56 New APIs: TrackMatching, Goldstar and Primadesk

This week we had 56 new APIs added to our API directory including a Web Service matching GPS data to maps, discount ticket service, cloud and web application management service, daily deals aggregator and cloud shipping system. We also covered a malware detection API and an app providing real-time transit info. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

9jasms9jasms API: 9jasms is a bulk SMS service that is designed for resellers as well as direct users. Developers can use the 9jasms API to integrate bulk SMS services with their own websites and applications. 9jasms can also work with clients to develop white label SMS websites. For non-developers, 9jasms also makes apps that allow users to send bulk SMS from PCs or mobile devices.

AdColonyAdColony API: AdColony provides HD video advertising services to both advertisers and individuals seeking to monetize their apps. It uses Insta-Play technology to instantly serve full-screen video ads to mobile devices. AdColony provides its own reporting functions, but users also have the option of employing a 3rd party partner's reporting functions.

AdColony provides two RESTful APIs. The Publisher Earnings API allows users to retrieve ad publisher earnings data for one day or for a range of dates in CSV format. The MATA API provides users with access to their CPI Campaign data.

BidvoyBidvoy API: Bidvoy is a product value tracking service for eBay. By examining eBay auction data, Bidvoy tracks price trends for products over time, allowing you to examine that products average price, changes in value over time, and price margin. Use Bidvoy's information to decide when to buy, or sell, a product.

Bidvoy offer a simple API for developers. Example API methods include category, for retrieving objects and lists based on search criteria, and article, for retrieving statistical data based on a given product and category. An API Key is required.

CatchoomCatchoom API: Catchoom provides image recognition technology built to interact with 3rd party applications. End users take pictures with their smartphones and Catchoom matches relevant images and connects users to online content, offers, and digital experiences.
The Catchoom API allows applications to manage the image recognition service as well as collections of reference images and the metadata associated with those images. The RESTful API responds with a HTTP status code and, if applicable, a JSON document.

CityDealsCityDeals API: CityDeals is an online retailer that provides discounts and deals from hundreds of local and national businesses on a daily basis. You can use the their online marketplace to search for deals at businesses in your area.

City Deals offers a RESTful API for retrieving current daily deal information. API methods include deals, divisions, Authentication, signup, order, category, and coupon. Responses are returned in JSON or XML formats. An API key is required.

CoinChooseCoinChoose API: CoinChoose tracks various statistics across a wide variety of crypto-currencies. The site provides charts as well a comparison of the basket of currencies against both Bitcoin and Litecoin. The CoinChoose API makes the statistics for each currencies available through REST calls. The API returns JSON.

CoinJar CheckoutCoinJar Checkout API: CoinJar is a digital currency wallet that aims to bridge the gap between fiat and alternative currencies. Coinjar Checkout offers same day transaction settlement, accurate exchange rates, a 1% fee and 0% charge back rate, and allows users to accept payment in Bitcoin as well as other currencies. The CoinJar Checkout API provides functionality for merchants and vendors to accept payments and settle transaction in local currencies, as well as customize the interface on third-party websites.

CoinJar TradeCoinJar Trade API: CoinJar is a digital currency wallet that aims to bridge the gap between fiat and alternative currencies. The CoinJar Trade API allows users to make queries to retrieve account information, get a list of Bitcoin addresses, retrieve addresses, and generate addresses. Users can also get a list, retrieve, create, and delete contacts and payments as well as get a list of transactions and retrieve transaction details. The service uses REST calls, returns JSON and uses SSL and API keys for authentication.

Coins-ECoins-E API: Coins-E is a crypto-currency exchange that allows users to purchase, store, and trade in an assortment of crypto-currencies. Coins-E is a The Coins-E trade API allows users to place and buy, sell, and many other orders in over 30 different crypto-coins. The service uses REST calls and returns JSON. An account is required with service.

Coinworld LottoCoinworld Lotto API: The Coinworld Lotto offers 14 digital currencies in which users can enter drawings to win. The users can purchase lottery tickets in specified currencies, in hopes of winning the jackpot. Users are asked to select a currency, reserve a deposit address, deposit a currency, monitor the deposit, ten wait to win. The Coinworld Lotto API allows users to make a variety of calls. The users can integrate a lottery banner into third-party sites, add banner to a third-party site, query for a jackpot, drawing, price, or ticket reservation. The service uses REST calls and returns JSON.

