54 New APIs: Vimeo, Campbell's Kitchen, and the Fed API

This week, we had 54 new APIs added to our API directory including a web application for biomedical concept information, a backend-as-a-service for building and maintaining applications, and an image processing service API. We also added several new "how-to" blogposts, from how to visualize Twitter updates over time to how to use the Twilio API.

Address Meister

Address Meister API: Address Meister is a postal address verification and correction service designed to identify fake addresses, determine accurate postal rates, and fix address typos. For low-volume applications, users can verify addresses through a form on the website. Developers can access Address Meister's functions programmatically for larger jobs using either SOAP or XML- RPC calls.

becasbecas API: Becas is a web application, widget and API for biomedical concept identification. An ongoing research project developed by the University of Aveiro Bioinformatics group, becas helps researchers, healthcare professionals and developers in the identification of over 1,200,000 biomedical concepts in text and PubMed abstracts. The becas API allows the Integration of third party applications with becas. Use the API to to programmatically annotate text or PubMed abstracts with biomedical concepts. The API is RESTful, and returns results in JSON, XML, A1 or CoNLL.

BlockScoreBlockScore API: BlockScore is a customer Authentication and verification service that aims to assists users with handling the regulatory compliance issues surrounding international payment and transfers. The BlockScore API uses REST calls and allows users to submit data for authentication, off-load data, verify passports, and perform other tasks. An account, and an API Key are required for use. SSL is required for all calls.

BotDefenderBotDefender API: Lokad is a Big-Data solutions provider. It utilizes servers and cloud computing capabilities to manager and interpret large data sets on behalf of its users, with an emphasis on forecasting and optimization. The BotDefender service, provided by Lokad, is an anti- Screen Scraping service that prevents the competition from automatically collecting your pricing information for use in competitive models and comparisons. The BotDefender API uses REST script in place of the standard price, to replace the scrape-able price with the unscrape-able one. An account is required with service. Protect an online store from the automated retrieval of its prices by robots.

ByndBynd API: Bynd.io is a backend as a service Platform for building social and mobile sites and apps. The Bynd REST API provides the ability to programmatically write, read, update and delete objects. The API can manage social network authentication, location services, content curation, and much more.

Campbells Kitchen BrandCampbells Kitchen Brand API: Campbell’s is a recipe and food provider that owns and distributes food through companies such as Pace, Swanson, Pepperidge Farm, and Prego. Campbell's Kitchen has a developer site whereby users can access the Campbell's Kitchen Brand API. The API uses REST calls and returns XML or JSON. Developers can use the API to access the ingredients they need to build apps that contain recipes or ingredient lists. The API allows users to make calls to search and get recipe information.

CatechizeMeCatechizeMe API: Catechisms are learning tools for Christians that teach core religious tenets by phrasing them in the form of questions and answers. CatechizeMe provides daily catechisms along with a publicly available collection of catechisms. The CatechizeMe API allows developers to integrate daily catechisms or any/all of the catechisms available on the website into their own sites and applications.

Deutsche Digitale BibliothekDeutsche Digitale Bibliothek API: The German Digital Library ("Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek" in german) is the central web Portal for the digital cultural heritage in Germany. It holds metadata, previews and links to digitized or born-digital cultural objects. The Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek API uses REST calls and returns JSON. The API allows users to query for information sectors, items including aip, binaries, children, edm, indexing-profile, parents, sources, view, as well as do advanced searching. An API Key is required with service.

Duda MobileDuda Mobile API: DudaMobile makes mobile websites. The site takes existing desktop sites and converts them to mobile sites, which usually takes less than 10 seconds. DudaMobile API allows users to: Create Sites, Create Sub-Accounts*, Sign users into the account (via SSO), Access Site Analytics, and pull an updated list of supported mobile user agents. The DudaMobile API allows users to integrate these options into third-party platforms, instead of having to log into DudaMobile directly. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. The service is free to use, but an account is required with service.

