55 New APIs: SMS Text Messages, Cloud Email and Location Marketing

This week we added a whopping 55 new APIs to our API directory, making up for the prior holiday week. The new APIs include a handful of wine services, four email services, five SMS platforms, location-based marketing for retailers, a cloud hosting Platform, a customer service chat platform and many more. Get your scrollbar ready and read on for more detail on each of these new APIs.

AdeggaAdegga API: The Adegga API provides a simple RESTful interface with XML and JSON formatted responses to use many of Adegga's website features, including producers, wines, country and wine types. Adegga is a Social Wine Discovery service. It helps users organize their wines, keep track of wines tasted, make a wish list or organize a home cellar.

AlibrisAlibris API: The Alibris API gives users access to all of the information in Alibris' database. Alibris is the world's largest independently owned and operated book, music and movie marketplace. They offer over 100 million used, new, collectible, rare and out-of-print items to consumers, libraries, and retail business partners.

The Alibris API gives users access to a multitiude of data including: current books, music, and movies for sale at very competitive prices; items listed by title, author, ISBN, etc.; bibliographic data, prices, cover images and more; information about our independent sellers; reviews and recommendations for desired items. Methods available include: search Method -- Returns a list of items or Works that match the input parameters; recommendations Method -- Returns a list of recommended Works based on one or more Work IDs; reviews Method -- Returns reviews at a Works level based on the Work ID. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses can be formatted in either XML or JSON.

AnyClipAnyClip API: The AnyClip API enables the ability to build programs using video clips and metadata, whether they're on the web, the social network, the desktop or mobile devices.

The AnyClip API provide a range of API methods to start building applications on top of the AnyClip platform.

APInboxAPInbox API: APInbox allows users to interact with a web app via email -- without adding any email Polling code. APInbox gives users a special email address that instantly translates incoming emails into form submissions that are pushed in realtime to a web app. The API uses HTTP POST protocol and responses can be formatted in JSON.

AWeber Email Marketing AWeber Email Marketing API: AWeber is a company that offers many email marketing tools, including an API for customizable tools. AWeber's API is a REST-based API that allows developers to construct their own applications for displaying and managing AWeber customer accounts. The 1.0 release of the AWeber API is the first version of this system made available to our customers and developers and currently only read-only access is supported.

Castilla-La ManchaCastilla-La Mancha API: The Developer API gives users access to automated content related to tourism in Castilla-La Mancha, such as hotels, restaurants, monuments, photos, videos, etc. Castilla-La Mancha is a region in Spain located in the Iberian Peninsula. The services have different ways of searching: you can search for text, images and video by location, by type, etc. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML. The site and Documentation is in Spanish.

Cevir Turkish-English DictionaryCevir Turkish-English Dictionary API: The Cevir API allows users to intergrate an English-Turkish dictionary feature into their applications. Cevir is an online service providing translations and dictionary lookups between English and Turkish. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in JSON.

CrowdFlowerCrowdFlower API: CrowdFlower is a cloud comptuting service that uses crowdsourcing to harness a round-the-clock workforce that spans more than 70 countries, multiple languages, and can access up to half-a-million workers to dispatch diverse tasks and provide near-real time answers. The API lets developers build applications that can interact with and use CrowdFlower in an automated fashion to generate tasks, order work, and track data and judgments.

Cruvee Partner LinkCruvee Partner Link API: The Partner Link API can be used to integrate a site with Cruvee at the web browser level to allow winery owners/staff on a web site to "claim" their winery on Cruvee, edit their winery profile on Cruvee, and add/edit their wines on Cruvee. Developers can then immediately pull this updated information from Cruvee using the query APIs. Cruvee provides business intelligence and performance management services for the wine industry.

Cruvee SocialCruvee Social API: The Cruvee Social API allows partners to tap into Cruvee's social media monitoring event stream and historical index for wine conversations. Cruvee provides business intelligence and performance management services for the wine industry. This is a premium API and is fee based. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in JSON. Currently the API is in beta form.

Cruvee Wine SearchCruvee Wine Search API: The Cruvee API provides a RESTful interface to allow partner applications to integrate with Cruvee to access detailed data on entities such as wineries, wines, regions, (wine grape) varieties, and more. Cruvee provides business intelligence and performance management services for the wine industry. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses can be formatted in either JSON or XHTML. Currently the API is in beta.

Distribute.ITDistribute.IT API: The Distribute.IT API has been in circulation for over 6 years providing a delivery solution for SMS messaging applications. Distribute.IT offers Sample Code for developers (perl, PHP) and can also provide Integration and programming assistance around the API. Distribute.IT is a wholesale registrar providing .au and international domain name registration services to resellers and web designers. The API does not have public documentation available.

