55 New APIs: Backupify, Codebase and Tinypass

This week we had 55 new APIs added to our API directory including a health care insurance directory service, a u.s. international tourist service, an anarchy online tradeskills recipe bot, a real-time automatic packet reporting system database, a home automation and remote device monitoring/control service, a saas backup and recovery service, a remote hvac control service and a health data graphing service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Access Plans USAAccess Plans USA API: The service provides listings of health care insurance plans and providers of health services, including medical practitioners, nutrition providers, and similar organizations and professionals. Patient-facing resources include directories of primary and supplementary insurance plans available to individuals and families and directories of service providers by category. Provider resources include listings in service directories with tools for promoting add-on services to expand client base and revenue per client.

API methods support accessing the service insurance plan directory for summary information and rate quotes for individuals or families based on ages, locations, occupations, and other characteristics of the insured customers. Methods also support provider updates to directory listings to change insurance plan provisions and rates or to modify listings of services provided, contact details, and other information.

American ToursAmerican Tours API: The service provides information about over 25,000 travel destinations in the United States along with tour packages specifically intended to appeal to foreign visitors. In addition to search access and property descriptions, it provides a booking capability.

API methods support search for hotel accommodations and other lodging with location or region, specified arrival and departure dates, number of guests, and optional property name. Methods return availability and rate information along with booking data to complete a reservation. All message formatting is compliant with the Open Travel Association (OTA) structure.

AORecipeBookAORecipeBook API: AORecipeBook is a support tool for the Massively Multiplayer online role-playing game Anarchy Online built to fill the void of an in-game bot to show tradeskill recipes. The AORecipeBook API provides a variety of HTTP calls allowing developers to automate various functions including searching for and showing recipes, ingredients, and categories. Responses may be formatted as XML, JSON, JSONP, or PHP.

aprs.fiaprs.fi API: APRS, or Automatic Packet Reporting System, is a radio-based digital communications protocol for exchanging information within a local area. Common types of information include location, weather, telemetry and messages. Aprs.fi Uses Google Maps to show real-time data collected from the APRS Internet network.

The aprs.fi API allows developers to automate aprs.fi database queries. Responses may be JSON or XML formatted.

ArrayentArrayent API: The service provides connectivity between home appliances or other electronic devices and mobile phones to allow remote monitoring and control. Examples from home automation include ability to activate HVAC systems and control settings, adjust lighting, and interact with security systems. The provider's Configurator application and utilities allow for Integration between mobile devices and remote electronic controls for installed equipment.

API methods support secure access to equipment monitoring functions for reviewing current status, with methods for updating settings and controlling equipment functions. Methods also provide for push notifications when preset equipment states occur, such as when an error condition is detected.

BackupifyBackupify API: Backupify is a backup service for SaaS accounts. Backupify can help users backup their SaaS accounts and restore if and when needed.

Backupify offers a developers program for developers to access and integrate the functionality of Backupify with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here for more information on the developers program: https://www.backupify.com/solutions/developers or email developerprogram@backupify.com.

BayWeb Cloud-EMSBayWeb Cloud-EMS API: The service provides for remote control of building HVAC systems by interacting with internet-enabled thermostats and other control devices. It allows applications, including those running on mobile devices, to monitor conditions reported by building sensors and respond by changing equipment settings. Smart controls log readings with the servers operated by the service to allow reporting of device status and equipment functions over time.

API methods support access to data reported by internet-enabled heating controls, including device status, current temperature reading, and temperature set point. Methods also provide hourly readings recorded over the most recent 24-hour period or over all days withing a specified date range.

BililiteBililite API: The service provides pediatric charting functions that convert data submitted to images for web display and other purposes. Data can be entered via interactive forms or submitted as URL parameters, and the service completes processing to generate the requested chart displaying the data. Available graphs include height, weight, body mass index, peak flows, and bilirubin levels.

