54 Widgets APIs: Google, Facebook and Netvibes

Our API directory now includes 54 widgets APIs. The newest is the Backplane Server API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Google Homepage API. We list 101 Google Homepage mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of widgets APIs.

In terms of the technical details, JavaScript and XML lead the way. There are 31 widgets JavaScript APIs and 11 widgets REST APIs. Our directory lists 21 widgets XML APIs and 8 widgets JSON APIs.

The most common tags within real estate are 9 social widgets APIs, 5 mobile widgets APIs and 4 gadgets widgets APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 223 widgets mashups. We named SimplySubscribe.Me as mashup of the day in May.

For reference, here is a list of all 54 widgets APIs.

  Backplane JavaScript API: Mediates Between Widgets and Backplane Server

  Backplane Server API: Authenticates Calls to Server

  burrp API: Local business search service

  Clearspring API: Widget creation, distribution, and tracking services

  CU3ER API: 3D image slider widget

  Desktopify API: Create desktop widgets

  Facebook Social Plugins API: Facebook extensions

  Faces.com API: Photo and media sharing service

  FreeStockCharts API: Stock and financial market data and charting service

  Glam Apps Platform API: Women-focused content and social network

  Google Desktop API: Desktop search and gadgets

  Google Homepage API: Portal gadgets

  Google Shared Spaces API: Collaborative widget service

  Google Wave API: Collaboration and communication Platform

  Greendizer API: Invoicing designed for developers

  Gruvr API: Live music and concert information

  iGoogle Themes API: Google homepage design service

  IMified API: Instant messenger buddy

  ioBridge JavaScript Widget Control API: Control and monitor widgets

  Jotlet API: Online calendar service

  Meez API: Avatar retrieval service

  Mibbit API: Chat client

  Microsoft start.com API: Portal service

  Movable Ink API: Live email content service

  Netvibes API: Personalized home page with widgets

  Pageflakes API: Personalized start page and widgets

  Phreadz API: Information Feed creation service

  Po.st API: Advertising via content sharing services

  PORDL API: Embed RSS feeds on websites

  Serence Klip API: Desktop gadgets

  Setster API: Appointment scheduling widget

  Skicow API: Skiing

  Spicynodes API: Mind map and visualization platform

  SpringWidgets API: Widget platform

  TagWorld API: Social web services

  TringMe API: VoIP telephony services

  Vodafone Accelerometer API: Access mobile accelerometer

  Watch.io API: Online television listings

  WebResizer API: Online image editing tool

  Webwag API: Mobile internet applications service

  Widgetbox API: Create and distribute your widget through the world's largest widget gallery

  WidgetPlus API: Widget Framework

  WidSets API: Mobile widgets service

  Windows Live Gadgets API: Online gadgets service

  Windows Live Spaces Photo Control API: Programmable widget for blog photos

  Windows Sidebar Gadgets API: Desktop gadgets

  Wiqet API: Multimedia and video widgets

  Wiqet MultiMedia API: Online multimedia presentation tool

  Yahoo Mail Applications API: Platform for email extensions

  Yahoo Mobile Widget Platform API: Mobile widget platform

  Yahoo Widgets API: Desktop widgets

  yourminis API: Widget Platform

  YOYOIndia API: Indian social network

  Zopim Chat API: Live chat widget

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