58 New APIs: AT&T, goMobi and Social Shopping

This week we had 58 new APIs added to our API directory including a number reference service, multimedia messaging service, mobile website creation service, social shopping platform and a directory of health-related APIs. We also looked at a better way to compare products. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

4:14 XML Bible4:14 XML Bible API: The service provides text from Christian scripture as specified in submitted requests. It complements similar biblical verse service by providing translations in multiple languages and versions of the scripture. King James versions are the default, but requests can choose from 53 others based on different Greek and Hebrew texts. The database of nearly 2.5 million verses includes text in many languages.

API methods support submission of a request with a bibilical passage citation. Requests may also specify a language and text version. Returned data provide up to 500 matching verses.

Aalto social interfaceAalto social interface API: The service creates a platform for social media applications serving the user base in the Otaniemi area of Finland and the Aalto University. Part of the university's OtaSizzle project, the service provides functions like user profiles, groups, and SMS/texting along with other social messaging channels. The API gives application-level access to the functionality of the network's own interface plus capacity for adding new applications.

API methods support managing individual profiles, including contact information, access by other users, and search-based access. Methods also support formation and management of user groups, channels for messaging between individuals, and integration of SMS/text messaging. A search method enables queries against group and messaging data within the system.

Acquia CloudAcquia Cloud API: Acquia is a commercial open source software company that provides products and services for Drupal. Acquia's cloud based solution lets users create Drupal based web sites. The Acquia Cloud API allows developers to extend and customize Acquia Cloud. The API allows direct control of Acquia Cloud sites and supports developer workflow, database, and backup management. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

AT&T MMSAT&T MMS API: With the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) users can send messages from their mobile device to an application ("mobile originate") or an application can send messages to one or more mobile users ("mobile terminate"). The MMS content can include video, images, audio, and synchronized multimedia integration language (SMIL) formatting as well as plain text.

The API uses REST and SOAP protocols. Data formats include JSON and XML.

AutoaddressAutoaddress API: The service provides address capture and validation, with format clean-up and geocoding, for locations in Ireland. Autocomplete functions suggest valid choices during user data entry and apply address intelligence routines to capture and correct accurate, valid addresses. The system can be adapted to an application's address format preferences.

API methods support validation and autocorrection when a user completes data entry, returning status messages, geocoding information, and related application data. Reformat methods modify submitted addresses to match specified configuration options.

Camera PlusCamera Plus API: Camera+ is an iPhone application that contains several features not included in the standard camera app. Camera+ offers a web sharing API that allows Twitter client authors to show user content within tweet feeds. It also lets users integrate their own Camera+ photos into their websites and applications. The API exposes data for thumbnails and picture metadata as well as user info. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON and TXT.

ClearDBClearDB API: ClearDB is a cloud database platform from which users can back their web sites, blogs and applications. It’s a fully ACID compliant relational database accessible from any platform and any programming language. It offers a RESTful API that allows users to query the database. The API can also be used to automate backup operations and get realtime status info about the database.

CodeLessonCodeLesson API: CodeLesson provides instructor led online courses that users can access 24 hours a day. Courses are comprised of online discussions, readings, quizzes, and coding exercises that are reviewed by an instructor. The CodeLesson API lets users retrieve information about CodeLesson. This information includes the list of all certifications offered, certifications earned by a student and all courses offered by CodeLesson. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Coface ICONCoface ICON API: Coface's ICON API provides business-to-business services for purchasing and selling business credit reports. These credit reports are important, because they permit companies to assess the financial positions of their partners and their ability to fulfill commitments. Coface draws on its network of credit information subsidiaries and branches as well as its CreditAlliance partners to provide up-to-date information on millions of companies worldwide.

Consumer NotebookConsumer Notebook API: Consumer Notebook is a product comparison site that allows users take products and add them to lists and grids. The site provides API access to Consumer Notebook where users create product lists and product comparisons. Functionality currently allows users to access Users, Products, Lists, and Grids. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

DaCastDaCast API: DaCast offers a fully integrated platform for live and on demand video streaming. Broadcasters can stream their video and monetize their content via video ads, pay-per-view and/or subscriptions. Currently DaCast offers streaming to more than 3,000 broadcasters. DaCast offers an API that lets streaming providers offer DaCast technology to their own clients through a white label interface. API documentation is not publicly available.