Fancy HandsFancy Hands API: Fancy Hands is a virtual assistant service with a network of individuals across the United States that fill requests for members. The site offers service that a personal assistant normally would, things from calendar management, setting appointments, buying/sending flowers, picking out gifts and renting cars. The Fancy Hands API uses REST calls and is available for all users. The API allows users to integrate the computing service and the network of Fancy Hands assistants into third-party service where the assistants can be used. For pricing and additional information contact Fancy Hands at api@fancyhands.com.

Fed {API}Fed {API} API: The FED {API} collects, correlates, and cataloges information from government sites and agencies to provide relevant data to users. The site source data from open government agencies, and refines it with tags and categories to make it easily searchable, and a Resource for application development and analytics. The service uses REST calls and returns JSON. An account and an API key are required for use.

Flags.es Flag CounterFlags.es Flag Counter API: Flag.es provides a visitor counting widget that shows the most recent visitors, the flags of their countries, and the names of their cities, as determined by their IP addresses. This widget can be embedded on the user's website by copying and pasting some JavaScript code. This code can be edited to alter the counter's general appearance, the information displayed, and the number of seconds that must pass before an old visitor can be counted again. The Flag.es Flag Counter uses GeoLite data provided by MaxMind.

GENESIS-OnlineGENESIS-Online API: GENESIS-Online is a database provided by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany (Destatis). It provides web-based access to GENESIS, which contains statistical information on traffic, taxes, tourism, and other topics important to governing bodies. The GENESIS-Online API allows users to retrieve and download data from the database. Registered users can use these services to integrate database information into their applications and services. Although the website is available in both English and German, much of the statistical information is only available in German.

GTFS Data ExchangeGTFS Data Exchange API: The General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) defines a common format for public transportation schedules, enabling transit agencies and developers to deliver and consume data in a standard structure. The GTFS Data Exchange was built to enable efficient sharing and retrieval of GTFS data. The GTFS Data Exchange API provides developer access to participating agencies and their GTFS feed sources.

Happy GrasshopperHappy Grasshopper API: Happy Grasshopper is an email marketing services provider that writes and delivers fun and friendly messages. Happy Grasshopper requires no contract, has no setup or cancellation fees, and features a 100% money back guarantee. The Happy Grasshopper API provides programmatic access to its services. The API supports actions such as retrieving previously sent emails, retrieving user contact data, managing users profiles, and much more.

ImageFlyImageFly API: Imagefly is an image processing service that allows users to pull a processed and resized image different screens using a single source file. USers can also crop, and resize images to alter the focal point, and switch between images by changing a URL. The ImageFly API allows users to utilize REST calls to submit and transform images into scaled resources. An account is required with service.

IngeniaIngenia API: Ingenia is a tagging and categorization service. Users isolate blocks of text and assign their own tags to them, this provide a sample upon which Ingenia can the begin to apply tags and categories to text in real time. The Ingenia API, which is available in JavaScript and REST, allows users to query for tags and categories as well as view lists of categories and tags that have been assigned. An account is required with service, and SSL and an API are used for authentication.

ipinfo.ioipinfo.io API: Ipinfo.io is a free IP information Web Service providing geolocation, hostname, organization and other data types. The ipinfo.io API returns a JSON response containing data fields describing the specified IP. The API supports JSONP callbacks and can provide additional information through a paid service, such as proxy detection, scraping prevention, and improved geolocation accuracy.

iZentoiZento API: IZento is a collaborative travel planning service that sources data from providers such as: tour operators, GDSs, travel technology companies, and travel agent software companies. Users input booking data as they typically would into a reservations system and the interface converts the information into a comprehensive itinerary based on the booking details. The iZento API allows users to create professional travel itineraries and documents while offering added revenue opportunities for companies.

JScramblerJScrambler API: JScrambler is a service that encrypts JavaScript code used in a site or application to make it appear incomprehensible. The code will still Function exactly the same, but will be much harder for anyone to copy. JScrambler has been tested with all major browsers, mobile devices, and JavaScript frameworks. The JScrambler API allows developers to automate requests to encrypt JavaScript projects, delete projects, download encrypted projects, and retrieve information for managing encrypted project versions.

LTCchainLTCchain API: LTCchain is an open-source litecoin resource designed for developers to build around the litecoin currency. The LTCchain API is a REST based API that offers low-latency access to the litecoin Blockchain for developers to expand the mining and trading services. The API is free to use, andthere is no account required with service.