Crypto-TradeCrypto-Trade API: Crypto-Trade is a trading Platform that allows users to trade crypto-currencies for U.S. Dollars Euros, and other alternative currencies. The Crypto-Trade API allows users to make queries to get currency tickers, market depth, account balance information, transaction count, API permissions, trade history, order history, transaction history, and order information as well as execute trades and cancel orders. The API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and uses both SSL and requires an API key.

CryptsyCryptsy API: Cryptsy is an online crypto-currency trading service that allows users to trade Bitcoins for a variety of alternative currencies and fiat currencies. The Cryptsy API has both public and authenticated methods. The public methods do not require an API key and allow users to query for general market data and general orderbook data. Authenticated methods permit users to query for advanced information such as market data, user transactions, market trades, market orders, user trades and user orders, as well as the creation and execution of trades. The service sues REST calls, returns JSON, and uses both SSL and an API key for authentication.

DailyDealTimeDailyDealTime API: DailyDealTime is a daily deal website that features daily offers on things to do, see, eat and buy in cities across the United States. The service offers consumers a “one-day-only” value, and offers a means for businesses to gain a new stream of customers. A pre-agreed minimum number of people must sign up for each daily deal in order for everyone to get the offer.

Applications can interact directly with DailyDealTime via a RESTful API. Supported aspects of the API include exposure of deal content based on geography. Both JSON and XML formats are supported.

Data.beData.be API: Data.be offers Belgian business information from official company records. Search their database by name or VAT number for information on over 700,000 companies from over 2 million publications or use their alert service to receive email notifications about changes in company information for customers, prospects, and suppliers.

Data.be offers a simple REST API for Belgian business information. API methods include VAT validity, company status, company info, and geographic search. An API key is required.

DataplugDataplug API: Dataplug is a cloud shipping system built to allow users to manage all their transport carriers in a single place. The Dataplug API provides a RESTful interface for automating transactions. Specifically, the API can generate orders, retrieve order information, and track orders. Data is sent and received in XML format.

electric impelectric imp API: The electric imp is a tiny hardware module that can be installed in an electronic device. Once installed, it connects the device with the imp cloud, allowing it to interact with software, third-party services, and external servers. The imp can help users monitor the health and activity of their electronic devices anytime, anywhere. The electric imp API enables developers to access local hardware and remote cloud functionality for an imp device.

EverlapseEverlapse API: Everlapse is an image and photo sharing application. Everlapse allows users to share images, photos, and slideshows with others.

The Everlapse API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Everlapse with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving user IDs and showing clips and photos.

GB Rail InfoGB Rail Info API: GB Rail Info provides all optimal journeys between any pair of British railway stations for any specified date within the next seven days. GB Rail Info’s free API makes this data available through HTTP GET calls. Responses are JSON formatted.

Get My TweetsGet My Tweets API: Get My Tweets is a JavaScript-based API that lets users retrieve their tweets and display them on their websites. This API was developed in response to Twitter switching off its old methods for getting Twitter feeds. If developers elect to store the JavaScript code locally, they should follow Get My Tweets on Twitter to keep up-to-date on updates and patches.

GoldstarGoldstar API: Goldstar is an online discount ticket retailer for entertainment events. Goldstar offers half-price tickets for activities and events such as theater, dance, concerts, film screenings, and sporting events. Their site also offers member reviews and a customized suggestion service for members.

Using the Goldstar API, developers can build functionality on top of Goldstar. Supported functions include deal of the day, listing feeds, OAuth, will-calls, images, territories, and categories. The API is aimed at Dealwire Partners (affiliates)as well as suppliers and venues. A developer key is required.

HeyWatch HTTP Live StreamingHeyWatch HTTP Live Streaming API: HeyWatch is a video encoding service that provides encoding software and APIs that allow users to convert files in the cloud. The HTTP Live Streaming API allows users to encode files using the HTTP streaming protocol implemented by Apple for use with its devices. The HTTP Live Streaming API is supplemented with the Robot API which facilitates API calls that can be performed in a successive order based on chronology. The service uses REST calls and returns JSON.