Dark SkyDark Sky API: Dark Sky is an app that predicts the weather using location to figure out when it’s going to precipitate in the immediate future. It is meant to forecast the weather for a given location up to an hour in advance.

The Dark Sky API allows users to query for short-term precipitation forecast data at geographical points inside the United States. It can provide an hourly forecast, forecasts for a collection of points and a list of interesting storms currently happening. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

DeviceAtlasDeviceAtlas API: The service provides access to a database of mobile devices and their characteristics for use in detecting and optimizing performance for a specific user platform. It gives high-performance access to the collaborative dotMobi listing, a comprehensive catalog, updated daily, of mobile devices and their characteristics.

API methods support requests providing device identifiers and return full device descriptions and characteristics. Applications can then optimize for the parameters detected.

Dialect PremailerDialect Premailer API: The service prepares HTML-encoded email by embedding CSS styles before sending to recipients. It creates style attributes from linked CSS stylesheets, converts relative paths for links to absolute paths, and checks styles for compatibility with popular email clients. These checks and modifications help to promote consistent display of HTML email for recipients.

API methods support submission of components to be assembled, including URLs for the HTML and CSS source, base URL for link coversion, and query sting to be added to links for traffic analytics reporting. Methods also accept parameters to control the conversion process, then the API generates email files and provides links to the resulting HTML and plain text versions.

DirbleDirble API: Dirble is an open radio station directory. It stores internet radio stations by category or by country. The API lets users get the stations for a specific category or a specific country. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

DiscordianDiscordian API: The Discordian API converts dates from the Gregorian calendar to the Semi-Divinely Revealed POEE calendar. The Gregorian calendar (also called the Western or Christian calendar) is the internationally accepted civil calendar. The Semi-Divinely Revealed POEE calendar is used by adherents of the Discordian religion. The Discordian API operates over SOAP protocols.

dotMobi goMobidotMobi goMobi API: dotMobi is a company specializing in the development of mobile services and systems for 3rd party businesses. .mobi is used as a naming convention to let consumers know that a site works on a mobile phone. goMobi, a product of dotMobi allows users to create a mobile website in minutes.

With the goMobi API, resellers can auto-populate goMobi sites for their customers. Please contact you goMobi Account Manager for more information. The configuration API allows users to modify the configuration settings of the goMobi service for a domain. It is made up of a set of API calls that permit the setting of configuration properties, such as the title and description of a goMobi site, the instantiation and de-instantiation of goMobi features or apps for a site, and the modification of theme of a site. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

dotMobi Ready.mobidotMobi Ready.mobi API: dotMobi is a company specializing in the development of mobile services and systems for 3rd party businesses. .mobi is used as a naming convention to let consumers know that a site works on a mobile phone.

Ready.mobi is a web page testing tool offered by dotMobi. Users enter a page URL to ready.mobi and it evaluates how well the page will display on mobile devices by testing against the Mobile Web Best Practices, and dotMobi compliance rules. The API allows users to run tests for mobile-readiness tests on their web sites and applications without having to use the ready.mobi web interface.The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

DVDXMLDVDXML API: The subscription service provides management tools for a DVD collection. It logs user submissions of new items and allows lookup access to the subscriber's own DVD records as well as those of other users. Records are managed as dvdid.xml files that trigger retrieval of descriptive information about a DVD in CRC64 format.

API methods accept requests for records about particular DVDs by title. Records with partial title matches are returned. Only subscribers to the service can access the API.

EarthScope Data PortalEarthScope Data Portal API: The EarthScope Data Portal API provides a programmatic method for students, researchers, and others interested in scientific data to explore EarthScope's instrument networks. Users can download data taken from more than one thousand instruments located across North America. Available information includes seismic data, GPS data, strainmeter data, SAFOD data, airborne LiDAR imagery, and satellite InSAR imagery.

eLobbyist LegiScaneLobbyist LegiScan API: The service provides nonpartisan monitoring for information about pending legislation. It tracks the progress of every bill introduced in the U.S. Congress and all 50 state legislatures through a single, uniform interface. It provides full-text search for legislative initiatives nationwide.

