56 New APIs: Amazon Redshift, AT&T and Ford

This week we had 56 new APIs added to our API directory including a data warehouse service, checklist creation service, SMS and MMS messaging service, application development for vehicles Platform and health claim transaction information service. We also covered an API that helps streamline fleet management. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

21 Forty Medical District Slide Show Data Service21 Forty Medical District Slide Show Data Service API: 21 Forty Medical District is a community of apartment residences located in Dallas, TX. It is adjacent to UT Southwestern Medical Center and three miles north of the Central Business District. Those interested in the community can visit the 21 Forty Medical District website to access further information and to view a slide show of images from the residences. The Slide Show Data Service API allows users to retrieve these slides programmatically via SOAP calls.

A-Dato LynxA-Dato Lynx API: The service provides hosted scheduling and collaboration tools for managing projects of many types. Functions include sharing documents and data related to a project or ongoing production activities along with synchronized two-way communication. Planning and project management tools include Gantt charting and other scheduling tools to note dependencies and identify the critical path in a sequence of related activities.

API methods support Integration with other project management and collaboration/communication tools by pushing event data from the service and accepting returns for full two-way synchronisation. Methods also allow integration directly at the database level or by adapting functional components within the application suite.

Actual ReportsActual Reports API: Actual Reports Designer is a web based design tool that allows users to create custom printouts and reports and bound them with data from different sources like Excel, CSV, JSON and Google Drive Spreadsheet. The tool can be used for creating product, packaging and discount labels, invoices, business cards and much more. The API lets developers integrate the platform's functionality into existing systems while allowing them to customize their printouts. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Ad Server SolutionsAd Server Solutions API: Ad Server Solutions provides ad serving solutions for publishers, advertisers, agencies and networks. An integrated platform for ad campaign management. The advanced ad serving and managing platform allows users to plan, buy, optimize, and analyze their ad campaigns all in one place. The Ad Server Solutions API is exposed via a set of RESTful APIs. Documentation is available to customers.

Amazon RedshiftAmazon Redshift API: Amazon Redshift is a cloud based fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service. Amazon Redshift manages all the work needed to set up, operate, and scale a data warehouse cluster, from provisioning capacity to monitoring and backing up the cluster, to applying patches and upgrades. Developers interested in the API should contact Amazon for a limited preview of the service.

AT&T In-App MessagingAT&T In-App Messaging API: The service provides ability to incorporate SMS and MMS text and media messaging functions to handle messaging traffic to AT&T subscribers and those of other U.S. providers. It exposes subscriber mobile phone numbers and allows specification of message body and sender. Applications can dispatch messages for delivery to individuals or lists of up to 10 recipients.

API methods support submission of recipient mobile number and message text up to 160 characters with ISO-8859-1 formatting. Methods also support sending MMS media messages either larger than the SMS limit or including media attachments in a variety of formats. The API can also handle replies, either to the specific sender or to all recipients.

Au DéfiAu Défi API: Au Défi is a French-language website featuring educational online games. Players compete with each other for high scores, which are publicly displayed on the site. Au Défi is geared toward Canadian children, and players are invited to register their school with the site. The Au Défi API allows users to interact with the site programmatically and can be used to add or remove friends as well as retrieve player information, rankings, and other such details.

CardMeetingCardMeeting API: The service provides a shared environment for collaboration with virtual cards bearing information that meeting participants jointly consider and update. The permission model allows assignment of user accounts to project or community groups, giving them access to meeting spaces including cards created by group members. Information assigned to cards may be updated and downloaded as part of ongoing group work.

API methods support creating new cards and updating existing ones as well as exporting meeting data logged during user interactions. Methods also support controlling access to cards by assigning shared passwords that can be distributed to those granted access. Admin functions supported include monitoring the number of users currently logged in for access to a card or set of cards.

CheckmarkableCheckmarkable API: Checkmarkable is an online service that helps users document their processes with simple, reusable checklists. Checklists can be edited and shared with other users. JPGs, videos and slideshows can be embedded into checklists. With the API users can add or update content, create a team, embed checklists and much more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatetd in JSON.