HeyWatch Video PreviewHeyWatch Video Preview API: HeyWatch is a video encoding service that provides encoding software and APIs that allow users to convert files in the cloud. The HeyWatch Video Preview API allows users to generate previews out of videos in different formats such as Thumbnail, Storyboard, and GIF animation. The services uses REST calls and returns JSON and the created video previews. The HeyWatch Video Preview is supplemented with the Robot API which facilitates API calls that can be performed in a successive order based on chronology.

Indian PincodeIndian Pincode API: Indian Pincode API is a webservice providing access to metada describing Postal Index Numbers (PIN), the post office numbering system used by India Post. The RESTful API accepts HTTP GET/POST calls and returns JSON or XML formatted responses. In addition to delivering details about a specified PIN code, the API supports searching for PIN codes by keyword.

InstoInsto API: Insto is a real-time communication Framework built around a REST API and providing real-time functionality such as push notifications, real-time dashboards, analytics, and communications. Responses are JSON formatted.

KAP Computer SolutionsKAP Computer Solutions API: KAP Computer Solutions is a bulk SMS provider based in India. Their messaging platform allows users to send SMS from the website, Excel SMS plugin, or REST API. Users can upload contact lists from a text file or Excel spreadsheet. Messages can be delivered instantly or be scheduled for future delivery. Sent message history is tracked, and users can retrieve delivery status reports for their SMS. Free demo accounts are available so that users can try out the service.

LeadLedgerLeadLedger API: LeadLedger is a sales intelligence platform built to help technology sales and marketing professionals monitor market share, understand competitors, and generate leads. The LeadLedger API provides developer access to the platform’s technology, sites, and reports. The RESTful API supports HTTPS GET calls and return JSON formatted responses.

Lionhardt LionyticsLionhardt Lionytics API: Lionytics, from Lionhardt Technologies, delivers embeddable anti-spam barriers. The Lionytics API allows developers to include this functionality in almost any application. The API supports HTTP GET calls and all passed data must be encoded and escaped. Responses may be JSON or XML format.

LocalBitcoinsLocalBitcoins API: LocalBitcoin is a Bitcoin site that facilitates the purchase, sale, and trading of Bitcoins with nearby people. The site services over 244 countries and enables the private and secure trade of the crypto-currency. The LocalBitcoin API allows users to automate routine tasks involved with the maintenance of advertisements and/or trading, or create applications that utilize the LocalBitcoin service that can earn the user money. The service uses REST calls and returns JSON. The API requires an API key and uses OAuth 2 for authentication.

LoyaltyMatch OnDemandLoyaltyMatch OnDemand API: Using LoyaltyMatch OnDemand’s game and loyalty mechanics, brands can reward users for real-time actions while driving user behavior, achieving business goals, and measuring and optimizing user engagement.
The LoyaltyMatch OnDemand API provides a RESTful interface for interacting with the loyalty and gamification platform. Responses may be JSON or XML formatted.

Machine LinkingMachine Linking API: Machine Linking is a multilingual SaaS platform for performing semantic analysis of textual documents. Features include language detection, keyword and entity extraction, disambiguation and linking, concept tagging, and enrichment using Linked Open Data resources.

The Machine Linking API allows developers to connect unstructured documents in various languages to resources in the Linked Open Data cloud, such as DBPedia and Freebase. API methods include include language recognition, text annotation, text comparison, and text summarization. The service is provided as a standard REST API and responses are encoded in JSON.

mcxNOWmcxNOW API: mcxNOW is a digital currency exchange platform where users can buy and trade multiple currencies. The site handles Bitcoin, among other currencies, and offers low trading fees, a C++ trading engine, anonymous trading, and 3 tier network security. The mcxNOW API allows users to check the site order book for the last traded price, and the trading volume. The service uses REST calls and returns XML.

Metro PublisherMetro Publisher API: Metro Publisher is a cloud management system built to help media companies succeed online by growing readership, increasing revenue, and building their brand. Metro Publisher exposes their system through a RESTful API. Authentication is based on the OAuth2 specification. Responses are JSON formatted.