DokDokDokDok API: Enables users to easily find, work on, and share the latest versions of email attachment. Users can verify that an attachment is the most recent version, track changes between versions, and share with others. This service does not replace email, it can't be used to send email, but it provides document control and sharing to a user's email inbox.

Expensify Web ServicesExpensify Web Services API: Expensify has a variety of tools that make managing expenses and expense reports simple and easy. The Expensify Web Services API allows you to embed the functionality of Expensify into your own applications. The API allows you to make calls with the language of your choice to the Expensify servers to pull data, as well as post data to those servers.

FlattrFlattr API: Flattr is a service that allows people to 'flattr' things to donate money to the person who created that 'thing', and to create content that others can 'flattr' in order to receive money. The Flattr API uses JavaScript to allow developers to integrate Flatter functions into their own websites and blogs. Specifically, the Flattr API is for the creation of the Flattr buttons that allow other users to 'flattr' your content.

FreebieSMSFreebieSMS API: The FreebieSMS API gives users access to the SMS gateway. FreebieSMS offers bulk SMS provision to businesses who need to send SMS messages automatically. The service is available in 22 countries. The API allows users to look up their remaining credits, send SMS and make a phone call. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

FreebieSMS Auto DialerFreebieSMS Auto Dialer API: The FreebieSMS Auto Dialer API lets users send an audio message to a landline or mobile phone. FreebieSMS offers bulk SMS provision to businesses who need to send SMS messages automatically. Public documentation for this API is not available.

GigyaGigya API: Gigya wraps all popular social networks into a single interface. Its API provides a way to register/login users through many other sites, retrieve profile data, access a user's "friends graph" and more. Gigya has a Client API (JavaScript or ActionScript3) for integration into website and Flash applications and a REST API for server side and smart client applications.

Group TextingGroup Texting API: The GroupTexting API allows users to add text messaging to their applications. Group Texting uses long codes to let users send text messages from their computer using a browser. Shared long codes (aka long numbers / DIDs) and dedicated codes are available. The API offers features such as checking credits, checking keyword availability, buying credits and more. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted as TXT.

HomePipeHomePipe API: Homepipe is a service that gives users the ability to access and share personal content from anywhere that today is only accessible from within the home. The API lets users list their own folders and those shared by friends, download, upload, move, copy files, directory listings and more. The API uses RESTful protocol. Developers must request full documentation from the provider.

Idescat Municipality in FiguresIdescat Municipality in Figures API: This API provides basic comparative statistical information on Catalan municipalities, counties and Catalonia. Idescat is the official statistics website of Catalonia providing official statistics generated by the different departments that make up the statistical system in Catalonia. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses can be formatted in XML, JSON and PHP.

Idescat RectificationsIdescat Rectifications API: The Rectifications API provides access to information in the register of rectifications of the Idescat website. Idescat is the official statistics website of Catalonia providing official statistics generated by the different departments that make up the statistical system in Catalonia. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML, JSON or PHP.

IW CalendarIW Calendar API: The RESTful Calendar API gives users the possibility to create calendars and fill them with events and todo-points with alarms and attendees to schedule events that can be used in other functionalities. Responses can be in XML and JSON format.

IW ContactsIW Contacts API: The RESTful Contacts API can be used to store, modify and request address book information. Users can create contact resources and assign them to group resources. Group resources can be used in the Messaging API for sending SMS and MMS messages to groups. Responses can be in XML and JSON format.

IW Landmark APIIW Landmark API API: The RESTful Landmark API allows the user to input geographical positions such as landmarks, location etc. to be used in other applications. The position data is updatable with history also being available. A user can request the latest position or an instance of the position history. Responses can be in XML and JSON format.

IW LocationIW Location API: The RESTful Location API enables users to locate themselves, or provide your application with permission to do so. Alternatively, you can use the IW Location API to retrieve a cell tower's location using the mcc, mnc and cellid from the mobile device.

IW MessagingIW Messaging API: The RESTful Messaging API enables you to send information, alerts, pictures, sound or data to outside parties. The sent SMS / MMS - messages are sent with either your MSISDN (telephone number) or a generic number. Responses can be in XML and JSON format.

IW PresenceIW Presence API: The RESTful Presence API allows users to post presence information (online, offline, unreachable) and microblog statuses(happy, joyful, keen, etc.) with contexts (such as "facebook", "workingon" etc.) with a start- & endtime to be used in applications. Responses can be in XML and JSON format.

IW SMS PollIW SMS Poll API: The RESTful Poll API enables a user to create ongoing or time-limited polls that can be answered via SMS. The polls can be specified with a maximum number of answers. The Poll API allows the creation of different polls to be answered to, with result replies. The new Resource is the Targeted Poll, which enables the poll creator to send the poll to specific target numbers. Responses can be in XML and JSON format.

