56 New APIs: Zapier, FoxMetrics and ShopperTrak

This week we had 56 new APIs added to our API directory including a social media marketing Platform, people counting analytics service, application Integration service, website visitor activity monitoring service, and hotel and accommodation check-in service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AutoNetTV Relay PipeAutoNetTV Relay Pipe API: The service provides content for automotive business websites and on-site displays. Available material includes videos on common repair procedures and general car-care tips, along with text, checklists, and other site enhancements. The service can be implemented on PHP or ASP platforms, with a standardized option for WordPress to be installed as a plug-in.

API methods support retrieval of blog-style posts created by the business and articles made available through the service. Articles may include calls to embed video from the service. Methods also allow listing available articles and categories for organizing them, which supports construction of navigation menus.

Avetio SMSAvetio SMS API: Avetio offers an SMS platform that allows clients to manage their mass communications. The API gives users access to an SMS gateway that connects up to 250 countries. With the API uses can send and receive text messages, report on deliveries, take advantage of failover channels to ensure delivery and more. The API uses RESTful calls. Public Documentation is not available.

BancBoxBancBox API: BancBox is a financial solutions service. BancBox allows users to collect, manage, store, and send money and payments. BancBox can be integrated into applications for in-app payments.

The BancBox API allows developers to integrate the functionality of BancBox with other applications. Some example API methods include managing client information, managing payments, scheduling payments, and retrieving account activity.

BlockBeaconBlockBeacon API: BlockBeacon is an application that collects and displays real-time deals on food, dining, and drinking. Deals can be displayed by keyword, type, and on a map.

The BlockBeacon API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of BlockBeacon with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers can sign up here: http://www.blockbeacon.com/partners/developers.

car2gocar2go API: car2go is a point to point car sharing service available in Miami and Austin with flexible credits and rental rates. It has the advantage of promoting personal mobility and extending the reach of public transportation for the individual who chooses to forgo owning a car.

The car2go API will provide up-to-date information on which vehicles are available, places to park, and local gas stations. There are protected functions for developers who register. Applications can be written to manage short term user bookings. Limited commercial applications may be obtained.

CellBaseCellBase API: CellBase is a relational database that contains the most relevant biological information about genomic features, genomic proteins, gene expression regulation, functional annotation, genomic variation, and systems biology information. This database integrates repositories including Ensembl, Uniprot, Omim, COSMIC, IntAct, HapMap, Reactome, and others. An extensive REST API provides programmatic access to the database via approximately 100 methods.

CocoaCocoa API: Cocoa is a dense annotator for biological text. It annotates macromolecules, chemicals, protein/DNA parts, organisms, processes, anatomical parts, locations, physiological terms, parameters, values, experimental techniques, and foods. It should be noted that Cocoa's coverage of general biological phenomena (i.e. evolution) tends to be poor. Cocoa provides a RESTful API that returns information in JSON.

Codebump GeoPlacesCodebump GeoPlaces API: The service extends the provider's ZIP Code lookup service to allow specification of cities by their common names. For a submitted location, it returns other ZIP Codes and cities in the surrounding areas. The service can also provide distance between ZIP Codes and cities and provide mapping coordinates.

API methods support submission of a ZIP Code or city name to retrieve its location coordinates, nearby cities and locations, and adjacent ZIP Codes. Methods allow submission of a list places to determine the distance between them.

cTuningcTuning API: cTuning is a collaborative, open-source repository of computer system performance information. The service collects voluntary reports of system configurations and performance data in an attempt to consolidate profiles of techniques and tools and enable efficient, self-tuning computer systems. It establishes a free, open-source repository for describing system architectures and their performance characteristics. The data provide a basis for optimizing systems depending on their task needs and operating environments.

API methods support submitting performance and configuration reports to the service. Methods also allow access to the collaborative database to predict optimum configurations based on system task requirements submitted with the request.

CumulaCumula API: Cumula is a platform that allows developers to build web applications on top of web services. The Cumula API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Cumula with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing applications, managing account information, and retrieving data.

ELGIN RoadworksELGIN Roadworks API: The U.K. service provides timely information about roadworks and construction projects. It aggregates and repackages information from a number of sources, including government agencies under the Open Government License. Applications can use the information to coordinate local construction activities, manage emergency response near construction zones, or influence route optimization for traffic mapping and similar applications.