MyBizMailerMyBizMailer API: MyBizMailer is an email marketing service designed for businesses of all sizes. It was made to allow marketers with little to no technical experience manage their email-based marketing strategies, sales, and promotional campaigns. MyBizMailer provides HTML email templates, custom sign-up forms, and free image hosting. Users can have emails sent to certain subscribers based on subscriber information. They can also create follow-up emails and automated triggers that will send emails without manual interference.

MySMSmantra.comMySMSmantra.com API: MySMSmantra.com, part of Micronet Infocom and Logistics, provides SMS services with a focus on SMS marketing in India. MySMSmantra.com offers customers an API able to send SMS, generate reports, check account balances, and change passwords.

OpenLabelsOpenLabels API: OpenLabels is a free database of labels that app-makers can use instead of coding the same labels over and over. Examples of labels in the database include firstname, lastname, address, email address, user name, password, invalid password, etc. OpenLabels' database contents can be queried, updated, and downloaded using REST calls issued in HTML, XML, or JSON format.

Pool-XPool-X API: Pool-X is a Litecoin mining service that allows a group of user to share the computing power of multiple computers to solve blocks of Litecoins. The users then split the coins that are generated form solving the block and can sell them or trade them for other currencies. The Pool-X API allows users to query for the name of the pool being mined, check a hash rate, check workers, share this round, get info on the last block, as well as query for info about individual mining statistics. The services uses REST calls and returns JSON. An API key is required with service.

PractiTestPractiTest API: PractiTest is a web-based QA and testing service for managing software requirements, tests, issues, and reporting. The test management tools collect information and trace bugs during test runs, and users can report issues and receive alerts via email. It's also possible to customize the lifecycles of bugs. PractiTest comes with a variety of statistical functions, methodology reports, and graphs to help provide an overview of test results.

The PractiTest API enables developers to integrate PractiTest with their other applications using REST calls issued in JSON.

PrimadeskPrimadesk API: Primadesk is an application that allows users to bring all of their applications together in one dashboard to search across all of their cloud stored data and files. Primadesk allows users to share and backup files and data.

The Primadesk API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Primadesk with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should email partners@primadesk.com for more information.

RedLine13 Zip Code DistanceRedLine13 Zip Code Distance API: The Zip Code Distance API is a web service from RedLine13, the cloud load testing service. The API can calculate distance between zip codes, find all zip codes within a given radius, and convert zip codes to/from primary city names. The API supports HTTP GET calls and returns JSON, XML, or CSV formatted responses.

ScreenleapScreenleap API: Screenleap is a web-based service that enables users to share their computer screens with others. Shared screens can be viewed with a web browser from a PC, tablet, or smartphone. No account is needed to use the service. Screen share requests can be made by clicking a button on the Screenleap website or by using the Screenleap REST API.

SeculertSeculert API: Seculert is a a cloud-based security service that provides targeted and timely information related to a company's exposure to cyber threats. Seculert provides an additional layer of security on top of a companies on-premise security products by collecting external threat intelligence from cybercrime servers and botnets, providing a comprehensive coverage of malware.

The Seculert API allows you to leverage Seculert data with your other security solutions, such as SIEMs, firewalls and proxies. Integrate the API with your existing on-premis security products and Seculert will update them with newly detected advanced malware. Requests are sent via HTTP and XML, CSV, and JSON formats are supported. An API key is required.

Shopgate MerchantShopgate Merchant API: Shopgate provides mobile shopping solutions for commerce, providing merchants with tools to create mobile shopping websites and connecting shoppers to thousands of shopping apps with a single registration.
The Shopgate Merchant API provides a developer interface enabling orders and items to be manage automatically. Supported functions include order list retrieval with filtering, order details retrieval, and item or category manipulation. The API accepts HTTPS POST calls and returns JSON formatted responses

SMSBOXSMSBOX API: SMSBOX provides an international, web-based SMS distribution platform with 852 operators in 212 countries. Users can create single or bulk messages using SMSBOX tools and send SMS via email client, mobile device, or even toolbar. Users can also rent a dedicated phone number to receive SMS, and they can send voice messages in the form of vocalized text, an uploaded audio file, or a recorded voice. The SMSBOX API can be integrated with other applications to enable them to send SMS.

