56 New APIs: Art.sy, PBS and Visual Voicemail

This week we had 56 new APIs added to our API directory including a mobile and web application usage service, PBS video metadata service, e-mail marketing service, artwork information discovery service, visual voicemail services and an online appointment management service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

appMobiappMobi API: The service supports creation and delivery of mobile applications under the iOS and Android operating systems based on HTML5. Applications developed and hosted within the Platform can take advantage of Authentication services, in-app payments functions, rich-media messaging, and user analytics reports.

API methods support combining functional modules and implementing code to develop applications for delivery via the platform. Applications can upload code and imagery and implement messaging with rich-media elements, along with user authentication and payment processing.

Arne Elofsson's EMBRACEArne Elofsson's EMBRACE API: Arne Elofsson offers a collection of SOAP APIs based on EMBRACE bioinformatics software. Usable functions include biological sequence alignment, homology modelling, Hidden Markov Model based homology scoring, searching among the proteins of the OPM database, and membrane protein Z-coordinate prediction. Additional EMBRACE-based APIs are under development.

art.syart.sy API: The service provides search access to images and information about artworks from prominent galleries, museums, and even private collections worldwide. It was developed as part of the Art Genome Project, which is a long-term research effort to identify the characteristics of works of art that define, distinguish, and connect them. The service describes works of art via combinations of 800+ "genes" that identify characteristics such as associated movements within art history, subject matter, and formal qualities like media, materials, and techniques.

API methods support multi-faceted search against the accumulated database of artwork descriptions. Methods support submission of search queries specifying combinations of the characteristics defined in the Art Genome. Methods also allow browse access to listings for exhibitions in which artworks have been displayed as well as search for specific collections of art.

BioMartBioMart API: BioMart provides free software and data services to the international scientific community in order to foster scientific collaboration and facilitate the scientific discovery process. A number of servers providing access to a wide range of research data have been set up by the BioMart community. Using BioMart's data federation technology, Data Portals have been established to provide a convenient single point of access to all of these data servers.

CalcXML Financial CalculatorCalcXML Financial Calculator API: The service accepts input data for standard financial calculations and provides results in XML format. Calculation services focus on investment decisions and questions posed to investment advisors, but they address many types of transactions, including loan and mortgage payments, home and auto purchases, retirement income, college costs and savings, and others.

API methods provide results of standard calculations for business cash flow, investment returns, savings rates and retirement income, credit decisions, college and education costs, and more.

CBRC MAFFTCBRC MAFFT API: CBRC MAFFT is a multiple sequence alignment program for amino acids and nucleotides. Users must input the sequences they wish to align in FASTA format. A number of advanced settings are available, including style of alignment (constrained by speed and the number of sequences), scoring matrix parameters, and the use of homologs. CBRC MAFFT's functions can be accessed programmatically via SOAP API.

ClickBookClickBook API: The service provides a web-based system for booking and scheduling appointments. It is intended to meet the needs of small business operations like massage studios, hair salons, and similar appointment-based processes. Primary users currently are in the U.S., Australia, Canada, and the U.K.

Primary API methods support retrieving available appointment slots by day, time, and provider and submitting an appointment request. Methods also manage user accounts and tracking appointments set.

CloudPassageCloudPassage API: CloudPassage is a service that allows users to secure their cloud servers and hosting. Some features of CloudPassage include firewall automation, authentication, and file integrity monitoring.

The CloudPassage API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of CloudPassage with other applications. Some example API methods include managing firewall settings, managing accounts, and managing server information.

ConsensusPathDBConsensusPathDB API: ConsensusPathDB integrates biological interaction networks in humans, yeasts, and mice. Such networks include binary and complex protein-protein, genetic, metabolic, signaling, gene regulatory, and drug-target interactions, as well as biochemical pathways. Data currently originates from 30 public resources. Programmatic access to ConsensusPathDB is possible using a SOAP-based API.

Data ExplorersData Explorers API: Data Explorers is a provider of securities lending data tracking across all global market sectors. Data Explorers collects data 24 hours a day from all securities finance practitioners: Agent Lenders, Sell Side and Buy Side. The company offers analytics to help clients identify investment opportunities and manage risk.

The Data Explorers API allows developers to integrate the database directly into their own workflow. The API can be used to deliver long and short flow data at an enterprise level via web, mobile or bespoke trading systems. It uses both SOAP and HTTP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

EASIEASI API: The EASI (Enterprise Applications and Solutions Integration) API was developed as a method by which University of Toronto staff members could access ROSI (Repository of Student Information) programmatically. ROSI is an institutional system that supports the operations, planning, and management of students' academic records, accounts, and awards. It is the definitive source of institutional data on applicants, students, and alumni with respect to their work in degree, diploma, and certificate programs at the University of Toronto.

