56 New APIs: Zyncro, CloudBank and Mobile App Testing

This week we had 56 new APIs added to our API directory including a customer engagement and loyalty promotion service, app Performance Testing, crowd-sourced language learning service, live video broadcasting, electronic payments service and an enterprise social networking service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Autodesk AutoCADAutodesk AutoCAD API: The Autodesk AutoCAD API allows users to access and edit their DWG files from any computer or mobile device using only a web browser. This allows designers and engineers to access their plans at all times without having to print out copies or carry a Flash drive. The need to back up one's files is eliminated as well, since all versions of the DWG files are stored on a timeline for easy access and auditing.

Bambuser MetadataBambuser Metadata API: Bambuser is a video sharing service. It is designed for individuals and brands to stream live video feeds over social media sites like Facebook and Tumblr. Bambuser can capture and save videos, and allows users to set up profiles and events. It also has a mobile interface. Their Metadata allows developers to access parts of the database. It is a RESTful API that provides responses in JSON and XML.

BioDB Hyperlink Management SystemBioDB Hyperlink Management System API: The service maintains and automatically updates a database of hyperlinks across major biology and life sciences databases. It defines stable identifiers linking to data IDs in major databases for gene and protein information. Its update Function returns up-to-date URLs for accessing corresponding data across multiple databases.

API methods support submission of an identifier in a particular input format and the desired output format. Methods return the correct identifier in the requested output system. Methods also allow retrieval of a listing of identifiers logged in the system.

BitMinterBitMinter API: The service provides tools for managing balances of bitcoin virtual currency. It summarizes activity within the bitcoin network and provides statistics to guide an application's involvement in group effort to generate bitcoin, with the resulting balance shared among participants.

API methods support summaries of statistics for worldwide bitcoin activity. Methods also provide statistics on the hash rate generated by network activity, the number of workers active in the network, the number of users, and the rounds of activity completed.

Box.net EmbeditBox.net Embedit API: Embedit.in is a document embedding service for website content development. It provides simple code to embed documents. Developers can also choose how to document will appear to users. Additional features for annotation and analysis allow content developers to highlight new documents and track their use. A RESTful API is provided for programmatically embedding and adjusting files. It returns JSON and XML formatted data.

BugrocketBugrocket API: Bugrocket is bug-tracking tool. It is designed to be integrated discretely into development tasks. Users can organize any workflow elements to be tracked. Bugrocket also filters tickets according to basic controls like, user, status, and priority. The API provides access to the site’s full functionality including bug notification, tickets, history, and more. It is a RESTful API that returns data in JSON or JSONP format.

California LotteryCalifornia Lottery API: The service provides an information stream about current lottery games run by the state of California. It serves information needs of partners by providing updated reports of games played, winners' names and amounts won, and related updates about the games.

API methods support retrieval of current game information including the most recent numbers drawn and jackpot amounts.

CerrioCerrio API: Cerrio is a cloud service for storing real-time data online. It provides an intuitive visual interface for developing and maintaining one's cloud. The Cerrio API provides users with non-streaming read and write access to all of their Cerrio data. This API operates over REST calls using the JSON data format.

Chemical Identifier ResolverChemical Identifier Resolver API: The service helps with understanding and uses of identifiers for chemical structures. It takes in identifiers for chemical compounds and resolves them against standard nomenclature. It also provides information about the molecular structure indicated by an identifier and/or converts to different identifier notations.

API methods support submission of a chemical structure identifier in a range of formats, including SMILES and InChI. Methods return a standard chemical name and structure information, optionally including a gif or png image of the structure and an equivalent identifier in a different format.

ClickTaleClickTale API: ClickTale is a JavaScript-based service that allows users to monitor the behavior of visitors on their websites in minute detail. Heatmaps are provided to depict mouse movements, clicks, and attention paid by visitors overall. The activities of individuals can be recorded in full so that the site owner can see every mouse movement, hover, click, and scroll. This allows them to observe firsthand where visitors experienced errors, abandoned the shopping cart, or could not find what they were looking for. With this information, site owners can optimize page layout and improve visitor experiences.

