55 New APIs: Cigna, Pearson and Data.gov

This week we had 55 new APIs added to our API directory including a health data service, top 10 travel guide publications, executive orders data service, business payment solution provider and application notification Platform. Additionally we covered an API exposing crime data and an API for running realtime project management reports. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AlpariAlpari API: Alpari is a trading platform that provides competitive pricing and market liquidity as well as direct market access to multiple tier 1 banks, smart order routing and low latency, a comprehensive order management system, and other services. The Alpari trading platform offers an algorithmic trading feature that users can utilize to implement advanced market strategies, and communicate with, through a FIX API. An account is required with service.

AppAnnieAppAnnie API: AppAnnie is a App store market data provider that tracks info on assorted apps to help developers figure out target markets and do intensive market research before and during app development. The AppAnnie API includes a Data, Meta-data, and Account APIs that all users to query for app sales, app ranks, app reviews, app ratings, app features, app details, platform lists, country lists, category lists, currency info, Feed info, and other information. The API uses REST calls, returns XML or JSON, and uses SSL for all calls. An account is required with service.

BankimportBankimport API: BankImport provides users with a single place to track their financials over several accounts from different banks. The BankImport API allows developers to automatize the processing of incoming and outgoing money, providing direct access to transactions, bank accounts, and settings. The RESTful API returns JSON or XML formatted responses.

ChapooChapoo API: Chapoo is a cloud-based platform for collaboration and project information management. The service allows project managers, designers, engineers and other contributors to improve productivity through better collaboration, communication and coordination.

Chapoo offers a full-featured RESTful API for live queries and reports. Example functions include getting items contained in a binder, getting the contact image of a contact, getting a list of forms from a folder, and creating new folders. Results are returned in JSON format.

Cigna HealthCigna Health API: Cigna is a health services company that provides integrated health care and related plans as an insurance provider. The Cigna Health API allows the user to access real-time health data. The service allows users to access health data to better serve customers, create applications with personalized data, share test applications, and deploy applications to production. The API uses REST calls and returns XML or JSON.

Cryptank Cryptank API: Cryptank is a crypto-currency information service that provides users with information about various currencies across multiple markets and exchanges. The site allows users to search for current exchange price across a broad array of crypto and fiat currencies as they are being used throughout multiple online currency exchanges. The Cryptank Ticker API allows users to query for the current ask price for a specified market, the current bid price, last price, and the the current spread between the bid and the ask price. The API uses REST calls.

Crypto-ChangeCrypto-Change API: Crypto-Change is a crypto-currency exchange service that provides a market place for the trade of online currencies, trading bots so users can schedule and automate certain functions, and is aiming to create the largest mining pool on the internet. The Crypto-Change API allows users to make queries to get current trade balances, and in selected currencies, get order types, amounts, currencies, prices, release, delete, read, cancel, and execute orders, and several other calls. The API uses REST calls and returns XMl or JSON.

DK Top 10 Travel GuidesDK Top 10 Travel Guides API: Pearson's DK Top 10 Travel Guides provide travel information in a top 10 format, allowing readers to identify the top 10 things to do at a location.

Pearson's DK Top 10 Travel Guides API allow developers to access and integrate the content of the travel guides with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving lists, retrieving available data, and retrieving various datasets.

DoublePositiveDoublePositive API: DoublePositive is a marketing service designed to find and capture good leads for clients. These leads are competitively priced and custom filtered according to the client's specifications. DoublePositive makes contact with potential leads and confirms their interest before transferring them to the client's sales professionals. Clients are only billed for callers who opt to speak with the sales team and stay on the phone for a significant period of time. Integration with DoublePositive's services is accomplished via SOAP API.

eHiveeHive API: eHive is an online collection management system used by museums, galleries, and other collecting organizations to manage their collections. The service allows users to create records, search and tag content, and publish records to be shared online.

The eHive API allows users to share information with other websites, applications, and devices. The API is RESTful, uses OAuth 2.0 for Authentication, and returns responses as JSON objects.