Docket AlarmDocket Alarm API: Docket Alarm is a litigation activity alert service that notifies the user whenever a change happens a court case that they are following. The service brings all active cases to one place online where the user will receive notices when filings happen, when deadlines are approaching, or when court appearances have been moved. The API allows users to search through their docket, retrieve dockets, retrive documents, and perform other functions. The service uses REST calls and will return JSON or PDF.

DOE Green EnergyDOE Green Energy API: The service from the U.S. Department of Energy provides search access to a collection of resources about energy use and conservation. It retrieves listings for a managed collection of resources highlighting key concepts related to energy efficiency and conservation. Its processes emphasize cataloging of Resource content and linking of the familiar single-box search interface to a background structure of topics important in the discipline.

API methods support mapping of user keyword queries to terms from a controlled vocabulary built around scientific concepts important to green energy research. This so-called "keyword to concept" mapping converts a free-text search to a managed taxonomy, which allows retrieval of results for related terms, broader and narrower terms, and other highly targeted sematic relationships.

Dubai Health Post OfficeDubai Health Post Office API: eClaimLink is a project for providing the Dubai Health Authority with the information needed to organize, strategize, and optimize healthcare in Dubai. Dubai Health Post Office (DHPO) is the transfer hub for eClaimLink's electronic health claim transactions. The system is designed to facilitate standardized communication between providers, payers, authorities, and patients.

The DHPO API enables users to check for and retrieve prior authorization transactions. Users can also upload, download, and search for transactions. This API is accessible using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

emailRemailR API: EmailR is web-based email marketing software that enables users to professionally manage a multilingual email marketing campaign without any knowledge of programming. Users can host images on emailR servers, use predefined or personalized templates, create and work with multiple accounts, load contacts directly from remote CRM systems, and retrieve statistical results for their campaigns.

By using the emailR API, users can create and manage campaigns from any existing applications, or connect emailR to remote applications to collect information.

ERCOT MarkeTrakERCOT MarkeTrak API: The service from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) monitors electrical power generation activities and provides updates on events likely to affect electricity supply and cost within its service area. ERCOT manages distribution of approximately 85 percent of electric power used in the state. Its information service generates alerts for purchasing utilities and power suppliers alike about trends in the Texas markets.

API methods support access to press reports, estimates of electricity supply and demand for specified time periods, notification of planned and unplanned service disruptions, and related information.

Everyman Theatre AutocompleteEveryman Theatre Autocomplete API: Gloucestershire's theatre, The Everyman, has been in service since 1891. The Everyman hosts ballet, opera, drama, dance, comedy, music, and pantomime performances. They also offer a multitude of community projects, education workshops, and youth theatre productions.

Visitors to the Everyman website can look up information on upcoming performances and book their tickets. The "Event Search" box at the top of the page features an autocomplete service that suggests event titles to site visitors as they type. This autocomplete feature is programmatically accessible through the SOAP-based Everyman Theatre Autocomplete API.

Facturar en Línea Remote ConnectionFacturar en Línea Remote Connection API: Facturar en Línea (FEL) provides Mexican companies with electronic billing services. These services adhere to Mexico's legal requirements regarding the use of CFDIs in online billing. CFDI stands for Comprobantes Fiscales Digitales por Internet (trans. Digital Online Tax Receipts). The Remote Connection API provides programmatic access to FEL's billing services via SOAP calls issued in XML format. The FEL website is provided solely in Spanish.

FordFord API: Ford Motor Company offers a developer program for developers to create voice-activated applications to be integrated into vehicle technology. With AppLink and Sync by Ford, developers can integrate smartphone applications that can be used in vehicles.

Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here: https://developer.ford.com/become-a-member/.

