55 New APIs: Government Data, CBS Local Coupons and New Foursquare Merchant

This week we had 55 new APIs added to our API directory including one for government data from U.S. Department of Labor. There was also an iTunes sales reporting service, identity validation and fraud detection service, fitness tracking service, music licensing agency, stock photography provider, SEO rank checking service and local deals listings service. Below is more detail on all 55 of these new APIs.

AIDSinfoAIDSinfo API: AIDSinfo offers access to the latest, federally approved HIV/AIDS medical practice guidelines, information on HIV/AIDS treatment, clinical trials, and other HIV/AIDS-related research information for health care providers, researchers, people affected by HIV/AIDS, and the general public. The AIDSinfo API provides access to the AIDSinfo drug database fact sheets in XML format. The API returns information from both the professional and patient versions of the AIDSinfo drug database fact sheets based on input query strings. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

appFiguresappFigures API: appFigures is a reporting Platform for iPhone developers that automatically downloads and visualizes iTunes Connect sales data with App Store reviews and ranks for all of their apps. Developers can get detailed reports daily by email, view hourly rankings, and get translated reviews. The appFigures API allows for another way to interact with reports and account data. The API is available to all appFigures members, regardless of plan type.

Audiosocket MaaSAudiosocket MaaS API: Audiosocket is a boutique music licensing agency representing more than 1800 emerging bands, composers and record labels from around the world. Audiosocket's MaaS (Music as a Service) provides an Integration API that allows users to search, stream, and license thousands of tracks from the world's best independent musicians. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON and JSONP.

AuthorityLabs AccountAuthorityLabs Account API: AuthorityLabs provides SEO rank monitoring for use by consultants, agencies, bloggers, and internet marketing pros. The Account API is for users who need access to the interface, but also need to programmatically make changes to the account or pull down data for backup, reporting or analysis purposes. Everything done in a user account is reflected in this API, and everything done via the API is reflected in a user account. Pricing is based on keyword volume plans. RESTful calls are used and responses are formatted in XML.

AuthorityLabs PartnerAuthorityLabs Partner API: AuthorityLabs provides SEO rank monitoring for use by consultants, agencies, bloggers, and internet marketing pros. The Partner API gives users access to search results only. Nothing done via the Partner API is reflected in any account. Pricing is based on specific Endpoint usage, per thousand calls. RESTful calls are used and responses are formatted in JSON.

Basic Local Alignment Search ToolBasic Local Alignment Search Tool API: API for Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) services which find regions of local similarity between sequences. The program compares nucleotide or protein sequences to sequence databases and calculates the statistical significance of matches. With the RESTful API users can submit BLAST jobs for processing at NCBI.

BlubrryBlubrry API: Blubrry is a media hosting website. Users can upload and store their media on Blubrry, as well as access statistics on how the media is being accessed.

The Blubrry API allows developers to upload, manage, and access media on Blubrry, as well as media download statistics.

BookingMarketsBookingMarkets API: BookingMarkets provides users with a travel site or a network of contacts, a platform to build, launch, and monetize a white-labeled marketplace of hotels, hostels, b&bs, or vacation rentals. Clients make commissions on all bookings they receive in their marketplace and other marketplaces of the BookingMarkets network.

The BookingMarkets APIs allow a user application to interact with the sites powered by BookingMarkets. An application can provide many custom interfaces, functionalities, and specialized operations across any device. The API can be used in conjunction with the referral program to earn commissions on the bookings made by referred users. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

CBS Local OffersCBS Local Offers API: CBS Local Offers is a simple API that lets users look up cities, information about those cities, and get information for all current deals being offered. The API is free to use and does not require sign up to access.

ClinicalTrials.govClinicalTrials.gov API: ClinicalTrials.gov is a registry and results database of federally and privately supported clinical trials conducted in the United States and around the world. ClinicalTrials.gov gives visitors information about a trial's purpose, who may participate, locations, and phone numbers for more details.