API methods support search by jurisdiction, either the U.S. Congress or a state legislative body. Requests can specify text to match, the names of sponsoring legislators, jurisdiction, etc. Returned data provide summary text, sponsors, versions from initial submission to final text, cross-references to previously considered versions, and public commentary on the bill. Methods also support subscription to updates as data about a bill change.

Flo2CashFlo2Cash API: The service handles processing of Visa or MasterCard credit card payments, either from an application's custom page or through a secure page hosted by the provider. Both credit card and debit card payments are processed, and recurring payments can be scheduled.

API methods support submission of transaction and cardholder information, for debit cards or credit cards. Returned data detail either purchase pre-authorization status or full payment processing outcomes. Methods also support refunds of processed payments and related functions.

Gama System Stock QuotesGama System Stock Quotes API: Gama System's Stock Quotes API provides stock exchange information. It offers a variety of SOAP methods that allow users to retrieve the values of a stock, an index, or all indices for a particular date, time, or interval of time. Users can also elect to retrieve only the latest value, or to only retrieve values that occur within a certain range. Data can be retrieved as plain text or in XML format.

Health 2.0Health 2.0 API: The service provides a directory of APIs for health-related services. Listings document available data and application functionality for topics like medical practice and health care, biological research, and healthy lifestyle practices, along with general-purpose APIs from providers in these sectors. The directory aggregates API listings from a number of online sources to narrow the selection of health-related services.

API methods support retrieval of directory listings by type, protocol, feature sets, or tags and keywords applied.

HUD iMAXHUD iMAX API: The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Integrated Multifamily Access eXchange (HUD iMAX) is a web-based system for exchanging tenant and voucher information. HUD iMAX provides CAs, Owners, Management Agents, and Service Bureaus with a way to transmit tenant data and voucher data files to the HUD and to other parties registered with iMAX. This service uses the XML data format over SOAP calls.

IncubateIncubate API: The service provides online information about an annual independent culture culture festival in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Festival activities include an eclectic mix of music, dance, film, and visual arts provided by over 200 artists to an international audience. Information from the festival's website also is available via API.

API methods support retrieval of listings of acts and events from the festival program, either individually or as a whole. Listings can also be grouped by genre and venue.

InvoicefuInvoicefu API: Invoicefu is an online invoicing service. The service is best suited for users who need simple invoices. It is web based and can be accessed via any computer or device with an internet connection. The API lets users access accounts, clients and invoices and perform standard CRUD operations on them. Developers can use the API to integrate Invoicefu with thier own applications. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

JawfishJawfish API: Jawfish allows users to display RSS or Atom feeds on their websites via JavaScript. Users can input the URL of the desired feed into a web-based control panel, and customize the appearance of the desired widget. A short piece of HTML code will be produced that allows the user to embed the custom widget on their webpage. Because Jawfish requires no server-side scripting, it works with any website. This service requires a monthly subscription, the price of which is determined by the number of feeds desired.

LetsMTLetsMT API: The service provides text translation for languages on the standard list IETF RFC 5646. Provided through an EU project scheduled for completion in August 2012, it works through an installed application, browser plugin, or web API. Features include detection of input language and blocking of text by sentence, in addition to translation into a specifiedlanguage.

API methods support specification of a translation system and generation of specified text in the chosen language. Methods also support input language detection and determination of sentence breaks.

liveSTORYBOARD CMSliveSTORYBOARD CMS API: liveSTORYBOARD CMS is a web content authoring, management, and publishing system. It is fully compliant with W3C standards, supports human-readable URLs, and uses a clean markup style that helps search engines index clients' sites more easily. All site content is stored in XML format to enable easy retrieval via custom topical hierarchies. liveSTORYBOARD is a browser-based, hosted CMS, which means that users can access the service at any time from anywhere with a browser and an internet connection.

