56 New APIs: XING, Mobile Signal Location and Green Energy

This week we had 56 new APIs added to our API directory including a professional social networking Platform, mobile advertising service, cellular phone signal location service, green energy and climate tagging service and cash-based online payment service. In addition, we covered an API to help you find just the right outfit. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

 The Global Proteome Machine The Global Proteome Machine API: The Global Proteome Machine is an attempt to create knowledge from proteomics data and reuse it to solve biomedical research problems. The Global Proteome Machine Database was built to use GPM data to help validate peptide MS/MS spectra and protein coverage patterns.
The Global Proteome Machine Database API provides RESTful access to commonly required information based on data from the GPM Database. Responses are JSON formatted.

AdhocracyAdhocracy API: Adhocracy is a social participation platform that facilitates a democratic, transparent, open, and focused dialogue. It allows disparate parties to engage in the process of drafting proposals which will then represent the group’s opinions and, eventually, its decisions regarding a given subject. Adhocracy not only provides organizations and interest groups the opportunity for open democratic discussion, but also gives all participants the opportunity to contribute their views and ideas to help shape decisions. The Adhocracy website is provided solely in German, but the API Documentation is provided in English.

Apsis Newsletter ProApsis Newsletter Pro API: The service provides online tools for creating and sending blast email newsletters as part of promotion campaigns and other group communication functions. In addition to creating and editing text and image content, it provides display templating capabilities and tools for personalizing message delivery for specific recipients. It also provides access to delivery and readership statistics.

API methods support uploading and formatting content, then sending emails to addresses from a list. Recipient list management functions include adding, updating, and deletion addresses as well as managing opt-out requests. Reporting methods allow retrieval of statistics for bounces due to bad addresses or other delivery problems and click rates for links within delivered message content.

ArchiverArchiver API: Archiver is an index of spidered publicly available social media data searchable by keyword and location. The Archiver API aims to help developers to query the diverse sources of the archive and supports a variety of methods, including full-text search and user data.

Argus FundalyticsArgus Fundalytics API: The service provides data indicating supply and demand conditions and resulting price projections in world energy markets, including crude oil, refined petroleum, natural gas, and other resources. It also provides estimates of transportation capacity and rates of usage, which affect delivery of energy products to market. Applications can make use of authoritative indicators of market fundamentals, compiled and analyzed for compatibility in reporting and graphic displays.

API methods provide data streams for specified time ranges, markets, and energy products cached for 10-minute intervals. Methods allow selection of data sources and data types along with tags applied by the service to distinguish groups of data points.

BedditBeddit API: The service provides monitoring of a user's sleep patterns. A bedside device detects physical conditions and activities, uploading data to the service for later access by the sleeper, health care providers, or personal trainers. Data tracked include raw ballistocardiography (BCG) signals, heart rate measurements and variability (HRV), minute-by-minute actigraphy, and classification of the subject as asleep or awake at the moment of data collection.

API methods support authorization of access to a user account, followed by retrieval of information about the user and the timeline data collected by the bedside monitor. Requests can specify particular date and time ranges to gather data recorded during those spans. In addition to BCG and HRV, returned data report on conditions in the room such as light and sound levels.

California Restaurant Association DemographicsCalifornia Restaurant Association Demographics API: The service provides management of customer segmentation records for member restaurants in California. The organization serves that state's 90,000+ restaurants which generate annual sales above $58 billion and employ more than 1.4 million people. One service to members is the ability to track market composition and demographics by location.

API methods support creating demographics records managed within the service and updating existing records.

CellidCellid API: The service provides geolocation information by detecting the nearest cellular phone access point and marking its location.
It was developed to provide location to a phone's systems without the need to access a global positioning system (GPS) signal. After identifying an antenna, it consults constantly updated databases of exact antenna locations, then provides those coordinates as the phone's approximate location.

API methods support submission of parameters identifying the mobile country code (MCC), mobile network code (MNC), and local area code. The API returns latitude and longitude coordinates along with a value indicating the antenna's coverage area as a proxy for location accuracy.

CrowdTiltCrowdTilt API: CrowdTilt is an online group fundraising site. CrowdTilt offers features for users to create their own crowd-funding sites to raise money for various reasons and sites to allow for group funding.

The CrowdTilt API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of CrowdTilt with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include accessing user information, accessing campaign information, and managing campaigns.

CucuponsCucupons API: Cucupons is a Guatemalan coupon service dedicated to providing the best savings to various areas of life. Users receive daily emails with offers which can then be purchased, printed, and redeemed in person. The Cucupons API allows users to retrieve featured deals and other deal information. The service uses REST calls and can return JSON or XML. The website is in Spanish.

