54 New APIs: Marvel Comics, NY Stock Exchange, and OECD

This week, we had 54 new APIs added to our API directory including a mobile advertising platform, an API for the Finland National Gallery of Art, and a platform for building and managing video games. We also covered a twist in the eCommerce game with Cashtie now accepting cash payments for digital goods.


Adtile API: Adtile is a mobile advertising platform. Adtile integrates advertising within mobile applications to build the ads into the user experience. The Adtile API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Adtile with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service for publishers.

Aha!Aha! API: Aha! is a cloud-based collaboration service for product-building teams. It allows teams to map their product strategies and keep everyone apprised of upcoming release dates and work sprints. Teams can also gather and refine their features and user stories together in one place. Aha! allows teams to present product roadmaps as Notebooks, PDFs, or web pages. In fact, nearly any view from Aha! can be published in these three formats. Users can make their projects accessible from other applications using the Aha! REST and JavaScript APIs.

Canadiana Discovery PortalCanadiana Discovery Portal API: The Canadiana Discovery Portal is a free web service allowing users to search the digital collections of Canadian libraries, archives, and museums. The Canadiana Discovery Portal API allows developers to programmatically query these collections. The API is able to limit query results by source, media type, language, record type, unique record key, date range, and more.

Connected HistoriesConnected Histories API: Connected Histories is a collection of digital sources related to early modern and nineteenth century Britain, all accessible through a single federated search. The Connected Histories API provides programmatic access to this search engine, allowing developers to search the collections for names, places, and dates.

CSS MinifierCSS Minifier API: CSS Minifier is a simple tool for removing all unnecessary characters from the input CSS code without compromising its functionality. Users can shorten their code on the website by pasting it into the input box, or they can shorten their code programmatically using HTTP POST calls.

DoxpopDoxpop API: Doxpop is a site that provides public access to court information without having to physically go to the courthouse. Any person may use the service, but it is particularly useful to professionals who interact with the courts regularly or depend upon the courts for information vital to their business. The Doxpop API provides for programmatic access to court records, as well as allowing people to automate their access to the same court records. The API uses REST calls and can return XML or JSON.

Dutch PostcodeDutch Postcode API: Dutch Postcode is a RESTful API that allows users to verify Dutch addresses, returning streetname, municipality, province and GPS coordinates when a postcode is requested. The data is open government data from the Netherlands.

E-HAWKE-HAWK API: E-HAWK provides in-depth vetting of applicants that includes reputation analysis, background checks, and risk analysis. Simply verifying a home or email address won't catch applicants who are using fake names and other forged information. Users can integrate E-HAWK's vetting services with their websites and systems via REST API, allowing information provided by applicants to be sent straight to E-HAWK for vetting.

Edinburgh BustrackerEdinburgh Bustracker API: Edinburgh Bustracker is a web service delivering real time bus information for the Edinburgh area. The API delivers information on services, routes, destinations, bus stops, time tables, and service disruptions.

EPAG SSLEPAG SSL API: EPAG is a company that provides a variety of domain management services. This includes furnishing users with SSL certificates, which prove to customers that their data is being transmitted securely. The EPAG SSL API allows users to automate the ordering of SSL certificates. The API's functions cover all steps of the ordering process and provides access to all SSL certificates in EPAG's product portfolio.

Equestrian BeatsEquestrian Beats API: Equestrian Beats is a free My Little Pony themed music site, meant as a “place for artists to publish their pony music, and the rest of us to listen.” The Equestrian Beats API provides read-only access to user and track data.

EXLXEXLX API: EXLX.tk is a simple URL shortener. The site exposes its functionality through an API. Applications simply append the URL to be shortened, to a HTTP call, and the EXLX responds with the shortened URL.