Met Office DatapointMet Office Datapoint API: The service provides access to weather and climate datasets, including 3-hour and daily forecasts for 5000 UK locations and actual recorded observations of weather events from the previous 24 hours. The service can provide data for individual sites or for all sites for which observations and forecasts are made. Additional functions provide listings of sites and reporting capabilities.

API methods support requests for either 3-hour or daily forecasts by site or for all sites during specified time periods. Methods also accept requests for weather observations with similar site and time parameters.

MiMI/MetabolomicsMiMI/Metabolomics API: The service provides a data repository supporting analysis in systems biology of genetic and metabolomic effects and molecular interactions. Available data include the MiMI database of protein interaction characteristics, which gathers input from multiple databases and sources within the field of biology. The repository also draws on daily updates of PubMed resources and reports from biomedical research. This single point of access allows queries and analysis against multiple interrelated data sources.

API methods support search by free text or by a specific gene identifier. Returned data can include known compounds, interactions, and reactions. Methods can also return a list of interactions discussed in biological literature, discovered via natural language processing.

My-Cool-SMSMy-Cool-SMS API: My-Cool-SMS lets users send and receive international SMS text messages via web, mobile device, desktop programs and API for a low price. The service sends SMS via Wi-Fi or 3G connections meaning users are not required to have a SIM card. My-Cool-SMS provides web applications that allow users to manager their contacts and messaging campaigns as well as perform analytics.

The My-Cool-SMS API allow users to send and receive SMS text messages, manage mailing lists and retrieve delivery reports. The API can be used to integrate the gateway with any web site or third party application. It uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

MyMoviesMyMovies API: The service allows for management of a movie and media collection, including files stored locally on a computer system and DVDs or other storage media shelved separately from the PC. The service logs media resources held by a collector and retrieves metadata from online sources to record descriptive details about each movie.

API methods support listing items in a collection as well as searching for specific movies by local ID number, IMDB ID, title, bar code, etc. Methods also handle related resources like DVD case images and movie trailers, episode and series information, and viewing history.

NALENND Basic NPA NXX ValidationNALENND Basic NPA NXX Validation API: The NALENND Basic NPA NXX Validation API allows users to validate a North American telephone area code and exchange NPA NXX combination. This API can also identify the exchange's service area, local access and transport area (LATA), operating company number (OCN), COMMON LANGUAGE Location Identifier Code (CLLI code), and carrier-defined line type.

NumbersNumbers API: The Numbers API is a site to explore facts about numbers. Enter a number and receive a random fact, such as "15 is the number of days in each of the 24 cycles of the Chinese calendar." In addition to viewing them on the site, the Numbers API is expected to be used programmatically. Send a request to the API and it returns a plain text string. Add a callback and that string is wrapped in a JSONP callback function.

In addition to simple number facts, the site also allows developers to specify math facts about numbers, as well as "on this date" type of functionality.

ONKI Ontology and ThesaurusONKI Ontology and Thesaurus API: The service compiles concept ontologies, vocabularies, and thesauri from Finnish and international sources to aid cost-effective publishing on the Semantic Web. Such reference resources enable implementation of conceptual models and verbal taxonomies within a domain. Machine-processable statements of relations between concepts allow applications to present data from multiple sources in appropriate semantic context for user understanding.

API methods support retrieval of ontology listings matching a search query term, providing a hierarchy of concepts including the term and others related semantically to it. Methods allow retrieval of related terms, terms with similar but narrower meaning, terms with similar but broader meaning, and groups of interrelated terms.

Onuma Planning SystemOnuma Planning System API: The Onuma Planning System (OPS) is web-based Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool. It can be used by architects, planners, engineers, builders, interior designers, and owners to design and model 3d structures. OPS provides a REST-based API to access data from their online studios, which can subsequently be used to create reports in an online or offline application. The API can also be used to link to and manipulate the data in 3rd party applications.

Onuma WFSOnuma WFS API: The Onuma Web Feature Service (WFS) provides access to Onuma's geospatial data resources. This includes the locations and features of buildings, along with other Building Information Modeling (BIM) data. Users can query a specific geographic area determined either by input coordinates or by a drawn area that forms a bounding box. This service also allows users to make Onuma data available to other web services and applications.