Cursor d.o.o. Fiscalization ServiceCursor d.o.o. Fiscalization Service API: Cursor d.o.o. is a Slovenian IT company that has created an online fiscalization service in response to the new Croatian Fiscalization Law. In this case, fiscalization refers to cash transactions fiscalization, which is used to provide an overview of cash transaction revenues for taxation purposes. The Fiscalization Service allows uniform communication between taxpayers and the Tax Administration. The Cursor d.o.o. Fiscalization Service API uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

DiavgeiaDiavgeia API: The open government service from Greece provides access to information about decisions and actions by the Greek national government. It allows search against records of all decisions and decrees by public authorities in that country for compliance with its national Transparency law. Data may be used freely under a CC-BY (Creative Commons - Attribution) license.

API methods support retrieval of decisions by department or organization, type, topical tag, date range, or the signing authority that approves the decision. Documentation includes XML-formatted lists of all organizations and operating units, decision types, topic tags, and signing authorities.

DocoDocoDocoDoco API: DocoDoco is an IP geolocation service allowing customers to present custom content based on user location. The DocoDoco API provides a RESTSful interface for customers to automate interaction with IP data. Responses may be returned in XML or JSON format.

Dress Code FinderDress Code Finder API: Dress Code Finder is an online directory of restaurant, bar, and club dress codes for over 70,000 establishments in the US. Dress Code Finder returns information about how casual or fancy dress codes are.

The Dress Code Finder API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Dress Code Finder with other applications. Some example API methods include searching dress codes by keywords, searching dress codes by location, and returning dress code details.

Edinburgh FestivalEdinburgh Festival API: Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, hosts twelve major festivals per year. The Edinburgh Festival API - provided by the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab - can be used to retrieve a filterable list of events from these festivals. This API can be accessed using REST calls issued in either XML or JSON format.

EnthuseEnthuse API: Enthuse is a fan loyalty service where brands, teams, and companies can reward their fans with prizes and offer promotions to their fans.

The Enthuse API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Enthuse with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact info@enthuse.com for more information.

Eventlister.comEventlister.com API: Eventlister.com provides a large event directory for craft, festival, concert, art and expo shows. If you're a new or even experienced crafter, Eventlister.com provides you with the tools you need to exhibit and sell your crafts yourself: connecting you with local events and even with exhibitors looking for vendors in your area. You can also search through the indexed listings of various craft/art functions for a specified time or location.

The REST based Eventlister.com API allows third party sites and developers to utilize the event listings and messaging capabilities of the site when building their own applications or tools. Methods include: EventCategories, EventSearch, EventImage, EventWebsiteForwarder, MessageSend, MessageCheckStatus and more. Respones are formatted in XML.

EveryplayEveryplay API: Everyplay is an application that allows developers to add features to their games to engage their players, allow their players to share their plays and replays, and interact with other players.

The Everyplay API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Everyplay with game applications. Some example API methods include managing account information, retrieving information about players, and retrieving games.

Factura DirectaFactura Directa API: Factura Directa provides an online bill pay solution that helps users create, send, manage, and monitor bills and budgets. The Factura Directa API allows users to remotely access his/her account and utilize it's full functionality. The API uses REST calls and returns XML. SSL is used for Authentication. This site and documentation is in spanish.

FleetlyFleetly API: Fleetly is a fitness website that hopes to to increase user participation and achievement by making the activities social and competitive. The service includes a list of workouts and a list of challenges that the user attempts to accomplish. The API is available free of charge and gives the user access to the Fleetly workout data. An account is required to access the service.

Groupdeal2UGroupdeal2U API: Groupdeal2U is a shopping service that collects and delivers deals for consumers and businesses. Users are able to purchase vouchers/coupons for a 20% to 90% discount off goods and services. The Groupdeal2U API allows users to integrate daily deals into third party applications. An API Key is required for use along with following branding requirements.

Inside Higher EdInside Higher Ed API: Inside Higher Ed is an online news, opinion and job listing provider for all of higher education. The Inside Higher Ed Job Posting API allows contracted job providers to automate posting job listings. Users may access the API as either a REST call or a SOAP Web Service.

isemail Address Validationisemail Address Validation API: The service validates email addresses for compliance with standards detailed in internet requests for comment (RFCs). It verifies that the character count is within limits and that formatting reflects acknowledged best practices. Some internet service providers and email services generate noncompliant addresses, which may cause systems using strict validation to reject them as undeliverable. The service reduces this likelihood by catching and highlighting potential formatting problems. It makes no effort to confirm that email can actually reach a particular address, only that address formatting complies with applicable guidelines.