This API provides a method for creating links to ClinicalTrials.gov or downloading ClinicalTrials.gov data in XML format. Obtain information including a trial's purpose, who may participate, locations, and phone numbers for more details about clinical trials being conducted throughout the United States and in many countries throughout the world. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Cloudmade LeafletCloudmade Leaflet API: CloudMade provides application developers with tools and APIs for creating unique location based applications across all major web and mobile platforms. Leaflet is a modern, lightweight BSD-licensed JavaScript Library for making tile-based interactive maps for both desktop and mobile web browsers, developed by CloudMade to form the core of its next generation JavaScript API.

Coginov Coginov API: The Coginov API takes information streams and applies sorting algorithms to extract the meaning and intent of the data. Used to simplify large volumes of data into understandable summaries. Use requires the purchase of a block or monthly package based on the size of your business. A free trial is offered allowing 1,000 requests.

DNS Made EasyDNS Made Easy API: DNS Made Easy currently offers DNS services to approximately 500,000 domains on the Internet. DNS Made Easy's API is available to perform core functions of the DNS Made Easy web interface programmatically. DNS Made Easy's API is an alternative to DNS management through the conventional web interface.

This API allows clients to integrate their DNS Made Easy domain and record modifications as part of their normal hosting maintenance and server provisioning. Features like the Global Traffic Director, HTTP Redirection, and the Peregrine Instant DNS Update system are all available through this API. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

EasyrecEasyrec API: Easyrec is an open source recommender system that can be integrated into a website via a REST API. Developers can download the software to install on their own servers, or use a hosted version. The API exposes functionality such as viewing, buying and rating items, viewing recommendations and rankings. Responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Express TextExpress Text API: Express Text is an SMS marketing service that allows users to reach an audience of potential customers and clients via mobile phones. Express Text's API allows anyone to integrate the Premium Grade Tier 1 Carrier Network with their applications. Express Text's API allows users to send and receive SMS Messages to and from all Mobile Carrier Networks in the United States. Documentation is not publicly available.

FabulousFabulous API: Fabulous specializes in generating revenue through pay per click (PPC) links from the traffic that domains receive. The Fabulous.com API provides a tool to perform a limited set of features currently available via the Fabulous.com client admin suite.

It is intended for use by customers that want to make bulk changes to their account on an automated or semi-automated basis through their own software. As such, the API has been designed to support all the features of the client interface that are likely to be used in bulk situations. The Fabulous.com API allows users to perform a number of tasks, including: Register Domains, Renew Domains, Transfer Domains, Check Domain Availability, Manage your Domain Portfolio, Get Domain Info, Generate Revenue Reports, Unlock domains and set Auth codes, Set Nameservers, Push Domains. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

FeaturePics FeaturePics API: FeaturePics is a stock photography site that offers stock photography and images for sale and download.

The FeaturePics API allows developers to access the image collection, with both an image search API and an e-Commerce API. With the image search API, users can search for images, show most recent images, and access image details. The e-Commerce API allows for image purchasing, in addition to image search and detail retrieval.

Foursquare MerchantFoursquare Merchant API: Foursquare offers merchants and other venue owners a free set of tools to help attract new customers and keep current ones coming back. The merchant platform lets users offer foursquare Specials--mobile coupons, prizes or discounts--which are presented to users when they check in at or near the user's venue.

The merchant API gives developers access to data from the merchant platform. With the API users can build tools to help manage their foursquare specials and campaigns. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON or JSONP.

Genetics Home ReferenceGenetics Home Reference API: Genetics Home Reference is the National Library of Medicine's web site for consumer information about genetic conditions and the genes or chromosomes related to those conditions. This API lets users link from their web site to Genetics Home Reference. Functionality includes formulating search requests, linking to specific condition, gene and chromosome pages. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

HDmessagingHDmessaging API: HDMessaging allows users to add group conversations to their service or application with their API. The fully featured API and open source app code provided can be used for group conversations, IP-based messaging, media sharing, online access, SMS backwards compatibility, and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Human Information Project DataHuman Information Project Data API: Human Information Project (HIP) provides a secure way for users to keep their online information. Websites and ads that interact with HIP add data to a user's online profile stored on HIP's system and only accessible by that website while the user is at that website. Users can view the information added to their profiles, and can moderate how websites and ads interact with it.