IW SMS ReceiveIW SMS Receive API: The RESTful SMS Receive API can be used to receive SMS - messages to be further used. SMS Receive API can be used to create message cues and to receive SMS messages sent to SMS Receive number. A message sent to that number can initiate a defined Callback to an HTTP address. Messages sent to that number can be queried from the SMS Receive resource. Received messages are stored and can be accessed later. Responses can be in XML and JSON format.

IW TagIW Tag API: The RESTful Tag API enables users to convert URLs to 2D-barcodes that can be read by supported mobile devices. This can be used to simplify discovering new webpages. Responses are in the form of a PNG barcode.

IW Temporary StorageIW Temporary Storage API: The RESTful Temporary Storage API allows users to to temporarily store a file to the server. The stored file exists until it is read with a GET request or deleted with a DELETE request. This can be used in storing images in MMS messages.

Jude's Convert HTML Page to PDF and ImageJude's Convert HTML Page to PDF and Image API: Jude's Convert html page to pdf and image API allows users to input the URL of an html page and convert it to either a pdf or image file. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in either PDF, JPG, PNG or PS. Documentation is scarce for this API.

LivePersonLivePerson API: LivePerson integrates live customer service into web pages. The service provides users an opportunity to immediately chat with a representative via an instant messaging system embedded in your site.

The LivePerson API provides both JavaScript and REST APIs. The JavaScript version is essentially the embed code that makes the LivePerson platform possible on a particular site right in the web browser. The REST version makes this same functionality available in any type of software with an Internet connection. For example, LivePerson can be used in desktop software, mobile apps, or websites using other multimedia (ie, Flash or Silverlight).

LivePerson also provides a way to share details about a particular user's session with the LivePerson platform. For example, you might set visitor priority or agent availability for a particular user.

MessageGearsMessageGears API: The MessageGears API allows users to integrate Email into their applications. MessageGears provides email delivery solutions that allow companies to send transactional and bulk email. The API has features such as multiple recipient campaigns, message personalization, request level tracking and more. It uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

Mochi Media Flash GamesMochi Media Flash Games API: Mochi Media Flash Games API is a Feed of free Flash games that can be used integrated into any website. The feed parameters can be changed to pull more or less games, to pull games from certain categories or rating levels, or to pull games in certain languages (eg, excluding Chinese language games). The game feed is updated once a day at 12am PST.

Open TaobaoOpen Taobao API: Taobao is a Chinese website that includes auction and shopping services, as well as a payment processing service. The Open Taobao API platform provides a way to access many of Taobao's services from your applications.

openBmapopenBmap API: The openBmap API returns GPS coordinates and polygon of the considered cellular zone. openBmap is a free and open map of wireless communicating objects (e.g. cellular antenna, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth). It provides tools to mutualize data, create and access this map. With the API users can get the GPS position from cellular networks Cell id. If the cell is not found in the database, it returns LAC data. If the LAC is not found in the database, it returns the MNC data. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses can be formatted in either XML, JSON or TXT.

PayPalX Adaptive PaymentsPayPalX Adaptive Payments API: The PayPal X Adaptive Payments API enable developers to build apps that process transactions by interacting with PayPal. Developers can control the entire transaction within a single interface, which allows payments on multiple platforms, including web, mobile, and others. Adaptive Payments make it possible to create ongoing relationships with customers so they don't have to request user's permission for every single transaction. Adaptive Payments API allows payments to be made in different ways; either directly to the receiver, to multiple receivers, or to two+ receivers in a row (chained payments).

PointPoint API: UK-based free DNS hosting service, with e-mail, HTTP web forwarding, and API for easy DNS management. The API allows users to interact with their point accounts in a similar way to the web interface. List, edit, create and delete DNS zones and zone records.

Preona ReadabilityPreona Readability API: This experimental API takes any URL and returns a plain HTML version of the page's main content. Ads, navigation and other cruft is removed, letting readers focus on the content. With the API users can scrape any website. The API uses RESTful protocol and currently allows for a single call. Responses are formatted in JSON.

Primal SemanticsPrimal Semantics API: Primal is a company that provides cloud-based tools for automation of knowledge management and for finding semantically related topics. The Primal Semantics API is an RESTful Web Service that allows developers to search through a large collection of information and find related material of interest, with broad topics leading to more specific ones. The API provides developers semantically related concepts and terms for use in their applications. Each call to the API is formated as a URI that describes a topic and the API responds with a hierarchy of related information that responds to different perspectives the developer specifies. This avoids the need to pre-examine data, especially important when working with large data sets.