API methods accept requests specifying the chart type (bilirubin, height and weight, BMI, blood pressure, head circumference, or peak flows) and data from a sample of patients or an individual patient. The API generates an image URL to be incorporated into another web page or other application.

Biosemantics ACCCABiosemantics ACCCA API: The service provides annotations for patient records to consistently document concepts related to problems detected in clinical settings, treatments defined for medical problems, and tests for monitoring patient conditions. The service combines input from six separate annotation systems to generate aggregate results that may be recorded to patient charts or other records. A training mode allows users to acclimate to the service and generate reliable results.

API methods support submission of plain text from clinical records and returns annotations identifying clinical concepts for additional analysis. Methods apply a simple voting algorithm to combine results of separate annotation schemes for the final aggregate annotations.

Blast RampBlast Ramp API: The service provides a Platform for order entry, fulfillment, shipping and invoicing. As support for those processes, it provides warehouse and inventory management with reporting of product sales, shipping, and logistics. Integration opportunities include accounting systems and customer relationship managment (CRM) systems for tracking products and transactions.

API methods support creation and updating of product records as well as entry, updating, and status reporting for sales orders. Methods also support inventory management and variance reporting and control along with accounting updates related to product stocking and sales.

CodebaseCodebase API: Codebase is a software project management tool that includes powerful, secure, UK-based storage for users' repositories. It also provides features to help keep teams in-touch and on-schedule, such as advanced ticket management, discussions, project notebooks, and time tracking. Codebase also has activity feeds that are syndicated to RSS to allow easy desktop access. User account permissions are highly configurable to let the primary user control access to certain functionalities or to entire projects.

Codebase offers a RESTful API that allows users to work with all of the data stored in their accounts. Users can manage their repositories, tickets, discussions, projects, and more using XML or JSON calls.

Comodo DNSComodo DNS API: A Domain Name System (DNS) is a system that associates information with the domain names assigned to entities connected to the Internet or other networks. Comodo's DNS service powers the infrastructure of thousands of domain name registrars and web hosting solution providers worldwide. It is an enterprise-level service that advertises a unique, simplified management interface.

This DNS provides a fully-featured open API for managing its services, allowing them to be integrated with custom applications or a control panel.

CS NetworksCS Networks API: CS Networks provides an SMS gateway that lets its users SMS-enable any application, website, or system. It can deliver messages to more then 220 countries with a throughput of 100 msg/sec over HTTP and 1000 msg/sec over SMPP. The CS Networks API allows users to send and receive text messages (SMS), perform two-step Authentication, locate mobile numbers, and perform other related services over HTTP (REST) or SMPP.

EmulabEmulab API: Emulab is a network testbed that provides researchers with a wide range of environments in which to develop, debug, and evaluate their systems. Emulab is widely used by computer science researchers in the fields of networking and distributed systems, as well as by educators who teach classes in those fields. Emulab is a public facility that is available without charge to most researchers. It has an XML- RPC interface, which mainly supports the creation, modification, swapping, and termination of experiments.

exfmexfm API: Exfm is a music discovery platform powered by thousands of music sites from around the web. This continuous music Feed is curated by both Tastemakers (top music bloggers and enthusiasts who share their knowledge and selections on exfm) and exfm users. Exfm's RESTful API is designed to allow 3rd party sites and apps to build on exfm data. The exfm JavaScript API allows sites to communicate directly with exfm to tell it what songs they offer.

GeocodeFarmGeocodeFarm API: GeocodeFarm is a geocoding API for web services. GeocodeFarm offers both free and premium accounts for geocoding needs.

The GeocodeFarm API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of GeocodeFarm with other applications, providing geocoding functionality. Public documentation is not available; documentation is available with login.

GeoRankerGeoRanker API: GeoRanker enables users to view search engines' SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) as a local user in over 2500 cities and 150 countries around the world. Because SERPs differ based on a user's location, these rankings reports are useful in determining the effectiveness of SEO strategies on an international level. GeoRanker uses depersonalized search queries, meaning that cookies are deleted before completing each search query.