Envoy Services MerchantEnvoy Services Merchant API: Envoy Services is a global payment gateway that provides access to over 200 local payment services. Envoy users can accept payments using services like eWallets, real-time bank transfers, vouchers, and prepaid cards. The Envoy payment gateway can be customized to suit the user's brand. Envoy Services also comes with fraud screening services to help protect merchants from fraudulent activity. The Merchants API provides Envoy users with access to their payment portals via SOAP calls.

EuropassEuropass API: Europass is an EU initiative for helping people make their skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood in Europe. The initiative aims to increase the transparency of qualifications and the mobility of citizens in Europe via a portfolio of documents containing descriptions of all learning achievements, official qualifications, work experience, and skills and competences.

Europass provides a RESTful API as a means to use Europass services in automated ways. Use the service to remotely generate Europass documents. Data transport is realized through secure hypertext transfer protocol ( HTTPS).

Eveoh MyTimetableEveoh MyTimetable API: Located in the Netherlands, Eveoh develops education software for educational institutions with a focus on improving information delivery to students and employees. MyTimetable is Eveoh's flagship product. It offers personalized, up-to-date timetables to students and staff members via the web, a mobile phone, or an e-learning Portal.

MyTimetable offers an open, RESTful API for the reuse of timetabling and user profile data in other applications. The API uses OAuth for authentication, and data is returned in XML or JSON formats.

Exective OrdersExective Orders API: Part of the United State's Data.gov Interactive Platform, the executive orders API allows programmatic access to data from executive orders signed signed by presidents of the United States between 1994 and 2012. Available API Request fields include executive order number, title, publication date, signing date, citation, document number, executive order notes, and URL. All communication with the API is done through HTTPS and available response types include JSON, XML and CSV.

FinDataFinData API: FinData is a company that provides financial information services to personal investors. The company is working on becoming a global information Resource, and its information covers both local and international stock markets. The FinData API enables users to retrieve information from the site using SOAP calls. Available information includes stock symbols, stock quotes, and exchange rates.

FirstACHFirstACH API: FirstACH is a business and eCommerce payment solution. FirstACH can be integrated with business and account management software and applications to make and receive payments.

The FirstACH API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of FirstACH with other applications and systems. Some example API methods include automating transactions, retrieving payment information, and managing account information.

Fresh Logic Studios Atlas GPSFresh Logic Studios Atlas GPS API: The Atlas GPS service created by Fresh Logic Studios allows users to register up to 10 GPS devices and track their locations using Atlas. This tracking is done in real-time and can be viewed on a map on the Atlas GPS website. A demo of the mapping service is provided. The Atlas GPS API allows users to retrieve their registered GPS devices and update a device's location.

GlobalQuranGlobalQuran API: Global Quran provides free web access to the Quran in text and audio, in many languages, and with features allowing users to browse and search verses. The Global Quran API provides developer access to the site’s representation of the Quran and supporting features. The API is capable of returning the complete Quran or specified surah, juz, or ayah. Responses are JSON formatted.

HatebaseHatebase API: Hatebase is an international repository of multilingual, structured, usage-based hate speech. The database was developed to help government agencies, NGOs, and other organizations use hate speech as a predictor for regional violence.
The Hatebase API provides authorized users with developer access to Hatebase data. Supported queries include data on vocabulary and sightings. The read-only API returns XML or JSON formatted responses.

HumanHuman API: The Human API is a data aggregation that provides a platform that stores and abstracts data from mobile devices, wearable sensors, and other data sources. The service aims to make available all the activity data generated by health tracking devices that monitor blood glucose, wight, physical activity, caloric intake, blood pressure, and many others data types. The API aims to provide the tools to make the data meaningful and trackable so that it can be utilize in research and applications. The service uses REST calls and returns JSON.

Humbug AnalyticsHumbug Analytics API: Humbug Telecom Labs offers enterprise-class telecommunications traffic analysis and fraud detection. Their service allows you to get real-time traffic insights and security alerts for your telecom network/PBX.

The Humbug Analytics API which allows you to connect any application or PBX to their service for in-depth reporting and fraud alerting. Use the API to authenticate phone numbers during call setup, submit PBX events for analysis, submit call detail records for analysis, and more. Advanced integration enables you to remotely configure alerts, and add or remove sub-API keys for drill-down reporting.