QwerlyQwerly API: Qwerly is a people search engine for the social web. The service can be used to connect a user on one social network to accounts on other networks. Search using a Twitter username and Qwerly returns data and other social information links (Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Plancast, etc.). The API provides a simple, REST API with JSON response to use Qwerly's service within your own applications.

reCAPTCHAreCAPTCHA API: reCAPTCHA is a freely available CAPTCHA implementation. It distinguishes humans from computers. reCAPTCHA is a CAPTCHA program, used to distinguish humans from computers, that uses the answers provided by the user to help digitize scans of old books and newspapers.

RetailigenceRetailigence API: The Retailigence API allows developers to integrate local product information into their applications. Retailigence offers retailers a platform where they can publish their data and have it sent out to an ever-growing volume of mobile apps. Retailigence provides local product data to various mobile applications including barcode scanners and mobile product search applications. The API documentation is not publicly available but users can request it by email.

ScalrScalr API: Scalr is a cloud hosting system that allows developers to scale their applications quickly in times of traffic surges. The Scalr API provides access to much of the functionality in the Scalr platform. Use the API to programmatically update DNS zone files, create Apache virtual hosts, provide details about server farms and launch/terminate farms.

Additionally, you can control individual servers (launch, reboot, terminate and copy from an image), execute scripts and access various logs and analytics.

SciVerse Framework and Content SciVerse Framework and Content API: With SciVerse APIs, developers can build applications that appear alongside full text articles, journal abstracts and search results within the SciVerse Product Suite: ScienceDirect, Scopus and SciVerse Hub. +++ The SciVerse Applications platform has two major components: The SciVerse Application Framework utilizes Shindig, an implementation of Open Social, as its core. The Framework APIs render the application within the browser and provide contextual information to the application including the user's query, preferences and the page he is viewing. SciVerse Content APIs for accessing the content currently available within the SciVerse Product Suite. The APIs use a RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in either XML, JSON or ATOM + XML.

SocialOomphSocialOomph API: The SocialOomph API allows developers to integrate features of SocialOomph with their applications. SocialOomph.com is a service that provides free and paid productivity enhancement services for social media users. With the API, users can retrieve information such as user data, Authentication credentials, user accounts, account types, user tweets and more. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses can be formatted in XML or JSON.

SoftonicSoftonic API: This service lets users embed Softonic content into their own website and applications. The Softonic API allows developers around the world to build applications and mashups based on Softonic's content.. Softonic is the leading website for software downloads in Europe and one of the leading sites in the world with a catalog of more than 100,000 categorized programs. With the API users can get information on software sections, programs and other users of Softonic. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML, JSON or PHP.

Tiny-URL OpenTiny-URL Open API: The Tiny-URL Open API is a service that allows users to shorten URLs. Rather than provide a single URL shortener, Tiny-URL connects to over 80 other services. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in either XML, JSON or TXT. The API requires an API Key.

TrackurTrackur API: Trackur is a social media monitoring tool for individuals up through large companies and agencies. Create searches for the terms that you want to track, such as your brand names and industry terms. The Trackur API allows any business to receive structured data from Trackur's database of tens of millions of mainstream news and social media sites.

Travel Connectivity XMLTravel Connectivity XML API: The Travel Connectivity XML API solution enables 3rd party developers to utilize existing TC products and deliver them in their own presentation. The API provides support for 3rd party developers by:

* Automating frequent or time consuming tasks to increase productivity and quality
* Adding client specific custom features
* Allowing for "Branding" of the display with custom graphics
* Allowing for "Branding" email communication sent to customers

Travel Connectivity specializes in developing solutions to distribute travel content and data through web services. Using the API gives developers a single, secure point of access to connect to all TC content without connecting to existing systems. Public documentation is not available but can be requested over email.

TviderTvider API: Tvider is a video, audio and photo sharing service built on top of Twitter. Users can upload media, then share it in a tweet. The Tvider API exposes methods to authenticate the user, upload a media file and create a new status update on Twitter.

TyntTynt API: The Tynt API allows users to retrieve the top engaging content across our network. Filter the API by one of two methods: Keyword Search or Top Content. Utilizing Tynt's patent pending Tynt Engagement Score, Tynt analyzes millions of signals a day to highlight what users are engaging with the most. Since the Tynt Engagement Score is based on millions of implicit user interactions, it measures engagement better than explicit social "voting" where a small handful of promoters may collude to artificially boost content popularity rankings. Developers can use the API to build mobile and web applications, showcasing the most engaging content across the web. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in JSON or JSONP.

WishpondWishpond API: Wishpond is a local shopping search engine that helps users find products from nearby stores, and compare product information and prices. Retailers can use the services to reach nearby shoppers with online product listings, coupons, and targeted sales leads. The Wishpond API lets users complement their applications with all the local product information from the Wishpond database. There is no subscription or licensing fee to connect to the API. Public documentation for the API is not currently available. The API is currently in beta.