GaiaSupGaiaSup API: GaiaSup is a spatial engine that developers can use to build location-based services or geospatial applications. GaiaSup allows developers to store and retrieve spatial coordinates that are managed by an in-memory spatial database. This allows data to be processed and retrieved quickly, which makes GaiaSup suitable for real-time interactions wherein people need to instantly disseminate or receive messages.

GaiaSup's functions can be integrated into apps and services using its API, which uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Getit Hot DealsGetit Hot Deals API: Getit Hot Deals is a website designed to help businesses and customers in more than 30 cities in India connect with each other. Local businesses can advertise their products and sales through the site, and prospective customers can use the site to search for the products and services that they need.

The Getit Hot Deals API enables users to interact with the site programmatically. Some uses include searching the site and retrieving cached Hot Deals. The API can be accessed using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Glen Abbey Golf Club Photo AlbumGlen Abbey Golf Club Photo Album API: The Glen Abbey Golf Club is a Canadian golf club that is open to both ClubLink members and public golfers. Their website hosts a photo album, which is programmatically accessible via SOAP API. The Photo Album API enables users to load all or some of the images from the photo album onto their own websites.

GlobalTranz CarrierrateGlobalTranz Carrierrate API: GlobalTranz provides Carrierrate.com as a free online freight booking solution for their customers. The Carrierrate API enables users to confirm the transfer of a shipment and retrieve all information relevant to the transfer. Additionally, users may look up invoices by user name or BOL number, or look up the current status of a shipment based on its tracking number. Another feature allows users to retrieve full details on the carrier charging the lowest rate for a given shipment location and shipment specifications.

IfisClean Image ModerationIfisClean Image Moderation API: IfisClean provides moderation services for images by leveraging a trained worldwide workforce. Using an API, developers can pass a URL and IfisClean will POST back to their server letting them know if the image is offensive or pornographic. Public documentation is not available.

in2Erain2Era API: The service provides embedded links to purchase books and other educational materials intended for children in kindergarten and primary grades. Educational content and activities are also provided, all integrated in websites of registered distributors reaching children or their parents.

API methods provide access to information from the product catalog to support display of item listings and provide content purchased via the integration. Information is updated only as products are added, so the provider recommends caching product records locally for improved performance.

Jonathan Club Photo AlbumJonathan Club Photo Album API: The Jonathan Club is a private social club located in California. Their website hosts a photo album, which is not available to the general public. The Photo Album API enables users to load all or some of the images from the photo album onto their own websites. This API is accessible via SOAP calls issued in XML format.

LobbyFacts DataLobbyFacts Data API: LobbyFacts provides access to information regarding the lobbyists and consultants who influence the European Union's (EU) policies and decisions. It also provides access to financial information on grants issued by the EU to various entities. The LobbyFacts Data API provides easy access to all of this information via REST calls, which may be issued in JSON, JSONP, or CSV format. All of the databases referenced by LobbyFacts are hosted by the European Commission website.

LumesseLumesse API: The service provides a hosted platform for human resources functions, including recruiting, management of employee records, timesheet and work shift reporting, performance assessment, and related activities. It allows enterprise HR staff to create and update job descriptions, post open positions and collect applications, manage the hiring process, as well as interacting with current employees.

API methods support recruiting by allowing external applications to retrieve open position postings and by processing responses from job seekers, including candidate data management, processing of resumes and related documents, and interaction with background checking services. Employee reporting methods allow for submission of timesheets and completion of performance assessment instruments.

myFreight Rate QuotemyFreight Rate Quote API: myFreight is a full-service, online shipping Portal that helps shippers of all sizes with savings, visibility, and support. It offers a web-based serviced by which users can centralize all shipping needs. myFrieght Rate quote integrates into internal systems to allow clients to estimate shipping costs on-demand and streamline the process by automating shipping requirements and generating rate quotes. Contact myFreight for API information.

MynaMyna API: Myna is an A/B testing service, a type of tool for testing the effectiveness of proposed website changes. It does so by presenting some visitors with the original site and others with the updated version of the site. The impacts of both versions on user behavior are then monitored and compared. Myna employs multi-armed bandit algorithms, a Machine Learning technique that optimizes experiments as they run, resulting in more conversions and faster tests. Myna can be integrated with the user's website using its RESTful API, which employs calls issued in JSON and JSONP.