MediaCrushMediaCrush API: MediaCrush is an image, video, and audio hosting service that helps make media files load faster by reducing file size without sacrificing quality. MediaCrush uses lossless compression tools that can increase the loading speed of files by up to 3,000 percent. MediaCrush offers a REST API for programmatic access to their services. The API includes methods for file information and file manipulation. The API returns JSON on all methods.

ModiflyModifly API: Modifly is a web service designed to augment the results of an API call on the fly. Modifly aims to provide developers with better access to datasets that are otherwise only accessible through less than ideal methods. The Modifly API is capable of converting CSV files to JSON, managing headers, setting offsets, and limiting returned records.

mOTPmOTP API: mOTP is an open source, two-factor authentication service. It uses a missed call rather than SMS to send users a One Time Password (OTP) for use in two-factor authentication. This allows users to side-step the costs and delays that can be associated with SMS, which is used in most other two-factor authentication services. Developers can integrate mOTP into their own applications or web-based services using REST calls.

NeonCRMNeonCRM API: NeonCRM is a web-based platform for managing fundraising and membership for nonprofit organizations. The platform allows users to automate and streamline common tasks and processes. It also provides a powerful CRM (Customer Resource Management) database for managing any communications, documents, notes, payments, people, or organizations that are important to the nonprofit's mission. Developers can integrate the NeonCRM platform into their websites using either SOAP or REST APIs. This allows the website to automatically feed data into the CRM database and access the NeonCRM platform's functions. This API is currently in Beta.

NewsCo Article SummaryNewsCo Article Summary API: NewsCo.me provides free access to news aggregated from the websites of news providers around the world. NewsCo's Article Summary API uses Machine Learning and natural language processing techniques to extract key information from articles, providing users with a quick overview of an article without having to read the whole thing. The API can extract content from either a URL or the content itself. Users may also choose to retrieve the names of people mentioned in the article and the number of time the article has been Tweeted or received "likes" on Facebook.

niblnibl API: Nibl is a hosted payment platform that allows content creators to sell their digital content to mobile and web publishers. Nibl simplifies the payment process by allowing customers to use a single account across the nibl network, thus eliminating the need for publishers to acquire payment and personal information at the point of purchase. Nibl offers a REST API to partner publishers. Full API Documentation is available upon enrollment.

NutribuNutribu API: Nutribu aims to transform nutrition into a social experience. The Nutribu API provides developer access to food and nutritional data. Exposed resources include metadata describing users, products, ingredient groups, and more.

OktopostOktopost API: Oktopost is a social media platform designed specifically for the needs of B2B marketers, allowing for large scale social media distribution and establishing actual ROI of social campaigns. The API allows for programmatic access to powerful Oktopost features. This includes making calls to list campaigns, get, update, create, and delete campaigns, get conversions, list, get, create, update, and delete messages. The service uses REST calls and requires SSL for authentication. Please view the Google doc for complete documentation.

PastPagesPastPages API: PastPages is a website that tracks and archives the shifting homepages of major media sites. PastPages provides free programmatic access to its website through an API. The API is able to deliver screenshots, metadata, updates, and more.

Penny CurrencyPenny Currency API: Penny Currency is a universal electronic payment system that allows customers to make purchases, pay bills, send and receive money payments online. Penny Currency provides a REST API that returns JSON or XML, that enable developers to build custom applications, tools, and services that integrate Penny Currency's functions, as well as automate payment systems. An account is required with service.

Plotly Plotly API: Plotly is a collaborative data analysis and graphing tool. The site allows users to upload data, select chart types, analyze, forecast, and interpolate points, and create a publication ready product.The Plotly API uses REST calls to create acounts, select plotting and styling, select different chart types, and other calls.

Postcodes 4 UPostcodes 4 U API: 3X Software Limited is a multi-purpose internet and retail services provider. The Postcodes 4 U API, provided by 3xsoftware, enables users to search the Royal Mail PAF database for an address from a postcode. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON or XML. The API supports calls to return an address from a postal code.