Onuma WFS is based on open standards established by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and operates over GET and POST protocols.

OpenSkyOpenSky API: OpenSky is a social shopping platform where users can shop for sales on products endorsed by celebrities and experts. Users can select to follow their chosen curator in the categories of food, style, health and design. The API allows developers to perform the standard CRUD operations on OpenSky user accounts. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

PRESTO Harvard LibraryPRESTO Harvard Library API: The service provides search against the Harvard University Library catalog. Applications can gain lookup access to bibliographic records in the university's own HOLLIS and VIA repositories and across providers of journal content. Searches can request results by DOI, ISBN, and bar code, in addition to traditional author, title, and subject access. Results for local resources include data for current item availability. The service also provides information about library and archive locations and hours of operation as well as access to external resources by IP address.

API methods support submission of a resource identifier, either local ID, ISBN, or bar code, plus source and desired record format. Methods also allow submission of author name, title, or subject heading along with advanced options like genre, series, publisher, etc. Results include matching records along with subject, source, and other facets to refine and navigate results.

PubNubPubNub API: PubNub is a cloud-based, real-time messaging service that functions on mobile phones, tablets, TVs, HTML5 web browsers and game consoles. It is a Push technology intended specifically for high-message-volume applications and games. The API allows users to publish and subscribe to messages. Users can also load publishing histories. It uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON and JSONP.

PWG Print Services InterfacePWG Print Services Interface API: The Printer Working Group (PWG) Print Services Interface provides a set of methods that enable a client device to interact with a print service. Client devices may include printers, mobile devices, web portals, or web services. The Print Services Interface allows the client device to initiate a job, add documents to that job, specify attributes about how the job is to be processed, and control and get status updates about the job.

Quentin Sager ABA Routing NumberQuentin Sager ABA Routing Number API: This service provides ABA key to routing number validation in the form of ABA checksum validation and database look-up. When a database match is found, the service will identify whether the routing number has been retired and, if appropriate, return the new number. It will also return the bank or institution name the number is assigned to and the location of the primary office using the number.

Quentin Sager European IBANQuentin Sager European IBAN API: The European IBAN Validation API allows users to determine whether a European International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is or could be valid. Validation is performed per ISO 13616 and European Committee for Banking Standards EBS 204 with reference to ECBS TR201 V3.20 Register of European Account Numbers. The European IBAN Validation API can be accessed via SOAP using the XML data format.

Quentin Sager SSN ValidationQuentin Sager SSN Validation API: The United States Social Security Number Validation API determines whether a U.S. Social Security Number (SSN) could be valid. It uses current Social Security Administration area and high group assignments to verify the area and group portion of a given SSN, providing reasonable assurance that it could be valid.

Only the Social Security Administration can verify whether a particular number has actually been assigned, but this API can identify numbers that are clearly invalid.

RxNav NDF-RTRxNav NDF-RT API: The service provides programmatic access to the current National Drug File - Reference Terminology (NDF-RT) data set. The NDF-RT articulates a standard vocabulary, or reference terminology, for the list of medications recognized by the U.S. Veterans Administration (VA). It establishes a formal description format and ontology for therapeutic drugs to encourage consistent terminology across providers and applications.

API methods support queries for all medications or subgroups of the full list, including associated compounds and those with parent-child relationships. Methods also support specification of drug properties and interactions.

ServiceNowServiceNow API: The service provides hosting, online storage, and a general platform for IT service management. The API allows applications to integrate general platform management functions, and to automate some business processes.

API methods implement direct listing from and control of database tables via SOAP requests. Methods also support interaction with Import Sets. Strict security measures implement WS-Security 1.1 using WSS X.509 Token Profile and WSS Username Token Profile.

ShutlShutl API: The UK service aggregates offerings from courier services and other shipping carriers to provide quotes for shipping and arrange delivery via the selected provider. It enables expedited delivery or scheduling of delivery within a 1-hour time window. A GPS-enabled tracking service maps shipment progress toward the destination.