Financial-SanctionsFinancial-Sanctions API: Financial-Sanctions is a financial information verification service that helps U.K. based companies comply with government and FCA regulations. The company offers to check existing clients against HMT's list, check new clients prior to providing any services or transactions, check for updates to the HMT list, verify any changes to your clients' details, and do regular repeat checks on existing and potential clients. The Financial-Sanctions API allows users to submit checks for FCA compliance remotely. The service is restricted to 1000 calls per day.

Finnish National GalleryFinnish National Gallery API: The Finnish National Gallery is Finland's largest organization of art museums, managing more than 36,000 works of art. The Finnish National Gallery API is a web service capable of delivering information about the artwork and artists. This REST API is able to search by artist or keyword.

Fitzwilliam MuseumFitzwilliam Museum API: The Fitzwilliam Museum is the principle museum of the University of Cambridge. The museum exposes the object records from its online catalog through a RESTful API. The API is able to query these records, delivering comprehensive metadata describing museum objects.

FraudAssetsFraudAssets API: FraudAssets is an online BIN database service that is designed to help card merchants identify and eliminate fraud risks from their business. The service manages a database of bank card data, and amalgamates information from a wide number of contributors and card handlers to maintain a comprehensive and accessible credit card fraud prevention tool. The FraudAssets API uses REST calls, returns XML, and allows users to submit BINs and get back the company information with which to verify the transaction. An account is required with service and an API Key is required for use.

FruitmapFruitmap API: Fruitmap is a user generated map of various types of fruit trees around the world. Anyone can easily mark the location of a tree on the site's map. Fruitmap exposes its data through a simple API. The API is able to deliver general data on all of the site's trees by type, as well as the location of all trees of a given type.

GenderGender API: The Gender API uses data collected from publicly-available government resources and crawled from social networks to enable users to automatically determine customers' genders based on their names. The Gender API can identify genders associated with 192,251 names from 130 countries. Coding examples for the API are provided in PHP, Python, Java, and jQuery.

GrabzItGrabzIt API: GrabzIt is a service for taking screenshots of websites using JavaScript. Most screenshots are generated in only a few seconds and may be rendered as thumbnails, full screenshots, or some size in-between. The GrabzIt API allows users to insert images, PDFs, and table screenshots onto their websites using JavaScript code.

HinKhoj Hindi TextPadHinKhoj Hindi TextPad API: HinKhoj Hindi TextPad is a service that allows users to add text boxes to their sites that make it easier for users to enter Hindi-language text. Users can type using a standard keyboard, and the text box will suggest appropriate Hindi characters and the letter combinations that will produce them. The HinKhoj API allows users to insert and customize text boxes on their own sites using JavaScript code.

ImageNetImageNet API: ImageNet is an image dataset created with the intention of providing researchers, students, and educators around the world with easy access to cleanly sorted, human-curated images. The dataset is organized based on the WordNet hierarchy's synsets (synonym sets), which are concepts that may be described by multiple words or phrases. ImageNet has an average of 500 images per synset, but would like to provide about 1000 images per synset in the future.

JavaScript MinifierJavaScript Minifier API: JavaScript Minifier is a simple tool for removing all unnecessary characters from the user's JavaScript code without compromising its functionality. Users can minify their code on the website by pasting it into the input box, or they can use HTTP POST calls to minify their code programmatically.

JPG OptimiserJPG Optimiser API: JPG Optimiser is a simple tool that allows users to reduce the size of JPG image files without reducing the images' quality. Users can upload an image for size reduction on the website, or they can do so programmatically via HTTP POST. The maximum uploadable file size is 5MB. Images are removed from the site's cache after 10 minutes.

Koninklijke Bibliotheek Digital Proceedings of Dutch Parliament Koninklijke Bibliotheek Digital Proceedings of Dutch Parliament API: This set contains the full-text digitized proceedings of Dutch Parliament from 1814 until 1995. This means it holds word by word transcriptions of everything that has been said in the House of Representatives and the Senate during those years. The data can be reused freely as open data: both the metadata and the individual objects (page scans, OCR, PDFs) are available under a CC0-license. Access via SRU and OAI-PMH protocols. The set is made available by the National Library of the Netherlands (KB), in collaboration The House of Representatives of the Netherlands (Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal) The documentation is currently in Dutch only, but will be available in English a.s.a.p.