API methods support search by location for road construction underway and planned. Methods also support mapping of construction projects, with further access to relevant data about each project.

Flash PollingFlash Polling API: The service provides single-question survey functionality, including creating questionnaires, logging answers, and reporting results for analysis. Each poll consists of a single question displayed on a web page or distributed by SMS text message or Twitter. Respondents can answer on the web, via text reply, or with a phone call. Comments are logged and made available for download and analysis.

FoodSpexFoodSpex API: The service provides detailed nutritional information for a large selection of food products available at markets in Belgium, including generic food types and name-brand commercial products. Information provided includes bar code, nutritional content such as calories and fat content, and a complete list of ingredients included. Information is targeted at retailers, dieticians and nutritionists, and public health programs among others.

API methods support retrieval of food product information by generic name and brand name. Methods also provide supporting content relevant to a topic by either chapter or paragraph. Returned data include product name and available brands, nutritional content, package types, and related variables.

FoxMetricsFoxMetrics API: FoxMetrics is an advanced analytics platform that allows website owners to track their visitors' activities in real time. It provides person-level tracking of actions taken on the website, but it is not designed to track overall analytics such as page views. The FoxMetrics APIs provide users with several ways in which they can record events.

GlimtGlimt API: Glimt.com is an event discovery platform. Glimt.com aggregates event data from multiple sources and adds geotag to all events in Norway. Glimt.com displays events via lists or maps. Events of all types are included.

The Glimt.com API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Glimt.com with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving events, retrieving event details, and searching for events by keyword, location, and type.

Grapevine SMSGrapevine SMS API: The service provides SMS text messaging for recipients in South Africa. It is designed to integrate with line-of-business systems such as CRM and ERP to update customers about system events, such as payment due dates, past-due balances, confirmation of payments received, and planned system outages. The service also handles message replies and other inbound SMS communications.

API methods support submission of message type, recipient, and content. Methods also handle response messages, including response codes and reasons for proper routing.

HeyWhatsThatHeyWhatsThat API: The service provides a scaled view of the horizon and terrain from a specified location, defined as a map point on Google Maps. It calculates a 'viewshed' from the location based on local terrain contours and depicts a view from the location highlighting mountains in the distance. It is intended to answer questions like, "Hey, what's that?" when viewing a horizon.

API methods support submission of a location, either as a panorama query or as a latitude/longitude. Methods adjust for day and time, and for atmospheric refraction, which changes the view of distant terrain due to bending of light through air.

HojokiHojoki API: Hojoki is an application that allows multiple cloud applications, such as Google Reader, Highrise, and Basecamp, act as one with one newsfeed for all integrated and synced applications.

The Hojoki API allows developers to access the functionality of Hojoki with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email adam@hojoki.com for more information on API access.

Innovative Interfaces: SierraInnovative Interfaces: Sierra API: Innovative Interface creates products to help libraries thrive in a modern technology environment. Sierra, the company's latest integrated Library system, combines comprehensive library systems functionality with the scale and power of modern software architecture. The product Builds on the company's commitment to open development, as they plan to allow developers to take advantage of real-time statistical data with queries that create custom views to the underlying data. . One example of a potential use would be the creation and dynamic updating of reading lists using data from patron search queries.

Just2TradeJust2Trade API: The Just2Trade API allows clients of Just2Trade to integrate their own trading interface with Just2Trade's online order entry system. This remote capacity provides the same functionality as the web based service but allows users to customize the other aspects of their system i.e. market feeds, stock quote services. The API uses the FIX protocol and returns JSON. Only clients with a fully funded Just2Trade account have access to the API.

LEAPIN web-check-inLEAPIN web-check-in API: The service connects hotel reservation and guest records with compatible locks at the property, allowing guests to access their rooms using confirmation codes verified against the service's records. Instead of stopping at a property front desk on arrival, a guest can proceed directly to the room and enter a confirmation code that remains valid for the duration of the booking. The service books reservations, emails or texts the access code to the guest, verifies room access during the stay, and completes check-out as the guest departs.