Rdio oEmbedRdio oEmbed API: Rdio is an online music radio service that provides access to millions of songs in almost every genre. Users can play songs whenever they want, as many times as they want, or they can listen to stations that combine their current favorites with similar, unheard songs. The Rdio oEmbed API allows developers to retrieve the embed code for an album, track, or playlist using either the resource's full or shortened URL.

ReadSpeaker speechCloudReadSpeaker speechCloud API: Readspeaker is a text to speech speech service that provides, web reading, form reading, audio production, online document reading, accessible publishing, and other services. ReadSpeaker speechCloud API is an online text-to-speech API. The API can be used to make desktop/web/mobile applications and Internet-connected devices talk. ReadSpeaker speechCloud API gives users access to high-quality voices in many different languages to read the text in apps and devices. An account is required with service.

RedPassRedPass API: RedPass is an affiliate payment service that provides payment, debit, and credit card services for web sites and businesses to pay affiliate marketers around the world. The RedPAss API uses REST calls and allows users to make a number of calls including peer-to-peer transfers, account signup, debug, e-wallet balance, e-wallet statements, Sandbox calls, SCI payment, user match, and other calls. An account is required with service.

SamEnrico eBookSamEnrico eBook API: SamEnrico sells digital publications and subscriptions. It also provides an OPDS API that allows users to browse, search, and download eBooks, magazines, and papers for free to the e-reader of their choice. It also allows users to display publications on their websites. OPDS (Open Publication Distribution System) is an open standard for creating catalogs for aggregating, distributing, and discovering e-publications by any user, from any source, in any digital format, and on any device.

SendmachineSendmachine API: Sendmachine is an email marketing service that helps streamline mailing campaigns. Sendmachine routes messages to each subscribers inbox. You can then use Sendmachine to follow subscriber reactions to your messaging, analyze the results, and improve the effectiveness of your communication process. Sendmachine services are programmatically accessible via a REST API. API resources include contact lists, sender, account, and Webhooks. Authentication is provided via Basic HTTP Auth.

ShareMojoShareMojo API: ShareMojo allows users to share products and offers that they like by using a ShareMojo share button or referral link. If someone buys a product by clicking a user's referral link or share button, then the user will earn money for the purchase. The share button can be installed on a webpage using either JavaScript or PHP.

SMMRYSMMRY API: SMMRY provides an API allowing developers to implement its service. The API is able to specify the number of sentences returned in the summary, the number of keywords returned, whether the summary will include quotations, and more.

SMSAPISMSAPI API: SMSAPI.PL is a Polish based mobile marketing service that aims to both inform customers of company news, as well as provide a bulk sms marketing service. The SMSAPI.PL API, which is available in both REST and SOAP formats allows the integration of SMS notification of any commercially available software, maintenance services, premium rate, and the ability to conduct campaigns in the form of MMS multimedia messages. An account is required with service, and SSL is used for authentication.

SurDocSurDoc API: SurDoc provides a cloud-based storage service that allows users to view, edit, send, share, and even sign their files from anywhere with an internet connection, on any kind of device. A SurDoc account can also be used to continuously and automatically back up an unlimited number of computers. SurDoc works to maintain the confidentiality of user data, storing all documents in an encrypted form so that no one at SurDoc or anywhere else can access users' private documents. Developers can integrate with SurDoc's functions and access stored files via REST calls.

Systemizer Systemizer API: Systemizer is a total web automation platform that allows you to automate online workflow by chaining web-based events, actions and user interactions together. Systemizer functionality is available via a REST API. Example API methods include: Account, for access to all aspects of account management; Sessions, for creating work sessions in order to issue commands for browser automation; and Browser, for control over a hosted Chrome-based browser, with the ability to click elements, set field values, extract content and more. An API key is required.

TagniFiTagniFi API: TagniFi provides on-demand access to standardized financial statement data with metadata including source transparency and links to SEC filings. Collected filings include 10-K, 10-K/A, 10-Q and 10-Q/A. Data types included annual, quarterly and year-to-date. The TagniFi API allows users to make Web API calls to search tags, get filings, get companies, and get transparency. The API returns JSON, an account is required with service, and an API Key and SSL are used for authentication.