Bulk, real-time SERP rankings reports and real-time search engine crawling are the most powerful features of the GeoRanker platform. It also provides the SERP HeatMap generator, which concentrates large data reports into easy-to-read images. The GeoRanker API generates different types of reports and receives data for placement in the user's database. Further API documentation requires an email to the provider.

GitHub JobsGitHub Jobs API: GitHub Jobs is an online job listing that focuses on software engineering, web development, and related fields. The GitHub Jobs API allows users to search, view, and create listings using JSON-based REST calls. Functions exist that allow users to search for jobs by description, location, full- vs. part-time, or any combination of thereof. Users may also employ the API to retrieve a JSON representation of a single job posting.

GravityGravity API: Gravity is a website personalization service that enables users to deliver unique recommendations to each site visitor based on their interests, or to provide each visitor with a customizable homepage. Gravity can be added to a site simply by cutting and pasting a few lines of JavaScript and deciding what the personalized module should look like. Gravity Personalization can be used for websites, mobile apps, tablet apps, or any web-connected services.

Hacker News MobileHacker News Mobile API: This API has been developed by Gleb Popov for the Hacker News Droid app, but it is also being used by iOS, Android, and MobileWeb apps. The API is built in Python and makes use of the Hacker News Search API as well as data scraping. The Hacker News Droid App API can be used to retrieve homepage news, Ask HN content, or the newest or best posts. It can also retrieve submissions by user, or comments and data by Post ID.

Inflation RussiaInflation Russia API: The service provides data used in and derived by the provider's online inflation calculators. It allows research about inflation over time in Russia and analysis of its effect on prices and buying power within the country. Formats for accessing data include tables and charts summarizing inflation over time and web services that provide the same data for use by other applications.

API methods support calculation of inflation within Russia for specified time periods and raw price changes driven by inflation. Methods also provide changes in purchasing power of the Ruble for specified time period.

Juno DownloadJuno Download API: Juno Download is a dance music download site created by Juno Records, the online dance music store. The Juno Download API provides developer access to the Juno Records catalog of over 3.5 million music files. Developers can use the API to add music or Juno buy links to websites and applications, or access cover artwork, preview clips and metadata. Responses are XML formatted.

LmBoxLmBox API: LmBox by Labs64 provides licensing and acquisition management services.

The LmBox API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of LmBox with other applications and to automate licensing processes. Some example API methods include managing account information, accessing vendor information, and retrieving licensing information.

MambuMambu API: The service provides financial management tools across all functions of a financial institution via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. In addition to basic transaction processing, including micropayments, and lending, it allows for customer account creation, updating, and reporting. The service can interact with retailers for point-of-sale (POS) processing and other external services such as credit scoring agencies.

API methods support creating and updating customer accounts with balance monitoring, deposit acceptance, and payment processing. Methods also support financial arrangements such as savings accounts and loans, interaction with automated teller machines (ATMs) and POS systems, and accounting processes via general ledger postings. The API includes full support for currency conversions and other locally relevant practices.

mVaayoo SMS GatewaymVaayoo SMS Gateway API: mVaayoo is an Indian company that provides bulk SMS services. Its SMS Gateway can equip any website, application, or information system with high-speed, secure, 2-way SMS capabilities. This Gateway can be integrated using mVaayoo's APIs, which are offered in a wide array of connection options. Comprehensive API integration guides are provided, covering the entire integration process.

MyTagListMyTagList API: The service provides monitoring and status reporting for devices and other objects to which proprietary electronic tags have been attached. The tags report status over wireless connections, and those reports are conveyed to the service. Android or iOS devices can then check status and determine locations of the tagged objects.

API methods support registration of wireless tags and their association with devices or objects, causing the service to detect and log their movements and temperature changes. Methods allow retrieval of reports on the logged data to determine tag location and status and to trigger signals back to the tags, helping to locate them.