Email CheckerEmail Checker API: The service integrates real-time validation of email addresses into other web applications or sites. It prevents users from creating accounts using false emails to receive services without complying with site terms of service. It can also help to ensure delivery of e-commerce order notifications and validate contact data collected via non-web methods.

API methods support submission of email addresses provided by customers or collected in other ways, and return data provide the result of the validation check.

EVS iDriveEVS iDrive API: IDrive Encrypted Versioned file System (EVS) is a service, primarily used by individual users and small businesses that provides secure, encrypted and versioned cloud based backup. The IDrive API allows users to customize, develop, store and access data and storage. Methods expose functionality such as downloading any version of a file, configuring and validating an account, search, retrieving properties of a file or folder and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

FlomioFlomio API: Flomio is a service for near field communications (NFC), allowing phones to touch readers and tags for scanning and transmission of information and data. Flomio has a variety of uses, such as event management, retail, and healthcare.

The Flomio API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Flomio with applications and devices. Some example API methods include listing information fields, listing and retrieving reading devices, and managing account information.

GBR DirectGBR Direct API: The Irish service gives unified access to listings in national registers of business organizations across Europe. It establishes a network of business registers separately maintained by both official national registration authorities and private registries. This network simplifies access to officially submitted company information to allow comparison of results.

API methods support single-point access to registries of business organizations across Europe. Returned data reflect officially required reporting by EU companies.

GenomeMatrixGenomeMatrix API: GenomeMatrix performs parallel genome analyses and connects multi-species functional information with a collection of manually curated experimental data. It is capable of displaying multi-species data sets for single genes, pathways, or entire chromosomal regions inside an interactive matrix display. If desired, users can retrieve additional detailed information and references. Some of GenomeMatrix's functions are available programmatically as SOAP APIs.

GeomaxServiceGeomaxService API: GeomaxService is a SOAP-based API for retrieving Naturalis-related information. Naturalis is the Netherlands Centre for Biodiversity. The GeomaxService API claims to retrieve taxonomy, chronology, and geology data related to Naturalis finds. This API is poorly documented and does not appear to be affiliated with Naturalis.

GetpincodeGetpincode API: GetPincode is a search engine that lets users find pincodes for postal address in India. Users can enter a place such as state name, city name etc. and the search engine will return the pincode of any India postal address. GetPincode also allows users to edit pincode information that is incorrect and cite the source of the correct information. The search engine can also list all of the addresses that fall within a given pincode for address verification purposes. The GetPincode API allows developers to access pincode (postal code) data for Indian addresses. It uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

GPS ExplorerGPS Explorer API: The GPS Explorer data Portal provides tools to access and explore GPS data, positions, time series, velocities, and strain from stations covering Western North America. These data products are generated as part of a NASA MEaSURES project, and are updated weekly. The portal allows users to log in, perform GPS data and modeling operations, and save their options. Some of GPS Explorer's functions are available via SOAP API.

IHMC CmapIHMC Cmap API: Cmap is an API that allows third party developers to design programs that interact with the CmapTools suite of programs. CmapTools allows users to construct, navigate, share, and criticize concept maps. Concept maps are graphical tools for organizing and representing knowledge. They are composed of concepts, usually enclosed in circles or boxes of some type, and relationships, which are indicated by a connecting line linking two concepts. Cmap operates over SOAP using the XML data format.

India.dj ResellerIndia.dj Reseller API: India.dj Reseller is a white-label platform that allows individuals to buy and resell assets to customers using ready-made, privately labeled websites. The platform includes services such as domains, hosting, email, and site building, allowing users to focus on exchanging goods rather than establishing business processes and platforms from the ground up.

The Reseller API provides programmatic access to many of the platform's features and services. Some examples of relevant pieces of the platform that can be accessed and manipulated by the API include domains, contacts, customers, resellers, products, email, and other web services. This API is available in HTTP and SOAP, using either JSON or XML response formats as defined by the user.

INRIXINRIX API: The service provides traffic information for locations in the U.S. and Europe, with algorithms for route selection and optimization. It integrates mapping of road systems with congestion reports to estimate travel times and suggest the quickest routes.

API methods allow retrieval of map-based traffic information for a specified location and destination, using a continuously updated database of traffic conditions. Methods support web-based and mobile applications. Full Documentation is not publicly available.