KuakesKuakes API: Kuakes is a webservice displaying data from the last 50 earthquakes around the world, as reported by USGS, Instituto Geografico Nacional, and European-Mediterranean Seismological Center. Data is displayed on a map or in a list.

Kuakes exposes its data through a simple JSON feed. Available data includes location, time, depth, and magnitude.

Linked JazzLinked Jazz API: Linked Jazz is a project designed to reveal relationships between jazz musicians using digital archives on jazz history. The project uses Linked Open Data (LOD) technology to uncover meaningful connections in the archived data and reveal the social networks that composed these jazz musicians' professional and personal lives.

The Linked Jazz API can be used to search for specific people, return relationship information, and get the raw text for the digital archive transcripts.

LocalDiffusionLocalDiffusion API: Local Diffusion, a leading provider of local businesses’ contents (opening hours, menus, special offers, pictures...), has a free API that enables publishers to implements thousands of local businesses’ data over major cities in France.
Thus, publishers can integrate contents such as menus or special offers directly into their Framework to improve User Experience, increase key digital metrics and to avoid their users to leave their website to go to competitors.
The API allows applications to search for businesses by ID number or address, and to retrieve addresses, contact information, business hours, related services, accepted payment methods, menus and much more...
Visit www.localdiffusion.fr to find out more – or email LD directly at contact@localdiffusion.fr

London Prayer TimesLondon Prayer Times API: London Prayer Times provides the Unified Islamic Prayer Timetable for London. The London Prayer Times API provides developer access to the timetable via HTTP GET calls. A date may be specified. An API Key is required and responses are XML or JSON formatted.

MagnusHealthMagnusHealth API: MagnusHealth provides a web-based student medical record management service that aims to provide schools with the capability to reduce liability, save time and money, remain current on regulatory standards, and improve emergency preparedness. The MagnusHealth API provides methods to create new users, secure access tokens, get membership statuses, and other methods. An account is required with service.

MailWriterMailWriter API: MailWriter is a cloud mailing service allowing users to create and send single letters, complete mailings, or personalized postcards. The MailWriter API allows third-party applications to create and send letters and postcards, and manage account credits. The HTTP API returns JSON formatted responses.

Malaysia Prayer TimesMalaysia Prayer Times API: Malaysia Prayer Times is a free unofficial desktop gadget, Android app, and Web Service that provides Islamic prayer times from the Malaysia Department of Islamic Development. The Malaysia Prayer Times API provides developer access to prayer times for a specified location. Calls may display prayer times for the current day, week, or month. Responses are JSON formatted.

MatchboxMatchbox API: Matchbox is an applications and admissions system for colleges and universities. Matchbox provides higher education institutions with features to manage all aspects of the application process, from recruitment to acceptance.

The Matchbox API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Matchbox with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving applications, retrieving application information, and managing application files.

MaxBTCMaxBTC API: MaxBTC is a Bitcoin mining pool where users combined their computing power to solve Bitcoin blocks and earn Bitcoins.The MaxBTC allows pool miners to query the poll for stats on the current block, stats on the entire mining pool, user balance, current miners, and other calls. An API key is required for use, as well as membership in the mining pool.

Medical Bridge Network MessageMedical Bridge Network Message API: Medical Bridge Network (yi-qiao) is an interactive communication and information platform designed to help medical professionals share and discuss scientific information and new medical techniques. Medical Bridge Network provides users with the opportunity to participate in academic exchanges such as real-time meetings and case discussions online. It also offers information resources like treatment guidelines, prescription information, and instructive videos.

The Message API allows users to interact programmatically with the Medical Bridge Network website's messaging service. The website is provided solely in Chinese, while the API Documentation is given partially in English.

MuslimSalat.comMuslimSalat.com API: MuslimSalat.com provides location-specific times for the five daily proscribed Muslim prayers. The service is accessible via an API serving JSON formatted data. The API allows calls to specify location, date ranges, and daylight savings. The API is also capable of calculating timing according to seven methods, such as the Egyptian General Authority Survey or the Muslim World League. JSONP is supported for callbacks.

