications. Some example API methods include creating forms, editing forms, and retrieving data.

Sentiment Analysis OnlineSentiment Analysis Online API: Sentiment Analysis Online is a free Web Service able to determine the sentiment, or tone, of a given text. The service, accessible through a free API, is able to extract from any English text the emotion or attitude toward a person, organization, product, or location.

ShopYourWayShopYourWay API: ShopYourWay is a social network based shopping platform where products, retailers, and recommendations are generated by what your friends buy and review. The ShopYourWay developer platform comes with a server side and a client side API. The Client side API uses uses JavaScript and allows users to build desktop and mobile apps that use the ShopYourWay platform. An account is required with service.

spotXchangespotXchange API: SpotXchange is a video advertising exchange where ad buyers bid on video ad inventories. The site services more than 400 million actions per day. The spotXchange API allows users to access reports on user account data including, revenue reports, traffic reports, advertiser level reports, and referrer level report. The API uses REST calls and an OData service structure. An account is required with service.

TaurusBitTaurusBit API: TaurusBit is a crypto-currency trading platform that works with bitcoin and litecoins. The site offers 24 hour uptime, an affiliate program, and fees as low as .4% and with a max of $10.00 per trade. The TaurusBit API uses REST calls and returns JSON. Using SSL and an API key for authentication, users can query to get account balances, open orders, make orders, cancel orders, and perform other calls. An account is required with service.

Treasu.re PlatformTreasu.re Platform API: Treasu.re is a real-time mobile photo broadcasting platform. It is creating an ecosystem for all 80,000 camera apps. The service aims to make mobile photos more open and integrated online as well as provide attribution to the photographer and app from which the photo came. The Treasu.re API allows mobile app developers to ad hooks to the app to share photos with the Treau.re service. An account is required with service.

University of Oxford Systems StatusUniversity of Oxford Systems Status API: The status.ox.ac.uk system is a web service that monitors the availability of IT service provided by the University of Oxford. The System Status API provides developer access to both announcements and live status updates. Live status queries return JSON formatted data and support callbacks. Systems status updates are available as JSON responses, or as RSS or ATOM feeds.

University of Warwick Students' UnionUniversity of Warwick Students' Union API: The Warwick Students’ Union is a non-profit, self-run student support organization for students at the University of Warwick. The Warwick Students’ Union allows student organizations to secure their websites by validating user identities through a RESTful interface.

VIN decoderVIN decoder API: VIN Decoder is a VIN information service where users can can input a vehicles VIN number and the decoded information back. The VIN will return manufacturer data including: Manufacturer, manufacturer address, product type, make, check digit, model year,plant code, and sequential number, as well as data from police data bases. The VIN Decoder API uses REST API to allows users to submit VIN numbers. The service is free to use, but the API has tiered pricing for usage.

VisualeadVisualead API: Visualead is a QR code generator. Visualead allows users to create, design, and manage QR codes. The QR codes can also be tracked and edited from a dashboard. The Visualead API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Visualead and the QR codes with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email api@visualead.com for API access.

Worldtime.ioWorldtime.io API: Worldtime is a time service that provides localized time for anywhere in the world through a search tool. The site includes the search function, different time display options, information about daylight savings time, and other functions. The Worldtime API uses REST calls, and is comprised of an IP address to time service, and a latitude to time service. These allow the user to integrate time information services into third-party applications. An API key is required with service.

Writeapp.meWriteapp.me API: Writeapp is a text edit platform that allows users to create, organize, and publish text. The service stores notes privately but also allows them to be made public. The Writeapp API uses REST calls and allows users to access the data within the Writeapp as well as build alternate user interfaces. An account is required with service and API keys are used for authentication.