JimssquareJimssquare API: Jimssquare is a provider of online time tracking software. This tool lets users track their time, capture, organize and analyze their tasks, manage their budgets and create invoices. The API provides access to the service's functionality and lets developers connect it with third party applications. Data that can be accessed includes time stamps, tags and labels. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON. The site and documentation are in German.

keen.iokeen.io API: keen.io is a service that offers mobile and web application analytics. keen.io tracks and records in-application actions of the application's users.

The keen.io API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of keen.io with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving usage information, creating events to capture usage informaiton, and managing account information.

KinveyKinvey API: Kinvey enables developers to setup, use, and operate a cloud backend for mobile applications. Servers, maintenance, and Scaling are all taken care of by Kinvey's backend-as-a-service architecture. Kinvey's API's and libraries enable developers focus on developing their application without spending time crafting a custom backend solution.

Kinvey's's services include data stores that can accommodate nested data structures, typed values, and advanced queries, cloud-backed storage for media, and functionality for tracking and leveraging user data. Kinvey provides detailed SDK's for iOS and Android, as well as their REST-based API for HTML5 and other platforms.

MapRendererServiceMapRendererService API: MapRendererService is a SOAP-based API for rendering maps. Map rendering is the process of taking raw geospatial data and generating a visual map from it. The API can be used to retrieve map information, legends, and feature information. It also supports map geometry conversions. This API is poorly documented.

ModeRNAModeRNA API: ModeRNA is a program for comparative modeling of RNA 3D structures. It uses a pairwise sequence alignment and a structural template to generate 3D structural models of the target RNA sequences via either fully-automated or script-based approaches. ModeRNA is capable of handling 115 different nucleotide modifications and can also bridge gaps using fragments derived from an extensive fragment Library. Apart from that, ModeRNA offers a multitude of functions for examining and modifying RNA structure files.

MRSMRS API: MRS is a search service for biological and medical databases such as EMBL, Genbank, Interpro, PDB, and Swiss-Prot. It allows users to cover well over a terabyte of indexed text in a single search. The current version of MRS-5 is written in C++. The MRS search engine can be accessed programmatically via SOAP APIs.

MyHitsMyHits API: MyHits is a free database devoted to protein domains. It is also a collection of tools for investigating the relationships between protein sequences and the motifs described on them. Motifs are defined by a heterogeneous collection of predictors, including regular expressions, generalized profiles, and hidden Markov models. Much of MyHits' data and functions are available via SOAP API.

Nuclear Protein DatabaseNuclear Protein Database API: The Nuclear Protein Database (NPD) contains information on proteins that are localized to the nuclei of vertebrate cells. Over 1000 vertebrate proteins, mainly from mice and humans, are included. When known, the sub-nuclear compartment where the protein was found is reported. The NPD also provides information on a protein's amino acid sequence, predicted size, and isoelectric point, as well as any repeats, motifs, or domains within the sequence. Where appropriate, links to other databases are provided.

OnlinePizza.seOnlinePizza.se API: OnlinePizza.se provides a RESTful API that allows users to order pizza from 945 pizzerias in 155 cities and towns throughout Sweden. Orders can be created and sent programmatically, yielding JSON responses for order confirmation. This service can also be used to query a database of menus, customer reviews, and restaurant information.

OpenXCOpenXC API: The service enables an Android smartphone to communicate with an installed hardware module to read performance measures from a car's internal control functions. Reports of the data can be integrated with Android applications to allow monitoring of the car's functioning. The operating data can also be integrated with other connected services.

API methods support communication with the hardware module, retrieval of data it collects, and management of reporting functions.

PBS COVEPBS COVE API: The PBS COVE API was created with the intent of exposing PBS video metadata to users. A wide range of data can be pulled using the API including title, descriptions, video type, link to transcript, iTunes purchase link, links to streaming video media, and other metadata. Videos offered online are available through Real Time Messaging Protocol links to .mp4 or .flv encoded videos, while some newer national programs have been encoded for playback on Apple mobile devices using HTTP Live Streaming.

The API itself is divided into three subsections: Categories, Programs, and Videos. Categories are ways of organizing programs and videos, while Programs are "buckets" for one to many Videos. These distinct sections are intended to create a taxonomy for the data exposed by the PBS COVE API, to the end of providing developers with a standard that enables more robust uses of the information the service makes available. All calls to this API must be authenticated - there are no sessions. Every call is limited to 200 results, though subsequent calls can retrieve data in "pages".

PBS Image Transformation ServicePBS Image Transformation Service API: The PBS Image Transformation Service (ITS) is exposes a tool created to take large "mezzanine" images and reduce them to a variety of sizes. ITS takes a single image and retrofit it into assorted pages and platforms, while accommodating the different image sizes that may be required. Images manipulated using the ITS are never cropped, and preserve the original aspect ratio. This service supports .jpg, .png, and .gif files.