National Institute on Drug Abuse Drug Screening ToolNational Institute on Drug Abuse Drug Screening Tool API: In an effort to connect developers with the tools needed to host and share the Government’s drug abuse research and prevention information, the National Institute on Drug Abuse hosts an API through which they expose their Drug Use Screening Tool. The Drug Use Screening Tool is an interactive multiple-choice quize built to help clinicians identify risky substance use in their adult patients. The API supports GET calls to retrieve questions and results and POST calls to submit answers. The API will return JSONP formatted responses in plain text through HTTP.

Need Tagger Social SignalsNeed Tagger Social Signals API: Sales and marketing professionals use NeedTagger's applications to mine social media for people expressing important types of commercial intent (questions, complaints, requests for help, life events, buying signals) related to their business.

The Social Signals API lets developers access and integrate NeedTagger's intent-mining service into their applications. Example API methods include analyzing social media content for more than 70 types of intent and updating the API with custom "signals" (natural language filters) created using NeedTagger's web application.

NewsmanNewsman API: Newsman is a cloud-based service for creating, distributing, and analyzing email newsletter campaigns. Users can create or import subscriber lists and then segment those lists as needed. Newsman allows users to select a pre-made newsletter template or to design their own. Email recipients can share emails socially with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Newsman's analytics are capable of tracking opens, clicks, bounces, and spam reports. All of Newsman's features can be accessed for integration using REST or XML- RPC calls.

NVMSNVMS API: National Vendor Management Services (NVMS) is a property inspection and preservation company that deals with both residential and commercial properties. The NVMS API allows clients to add an order or to request the cancellation of an order with NVMS. Clients can also retrieve information and images associated with an order. This API relies on SOAP calls to retrieve data in either XML or DataSet format.

OkkamOkkam API: Okkam is an Entity Named System (ENS) that makes it possible to reuse globally unique identifiers. It does this by storing identifiers in a database and providing tools for their creation, maintenance, and reuse. Identifiers are coupled with a set of attributes that support their matching and reuse. Services for retrieving stored identifiers are available to developers as SOAP or REST APIs and to end users through web applications.

PastPlacePastPlace API: The PastPlaces API offers access to information from A Vision of Britain Through Time, a database that compiles the data from historical surveys of Britain. The database is part of the Great Britain Historical GIS Project and offers historical information from the years 1801 through 2001. Data includes maps, statistical trends, and historical descriptions. API requests are sent via HTTP. Example queries include place by name, place by location, and units by name.

PixatePixate API: Pixate is an application building platform. Pixate allows developers to create, build, and manage applications for mobile, web, and desktop.

The Pixate API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Pixate with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include creating features for applications, styling applications, and managing applications.

PressjackPressjack API: Pressjack is a digital publishing service. Pressjack allows for parsing content, magazine creation for all platforms, and cloud hosting of publications.

The Pressjack API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and content of Pressjack with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email support@3dissue.com for information.

RingcaptchaRingcaptcha API: Ringcaptcha is a service that brings phone-based verification to any website and mobile application. Ringcaptcha can be used for authentication, marketing, verifying ownership, and more.

The Ringcaptcha API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Ringcaptcha with other applications. Some example API methods include embedding Ringcaptcha in other applications and ending the verification loop.

Royal Albert Memorial MuseumRoyal Albert Memorial Museum API: Located in Devon, England The Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM) houses over one million individual objects and specimens from around the world in areas such as zoology, anthropology, fine art, geology, and archaeology.

The RAMM offers a RESTful API that allows you to use their data and images in your own applications. Basic API usage includes getting a list of available sites, retrieving a list of available categories for a specific site, and retrieving a paged list of objects for a specified category, site, or keyword. The API can return data in JSON or XML format.

SolarPlotsSolarPlots API: SolarPlots is a service that provides plots of the sun's position over time for locations in the United States and parts of Canada and Mexico. These calculations are approximate and are not intended for engineering, navigation, or scientific applications. Times used to retrieve information from SolarPlots should be given in terms of one of the time zones used in the lower 48 states and factor in Daylight Savings Time. Sun plot data can be retrieved using the SolarPlots SOAP API.