Koninklijke Bibliotheek Early Dutch BooksKoninklijke Bibliotheek Early Dutch Books API: The dataset Early Dutch Books Online (EDBO) gives access to over 2 million full-text digitized pages from over 11,000 books printed in the Netherlands between 1781-1800. This set is freely reusable as open data: the metadata is available under a CC0-license, individual objects (page scans, OCR, PDFs) are in the public domain. Access via SRU and OAI-PMH protocols. The set is made available by the national library of the Netherlands (KB), in collaboration with the university libraries of Leiden and Amsterdam (UvA). The documentation is currently in Dutch only, but will be available in English a.s.a.p.

Koninklijke Bibliotheek WLICKoninklijke Bibliotheek WLIC API: The dataset "Watermarks in Incunabula printed in the Low Countries" (WILC) offers access to over 16,000 watermarks from books printed between 1450 and 1501 (incunabula) in the Low Countries (today the Netherlands and Belgium). The WILC set comprises 16,071 illustrations of watermarks taken from the 2,229 incunabula editions preserved in 14,300 copies worldwide (many of them in more than one copy). The set includes watermarks from books held in libraries, archives and museums all over the world. The strength of the set is the huge quantity of illustrations, all of which have detailed descriptive metadata. The addition of four geographical coordinates (longitude and latitude of the places of manufacture and preservation) allows the set to be used in various ways. The National Library of the Netherlands (KB) offers this as open data: there are CC0 licence for both the metadata and the objects (illustrations of watermarks). Access via SRU and OAI-PMH protocols.

LawfulBankLawfulBank API: LawfulBank is a group of individuals focused on ending debt slavery for the average person. The LawfulBank API allows users to make calls to get lists of friends, get mail, get notifications, and get lists of users. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. SSL is used for authentication when communicating with the API server.

Lion SMSLion SMS API: Lion SMS provides a tool to send SMS anywhere, anytime from computer, website, server and application. The company offers Bulk SMS is as a marketing media to communicate a user's business in an effective manner to a user's customers, and friends. The Lion SMS API allows users to integrate and automate bulk SMS in third-party systems. An account is required with service, and the API is free to use with an account.

Locating London's PastLocating London's Past API: Locating London's Past is a site that lets users search a collection of digital resources relating to early modern and eighteenth-century London, and then map those results on top of historical or modern maps. The Locating London's Past API allows developers to programmatically query the source indexes. The API delivers JSON-formatted metadata describing matching terms, including geographic coordinates. The API is also able to deliver XML formatted full text responses for some resources.

MarketFactory FX AggregatorMarketFactory FX Aggregator API: One connection to access 50+ FX venues for ultra low latency FX data and trade execution. Used by leaders in the capital markets industry including banks, hedge funds, FX brokers. Available in C++ on Linux, C# and Java.

Marvel ComicsMarvel Comics API: The Marvel Comics API provides developer access to metadata describing Marvel's 70+ years of comics. The RESTful API delivers JSON formatted information about creators, characters, series, storylines, individual issues, and crossover events.

Museet for SofartMuseet for Sofart API: Museet for Sofart, The Maritime Museum of Denmark, tells the story of Denmark's maritime shipping history. The Museet for Sofart API enables programmatic searching of the museum's databases. Exposed resources include the museum's collection of items, the library and image databases, and the objects and descriptions from the digital exhibits. The API returns JSON formatted metadata describing objects from these databases.

NextMarkNextMark API: NextMark is a marketing management company that provides media planning, media operations, and media sales services to users across the country. The NextMark API was designed to allow users to integrate third-party system with media planning platform provided by NextMark. An account is required with service. The API uses REST calls and returns XML.