API methods support management of property records, including installed door locks, booking of reservations, and guest access information. Methods also manage communication of reservation and access codes to guests and interaction with property registration records.

MadScan SignalsMadScan Signals API: The MadScan Signals API gives developers access to MadScan's signals, filters, and news filters. Using these tools developers can choose which news items they want to see, which stock indicators they want to track, along with any other criteria that will enhance trading performance. Documentation is available with purchase.

Magicspatula Stock QuotesMagicspatula Stock Quotes API: The Stock Quotes API, provided by magicspatula.com, gives users call and real-time stream options for getting relevant stock quotes. The service is free and the site provides example JavaScript code for including this service on your website.

MetaLocGramNMetaLocGramN API: The MetaLocGramN API provides a method of subcellular localization prediction for Gram-negative proteins. It acts as a gateway to a number of primary prediction methods such as signal peptide, beta-barrel, transmembrane helices, and subcellular localization predictors. It then integrates the primary methods and, based on their outputs, provides an overall consensus prediction.

Mocean MobileMocean Mobile API: Mocean Mobile is an advertising service for mobile devices. It offers publishers, mobile ad networks, and app stores a platform for maximizing their mobile revenue. The platform can be used to manage mobile ad campaigns, receive real-time reports and analytics, and support rich media advertisements. Mocean Mobile offers a REST API that allows developers to retrieve reporting data programmatically.

MonoloopMonoloop API: The service connects the behavioral profile for a user account to email marketing and CRM functions to target communications based on customer actions. It syncs records of customer activities with Back-end systems to enable delivery of timely and highly relevant communications.

API methods support tracking and profiling of users based on their online behavior, with activity scoring and location information. Methods also support dynamic content generation and personalized delivery, with marketing messaging generated to synchronize with related behaviors.

Online Talent ManagerOnline Talent Manager API: Online Talent Manager provides workplace-focused personality testing. The model it employs was created specifically for the workplace and is designed for finding the best personality fit between a candidate and a position. Online Talent Manager is available for integration into other HR systems such as yearly review systems, recruitment sites, job boards, mobility centers, etc.

Open Xerox PDF-to-XMLOpen Xerox PDF-to-XML API: The service accesses the content of a PDF document and generates structured XML. The site offers an interactive application for converting PDF to either XML or ePub formats. The Web Service enables programmatic conversion specifically to XML.

API methods support detection of header and footer, segmentation and ordering of text found in the PDF file. Methods also detect and process embedded table of contents, captions, and footnotes.

Pacific Biosciences SMRT PipePacific Biosciences SMRT Pipe API: The service provides a collaborative platform for molecule sequencing within the life sciences. It provides information about a proprietary technology for sequencing, SMRT®, along with data and analytical software to help process it. Tools for accessing and converting files allow manipulation of data resources for processing in different environments.

API methods support management of sequencing data output, secondary data analysis, control of analysis protocols, and validation of sample sheets. Separate APIs support conversion of data files between different formats.

Postmark SpamcheckPostmark Spamcheck API: Postmark is an email delivery service for web apps. The Spamcheck API gives developers a programmatic interface to the spam filter tool SpamAssassin. The API can be used by an application to pre or post process email content. It helps to filter out junk and prevent clutter within a database or application. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

ProBiSProBiS API: ProBiS is a service that allows users to find binding site similarities and local pairwise alignments for any PDB (RCSB Protein Data Bank) protein structure. ProBiS contains records of over 30,000 structures against which proteins input by the user can be compared. The RESTful ProBiS API allows users to retrieve information in XML, JSON, or PDB format.

RightsLine RightsLine API: The service builds a catalog of media assets, especially video clips and features, and makes them available, within the requirements of rights specified by the owner. It manages content files and metadata for tracking and accessing them, including specification of rights to access and copy the content. It also manages payment to rightsholders and calculates royalties to performers and others.

API methods support management of media properties, including retrieval of metadata structure and specifications and updating values for specific properties. Methods also manage user access accounts and enforce and restrictions stated in rights metadata for a particular user's access to a property.

SendGrid Customer SubuserSendGrid Customer Subuser API: SendGrid's cloud-based email helps keep emails out of spam folders, provides a cloud service that scales with email demands, and provides email analytics to track opens and clicks.