API methods allow submission of a character string and return a status of 1 or 0 indicating valid or invalid, along with diagnostic text describing any validity problem.

LonelydropsLonelydrops API: Lonelydrops allows users to create multi-language drop down lists for web projects. The service allows menus to be created and saved online so users don't have to keep additional configuration files or databases. The API uses JavaScript calls requires a JQuery Library to run on a web browser.

MadelineMadeline API: The service provides analysis and formatting of data reflecting human genetic background for use in studies of genetic linkage and pedigree. It converts data about genetic markers for an individual to formats compatible with common software for linkage analysis. It also supports queries against genetic pedigree datasets to aid discovery of relationships and patterns. Visualization tools generate Postscript images for rapid review of large, complex datasets. The service is also available as installed software.

API methods support submission of genetic marker data for analysis. Methods analyze the pedigree links represented in the data and format it for submission to common link analyzer packages. Methods also generate SVG images representing data and defining genetic links to recorded human pedigrees.

MarketScoutMarketScout API: MarketScout is a corporate intelligence building platform that deals with complex data pulled from a variety of sources and aggregated as well as sorted with analytical tools. The service also utilizes a variety of interfaces for content delivery from RSS to mobile, tablet and web interfaces. Do research on an individual or company scale level.

The MarketScout API allows MarketScout users the ability to create analytic applications which utilize the MarketScount Analytics Engine and additionally, allows for historical analysis. Developers can tap into facets such as: Indicators (time series), Entities (People, Companies, Facilities), Projects (Energy, Infrastructure, Resources, Technology), and Geospatial (Mines, Ports, Processing Plants, Vital Infrastructure)

The API is REST based with responses formatted in JSON.

Obsidian PortalObsidian Portal API: Obsidian Portal is a tool allowing roleplaying game masters to create campaign websites for tabletop games. The Obsidian Portal API offers a variety of methods designed to make it easier for developers to make cool stuff to be used at the tabletop and enhance the gaming experience. Responses are JSON or XML formatted.

OCLC Kindred WorksOCLC Kindred Works API: OCLC Kindred Works is an experimental service providing content-based recommendations for items similar to an item of interest. Recommendations can be customized to an individual collection. The OCLC Kindred Works API was built for developers to integrate recommendations into another application or service. This is a RESTful API returning XML formatted responses.

omNovia ArchiveomNovia Archive API: omNovia provides webinars, online trainings, live event webcasting solutions, and collaborative online meetings. The omNovia Archive API allows customers to view details of archived recorded sessions and charge for viewing them.

OnlineCity NIMTAOnlineCity NIMTA API: NIMTA is a messaging gateway provided by OnlineCity. Gateway subscribers can send SMS, MMS, and email to recipients in almost any country. NIMTA supports both dialog-based services, which send a message to one specific recipient, and information services, which send the same message to multiple recipients. NIMTA's API enables customers to build message-based services on top of the gateway. The NIMTA API comes in both SOAP-based and RESTful versions. The OnlineCity website is provided solely in Danish, but API documentation is given in English.

OSU Calendar Web ServiceOSU Calendar Web Service API: The Oklahoma State University (OSU) website hosts a number of useful features, one of which is the Calendar Web Service API. This service enables users to programmatically retrieve scheduled OSU events. Users can retrieve all events occurring between two given dates, which can be up to 999 days apart. This API uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

PathablePathable API: Pathable allows you to connect conference and event planners and attendees with a comprehensive social media suite for scheduling, networking and management of year round community hubs. Besides scheduling, Pathable also allows you to integrate online event registration and design a customizable web presence for your event. Attendees can connect with each other through multiple social network channels and choose events they wish to attend. Speakers can upload their handouts and slide decks and are easily researched through the search functionalities of the platform.

The Pathable Developer API gives users read and write capabilities for user creation, user attributes, mail functionality, organizations, meetings, attendee schedules and more. The REST based API utilizes GET, POST, DELETE, PUT and CREATE methods with returns in JSON or XML. Pricing starts at $3,750/year for small events up to $25,400/year for enterprise level solutions.

Pathable also maintains an XML Polling API for XML feeds of attendee lists.

PRONOMPRONOM API: PRONOM is an online registry of technical information useful in the accession and long-term preservation of electronic records. This includes authoritative information about software products, their support lifecycles, their technical requirements, and the file formats which they support. Originally used solely by the National Archives, PRONOM is now available as a Resource for anyone requiring access to this type of information.