NetWealth Financial CalculatorsNetWealth Financial Calculators API: The service provides calculations of standard financial ratios and other measures based on input provided by a user or application. Examples include projected growth of a retirement or other savings account, how long before retirement goals are met assuming specified regular savings, etc. Calculations are specific to the Australian financial environment and reflect government policies for superannuation, account splitting, and other practices specific to retirement accounts.

API methods support calculation of savings plan contributions needed to meet specific monetary and time-based retirement goals. Methods also provide for government co-contributions, splitting contributions between accounts, superannuation effects, and current income sacrificed by retirement savings plans.

New York Federal Reserve SOMA HoldingsNew York Federal Reserve SOMA Holdings API: The service reports on holdings and purchases of U.S. Treasury securities by the New York Federal Reserve Bank as part of its role in implementing U.S. currency supply policy. It provides data updated weekly either for batch download or for real-time access via a Web Service. Applications can access this authoritative data for selected time periods starting in 2003.

API methods support retrieval of either a summary or specific time series data, either monthly or quarterly, for open market holdings by the New York Fed. Methods also allow retrieval of holdings data by type of security.

Nlyte NgaugeNlyte Ngauge API: The service provides web and application hosting environments with capabilities to integrate functions for configuration, performance management, and reporting with other applications. The web service exposes functions used in the provider's own Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) interface. Developers can access a code Library for functional elements to be incorporated into their own integration projects.

API methods support performance monitoring of data center resources and the overall hosting environment, with functions for updating configuration settings and other variables to improve performance. Reporting functions support pre-defined dashboard monitors and ad hoc analysis of system data.

Nokia MusicNokia Music API: Nokia's Music APIs are a collection of web service and Windows Phone APIs that allow developers to offer elements from Nokia's Music service within other application.

Some example API methods include searching for music, retrieving music, managing accounts, retrieving music product details, and searching by various music metadata.

NWN master server trackerNWN master server tracker API: The service provides listings of servers where players can access the game Never Winter Nights. It allows applications to display links to game environments along with indications of the number of players currently active there. Players can then choose which servers to access based on their preferences for activity level.

API methods support accessing listings of currently active game servers, with current activity levels indicated. Server managers hosting instances of the game can provide information to have their environments listed, and the service polls all servers, dropping listings found to be outdated or offline.

ONEISONEIS API: ONEIS is a system for creating and curating collections of information and associated files. It includes functions for precise searching, browsing, discovery, and notification of stored information. ONEIS is designed for representing interrelated information rather than highly structured data.

ONEIS also provides an extensive API and web application development Framework. The JavaScript API enables users to build applications that incorporate ONEIS functions. The RESTful API, using XML over HTTP, lets systems running on other servers or client applications access objects in the ONEIS object store.

OneMusicOneMusic API: OneMusicAPI is a collection of music metadata from multiple music sources and databases around the web. The OneMusicAPI allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of OneMusicAPI with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include searching music, retrieving music metadata, and displaying music metadata.

OVH CloudOVH Cloud API: The service provides hosting and provisioning for online storage and application hosting environments. It allows control of hosting resources from bringing them online to configuration, installation, ongoing monitoring and adjustment, and taking them offline.

API methods support defining and configuring storage space, setting and changing permissions for resources, starting an application instance and ending it, and other functions for controlling hosted applications. Methods also support user account management and performance monitoring with routine and ad hoc reporting.

Pearson Brilliant SeriesPearson Brilliant Series API: Brilliant books, from Pearson, are outcome-focused and straight to the point. Brilliant books cover over 100 topics to help readers learn about a subject quickly.

The Pearson Brilliant API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of Pearson Brilliant books with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving books, retrieving book information, getting author information, and searching books and authors.