The Customer Subuser API allows developers to integrate user management functionality into their applications. The API exposes email list managment methods including bounce records, unsubscribe notices and spam reports. Limits can also be set on the amount of emails that users can send, event notifications can be managed and users can be logged in and authenticated. The API RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

SendGrid ParseSendGrid Parse API: SendGrid's cloud-based email helps keep emails out of spam folders, provides a cloud service that scales with email demands, and provides email analytics to track opens and clicks.

The Parse API can parse the attachments and contents from incoming emails and post them to a web application. The API will POST the parsed email to a URL configured in the user account. Use cases for the API include: posting blog articles via email, processing email replies in a mailing list, allowing users to upload pictures to their profile via email, submit support requests via email. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

ServiceObjects DOTS Fast WeatherServiceObjects DOTS Fast Weather API: The ServiceObjects DOTS Fast Weather API allows users to retrieve a variety of weather information including current weather, weather warnings, five-day forecasts, and historical weather conditions. Users may designate a location by zipcode, city, IP address, or WMO (World Meteorological Organization) ID number depending on the API call to be used.

ShopperTrakShopperTrak API: ShopperTrak is a leading provider of people counting analytics for retailers. The ShopperTrak Managed Service counts foot traffic in over 45,000 retail locations in 74 countries.

The In-Store Flash Traffic API allows retailers access to in-store foot traffic counts every 15 minutes and can be merged with other in-store data sources, including the point of sale transaction log and staffing information. With real-time foot traffic counts, store managers can make timely adjustments to improve in-store performance.

The Enterprise Daily Traffic API allows retailers to review individual stores’ foot traffic counts from the previous day. According to ShopperTrak, using this API for mobile applications will be especially useful to retail field managers – often traveling between stores.

Singapore Metro Rapid TransitSingapore Metro Rapid Transit API: Singapore Metro Rapid Transit is a service that provides information on Singapore's Metro Transit, such as trains, buses, taxis, and tourist attractions.

The SMRT API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of SMRT with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving bus arrival times, retrieving timetables, and accessing bus service information.

SITA BagTracSITA BagTrac API: SITA’s BagJourney, a new managed service by SITA, aids the baggage management process. With BagJourney, users can instantly see where a bag has been and where it is at currently. Baggage messages are tracked within the system where they can be processed and analyzed to determine the real-time status of a bag. Historical data is also available. The BagTrac API lets users retrieve info from the BagJourney service such as the list of events by either bag tag number or PNR booking reference. Booking reference requests will return events for all bag tags associated with that PNR. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up for access to the API.

SortMyBooks SortMyBooks API: The SortMyBooks API allows users to either access and use their SortMyBooks account, or integrate the service into their other applications. The API comes in both a SOAP and JSON protocol, and returns in JSON or HTML. The documentation includes a PHP application that demonstrates the API integration, full documentation is available with log in.

SpitCastSpitCast API: The SpitCast API allows users to access SpitCasts surf prediction algorithm. The API uses the REST protocol and returns JSON surf predictions. The service provides surf data for regions along the California coast. To see example uses visit the SpitCast API home page.

StatsFC Premier League StatsFC Premier League API: StatsFC Premier League is a service that provides English Premier League statistics for soccer/football. Statistic features include tables, fixtures, results, forms, and top scorers.

The StatsFC Premier League API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of the StatsFC service with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving the League table, retrieving top scorers, and retrieving results.

Street Directory MapsStreet Directory Maps API: Street Directory provides street-level maps of Australia along with addresses and profiles for local businesses, events, community groups, and accommodations. The Street Directory Maps JavaScript API uses Ausway, an Australian road map provider, to enable users to create and customize maps for use on their own websites.

TideSpyTideSpy API: The TideSpy API supplies users with tide heights, timezone info, wind, and moon/sun data to users through an HTTP request. The data is returned in JSON format. The full documentation is available after registration, and a small monthly fee is charged for you of the API.

TopocodingTopocoding API: The service provides information about altitude and topography for places on the Earth. Sources for topographic data include the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) and the GTOPO30 project of the U.S. Geological Service (USGS). Data describes contours and primary features of all continents except Antarctica at a horizontal resolution of about 90 meters.