ClientRocketClientRocket API: ClientRocket is a business loyalty management service. They provide business a suite of tools to build and maintain loyalty and rewards programs. Items in this suite include gift cards, marketing by email or coupons, program enrollment forms for websites, and more. Their RESTful API exposes functionality to the loyalty Platform for Integration with POS systems, and mobile and marketing communications apps. It returns XML formatted data.

CloudBankCloudBank API: CloudBank is a crowd-sourced information system for advanced language learning. It allows users to collect, annotate, and tag interesting language- and culture-related content and save it to the CloudBank repository. From there, the content can be syndicated in a variety of ways. The repository also offers a web interface for adding, editing, and discussing content in an online community.

The CloudBank API allows users to access CloudBank's functions and stored data programmatically via REST calls.

CoolirisCooliris API: The Cooliris API allows users to embed the Cooliris Wall on their website using JavaScript. The Cooliris Wall is a tool for showcasing a large amount of media content at once in a visually pleasing way. The Wall is highly customizable and requires no additional plugins to use or to view.

Crossbrowser Testing Crossbrowser Testing API: CrossBrowser Testing is a service that allows website developers to test their pages. Developers tell the CrossBrowser Testing what browser and what operating system it should simulate. They can then run a live trial from their own computer browsers and remote VNC sessions. They offer two APIs: Automated Screenshot and Live Test. With the Automated Screenshots API, developers write their own screen capturing scripts. The Live Test API allows developers to configure their trial runs. Both are RESTful APIs and return XML and JSON data.

CU3ERCU3ER API: CU3ER is 3D image slider that can be inserted and integrated into a user's webpage using a JavaScript API. This API provides extended bidirectional communication with CU3ER that gives users with a way to sync CU3ER with rest of their page elements. A Library of simple functions are available to control the 3D image slider such as play, pause, next, and onTransition.

DiglibDiglib API: Diglib is a directory of online educational resources. Currently, all of these resources are offered free of charge. Diglib provides an API to allow vendors of educational materials to integrate their systems with Diglib's. API users can retrieve site agreements, educational resources, and customers using REST calls in either XML or text format.

DrugleDrugle API: The service provides a semantic search engine for authoritative information on pharmacology and medical drugs free of provider bias. It provides a general reference tool for health-care providers, patients and families, researchers, and medical students. Health information systems can implement the service as a component of decision support technology.

API methods support submission of search queries and retrieval of results. Integration demos illustrate incorporation of the service with health information sites.

Extravaganza CityExtravaganza City API: ExtravaganzaCity is a group buying business that caters especially to Latinos through their website and a mobile platform. Cities they serve range from the greater New York-New Jersey area to Albuquerque, Miami, and San Juan. They offer deals in many categories, including health and fitness, photography, and entertainment. Users buy deals from merchants through Extravaganza City, and redeem their purchases with emailed vouchers or on their mobile devices. They offer a RESTful API for developers to integrate the site’s entire functionality with third party apps or websites. The API returns XML and JSON formatted data.

Federal Infrastructure ProjectsFederal Infrastructure Projects API: The Federal Infrastructures Project Dashboard is a government-project transparency app. It allows interested parties to view the development of ongoing high priority projects across America. Users can view projects in diversity of categories, such as: Green Infrastructure, Transmission, Transportation, and more. A suite of APIs exposes data access functionality, allowing developers to grab information about the projects, their permits, actions, sectors, and much more. They are RESTful APIs that return XML and JSON responses.

ForSWORForSWOR API: ForSWOR is a forum for fants of the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO Game. The forum allows for discussion of all aspects of the game including class, questing, crews, flash points, PVP and more. The ForSWOR server status can be accessed via an API allowing devleper to use the status data for a specific server (or all servers) in their own widgets and sites. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON and RSS.

GrepCodeGrepCode API: GrepCode is a Java code search service that looks for code stored in Maven and OSGI repositories. The GrepCode REST API provides methods to retrieve Java code source files by class name, by path, or by either of those factors plus the MD5 signature of the project's jar file. The API may also retrieve a jar file by its project identifier or by the MD5 signature of any other jar file in the project.

HeelloHeello API: Heello is a social microblogging service that allows users to share what they're doing with short text posts called Pings. Users may also include a photo or video, or share their current location with Pings. The Heello API allows users to create, delete, or retrieve Pings, as well as to retrieve information about users or individual Pings.