The HIP Data API is a Javascript API that websites can install to interact with HIP user data.

iCyteiCyte API: iCyte is a service that allows users to save websites, PDFs, documents, and other items and access them from anywhere. Additionally, iCyte allows users to annotate and collaborate on their resources.

The iCyte API provides a way for developers to access users, projects, and notes from iCyte. This API is read-only.

la Lotería del Niñola Lotería del Niño API: la Lotería del Niño API is provided by El País in order to check the status of a number in the ONLAE lottery, which is held in Spain. The API is free and requires no signup to access.

MedlinePlusMedlinePlus API: The MedlinePlus API provides access to MedlinePlus health topic data in XML format. The service accepts keyword searches as requests and returns links to relevant English-language health topics in ranked order. The output also includes supplemental data such as health topic summaries, related vocabulary, and keyword-in-context snippets.

MedlinePlus ConnectMedlinePlus Connect API: MedlinePlus brings users information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues. The MedlinePlus Connect API lets electronic health record (EHR) systems use standard clinical vocabularies to bring users health information from MedlinePlus.gov. The API can make requests based on diagnosis codes, medication codes, and lab tests. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Meridix LiveIDMeridix LiveID API: The Meridix Network allows you to create live audio or video webcasts with the ability to include game trackers and live scores. As events complete, automatic score alerts can go to fans via email or text message. The Meridix LiveID API allows you to pull data from any of your Meridix accounts into any external website or Web Service. For example, you might want to incorporate the live score of a game into a ticker on your website, or create a widget to display upcoming games.

Metricly Custom Data ImportMetricly Custom Data Import API: Metricly aggregates data from all over the web, allowing users to compare and combine all of their metrics in one place. The Custom Data Import API allows users to push any type of data up to Metricly for viewing as a metric (including metrics with subtotals and filters). A common usage example is when a user has data in their own internal database, and they want to generate a Metricly dashboard that summarize that data.

Metricly Plug-inMetricly Plug-in API: Metricly aggregates data from all over the web, allowing users to compare and combine all of their metrics in one place. The Plug-in API allows users to create data source plug-ins that connect to dynamic data sources. Data is returned in JSON format.

National Library of Medicine ChemSpellNational Library of Medicine ChemSpell API: The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is the world's largest medical library. The Library collects materials and provides information and research services in all areas of biomedicine and health care. The ChemSpell Web Service API provides chemical name spell checking and chemical name synonym look-up. ChemSpell contains more than 1.3 million chemical names related to organic, inorganic, pharmaceutical, toxicological, and environmental health topics. Developers can use the API to write applications that connect remotely to the ChemSpell Web service. The API uses SOAP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

National Library of Medicine DIRLINENational Library of Medicine DIRLINE API: DIRLINE (Directory of Information Resources Online) is the National Library of Medicine's online database containing location and descriptive information about a wide variety of information resources including organizations, research resources, projects, and databases concerned with health and biomedicine. The DIRLINE API allows users to search the DIRLINE database with keywords. Using this API, software developers can integrate DIRLINE data into their own applications. This service uses RESTful calls and returns search results with both brief and full records in XML Format.

PhonoPhono API: Phono is a simple JQuery plugin and JavaScript library that turns any web browser into a phone; capable of making phone calls and sending instant messages. Users can also connect to SIP clients. The Phono SDK provides an object-oriented JavaScript API for embedding two-way audio and chat onto any web page.

PhreadzPhreadz API: PHREADZ is a 'Social Multimedia Network' enabling threaded conversations on any topic using posts from desktops and mobiles, to emails. Currently the Phreadz API offers the data required to build your own players and widgets based around the posts and conversations, which Phreadz helps pull together.