API methods support submission of a place or list of places, specified by latitude and longitude or GPS coordinates, to retrieve altitude, distance apart, and intermediate locations. The API generates an altitude profile for the route between the specified places, which can help to route's steepness or to verify the visibility of one point from another. Distance measurements account for the curvature of the Earth.

Trackip Trackip API: Trackip is a German site that tracks user IP addresses and provides the geographical location based on the IP. The API gives developers programmatic access to the site functionality and data for use in their own applications or websites. The API lets users look up the internet host, IP address, city, country, latitude and longitude. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML. The site and documentation are in German.

Tracknburn FoodDataTracknburn FoodData API: The service provides a database of nutritional information for common food products. Information includes nutritional component values such as calories, fat percentage, and carbohydrate grams for a large selection of generic and brand name food products and popular restaurant offerings. More detailed nutritional content includes sugar, fiber, calcium, iron, many vitamins, and related specifications.

API methods support retrieval of nutritional information, either simple or detailed, for a generic product type or a name brand product available in the market. Methods also can return nutritional components by serving size.

TrewIDM CloudTrewIDM Cloud API: TrewPort specializes in identity management, business process management, and service oriented architecture. TrewIDM Cloud was designed to provide a comprehensive identity management product, supports single and federation sign on functionality, and provides a comprehensive view of user events within an enterprise. The API currently connects the product to over 500 cloud and enterprise applications.

TwirusTwirus API: Twirus offers an API for 3rd parties to find and use data about local and international trends on twitter. Currently popular and trending topics, tags, and posters on twitter can all be viewed. Data can be used on a freely available website with attribution. A license may be obtained for other purposes such as historical statistical analysis.

Unified SocialUnified Social API: Unified Social is a platform for social media marketing. The platform allows marketers to engage social media audiences across multiple social media applications, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIN.

The Unified Social API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Unified Social with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving audience profile information, generating reports, and managing account information. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with accounts.

VKVK API: VK is the largest European social networking site with more than 100 million active users. Users registered with the site can create personal profiles, post status updates, upload images, and more. They can also follow and exchange messages with other VK members. The VK REST APIs enable users to interact with site programmatically to add or retrieve information.

Washington Post NFL Statistics Washington Post NFL Statistics API: The Washington Post is a newspaper out of Washington DC.

The Washington Post NFL Statistics API allows developers to access and integrate statistics from the National Football League (NFL) with other applications and to create new applications. Example API methods include retrieving players and player information, retrieving team statistics and information, and retrieving information on games.

Whale Wisdom Whale Wisdom API: The Whale Wisdom API allows users to streamline and automate data retrieval from the Whale Wisdom website. The service uses the REST protocol and can return data in several formats. The API allows users to retrieve, compare, and analyse the 13F filings of major funds. The API requires users to create an account on the website which can be used to generate API keys to authenticate any calls.

Yahoo Kimo Knowledge PlusYahoo Kimo Knowledge Plus API: The Yahoo Kimo Knowledge API provides an interface for users to access the knowledge and Q & A knowledge content on the site. This also includes recorded information of the user knowledge and quizzes. The API provides functionality that allows users to get the problem content, relevant answers, comments, and published functions; keyword search; get a specific user's information, such as questions and answers they have posted; and category names. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON. Documentation is in Chinese.

Yahoo WretchYahoo Wretch API: Wretch is a Taiwanese social site that provides users with free album and blog hosting services. The Wretch API allows users to access the functionality and data from the Wretch site including uploading photos and video, writing posts and accessing user data such as friend lists. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Yes-coYes-co API: Yes-co is a real estate project management system for brokers and agents. It also includes features to help facilitate communication with customers and to provide consumer feedback. The Yes-co API enables developers to create, retrieve, and manage real estate projects programmatically.

The Yes-co website is provided in Dutch, but the API documentation is given in English.

ZapierZapier API: Zapier is an application that integrates applications together. Users can choose triggers that automatically push data and content from one application to another.

With Zapier, developers and users can integrate applications with API keys. Public documentation is not available. Interested developers can sign up here: https://zapier.com/app/signup.