JustisJustis API: The legal topic search service allows applications to integrate results on specific areas of law relevant to U.K. cases such as case law in Irish courts, European Union Directives, U.K. statutes, etc. Results provide links to retrieve full-text documents both managed by the service and from other providers. Results can be filtered and sorted for effective targeting of queries.

API methods support submission of a search query string with parameters to control number and type of results, sorting, etc. Returned data include identifiers for retrieving source documents, with or without query terms highlighted, many with options for source format or PDF. A separate JustCite API provides citations of legal cases and precedents.

Kareo Medical OfficeKareo Medical Office API: The service provides a platform for office management and billing functions for physician and medical offices and facilities. With special-purpose functions specific to doctors' needs, it supports management of patient appointments and billing, including interactions with health insurance companies.

API methods support managing patient accounts, managing lists of service providers associated with the office, and setting and retrieving lists of appointments. Methods also support handling procedure codes for services provided, listing patient charges, and submitting billing reports.

LottoCaptchaLottoCaptcha API: The service presents CAPTCHA puzzles used to verify that submitted data comes from a human user rather than an automated script. Users submit solutions with the possibility of winning part of a prize pool submitted by site advertisers.

API methods support presenting a CAPTCHA challenge and submitting a response. If the submission matches predefined game numbers, the hosting application and user solving the challenge split the prize.

LoyaltyLabLoyaltyLab API: The service is intended to build customer engagement by creating motivations for interactions, resulting in accelerated growth in loyalty. It tracks and manages purchases and over time, messaging between company and customer, involvement in brand-related events, and similar indicators of brand engagement.

API methods support tracking of brand activity, product purchases, event attendance, and other shopper behavior. Methods track engagement as loyalty points, activities that increase customer point totals, and rewards to be redeemed in exchange for loyalty points.

LoyaltyToolkitLoyaltyToolkit API: The service provides discount coupons, product samples, surveys, and other tools to promote customer engagement and loyalty. Applications can integrate local customer databases with the service to track contents, premiums and promotions delivered, and redemption and other engagement behaviors by customers.

API methods support tracking of customers, customization of customer messaging, and related functions.

MementoMemento API: The service provides API access to the Wayback Machine Internet archive of over 150 billion web pages saved starting in 1996. The Memento protocol allows data-level access to the archive to allow retrieval of website content based on date-time specifications.

API methods include TimeGate, which provides access to a site at points in time specified in its own page headers. The Memento API provides access as of a date specified in the request. The TimeMap API provides a download of archived content.

My TrailsMy Trails API: My Trails offers users four API choices. The Location Based Search API returns information on shared trails and markers for latitude/longitude inputs from the My Trails database. The Client Upload API allows users to post new trails and markers to the database. The Client Register API allows new users to register and the Client Registration Check API checks the validity of usernames and password. All are performed using HTTP GET or POST requests.

NEMSISNEMSIS API: The service maintains a database of local and state emergency service providers and agencies from across the United States. It intends to describe EMS and pre-hospital care in a comprehensive way, providing a basis for improving patient care and measuring effectiveness while supporting training curriculum for emergency responders.

API methods support standard formats for submitting reports of accumulated EMS activity and performance data. Methods also support retrieval of reports of aggregated data from all providers and agency.

Payfirma Payfirma API: Payfirma is a payment solutions provider. Their products are intended for businesses to offer flexible payment options to their customers. These services support online vendors and physical locations and include solutions such as mobile point-of-sale systems, ecommerce payments, and billing. For developers with accounts, Payfirma provides XML standards-based APIs that expose customer data and ecommerce functionality. They also provide APIs to developers for integration with other or new services.

Playtomic Data ExportingPlaytomic Data Exporting API: Playtomic is a player performance tracking service for game developers. It provides and platform that analyzes players’ performances in online games. Intelligence reports on users’ performances can then be used improve game play. It is also scalable to different sizes and aspects of games. They provide a RESTful API for developers to import JSON or XML-formatted analytical data directly into their own apps and dashboards.

QRtagQRtag API: QRtag offers a free and easy method by which anyone can create and implement QR codes. A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is a type of matrix barcode that has increased in popularity in recent years and can be scanned by a number of mobile devices. QRtag provides methods for creating, exporting, and printing custom QR codes. These services can be accessed using either a JavaScript or HTML API.