Nordea MarketsNordea Markets API: Nordea Markets is an international capital markets operator and investment banking service. The Nordea Markets FIX based API is primarily designed for FX and equity brokers, asset and hedge fund managers, and small and medium sized banks. The API provides up to the minute pricing in Scandinavian currencies, as well as easy connectivity, low latency and extensive post-trade capabilities. The API allows users to access FX trade data as well as automate trading activity. An account is required with service.

NRC ADAMSNRC ADAMS API: The Agencywide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS) is the official record keeping system utilized by the the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and provides access to the following "libraries" or collections of publicly available documents: The Publicly Available Records System (PARS) Library contains more than 730,000 full-text documents that the NRC has released since November 1, 1999, and several hundred new documents are added each day. The Public Legacy Library contains more than 2 million bibliographic citations for earlier documents with the majority dating back to 1980. The NRC ADAMS API allows users to access the archive data using REST calls and getting returned data in XML and JSON.

NYXdataNYXdata API: NYSE Technologies market data is a financial information provides live data across a variety of exchanges. The NYXdata API provides users access to data subsets they are interested in. Users can access real-time and historical data, reduces time for deployment/building of front end applications, functions as a spot check for price validation, and eases integration of back testing requirements. An account is required with service.

OECD Open DataOECD Open Data API: OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) is an organization that seeks to help governments fight poverty and improve the prosperity of their people through economic growth and stability. To this end, the OECD collects and analyzes statistical data on agriculture, development aid, infant mortality rates, crime, debt, disposable income, education, gender equality, and much more. The Open Data API exposes the OECD's statistics and metadata using the Open Data Protocol (OData) or SDMX-JSON.

PlayCanvasPlayCanvas API: PlayCanvas is a platform for building and managing mobile and web video games. PlayCanvas provides a JavaScript API for building HTML5 video games. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service. Interested developers should email support@playcanvas.com for more information.

PNG CrushPNG Crush API: PNG Crush is a simple tool that allows users to reduce the size of PNG image files without reducing the images' quality. Users can upload an image directly to the site for "crushing," or they can do so programmatically via HTTP POST. The maximum uploadable file size is 5MB. Images are removed from the site's cache after 10 minutes.

RunningAHEADRunningAHEAD API: RunningAHEAD is a collection of free online running tools, including a running log, maps, training plans, and more. The RunningAHEAD API is able to programmatically access user information and enables developers to manage workouts and training plans.

ScorescardScorescard API: Scorescard is a free API providing programmatic access to live sports scores. The API’s initial launch included only cricket scores, while scores for football, tennis, and other sports are expected to be added soon. The API is able to deliver a list of current matches or scores for a specified match.

SendOwlSendOwl API: SendOwl is a retail tool that helps creative entrepreneurs sell their digital and physical goods online. Users can sell their products to and from anywhere, and buyers are automatically shown checkout pages in their own language. SendOwl can securely store and distribute files for digital products, ensuring that only the buyer can access them. SendOwl gives payments to sellers immediately, without taking a cut of the the sale. Advanced reporting services and a built-in affiliate tool are also provided to help users grow their businesses. The SendOwl API allows other applications and services to programmatically access and update data associated with SendOwl customer accounts.

Similar Site CheckSimilar Site Check API: Similarsitecheck is a free and open search engine to find similar and related websites. Our specially developed similarity algorithm Similarsitecheck helps to find alternative webpages. We provide an API for developers or whoever would like to use our data. It's free to get started using the API. There is a rate limit of 5,000 queries per day. If you expect to exceed that, please get in touch with us. Input a domain and receive an output of 20 similar websites with title, description, domainpower, website language and their similarity score.

