57 Analysis APIs: HP Labs Multimedia Analytic Platform, Engagor and Colorfy API

Our API directory now includes 57 analysis APIs. The newest is the Engagor API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the HP Labs Multimedia Analytic Platform API. We list one HP Labs Multimedia Analytic Platform mashup. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of analysis APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 38 analysis REST APIs and 8 analysis SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 25 analysis XML APIs and 34 analysis JSON APIs.

The most common tags within analysis are 19 analysis tools APIs, 9 analysis semantic APIs, and 9 analysis data APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 13 analysis mashups. We named Google Base Tools as mashup of the day in September.

For reference, here is a list of all 57 analysis APIs.

AdaptivePlanning API: Financial analysis, planning, and reporting service

Aiaioo Labs VakText API: Text Analysis Service

BBAW ISO-Date API: German and Italian text analysis service

BBAW Places API: German text analysis and place name service

bioNMF API: Biomedical data analysis service

Bitcoin-Status API: Bitcoin Up-time Analysis Service

CADEC API: Composite materials analysis application

Center for Biological Sequence Analysis API: Biological sequence and molecule analysis services

Colorfy It API: Website color analysis tool

Dataseed API: Data visualization and analysis Platform

DiscoverText API: Social media analytics and research service

DMV TREDS API: Traffic Data Service

EnClout Content API: Content Extract for domains

Engagor API: Social media management platform

Enrycher API: Text analysis and keyword generation service

Esri Community Analyst API: Application Building Service

Ferret go Sentiment Analysis API: Text and sentiment analysis service

GAMEhud API: Online game management

HP Labs Multimedia Analytic Platform API: Multimedia content analysis tools

Humanoid API: Data analysis service

HUSAR Bioinformatics Lab API: Suite of bioinformatics services

Illocution Upzilla API: Language analysis service

Imagga API: Image collection analysis service

InfoNgen API: Content discovery and analysis service

Klocwork API: Software Security Service

LinkTiger API: Link Checking Service

Loggr API: Web application analytics service

Lymbix Sentiment Analysis API: Sentiment analysis service

Lytics API: Data analysis platform

Machine Linking API: Semantic analysis service

MECAPI API: Japanese language morphology analysis service

MeridianLink Credit API: Credit report and credit score service

MTG Canoris API: Audio processing and analysis software

NetBase Insight API: Social media monitoring service

OiDViEW MIB API: Network management analysis service

Ondore API: Data and metric analysis service

Peachnote API: Music score search engine and analysis platform

Prior Knowledge API: Predictive database service

Pro Writing Aid API: Text analysis and writing aid service

Publishflow API: Live Competitor Monitoring for News Publishers

Purifyr API: Web content extraction service

Qirina API: Keyword analysis database

Roistr API: Semantic Relevance Engine

Savvr API: Daily deals business intelligence service

Semantria API: Text and sentiment analysis service

Semiocast API: Linguistic Feed analysis service

Sentiment140 API: Twitter sentiment analysis service

SentiRate API: Sentiment analysis service

Stremor Liquid Helium API: Language heuristics tools

TagFinder API: Tag extraction service

Terapeak API: eBay and eCommerce data service

TheySay AffectR API: Sentiment analysis service

University of Washington Decision Support API: Institutional data access service

WibiData API: User data storage and analysis platform

Wireless Applications Services API: RF engineering consulting services

Wondergraphs API: Data and analytics service

Yahoo Content Analysis API: Semantic relevance service

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