ResizorResizor API: Resizor is an image resizing service. It is intended for use by app developers who need their graphics resized quickly. Developers begin by uploading their graphic to Resizor’s API. Resizor then returns a unique identifier for it. When developers need the image resized, they specify new parameters with the unique ID. The API is REST-based and returns JSON and XML formatted data with the images.

Rewd.coRewd.co API: Rewd.co is a URL shortening tool. Users copy and paste unwieldy links into Rewd’s homepage box which recasts it in a smaller URL. Furthermore, Rewd.co can minimize multiple URLs at once with a Multi Shrink function. Other additional features include URL customization and a bookmarklet. Their RESTful API exposes the site’s entire functionality, allowing developers to shorten URLs, password protext, set expiry dates, and more. It can return XML and JSON formatted data.

Rocket DispatchRocket Dispatch API: Rocket Dispatch provides a mass messaging communications and business processing services. These services allow users to send messages by SMS, email, voice, or chat an audience ranging from one to many. Users can also receive feedback from their audience through Rocket Dispatch. Their API exposes the integrative functionality of their customizable mass messaging service.

RTCkitRTCkit API: RTCkit is a telephony service that allows users to embed a component called Flash WebPhone in their websites. This component allows visitors to make phone calls from their browsers without installing any additional software. The Flash WebPhone component is controlled using the RTCkit JavaScript API. A separate HTTP API is used to manage settings, billing, and usage statistics.

ScoreoidScoreoid API: Scoreoid is a server platform for game development. It is intended for developers to host their games’ content provides additional features for game management. Among these features are leaderboards, analytics, and an in-game notification system. Scoreoid also allows for cross platform development and content awareness. Their RESTful exposes data retrieval functionality for three domains: Player, Game, and Score. It can provide XML or JSON responses.

SpacialDB LayersSpacialDB Layers API: SpacialDB is a geospatial database service that allows users to create, operate, and scale dedicated geospatial databases in the cloud. A SpacialDB database can be used transparently in place of any cloud-based database such as Amazon RDS, Rackspace Storage, or Heroku PostgreSQL. The SpacialDB Layers API allows users to access their geospatial data RESTfully in either JSON or JSONP format.

StormRETSStormRETS API: The service aggregates data from a number of real estate transfer services (RETS) feeds documenting sales of property, with application-level access to summarize market activity. It provides a single source for real estate sales tracked by the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

API methods support search for properties tracked within the RETS system or for a single property by ID. Search also can cover a specific city, country, or area, with additional specifications for property styles and features.

TestFlightTestFlight API: TestFlight is a mobile app testing service. It provides space for testing and tools for analyzing trial use. Developers first upload their SDKs. Then, TestFlight distributes them to the developers’ testers and analyzes usage for performance reports. Their Upload API allows developers to streamline the development process by incorporating the SDK upload into their workflow. It is a RESTful API that provides responses in XML, JSON, and PLIST.

Text Marketer SMS GatewayText Marketer SMS Gateway API: Text Marketer is a UK SMS marketing firm. They provide outgoing and incoming SMS marketing services. Their outgoing services allow users to send SMS in bulk to their audience. The incoming services allow companies to receive SMS from their customers or inquirers. Their API is RESTful and provides responses in XML. It exposes access to their SMS gateway service for outgoing and incoming operations.

ThrustCurveThrustCurve API: ThrustCurve is an information Resource for model rocket hobbyists. The website stores organized data and manufacturing specs on model rocket engines. Hobbyists can find updates, guides to supplies, simulation data, and more on the site. The site provides three APIs for developers: Search, Download, and Metadata. They are HTTP-based and provide XML responses.

Trails.byTrails.by API: Trails.by is a hybrid bookmarking platform that allows for the collection of "curated" bookmarking lists (called 'trails'), but with an additional social Q&A component. Users can post questions, and other users can post answers in the form of bookmark trails. It hopes to offer a new way to combat information overload by combining the functionality of social bookmarking sites with those of Q&A sites.

The Trails.by API allows users to search existing trails and requests by page, rating, topic or "new" status. It also allows search by keyword. Calls are returned in JSON format.

TweakkerTweakker API: The service manages configuration of Over-the-Air (OTA) communication settings for interaction with mobile devices, including WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) and IAP(Internet Access Point). It manages the multitude of device-specific variables needed to provide user access to advanced online, media, and data services.