The Open Movie DatabaseThe Open Movie Database API: The Open Movie Database API by Brian Fritz is an open database that sources movie information from other movie sites such as IMBD, Rotten Tomatoes, and Wikipedia. Users can access The Open Movie Database API uses REST or JavaScript to allow users to search for a movie title, a valid IMDB ID, year of a movie, or a plot. The service is free to use.

TiktalikTiktalik API: Tiktalik is a dedicated hosting platform for developers. Tiktalik services include: Tiktalik Computing, a reliable and scalable platform for virtual servers; Tiktalik Files, which offers safty and high availability for your files; and Tiktalik Load Balancer, for the high availability and scalability of your service. Tiktalik offers access to their load balancing and computing cloud services via a REST API. An API key is required.

Vector MagicVector Magic API: Vector Magic provides vectorization software and services. Vector Magic’s flagship services is its online auto tracer that converts bitmap images to vector images. Vector Magic enables programmatic access to this image conversion process. The API is able to submit images, specify settings, Fetch state information about an image in various formats, and to update an image’s state information. The API supports callbacks.

VicmapVicmap API: Vicmap is a map that contains official spatial data on the State of Victoria, Australia. It forms the foundation of the state's geographic information systems and includes data such as addresses, administrative boundaries, elevations, hydrography, and more. The Vicmap JavaScript API provides a map viewing service that can be embedded on any website. Businesses and other entities that operate within the State of Victoria can display any relevant spatial information they wish on these maps.

Vimeo ActionScriptVimeo ActionScript API: Vimeo is a website that allows users to view other peoples' videos and upload their own for others to see. No advertisements are added before, during, or after users' videos, and basic accounts are free. The Vimeo ActionScript API allows developers to integrate the Vimeo Flash player (called Moogaloop) into their Flash projects using ActionScript 3. This is accomplished via VimeoPlayer.as, a simple ActionScript class for adding Vimeo video support and API access to Flash projects. Developers are free to expand the class with any additional methods or variables that they need for their project.

Vimeo AdvancedVimeo Advanced API: Vimeo is a website that allows users to view other peoples' videos and upload their own for others to see. No advertisements are added before, during, or after users' videos, and basic accounts are free. The Vimeo Advanced API provides REST methods for adding, retrieving, modifying, and deleting data on the Vimeo website. Information assets exposed by this API pertain to user activities, albums, categories, channels, contacts, groups, forums, people, videos, video comments, video embedding, and video uploads. Unlike the Simple API, users of the Advanced API will need register their applications and use OAuth authentication.

Vimeo JavaScriptVimeo JavaScript API: Vimeo is a website that allows users to view other peoples' videos and upload their own for others to see. No advertisements are added before, during, or after users' videos, and basic accounts are free. The Vimeo JavaScript API allows users to control playback for an embedded Vimeo player, modify the embedded player, or retrieve information on the current status of playback or the player. When a video is embedded using the Universal Embed Code, developers can control it using a mini JS library called Froogaloop, or they can interact with the API manually by sending serialized JSON objects. A previously available version of the API intended for Flash players has been deprecated.

Vimeo oEmbedVimeo oEmbed API: Vimeo is a website that allows users to view other peoples' videos and upload their own for others to see. No advertisements are added before, during, or after users' videos, and basic accounts are free. The Vimeo oEmbed API allows users to retrieve the embed code for any Vimeo video. It uses the oEmbed open standard, which is designed specifically for embedding videos and images into websites. Developers can use the API to get the embed code of any video for which they have the URL. Developers may use the Vimeo oEmbed API without registering their applications.

VoxImplantVoxImplant API: VoxImplant is a real-time communications cloud platform for developers. The VoxImplant platform is customizable through a JavaScript call control engine, a web SDK, and an API allowing developers to modify account settings and to make calls from the VoxEngine. The API is able to manage resources such as users, rules, scenarios, accounts, phone numbers, callerIDs, and SIP white list.

YouTracker QR GeneratorYouTracker QR Generator API: The YouTracker QR Generator is a free web service allowing applications and websites to generate QR Codes. The API requires only a simple HTTP call, specifying the URL-encoded data, and the image scale.