MYSuiteMYSuite API: MYSuite is an electronic billing service for companies that do business in Mexico, especially independent, small, and medium companies. MYSuite is also an authorized provider of Digital Online Tax Receipts (CFDI). As a result, customers can use MYSuite to generate, deliver, receive, and store bills in a manner that complies with Mexican laws regarding online billing. MYSuite's functions can be accessed programmatically via SOAP API.

NA-ARCNA-ARC API: The global Argo array is made of about 3,000 free-drifting floats measuring temperature and salinity (along with possibly other parameters such as oxygen) of the upper ocean.

The North Atlantic Argo Regional Center (NA-ARC) focuses on profiles located in North Atlantic Ocean North of 20S, in the Mediterranean and Arctic Seas. The NA-ARC Web API provides a set of services with many functions to retrieve information about Argo profiles and floats in the North Atlantic Ocean. Those information are based or computed from the NA-ARC database updated daily. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

National Taiwan University ActivityNational Taiwan University Activity API: The National Taiwan University (NTU) website provides the Activity API for retrieving information on persons with NTU accounts and monitoring their activities on the site while logged in. Retrievable information includes the user's department, registration information, attempts at retrieving a lost password, etc. This API is accessible via SOAP calls issued in XML format. The NTU website is provided in both Chinese and English.

Nature.com OpenSearchNature.com OpenSearch API: Nature.com is the online portal for the Nature Publishing Group, a major publisher of important scientific and medical information, both in print and online. The nature.com OpenSearch API provides an open, bibliographic search service for the site's content, which comprises around half a million news and research articles and citations. Indexes covering the complete publication history for all journals listed at nature.com are searchable as well. The OpenSearch API uses RESTful calls that may be issued in a variety of data formats.

NREL PVWattsNREL PVWatts API: The service estimates the expected performance of photovoltaic (PV) energy systems suitable for residential and small commercial applications. Simulations estimate energy production from PV cells, given a location and other operating conditions, along with cost savings. Cost data assume that a system is connected to an existing electrical power grid rather than free-standing.

API methods support submission of a location, specified as address or latitude and longitude, along with system operating parameters such as generating capacity, solar tracking functions, and operating times including daily schedules. Cost savings parameters include system initial cost, maintenance cost and deterioration over time, financing costs, tax effects, and related variables.

Opencaching.usOpencaching.us API: Opencaching.us is the official Opencaching site for North America and all US Territories. Users can add to the site's database of cache including descriptions and instructions necessary to find them. Users can also can organize their favorite caches, build custom searches, be instantly notified of new caches, seek and create caches of all types, export GPX queries and more. This data can be accessed via an API. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

PancakePancake API: Pancake is an invoicing app that includes online invoicing, project management, time tracking, proposals, file delivery, client access areas, and other features. The Pancake API allows users to access the functionality of the pancake app service through HTML. The API uses REST calls and requires and API keys for use.

PayPointPayPoint API: The service headquartered in the UK provides payment processing for e-commerce transactions and other online exchanges. It can verify validity and credit limits for credit and debit cards, then complete real-time payment and transfer funds to the seller's account. Payment options include Visa, MasterCard/Maestro, and Paypal.

API methods support secure, real time payment processing. Methods handle pre-authorization for credit and debit card number and transaction amount, providing an authorization code for use in completing payment. Methods also clear payments through the card provider's system and return confirmation of the funds transfer to both buyer and seller.

Print Audit ICEPrint Audit ICE API: Print Audit is a company that develops printing-related software. The Information Collection Engine (ICE) is web-based software that collects information from printers and transmits that data to Print Audit's secure servers for their users to access. It gathers a printer's location, serial number, IP address, MAC address, page counts, toner levels, status, and alerts (e.g. out of paper, paper jam). No personal or user data is collected. The SOAP-based ICE API enables users to interact with ICE programmatically.