SiteLock PartnerSiteLock Partner API: SiteLock is a website security service that scans the customer's website and fixes any existing issues with malware and other vulnerabilities. Afterwards, customers can use the TrueShield firewall to protect their site and TrueSpeed to speed it up. SiteLock also facilitates PCI compliance for sites that accept payments. Once a site is scanned and secured, it can display the SiteLock Trust Seal, which shows end users that they can shop there safely. SiteLock Partners can integrate with SiteLock in several ways, including via REST API.

Sourcing.ioSourcing.io API: Sourcing.io is a resource for finding and recruiting skilled software engineers. It provides a database of over 4 million developers that can be filtered by language, skill, location, and other criteria. Teams can work together to pick new members by starring and making notes on potential recruits as well as by using social connections to get referrals from existing team members. Developers can integrate with Sourcing.io's resources via API.

SpamtySpamty API: Spamty is a web service that encrypts email addresses and provides links to the email address instead of putting email addresses on the web. The Spamty API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Spamty with other applications. The two main API methods are encrypting email addresses and unencrypting email addresses.

SpeedOf.MeSpeedOf.Me API: SpeedOf.Me is an internet speed testing service written in HTML5 rather than Flash or Java. It works on both desktop and mobile devices without requiring the user to download an app. It provides a real-time bandwidth graph of results and claims to have a higher level of accuracy than other speed tests.

Tap-toTap-to API: Tap-to is an enterprise tool for capturing data and viewing information outside of the office the service utilizes modern smart phones and tablets to extend the accessibility of business information. Tap-to offers mobile Forms, Docs, Tasks and Lists. The Tap-to API provides users with integration tools to incorporate the Tap-to tools into third-party applications. The API uses REST calls and can return JSON and XML formats. An account is required with service.

Template2pdfTemplate2pdf API: Template2pdf is an API enabling developers to programmatically generate PDFs out of templates that non-technical people can define and modify. The service is intended to allow a developer's clients to easily change the layout of invoices, offers, and other reports within the developer's application or website.

The Walters Art Museum CollectionsThe Walters Art Museum Collections API: The Walters Art Museum is a Baltimore art museum. The museum exposes data and images describing the works of art in their collection via API. The Walters Art Museum Collections API accesses information about particular collections, works, exhibitions, museum locations, and metadata describing artworks’ geographic relationships.

ThinkGlue Semantic Video AnalysisThinkGlue Semantic Video Analysis API: ThinkGlue is a specialized semantic multimedia service that utilizes text recognition to recommend ads within videos using real-time ad bidding and provides other services. The ThinkGlue Semantic Video Analysis API lets you automatically extract content from videos such as tags, Video SEO envelope, IAB Tags(advertising), video sentiment, and other recognized entities. An account is required with service. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON.

TidyStockTidyStock API: TidyStock is an inventory management service that provides clients with the tools to managed stock using best practice accounting, perpetual stock method and average cost, track unmanaged stock – track quickly and informally, see material categories and items - unlimited SKUs, get bulk data CSV import and export, manage and track stock in multiple locations, and create and manage purchase orders including split receipts. The TidyStock API uses REST calls and returns JSON or XML. Using SSL for authentication, users can make calls to connect third-party applications to the TidyStock services.

Treasury.ioTreasury.io API: Treasury.io us a United States Treasury information provider that makes the data reported by the treasury on a daily basis readily available. The Treasury.io API provides users with access to the treasury's Operating Cash Balance , Deposits and Withdrawals, Public Debt Transactions, Adjustment of Public Dept Transactions to Cash Basis, Debt Subject to Limit, Federal Tax Deposits, Short-term Cash Investment, and Income Tax Refunds Issued. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON.

XML TravelgateXML Travelgate API: XML Travelgate provides XML-based integrations for connecting with the travel industry's suppliers. These integrations cover a wide range of industry sectors and services, including hotel bookings, car rentals, transfers, tourism activities, and various modes of transportation. The website is available in both English and Spanish, but the API documentation is provided solely in English.


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