StreamInStreamIn API: StreamIn is a platform to receive all notifications from all kinds of mobile and web applications. StreamIn provides features to connect applications to aggregate all notifications in one place.

The StreamIn API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of StreamIn with other applications. Some example API methods include sending messages, receiving messages, and retrieving notifications.

su2.besu2.be API: su2.be is a simple URL-shortening service that allows you to make long URLs shorter and easier to share. The service also allows you to collect and review access statistics for the links you've shortened.

su2.be offers a simple API. Use the API to shorten new URLs, generate a shortened URLs list, and retrieve access statistics for your URLs. Authentication is provided via API key.

SureVerifySureVerify API: SureVerify uses a simple HTTP API to provide realtime and batch email verification. Customers simply provide an email address to be verified along with their API Key. SureVerify responds with a code specifying that the address is valid or invalid, and why.

The City AdminThe City Admin API: The City is a social and data management platform for church communities. Using The City, church communities can manage church data, create and manage groups, communicate through a single platform, simplify and enrich children’s ministry check-in, and modernize church giving.

The City Admin API provides a RESTful interface designed to provide programmatic access to the same data and functionality available via The City’s Admin site on the web. The API uses a HMAC signature scheme for authentication. Data is JSON formatted.

The WeatherRepoThe WeatherRepo API: There are a lot of apps available online, and it can be difficult to sort through them to identify which ones are safest to use. The WeatherRepo is a service designed to determine the security of a given application and quantify information about app safety in a way that both developers and users can understand. The WeatherRepo's app safety information can be retrieved programmatically via REST calls.

TouchcastTouchcast API: Touchcast is a web video platform. Touchcast offers features for users to create interactive videos for web and mobile devices.

The Touchcast API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Touchcast with other applications. The main API method is embedding Touchcast videos in other applications and websites, allowing for playback.

Trends TopTrends Top API: Trends Top is an online work tool and communication platform for company information. Use their advanced web tools for financial analysis, targeted prospection and geomarketing. Data such as company address, phone, fax, e-mail, website, date of establishment, import-export countries, detailed sector analysis based on region, rating or overall health indicator, and more is provided for over 350,000 Belgian companies.

Trends Top offers a RESTful API that allows developers to integrate Trends Top data into existing applications. The API can return both XML and JSON. A developer key is required.

Twenga affinitADTwenga affinitAD API: Twenga is a shopping search engine that lists over 300 million products on a single open shopping platform. AffinitAD is Twenga’s publisher network. Based on contextual analysis, affinitAD provides customers with revenue sources that match their editorial content.
The affinitAD API provides programmatic access to the Twenga catalog, offering users an instant snapshot of their affinitAD performance figures. The API supports HTTP calls and returns JSON as well as XML formatted responses.

UK PoliceUK Police API: Data.police.uk is a site providing open data about crime and policing in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Users can download the data in CSV format as well as access it via the API. The API contains crime data and information including: neighborhood team members, upcoming events, crime statistics for both street and neighborhood level, outcomes for street level crimes and the locations of the nearest police stations. Responses are formatted in JSON.

Velocedge CADE LMWVelocedge CADE LMW API: The SCORM-compliant Communication And Distance Education (CADE) software system was developed by Velocedge to help facilitate distance learning. One feature of CADE is the Learning Management Web (LMW), which facilitates online learning through a web browser. The LMW provides tools for all kinds of training and communication programs including, but not limited to: live satellite delivery, interactive web training, conferencing, collaboration, workshops, and on-demand services. The CADE LMW can be accessed and interacted with programmatically using SOAP calls.

WebinosWebinos API: Webinos is a service funded by the European Union (EU) to build and deliver web, mobile, TV, car, and cross-platform applications. Webinos offers tools and features for developers to build and manage applications.

The Webinos API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Webinos with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include authenticating applications, adding features to applications, and managing applications.

YotpoYotpo API: Yotpo is a social content layer focused on providing the best social review experience for e-commerce websites. The Yotpo API provides developer access to the Yotpo platform. Supported functions include posting and retrieving reviews, creating and managing user profiles, accessing review metadata, and more. The API returns JSON formatted responses.