Pirate MetricsPirate Metrics API: Pirate Metrics is an API that tracks subscription activity and provides marketing insight for SaaS applications. The Pirate Metrics API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Pirate Metrics with other applications. Some example API methods include managing accounts, activating customers, and retrieving referral and other data.

Polk VINtelligencePolk VINtelligence API: The service provides specifications for a vehicle based on the vehicle identification number (VIN) submitted. Specifications include year, make, and model as well as features like engine and transmission, color, standard and optional equipment packages.

API methods support submission of an individual VIN or a a batch of numbers, and the API returns detailed specifications. Returned data summarize each vehicle's country of origin and make/model detail along with engine and powertrain detail, options included by the manufacturer, and other specifications like gross vehicle weight (GVW), list price, etc.

Prj2EPSGPrj2EPSG API: The service provides basic conversion of mapping data from the shapefile projection format -- .prj files -- to the encoding standard of the European Petroleum Survey Group (EPSG). The provider offers an interactive form to return EPSG codes matching a search term entered in a form or by parsing an uploaded .prj shapefile, and the same functions are available via API.

API methods support submitting search terms, either free-text keywords or contents of a .prj shapefile, as URL parameters. In keyword mode, the API returns any matching ESPG codes. In WKT mode, the system parses the shapefile data and returns any missing code. Either way, the return data includes a URL to access the EPSG code description page for any matching code.

SITA World TracerSITA World Tracer API: SITA is a specialist in air transport communications and information technology. During the BETA period, SITA Worldtracer API is is available to existing contracted Worldtracer customers or to airlines wishing to trial the service. The World Tracer API aims to help users with Mishandled Baggage Management. To request a access or trial, please contact the API Owner prior to requesting a Key.

Smart TribuneSmart Tribune API: Smart Tribune is an online client relationship manager (CRM) in French. Smart Tribune offers features to manage customer relationships and communicate with clients.

Smart Tribune’s API provides a technical way to access platform data, which lets third-party tools interact with Smart Tribune's service. Some example API methods include listing platforms, managing accounts, and adding and deleting contacts, comments, and content.

Stockholm University PRODIV-TMHMMStockholm University PRODIV-TMHMM API: PRODIV-TMHMM is a hidden Markov model (HMM)-based service that does topology predictions for transmembrane proteins. In phylogenetics, "topology" is the pattern of branching in a phylogenetic tree, which shows the evolutionary relationships among groups of organisms. PRODIV-TMHMM accepts input in the form of a text file containing an amino acid sequence in FASTA format. The service then returns three-state topology predictions for each residue of the sequence. For increased accuracy, users may supply evolutionary information for the protein in the form of an alignment.

TAUS TranslationTAUS Translation API: TAUS Labs has developed a translation API for language service providers, translation developers, CMS providers, and anyone who needs translation services for digital content.

The TAUS Translation API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of TAUS Translation. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up for more information and API access here: https://tauslabs.com/interoperability/61-translation-api-registration.

TinypassTinypass API: Tinypass is an e-commerce platform. Tinypass allows website and application owners to integrate e-commerce services with their applications and websites to charge for content and services.

The Tinypass API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Tinypass with other applications and websites. Some example API methods include searching for subscriptions, managing subscriptions, and managing user accounts.

TokenizerTokenizer API: The service provides highly secure authentication that combines a conventional password entered by a user with a signal from an app registered to that user's mobile device. Similar services combine password entry with possession of a USB device or other single-purpose hardware, but this service takes advantage of the user's smart phone as a tool for confirming identity.

API methods support creating a new authentication listing with the service for an application or updating an existing one. Methods also support creating or updating a client listing on a mobile device that corresponds to a service listing. Methods then support accessing the client listing to verify access to the authenticated Resource.

TroveboxTrovebox API: Trovebox makes it easy for users to collect their photos from multiple sites and devices and keep them in one place. Trovebox has importers for Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram that allow it to collect photos posted to those services. Users may choose to store their photos with Trovebox or in an existing storage account with Dropbox, Box, Amazon S3, CX, or DreamObjects. Migrating between storage accounts only takes a few button clicks. Users can access their photos from anywhere using Trovebox's mobile apps for iPhone and Android or simply by using a web browser.