API methods support determination of device brand and model as well as user-specific settings. Methods also load settings to devices to enable application functions and provide access to help content to help resolve user problems.

UCAR PeopleUCAR People API: The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) is an organization focused on the study of Earth's atmosphere. UCAR promotes collaboration between numerous people and organizations who share their mission. In order to keep track of these associates as well as UCAR staff members, the UCAR People DB was created. The UCAR People API provides programmatic access to the UCAR People DB, allowing users to retrieve information on persons, groups, and organizations who work for or with UCAR.

Unifocus GetSurveyUnifocus GetSurvey API: The service provides functionality for online surveys to gather input from customers and employees that promotes engagement and loyalty while providing actionable feedback to decision makers. Survey methods have been developed over time to encourage high response rates and target input to essential management questions.

API methods support managing links to survey questions and tracking responses. Methods link responses to survey participants and reflect their customer relationships.

VerifilterVerifilter API: The service provides access to public records from the U.S. Office of Financial Asset Control to support compliance with currency transfer regulations. It allows review of reports on asset transfers in amounts that trigger OFAC reporting requirements intended to disclose and prevent money laundering activities.

API methods support search and retrieval of records by name and individual identifier. Searches may optionally specify an address to filter out similar names.

VersaPay VersaPay API: VersaPay is an electronic checking and invoicing service. It offers a well-integrated package of automated payments methods, from payment requests to notification upon delivery. Users can send and accept e-payments, and electronically track all transactions. All of the data be exported or automated to notify users and recipients. Their API suite allows developers to integrate the payment request system, payment transfers, and notifications. Included APIs are: Fund Sources, Transactions, Debit Agreements, and Webhook. They are RESTful APIs that return JSON and XML formatted data.

ViewRanger BuddyBeaconViewRanger BuddyBeacon API: ViewRanger is a UK-based company specializing in GPS applications and map software. BuddyBeacon is a GPS navigation app for mobile devices that allows live tracking of a user's location. The BuddyBeacon API is currently in beta. It grants access to a user's raw BuddyBeacon data for map, app, or mash-up creation.

Web-MerchantWeb-Merchant API: The U.K. service processes payments by credit card and debit card for puchases online. It emphasizes large-volume processing with integration Documentation and available live technical support. Applications can implement via service-hosted secure payment page or API integration.

API methods support secure submission of buyer and payment card information, with return of pre-authorization status. Methods can complete payment and support transaction confirmation messaging.

WebEngageWebEngage API: WebEngage is a feedback and support tool that allows users to create custom questionnaires for their websites. These questionnaires can be programmed to pop up under certain conditions, such as if a visitor followed a specific link to the website or has spent more than a minute on the same page. WebEngage can be controlled using a JavaScript API.

WebGL EarthWebGL Earth API: WebGL Earth provides a mechanism for inserting interactive maps into webpages without the use of additional plugins. These maps are viewable from any platform, including mobile devices. Webpage visitors can rotate and zoom in or out on the globe, or even tilt the viewing angle. WebGL Earth can display existing maps from other mapping services as well as custom map tiles for Earth or other planets.

WebPagetestWebPagetest API: WebPagetest is a service for measuring and analyzing the performance of web pages. Users input the URL, global location, and browser type they wish to test, and WebPagetest then returns information on a number of performance factors including keep-alive, text compression, image compression, caching of static content, JS/ CSS file combination, and CDN use. It also keeps track of differences between first-time and repeat viewings of a page.

WebToPictureWebToPicture API: The service generates a thumbnail image for the screen display at a URL submitted. The user or application submits a valid web URL, and the service captures the display found in any of four sizes. It logs images captured and allows browse access by category.

API methods allow submission of a URL and the desired thumbnail size -- small, medium, large, or extra-large. Methods search for a matching URL and, if found, deliver the existing image link. If no current image exists, the service queues the request for image capture and returns a placeholder image link.

ZyncroZyncro API: Zyncro is an enterprise social networking service that provides features for microblogging, filesharing, task management, and more. Customizable group structures allow Zyncro to accommodate the departmental structure of any organization. This service was designed to allow integration with other systems such as social networks, corporate systems, and the cloud.