PillboxPillbox API: Pillbox enables rapid identification of unknown solid-dosage medications (tablets/capsules) based on physical characteristics and high-resolution images. Pillbox's data and search engine are also accessible through an API. The API provides access to the identification system, data, and medication images. Medications can be identified by physical characteristics (imprint, size, shape, etc.), as well as drug name (brand or generic), inactive ingredients, drug label author, and DEA schedule and returns XML-formatted data. Access to documentation requires a password.

PopCV SemanticPopCV Semantic API: The Semantic Engine Systems API is designed to help those in charge of hiring better sort through applications. The engine can access your inbox, scan through the attached resumes and CVs, and pull out the candidates that best match the open positions within your company. Sign up and API Key required, commercial use must be applied for.

ProjjexProjjex API: Projjex is a collaborative, web-based, multi-user software. It integratres project management, CRM, workflow and time tracking with a personal calendar. The Projjex API gives complete programmatic access to your client and project information. The API is completely platform and language independent. You can use any programming or scripting language

PubChem PUGPubChem PUG API: PubChem provides information on the biological activities of small molecules and stores them across three databases. PubChem also provides a fast chemical structure similarity search tool. The PubChem Power User Gateway (PUG) provides access to PubChem services via a programmatic interface. The API uses HTTP POST calls and responses are formatted in XML.

QuicktateQuicktate API: The Quicktate API allows you to integrate our audio transcription backend into your applications. Using an XML- RPC protocol you can send your audio files to be converted into text. Service charges vary based on the type of audio i.e. medical, legal, general.

RealSearch FraudGATE RealSearch FraudGATE API: RealSearch is the nation's largest online Portal for Investigative data with information from over 40 databases. FraudGATE offers an all-in-one fraud scoring system designed to give online merchants accurate information that delivers immediate results. FraudGATE includes a real-time scoring engine that evaluates the risk level of transaction data based on the merchant's customized parameters, and also includes a consolidated review interface for further identification and analysis of transaction risk. FraudGATE tools include high risk IPs, IP geo-location, collaborative networksand velocity checks. Full documentation is not currently available.

RunKeeper Health GraphRunKeeper Health Graph API: RunKeeper is an online fitness tracking service that allows users to keep track of their workouts, nutrition information, and other data on their health.

The RunKeeper's Health Graph API provides developers access to RunKeeper's Health Graph information, such as user profiles, fitness activities, nutrition information, and weight information.

RxNormRxNorm API: RxNorm provides normalized names for clinical drugs and links its names to many of the drug vocabularies commonly used in pharmacy management and drug interaction software. There are two RxNorm APIs (SOAP/ WSDL and RESTful) available to provide developers with functions for retrieving RxNorm data from the most current RxNorm data set. Data can be returned in XML or JSON.

RxTermsRxTerms API: RxTerms is a drug interface terminology derived from RxNorm for prescription writing or medication history recording (e.g. in e-prescribing systems, PHRs). There RxTerms API provides developers with functions for retrieving RxTerms data from the most current RxTerms data set. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

SetLinksSetLinks API: SetLinks lets users buy and exchange links, articles, and contextual links to promote websites. Users can place links on their sites using the API. They also have full access to the site functionality. The API uses XML-RPC protocol and responses are formatted in XML. The site and documentation are in Russian.

SqootSqoot API: Sqoot is a service that aggregates the web's daily deals in a single place and provides tools for users to display the deals on their sites. The Sqoot API exposes thousands of deals and allows developers to make RESTful requests and receive offers back in JSON format. Users can filter offers by category and location by supplying parameters in the query string.

Subsonic Subsonic API: Subsonic is a free music streamer that allows users to access and manage their music from anywhere.

The Subsonic API allows developers to build their own applications using Subsonic. These applications can be built for online platforms, desktop platforms, or mobile devices. With the API, users can search for music, access and create music playlists, stream music, access cover art, and retrieve random songs based on various criteria.

TeamSnapTeamSnap API: TeamSnap is an online service for managing and organizing team sports and other groups. Services include event schedules, tracking payments and fees, areas for team photos, and file sharing capabilities.