TrueSampleTrueSample API: The service provides validation of sample populations for online surveys to help ensure qualified responses from legitimate responders and generate valid results. It includes methods to be used before and after collecting survey data to predict respondent engagement and measure accuracy of those predictions.

API methods support tracking of respondents by name, location, contact information, and date(s) and time(s) of registration and survey completion. Methods also support tracking of questions presented, responses provided, and surveys completed.

UsersnapUsersnap API: Usersnap is a visual feedback tool for website owners, allowing users and administrators to create screenshots of user browser content. Additionally, users can annotate or draw on screenshots. The Usersnap API provides a Restful interface for automating Usersnap integration through a variety of GET and POST calls. Responses are JSON formatted.

ValExValEx API: The service provides estimates of property value for real estate in Australia. Integration possibilities include requesting a quote for valuation service, ordering a valuation report, and accessing the report when it is completed. Property assessors conduct valuations ordered by clients and update the service's own records, which clients can then access.

API methods support submitting a request for quote specifying the property to be assessed and other variables relevant to the valuation. Methods also support completing an order for a quoted valuation job and checking on status (accepted, assigned, inspected, delayed). The API supports retrieving the finished report for display or further analysis.

Walgreens Pharmacy Prescription RefillWalgreens Pharmacy Prescription Refill API: The Walgreens Pharmacy Prescription API allows users of third-party mobile applications to quickly order refills of prescriptions originally filled at one of the 8,000+ Walgreens pharmacies.

Developers who have scanning functionality within their apps can easily integrate the Prescription API to enable their users to order a prescription refill by scanning the barcode on a Walgreens prescription bottle, similar to the Refill by Scan flow in the Walgreens App.

The health care focused Pharmacy Prescription API is designed to increase prescription compliance and aid in personal health management through automated refill alerts and a streamlining of the refill process. By offering easy prescription refills through this health management API, Walgreens hopes to further increase health care adherence by reaching a wider audience through third party health care apps.

WAMIWAMI API: WAMI is a simple way to add speech recognition capabilities to a web page. It is being continuously developed by the Spoken Language Systems group at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. The WAMI JavaScript API lets users add speech recognition capabilities to any web page with just a few lines of code. Use of the API requires a developer key associated with the web server on which it is used. All audio sent to MIT's servers will be logged for research purposes.

We EattWe Eatt API: WeEatt is a recipe sharing site, allowing users to store recipes, add images and video, connect with friends, and more. The We Eatt API provides a RESTful interface for automating recipe searches and access to recipe details. All calls and responses are JSON formatted.

Wedding PerksWedding Perks API: New Zealand based Bridal Fashion World’s Wedding Perks provides a curated selection of wedding service and product deals. The Wedding Perks API provides developer access to deals through various HTTP calls. Responses may be JSON or XML formatted.

WESPWESP API: "WESP" is the Web, E-mail, and Storage Project, which can be used to host homepages, mail, and files. WESP was created for the University of Twente's student associations. The service is based on a central database ( PostgreSQL) which holds all of the users' information. The WESP XML-RPC API enables people to retrieve information about WESP's users and user groups via programmatic means.

xkcdxkcd API: xkcd is a webcomic consisting of non-sequential strips about math, language, programming, and the nature of reality in general. The site provides a RESTful API that uses JSON calls to retrieve files contain comic titles, URLs, post dates, transcripts, and other metadata. This metadata is provided in an easily-parsed, plaintext format.

Yiftee GiftUpYiftee GiftUp API: Yiftee is a gift giving application. Yiftee offers users to ability to send local gifts via applications to friends, family, colleagues, and others.

The GiftUp API by Yiftee API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Yiftee with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact Yiftee for more information.