The PRONOM API provides programmatic methods for retrieving PRONOM's information resources. This API uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

RazorCloudRazorCloud API: RazorCloud is a vacation property management service that sources content from its property management service to distribute information and increase revenue for both suppliers and distributors. The RazorCloud API includes a wide range of services including: Get real time availability of properties, get rental prices, access image galleries, create reservations, get financial transactions from the host ledger, and many more. The API has both REST and SOAP components and will return XML and JSON.

RecipeBridgeRecipeBridge API: RecipeBridge is a recipe search engine that indexes recipes from hundreds of websites. The RecipeBridge API allows developers to build applications that search for recipes by title or ingredients, or retrieve detailed recipe information including ingredient lists and quantities, recipe source, and more.

Redtail CRMRedtail CRM API: The Redtail Client Relationship Management (CRM) platform is a product designed expressly with financial professionals in mind. It's web-based service is designed to meet the needs of financial advisors through its subscription service with no software installations required. Redtail's CRM allows view and manage your contacts and their information easily, and with an intuitive interface to interact with email correspondance (archive, note, form reports). Costs start at $65/month for up to 15 users per database and includes disaster recovery, custom exporting options, reminders, mobile apps and more.

Using the Redtail CRM API, you can manage contacts, addresses, notes, accounts, calendars, settings and more. REST based, with returns in JSON, and GET and PUT as supported methods.

reeglereegle API: reegle is a clean energy information service that makes management and tagging of clean energy and climate relevant services more easily accomplished through their automated tag extraction service. reegle also provides a semantic index which allows users to be guided to relevant articles based on their search terms through resources such as: reegle.info, Linked Open Data (LOD), REEEP project outcome documents and more. Content is available in English, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

The reegle API is REST based with returns formatted in either XML, JSON or RDF. GET and POST methods are supported.

ReminderConnectionReminderConnection API: The service provides access to high-capacity messaging gateways for distributing blast communications via SMS text messaging, email, and other delivery methods. It enables promotional campaigns and other public service messaging, either to recipient lists or individuals, as for medical appointment reminders.

API methods support sending messages with specified content to either individual recipients or lists via gateways for SMS text, email, voice, instant messaging, or fax. Methods also support managing bounced or undeliverable messages and handling responses, such as opt-out requests.

Saba People CloudSaba People Cloud API: Saba People Cloud is a social enterprise platform that provides social collaboration, performance management, learning, and web conferencing tools. Users can communicate with their coworkers, partners, and customers using a variety of methods, including activity streams, groups, public discussions, and blogs. Real-time collaboration is permitted by chat, HD video meetings, and desktop sharing. Users can also exchange ideas with members of their extended network and use popular vote to choose one for a new initiative.

Saba People Cloud is a subscription-based service. It comes with an API for importing information into the Cloud. The API's specifics are not publicly available.

Scholarly iQScholarly iQ API: The service provides measures of popularity and influence of published papers and authors. It generates data recording how often a publication is cited by other scholars and how influential those citations are within the author's field. Data conform to the Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI) protocol (ANSI/NISO Z39.93) for data about usage of electronic resources.

API methods support access to reports that track citations of a publication in journals, databases, and books. Returned data can be formatted according to the provider's proprietary COUNTER protocol or the SUSHI standard.

SectorSector API: The service provides market definition and segmentation functions to help U.S. political candidates and advocacy groups target communications. By defining groups based on location, demographics, political positions and partisan preferences, even weather and other variables, it predicts receptivity to persuasive messaging and helps to guide promotional campaign decisions. It is also intended to help with commercial promotion by characterizing local markets in ways that guide communication strategies.

API methods support definition of a political profile typical of a location based on political partisanship within a state and congressional district. The five-level scale distinguishes between strong Democrat, Democrat, neutral, Republican, and strong Republican. Methods also support characterizing weather variations for a location to predict their effects on message content and timeliness.

SemiocastSemiocast API: The Semiocast API allows users to analyze micro-messages, timelines, and feeds to get semantic information such as language, author location, topics, or sentiment. Users can also filter timelines and feeds by language and location or prepare semantics-based annotations for a Tweet.

Future functions will allow users to search networks with semantic, linguistic, and location constraints and to get global statistics about public messages.