API methods support retrieval of quotes from shipping carriers based on specified origin and destination points, carrier delivery terms, and related parameters. Methods also support contracting with the carrier to deliver the shipment. The API also allows access to specific delivery vehicle information.

SMSFlightSMSFlight API: The service allows SMS messaging, either individual texts or bulk messaging. It also allows voice/SMS integration and SMS messaging driven by uploaded text and Excel files. Reporting functions list messages sent and failed attempts, by date or date range.

API methods support sending single or multiple SMS messages, with sender, recipient, and message text supplied in the request. Status codes inform the requesting application about success and failure, and methods support overall reporting for specified date parameters.

St. Gregorios Church BibleSt. Gregorios Church Bible API: The St. Gregorios Church Bible API is provided by the St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church. This API allows users to retrieve Bible verses, though it is unclear whether the verses are retrieved in Malayalam or English. This API uses the XML data format and operates over SOAP protocols.

State Of TextState Of Text API: State of Text is a provider of mobile text messaging and SMS marketing applications. Service provided by State of Text include text message advertising, QR code generation and integration of SMS into client platforms. The State of Text API provides a way for clients to include SMS/MMS connectivity in their business applications. Documentation is provided for partners and is not publicly available.

StreetLightOutagesStreetLightOutages API: The service logs service outages for street lights, allowing applications to display incident reports in a number of ways. Applications also can contribute reports. The service is provided by a consulting organization active in online tools for managing power grid resources.

API methods support reporting of incidents and retrieval of existing reports by type (e.g., involving power poles, potholes, or hydrants), location, and assets involved. Methods also allow updating of incident response and status information.

uBio NamebankuBio Namebank API: The service represents a collaborative effort by U.S. science libraries to participate in international development of a complete listing of known names for all organisms, both living and extinct. Its Taxonomic Name Server (TNS) catalogs organisms by name and biological classification to help applications find information on living things by starting from any names applied to it.

API methods support identification of an organism record by ID value or by search using a name submitted with the query. Methods also support retrieval by synonym, alternative language term, classification, or taxonomic relationship.

These XML WebServices functions are replicated from the uBio SOAP methods. Each function returns an XML structure similar to that returned from the SOAP methods. Click on the function name below to see an example of the structure returned (the keyCode included in the examples will only work for uBio administrators. Get your own keycode here). Strings returned by the webservice are base64 encoded for XML delivery.

Weather Decision TechnologiesWeather Decision Technologies API: Weather Decision Technologies is a provider of weather content including science weather detection, nowcasting, and forecasting. WDT's clients include most of the United States' leading weather services and interactive media outlets, as well as governmental, industrial and military weather customers from all over the world. WDT's iMap weather maps are the leading web and mobile solutions for local media. WDT supplies many raw meteorological data products to customers all over the World. These feeds are transmitted using a variety of methods, including proprietary satellite uplinks and the Internet. Documentation is not publicly available.

WIJIS GatewayWIJIS Gateway API: The Wisconsin Justice Information Sharing (WIJIS) Gateway allows authorized users to search all participating back-end information storage systems simultaneously. Once located, the details of the desired information may be requested from the back-end system's operating authority, or directly retrieved for immediate inspection.

Rather than searching for textual content, the Gateway allows users to locate records in predefined categories called "Search Profiles". Each one represents a primary emphasis in the search such as "person", "vehicle", "organization" etc.

XigniteBATSRealTimeXigniteBATSRealTime API: Provides real-time BATS Exchange stock prices and trade data for US-listed stocks traded on NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX and OTC exchanges including last sale, bid/ask prices, intraday stock charts, trading volume, and recent tick-by-tick, open, high, low, and close prices for companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges, including NASDAQ, NYSE, NYSE Alternext, and over-the-counter exchanges.

The API uses REST, SOAP protocols and XML data formats

XigniteBondMasterXigniteBondMaster API: Provides instrument master detail and supporting reference data for more than 450,000 US Corporate, Treasury, and Agency active and mature bonds. Coverage includes bond master detail, as well as, issue conditions, interest, payment, conversion, and call/redemption data.

API uses REST and SOAP protocols and XML data format.


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