SpaceSpace API: Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places where people can meet and work on their projects. The Space API defines a unified specification across all hackerspaces that can be used to expose information to other applications. Information provided by hackerspaces includes data like contact information, door status, and sensor data such as the temperature or number of computers that have currently leased an IP. The directory currently lists 73 participating Hackerspaces.

Standard TreasuryStandard Treasury API: Standard Treasury is a financial and banking service to connect developers and banks and the banking industry.

The Standard Treasury API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Standard Treasury with other applications. Some example API methods include accepting payments and transfers, sending remittances, and managing account information. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email dan@standardtreasury.com for more information.

Swift IdentitySwift Identity API: SWIFT Identity is a service for managing security for all aspects of web applications. Users can use Swift Identity to manage users and web applications.

The Swift Identity API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Swift Identity with other applications. Some example API methods include managing users, retrieving applications, and managing applications.

TextibilityTextibility API: Textibility, from IdeaSynthesis, allows users to extract information from images and documents or generate images and documents from structured data, all through a RESTful API. Supported file formats include PNG, JPEG, GIF, and PDF.

The Freedom RegistryThe Freedom Registry API: The Freedom Registry is a free collaborative platform for anti-human trafficking groups. Organizations can register with the website to create profiles detailing their activities, and anyone can visit the website to view the collected information. The registry allows the anti-trafficking community to get a good overview of the services available and identify any gaps in victim services. The Freedom Registry provides a REST API for retrieving information stored with the registry.

The Transit AppThe Transit App API: The Transit App is an application that helps commuters and travellers plan their routes and get directions in various cities.

The Transit App API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of the Transit App with other applications. The main API methods are retrieving routes and retrieving directions.

TrackMatchingTrackMatching API: TrackMatching is a cloud based web service for matching GPS/GPX data on the OpenStreetMap (OSM) road network. The service is accessible through a REST API. Supported data formats for upload include GPX 1.0, GPX 1.1, and a custom CSV/text format for bulk processing. Responses may be JSON or XML formatted. Only positions and timestamps are required.

TranscribeMeTranscribeMe API: TranscribeMe is a transcription platform that offers audio transcription services for general consumers and corporations by using a hybrid model of speech recognition technology along with crowd-sourced transcribers.

TranscribeMe offers an API for direct access to their web service. Functionality includes creating customer accounts, uploading audio, and requesting transcriptions. API Communication is performed via SOAP.

TravelManagerTravelManager API: TravelManager is a comprehensive business management platform for the bus charter industry. The TravelManager allows developers to integrate the platform’s capabilities into their own software. Supported calls include managing tour details, booking, quote generation, and more.

TuentiTuenti API: Tuenti is a social networking application. Tuenti allows users to share content, files, and photos with the people they select. Tuenti also allows for real-time instant messaging.

The Tuenti API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Tuenti with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact Tuenti here: http://corporate.tuenti.com/en/contact.

Universal Traffic Service CarrierUniversal Traffic Service Carrier API: Universal Traffic Service Carrier provides supply chain management services associated with delivering freight, parcels, and the like. Their Rate Service API allows users to estimate the shipping rates for goods based on their weight, size, and stackability. It also accounts for the origin and destination points of shipments and whether they contain hazardous materials. This service is available using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

WhatsNew?WhatsNew? API: WhatsNew? is a service that allows bloggers to automatically show their readers what new content and/or features have been added since their last visit. The service works using the blog's RSS Feed, and tracks users using cookies. WhatsNew? also provides analytics including overall numbers a well as breakdowns by post.

WhatsNew? offers a Javascript API that allows you to customize the WhatsNew? widget. Options include customizing overlay content, customizing greetings, customization of the notification style, and more.

WitWit API: Wit is a natural language interface for applications capable of turning sentences into structured data. The Wit API allows HTTP GET calls returning the extracted meaning from a given sentence based on examples. The API authenticates with OAuth2 and returns JSON formatted responses.