SIX Address SearchSIX Address Search API: The Spatial Information eXchange (SIX) is a resource provided by the government of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia. SIX is the official source for NSW geospatial information along with land and property information. The SIX Address Search API lets users retrieve addresses based on house number, road name, road type, suburb, post code, lot number, or house plan. This API uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

SmadexSmadex API: Smadex is mobile advertising service. Smadex offers advertisers and publishers features to integrate advertising into mobile applications and content.

The Smadex API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Smadex with other applications. Some example API methods include integrating ads into content, retrieving ad information, and managing account information.

SnoCountrySnoCountry API: SnoCountry exists to highlight and disseminate snow conditions, mountain weather, snowsport events, and ski resort information. The SnoCountry API provides developer access to snow conditions and resort data. Responses may be returned in JSON or HTML format.

Social123 SocialData+Social123 SocialData+ API: SocialData+ by Social123 allows database and CRM developers and users the ability to incorporate social media contacts and information in with your existing contact structure. You can see how many connections, followers, etc. each of your contacts have and give them a social score based on their impact in various social network platforms.

The SocialData+ API is REST based with returns in PHP. API functions include: GET, DELETE, UPDATE and RENAME Lists along with GET Contacts. API functions are provided for content in the created customer list.

SodaHeadSodaHead API: One of the largest, opinion based social communities, SodaHead is an online platform that provides aggregation of online news stories and events. Additionally, SodaHead provides a polling platform and avenues for marketers to reach SodaHead's young and active user group. SodaHead provides an online community for people to share their interests and thoughts with each other and respond to polls.

The SodaHead REST API offers access to multiple polls, single polls and cast a vote by Poll ID and Answer ID. The supported data format is JSON.

SpotCrimeSpotCrime API: The service provides maps at the neighborhood level representing data on criminal incidents from city and county police and other authorities. It provides alerts on incidents within specified areas and summary reports of crimes reported to police by area and time period.

API methods support retrieval of a list of crimes within a specified radius of a location defined as latitude and longitude. Returned results can be filtered for the maximum number of records, a date range, and type of crime. Returned data give the crime victim's name, the type of offense, the date and location, and a description provided by investigating officers or other authorities.

StippleStipple API: Stipple is an online photograph repository. Stipple allows advertisers to use images with their products, publishers to purchase images for use, and photographers to sell and get credit for their photographs.

The Stipple API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Stipple with other applications. Some example API methods include creating photos, retrieving photos, and retrieving data about photos.

SyncloudSyncloud API: SynCloud is a multi-user syncing service that can by added into iOS CoreData applications. The APi is free while in beta development. An account is required to use of the service and the API package will need to be downloaded.

The ArchiveThe Archive API: Designed to be the central hub for all video game information, metadata, and media, The Archive is a database of video game related information, including game and system data, images, and articles. The Archive API provides developer access to The Archive’s database through a series of HTTP calls. Responses may be XML, JSON, or YAML formatted.

UkashUkash API: Ukash is a form of eMoney - it is treated exactly like cash, but it is spent online. Ukash is useful for those who don’t have a credit or debit card, or who don’t want to use their card to pay online. Customers exchange cash for a unique 19-digit Ukash code and use it to pay at the thousands of websites that accept Ukash. It can also be used to load prepaid cards and eWallets. If the Ukash code is more than the value of the purchase, change will be refunded as a new code. Ukash is available in over 55 countries at outlets that include shops, petrol stations, kiosks, ATMs, and online.

VikiViki API: Viki is a global television service that include music videos, shows, and movies translated into over 150 languages. The Viki API allows users to to serach through site content including: Movies, series, episodes, newscasts, newsclips, artists, music videos, featured videos, coming soon, and others. The service uses REST calls and can return, JSON, XML, JSONP, UTC, and images.

WebSpellCheckerWebSpellChecker API: WebSpellChecker is an application that allows website owners and managers to provide spell checking services on their websites and web text.

The WebSpellChecker API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of WebSpellChecker with other websites and applications. The main API method is submitting text and retrieving spelling checks.

whois.net.pkwhois.net.pk API: The service based in Pakistan provides whois search for domain names registered under the .pk extension. Lookup functions allow checks for a domain name's status as either registered or available. For registered domains, registrant information is available, including business and technical contacts, nameservers, etc.

API methods support submission of a string to match against existing domain registry records to check for availability status. Methods also support retrieval of a whois record for any existing domain under the .pk extension.

XINGXING API: XING is a social network for business professionals. Over 12 million members use the platform to find jobs, colleagues, new assignments, cooperation partners, experts and generate business ideas. The XING API lets developers connect their app with the entire XING network. Developers can access much of the functionality of the platform including accessing profiles, conversations, jobs, contacts, news and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.