Realtime RegisterRealtime Register API: Realtime Register is a registrar that Builds tools and solutions for domain resellers. The central API of Realtime Register merges many different registration rules and procedures to ensure that each domain name registration is submitted in exactly the same way. This service can be accessed using either the HTTP (REST) or EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) protocol.

The HTTP API automates the registration process while making minimal changes to the developer's website. Larger resellers, such as those using a fully automated system, may opt to connect directly with the Realtime Register server through the EPP API.

San Luis Obispo Country Club Photo AlbumSan Luis Obispo Country Club Photo Album API: The San Luis Obispo Country Club is a private country club located among the hills and vineyards of California. Their website hosts a photo album, which is not available to the general public. The Photo Album API enables users to load all or some of the images from the photo album onto their own websites. This API is accessible via SOAP calls issued in XML format.

SCAPSyncSCAPSync API: SCAPSync aims to demystify SCAP for security practitioners by collecting and organizing SCAP content inso an easy, fast, and clean interface. It also aims to develop a SCAP repository that developers can towards their own solutions. The SCAPSync API allows users to get a single CVE entry in machine-readable format almost instantaneously. The service uses REST calls and can return JSON or XML.

SchedEzSchedEz API: The service provides a hosted learning management platform with scheduling for educational activities. It allows instructors to create and update online class information resources, manage student lists, schedule class sessions and assignments, track attendance, collect and assess student submissions, etc. The service also facilitates faculty recruiting and compensation for the educational institution.

API methods support integration with other systems used by education providers, including HR systems for managing staff records and student information systems for handling data about learners. Methods support creating and managing class portals, scheduling class activities, attendance tracking, and managing coursework, including student completion of assignments and instructor assessments.

Seattle ClearinghouseSeattle Clearinghouse API: Seattle is the name of a platform for networking and distributed systems research. The Seattle Clearinghouse website can be used to share resources with other users or to obtain resources for one's own project. The Seattle network's global distribution makes it useful for working with applications such as cloud computing, peer-to-peer networking, mobile computing, and distributed systems.

For clients wishing to access Seattle Clearinghouse's functionality without going through the website, an XML- RPC API is available.

Second Life Grid SurveySecond Life Grid Survey API: Second Life Grid Survey provides metrics for the Second Life Grid, the platform for the online virtual world. Through a series of HTTP calls, the Second Life Grid Survey API allows developers to query named regions of the grid and to retrieve a range of Second Life metrics.

SEOgadget LinksSEOgadget Links API: SEOgadget is an internet marketing agency specializing in conversion rate optimization analysis and search marketing. The API allows users to Fetch and store data on the links to their site and perform a bulk analysis of those inbound links. Users can gather information such as link metrics from SEOmoz, site contact details, Google pageranks, host location and authorship information. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Shaw Tracking Hours of ServiceShaw Tracking Hours of Service API: Shaw Tracking provides integrated on-board computing and wireless data services designed to benefit the Canadian transportation, mobile workforce, and logistics industries. One of their fleet management services is the Hours of Service (HOS) Web Service. It works with an electronic on-board recording system to retrieve driver logs, violations, odometer readings, etc. This information is accessible through a web interface or programmatically using the SOAP-based HOS API.

SMS TelintelSMS Telintel API: SMS Telintel is a platform for designing, creating, and managing services that are provided via SMS messaging. Such services may include marketing campaigns, PR campaigns, games, opinion polls, etc. One component of this platform is the Bulk SMS service, which enables users to send an SMS message to a large group of recipients with a single command. The Bulk SMS service can be fully integrated with the user's software, services, and websites through the RESTful SMS Telintel API.