The TeamSnap API provides access to site functionality. The API is currently private. Developers interested should contact TeamSnap at the email provided. TeamSnap is currently developing a new API, which is in private beta. No public documentation is available.

Tender SupportTender Support API: Tender Support is an online customer service and helpdesk provider to support companies and organizations with their customer service and support.

The Tender Support API allows users to access and manage customer service issues within their Tender Support site, including accessing user information, searching for specific categories of customer help issues, and viewing discussions by a variety of characteristics.

TotspotTotspot API: Totspot is a service that allows parents to make private websites for their children and share the website with friends and family. The private websites allow for video and photo sharing, sharing milestones in the child's life, and other content related to their child's life.

The Totspot API provides a way for developers to build applications and other functions on top of the Totspot website. Examples of data the API can call include timelines, photos, videos, and user information.

TOXNET TOXNET API: TOXNET (TOXicology Data NETwork) is a cluster of databases covering toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health and related areas. TOXNET API offers a RESTful Web Service API that allows users to search TOXNET databases with keywords. Using this API, software developers can integrate TOXNET data into their own applications. For chemical databases, this service accepts keyword searches in a specified database and returns search results in TOXNET API Response Format and full chemical records in HTML format. For bibliographic databases, this service provides keyword searches in a specified bibliographic database and returns search results with bibliographic brief records and bibliographic full records in TOXNET API Response Format. For convenience, a bibliographic full record can be returned in HTML format if requested.

U.S. Department of LaborU.S. Department of Labor API: The U.S. Department of Labor is implementing an API project to make it easier for developers to access and use the data collected by the department and to increase public participation in government and increase government transparency. The goals of the project are to make it easier for developers to access published data, make it easier for the public to use DOL data, and provide easy and secure access to personal data while protecting private and personal data. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Unofficial IMDbUnofficial IMDb API: The IMDb API is an unofficial, but useful, API that allows users to search for and view JSON formatted information from IMDb. The API is free to use, and provides good information if you already know the title or ID of the movie.

The API returns a number of pieces of movie metadata, including the release year, release date, MPAA rating, movie runtime, genre, director, writers and main crew. Developers can also access the movie's short plot description and imagery, useful in providing a quick snapshot of movie information. IMDb's rating and number of votes is also exposed.

As with any unofficial API, this should be considered beta or worse.

UserVoiceUserVoice API: UserVoice is a service that provides companies and organizations with feedback forums and help ticket services to address their customers' comments, concerns, and questions.

The UserVoice API provides access to the end-user and admin functions of UserVoice so providers can build applications or integrations with other systems. UserVoice provides two API endpoints: public (user-facing functionality) and commercial (admin-facing functionality).

ViatorViator API: Viator sells tours and activities through their website, eight local-language sites serving European and Japanese markets, and more than 2,000 affiliated sites that include major hotel chains and airlines, online travel agencies, city-specific sites and more. Viator makes it's database of products available as XML. Developers can use the XML to display Viator products on their website as well as in confirmation emails for bookings conducted for other services. Full documentation is not available.

WazeWaze API: Waze is a social mobile application providing free turn-by-turn navigation based on the live conditions of the road. The API uses the international server (i.e. not including US and Canada maps) to display driving conditions on a live map. With the API users can customize the frame size, the center (lat/lon) and the default zoom level. The API uses RESTful calls and returns map objects.

WorldApp Extreme FormWorldApp Extreme Form API: Extreme Form is an enterprise-class data collection technology that provides flexible design and advanced features that can be used to streamline any business process that uses forms to collect data. The Extreme Form API allows developers to integrate the service with their applications. The API uses SOAP calls and responses are formatted in XML. Full documentation is not publicly available.

Zopim ChatZopim Chat API: Zopim is a livechat widget that lets users monitor visitors on their websites and engage them in a chat. This functionality can be used to sell directly to their online customers.

Some aspects of the Zopim widget can be customized via the API. Functionality that can be customized includes setting a visitor's name and email after logging in, hiding and editing the appearance of the chat button, bubble and windows and more. The API uses JavaScript.