The API operates by directly uploading the image files to the ITS repository, where the images will be transformed on the fly. Access to this free service is only available by contacting the provider at http://open.pbs.org/.

PBS Universal User AuthenticationPBS Universal User Authentication API: The PBS Universal User Authentication (UUA) API provides developers with a system that allows for secure creation and management of user accounts withing their application. Once user accounts are created, the PBS UUA API exposes RESTful methods for accessing and modifying information about authenticated users within the application.

Access to this API is only granted on a case-by-case basis, and only where other methods of accessing and modifying user information will not work - for example on new platforms or devices which do not support standards-compliant user services.

PconsPcons API: Pcons is a program for ranking protein models by assessing their quality. Users input a set of possible protein models which can, and should, be produced using various methods and approaches. The Pcons protocol analyzes the models and looks for recurring three-dimensional structural patterns. Each model is assigned a score reflecting how common its structural patterns are in the whole ensemble of models. The idea is that recurring patterns are more likely to be correct than patterns that only occur in just one or a few models.

Progetto Tessera SanitariaProgetto Tessera Sanitaria API: The Progetto Tessera Sanitaria (trans: Health Card Project) API establishes a method for transmitting prescription information online. This information provides for the needs of both pharmaceutical specialists and outpatients. The API provides an online connection between individual prescribers and the Sistema di Accoglienza Centrale (trans: System of Central Reception). The Progetto Tessera Sanitaria's functions are available to users via SOAP calls. All documentation is in Italian.

Push Open DoorPush Open Door API: Push Entertainment provides a platform that lets developers integrate a variety of features, such as user profiles, rewards, points, user incentives, registration, login, and privacy management into their web sites.

The Push Open Door API allows programmatic access to much of the data and functionality provided by the Push Platform via SOAP protocol. The functionality exposed by the API includes such things as user login (including Facebook connect, Google login, and site specific login), exporting of user data, reporting and analytics, and various methods for tracking and engaging user behavior. The Push platform is available with tiered pricing options and, as such, requires an account with service for access.

Raphael Research ResourceRaphael Research Resource API: The service exposes linked data from the U.K National Gallery's collection of works by the 16th-century painter Raphael. It provides access to images with descriptive text and metadata. Information represents a period of more than 500 years and documents the history and provenance of the artworks described, with background on techniques and materials used.

Applications can access selected data via SPARQL queries or retrieve the complete ontology. Provided data are in RDF format.

ShipCompliant MarketplaceShipCompliant Marketplace API: The service enables collaboration between online sellers of wine and wineries to allow fulfillment of orders compliant with government regulations on selling and shipping wine. It checks for legal compliance at the time a transaction is booked, ensuring documentation of the selling licensee, proper acceptance or rejection of the offer, processing of payment, and disbursement of proceeds.

API methods support submission of an offer to purchase and compliance checks against state and federal law, based on the specific customer, seller, and shipper.

Social Solutions ETO SoftwareSocial Solutions ETO Software API: Social Solutions creates project management evaluation software for human services organizations, mostly in the fields of health and social services. The ETO-1 API provides two kinds of applications: 1. Workflow, such as dashboards and client directories, for frontline staff. 2. Performance evaluation, such as reports on collected data and secured data storage. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

StoreMailStoreMail API: StoreMail is an email marketing solution for online retailers that captures customers' email addresses at checkout. In addition, StoreMail can integrate with an online shopping cart's product catalog and order history. This gives retailers the tools needed to put together customized and highly-targeted newsletters and autoresponders.

The StoreMail API is a set of web services that may use to work with contacts, segments and newsletters. The API uses both SOAP and HTTP protocol and responses are formatted in

StormpathStormpath API: Stormpath is a cloud based service that is used to manage users and ease authentication and access control within applications. The API provides programmatic access to the functionality of the service. This includes basic CRUD operations on accounts, applications, directories, groups and tenants. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON. Full documentation is not publicly available.

STRINGSTRING API: STRING is a database of known and predicted protein interactions, including both direct (physical) and indirect (functional) associations. They are derived from genomic context, high-throughput experiments, coexpression, and prior knowledge. STRING quantitatively integrates interaction data from these sources for a large number of organisms and transfers information between those organisms where applicable. The STRING database currently includes more than five million proteins from over one thousand organisms.

TekGuard Product InfoTekGuard Product Info API: TekGuard Online Guardian is the website for Vinfo's security products. Vinfo (Vector Information Systems Inc.) is a boutique technology consulting firm and specialty software provider. Its security products are designed to eliminate spam and filter traffic on e-mail servers. The TekGuard Product Info API is used by the TekGuard website to retrieve information on Vinfo's security products via SOAP calls.