Sugar Creek Country Club Photo AlbumSugar Creek Country Club Photo Album API: The Sugar Creek Country Club is prestigious country club located southwest of the Houston Metropolitan area. Their website hosts a photo album, which is not available to the general public. The Photo Album API enables users to load all or some of the images from the photo album onto their own websites. This API is accessible via SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Super Fund Lookup SearchSuper Fund Lookup Search API: The Super Fund Lookup website provides access to publicly available information about super funds that have an ABN (Australian Business Number). Such information includes the complying status and contact details for a fund. Interested parties can search for super funds directly from the website using the web interface or programmatically using the SOAP-based API. The web interface lets users search for a super fund by name or ABN, while the API currently lets users search by ABN only.

TecCom Open MessagingTecCom Open Messaging API: TecCom is a leading B2B (business-to-business) platform for the international automotive aftermarket. TecCom offers products and services that simplify and automate business processes between parts manufacturers and wholesale traders.

The Open Messaging web service enables users to communicate with TecCom's Asynchronous processes, such as the despatch advice process, the stock order process, and the invoice process. The TecCom Open Messaging API enables users to ping the Open Messaging service to make sure it is functional. Although it is referenced repeatedly in process documentation, the Open Messaging service itself lacks public documentation.

Tel-O-Fun GeoTel-O-Fun Geo API: Tel-O-Fun Geo is a company that provides bicycle rental services to residents and visitors within Tel Aviv-Yafo. Tel-O-Fun advertises hundreds of bikes for rent in a simple, efficient, and convenient manner at rental stations across the city. On their website, they provide an API for retrieving the bicycle stations closest to the user.

The World Photo AlbumThe World Photo Album API: The World is the largest privately owned residential yacht on earth. It has 165 onboard residences and has been continuously circumnavigating the world since 2002. The World's website hosts a photo album, which is programmatically accessible via SOAP API. The Photo Album API enables users to load all or some of the images from the photo album onto their own websites.

Tribune Media Services OnConnectTribune Media Services OnConnect API: The OnConnect APIs are a suite that provide access to a wide range of data for movies, celebrities and TV for use in mobile apps. The service combines a powerful set of data delivery APIs with world class image hosting. Also included in the suite are online video data APIs to integrate online and over-the-top (OTT) video content and capablities into video product offerings. TMS Image Cloud provides on-demand, web-scale delivery of entertainment images to TMS customers.

USFWS Geospatial ServiceUSFWS Geospatial Service API: The service from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provides geospatial data about U.S. wildlife habitats, including fisheries. It supports integration of data about animal populations and habitats from human observers and remote sensing networks with geographic information systems (GIS), including global positioning system (GPS) references.

API methods support ArcGIS format for creating, updating, and distributing geospatial data collected during implementation of the USFWS Operational Plan. Methods give access to data about wildlife with GIS and GPS identifiers to allow mapping of observations and integration with other resource mapping applications. Datasets identify and allow mapping of coastal resources and wetlands, critical habitats inland, ecosystem regions, Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) and National Wildlife Refuges, migratory bird movements, and others.

Vasttrafik TravelPlannerVasttrafik TravelPlanner API: Västtrafik is the second-largest public transportation company in Sweden. Customers have the option of purchasing tickets online in the form of SMS for their iPhones or Android devices. The Västtrafik API enables users to look up the SMS code and price of the ticket they want. This service uses SOAP calls issued in XML format. The Västtrafik website is provided primarily in Swedish with English translations available for some sections.

Voodoo.com Domain ParkingVoodoo.com Domain Parking API: Voodoo.com is a domain parking platform with the aim of helping users make money on their domains. The platform helps users manage their domain portfolio and optimize their domains to display relevant landing pages and advertising to their visitors. Some of the available tools include an ad provider, one and two click landers, customizable layouts and an API. The API is free to customers and provides programmatic access to the full functionality of the platform.

XchangeonlineXchangeonline API: The Xchangeonline API provides developers with currency conversion functionality and currency rounding functionality. All exchange rates are kept current. Developers simply call the API specifying the Function(conversion or rounding), amount of money, the current currency, the desired currency value, and the API Key giving them access to the service. The API then returns the value of the money in the currency desired. It also supports a wide variety of development platforms and over 100 different currencies.