TelAPITelAPI API: TelAPI is a platform for telephony applications. TelAPI allows users to add voice and SMS and other telephony features to applications. Some features include sending and receiving SMS messages, phone calls, adding voice features to applications, and buying phone numbers.

The TelAPI allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of TelAPI with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include listing calls, making calls, managing recordings, and adding audio effects.

TempoDBTempoDB API: TempoDB is a database and platform for time-series data storage, reporting, and analytics. TempoDB offers data visualization and analysis tools, storage and hosting options, and reporting features.

The TempoDB API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of TempoDB with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving data by time period, adding data, and managing data series.

TOPCONSTOPCONS API: TOPCONS is a program for predicting the topology of an alpha-helical membrane protein based on its amino acid sequence. The prediction is a consensus from five different topology prediction algorithms which are used as input for the TOPCONS hidden Markov model. This gives a consensus prediction for the protein, along with a reliability score based on the agreement of the included methods across the sequence. In addition, ZPRED is used to predict the Z-coordinate of each amino acid. TOPCONS functions are available programmatically via SOAP calls.

TradeHarbor VoiceSig ExpressTradeHarbor VoiceSig Express API: TradeHarbor makes web services that help prevent fraudulent online transactions. Voice Signature Service (VSS) is their primary offering, a voice recognition service that can be used for transactions that require authentication and authorization. VoiceSigExpress is a secure API format of VSS that uses XML or VoiceXML to compare utterances against a Normalized Detector Scale and return a confidence score that may grant authenticated users a variety of permissions, such as login or to verbally sign legally binding agreements.

Travelisense OpenDistributionTravelisense OpenDistribution API: The service provides unified access travel information from a distributed partner network of separate systems specializing in information about flights, hotels, car rental, insurance, and entertainment options. The service returns a range of content in response to a single submission so applications need not separately contact all the providers involved.

API methods support submission of a query specifying the desired departure and destination locations, along with desired information. The response provides a compiled package of results gathered from separate providers.

USGS Seamless DatasetsUSGS Seamless Datasets API: The USGS Seamless Datasets service is a collection of three API's that work in tandem to provide developers with a programmatic portal to the USGS Seamless and Tiled Server's data holdings. The Seamless Data Warehouse contains massive amounts of data compiled by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) - two projects backed by the Department of the Interior to create, maintain, and allow access to geospatial data of the United States.

The first of these API's is the Inventory Service, a data discovery service that provides information about what data is available in the server over a particular area of interest.

The Request Validation Service uses dataset information generated by previous calls to the Inventory Service (including the user-defined area of interest) to verify and validate the informaiton, resulting in a fully parameterized URL or set of URL's that can be used by the download service.

The download service takes the parameterized URL(s) created by the Request Validation Service to initiate a request for data, query the system for request status updates, and finally return the requested data to the user in XML format.

VesselTrackerVesselTracker API: The service provides online access to location and status information for registered ships and boats worldwide. Vessel traffic is logged by satellite and terrestrial tracking technologies and reported on the site and via API.

API methods support retrieval of data about ships' movements and status (docked, underway, etc.), vessel characteristics, and port activity. Additional data available include schedules, expected arrivals, and vessel master data. Email for detailed information.

WebLib PolymetaWebLib Polymeta API: The service provides federated search and clustering of results from queries across multiple repositories. Its common interface allows applications to execute searches simultaneously against a diverse range of web-based information providers. It merges results and presents them ranked by relevance to the query.

API methods support query submission and execution of algorithms for Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval to analyze and refine submitted queries. Applications can specify search strategy, relevancy ranking, and further processing of filter the result set.

WysuFormsWysuForms API: WysuForms is an enterprise feedback management service. It can be used to create surveys for internet or intranet use. Types of surveys it can create include customer satisfaction surveys, invitation forms, interactive newsletters, quizzes, and more. The WysuForm service can be downloaded or accessed via SOAP API.

The WysuForms website and API documentation are available in French, English, and Spanish.

YouMailYouMail API: YouMail offers a visual voicemail application for use on BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, WebOS, Windows Phone 7 platforms. With YouMail, users can organize their voicemails, access them through any computer or email, connect to social services such as Facebook and Twitter and much more. Functionality exposed by the API includes the ability to manipulate contacts, retrieve messages and update accounts. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

ZiptasticZiptastic API: Ziptastic is a simple API that lets users ask which Country, State and City are associated with a Zip Code. The aim is to gives developers a way to create forms with the three above mentioned fields that can be automatically filled when a user provides their zip code. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.