58 New APIs: Kodak, The White House and USDA

This week we had 58 new APIs added to our API directory including USDA content for economic and policy issues, White House policy content, global retail printing service, US cancer statistics and enterprise cloud computing service. In addition we covered a website quality management API and a d3 powered business analytics API. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

ActiveStandardsActiveStandards API: ActiveStandards is a SaaS website quality management Platform that helps clients control the users digital property, track web content, and reduce operating costs. The ActiveStandards API enables users to integrate the ActiveStandards content quality checks with third-party CMS, and push web stats to an intranet. An account is required with service, an API Key is used for Authentication.

AnyPresenceAnyPresence API: AnyPresence is a backend-as-a-service (BAAS) to create, develop, and manage mobile applications. AnyPresence allows developers to create applications and add and manage application features.

The AnyPresence API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of AnyPresence with other applications and to create new applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should email info@anypresence.com for more information.

AppSociallyAppSocially API: AppSocially is a service for making applications engaging and viral. AppSocially helps application developers and companies engage with their users and understand their needs and wants.

The AppSocially API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of AppSocially with other applications. The API allows for metric and data tracking of user activity and application virality.

Bluebox BlocksBluebox Blocks API: Blue Box is a cloud hosting and managed services company. Blocks is their on demand virtual computing Resource. This cloud computing solution allows you to build an infrastructure by combining high performance dedicated equipment with on-demand computing resources.

The Blocks API is a RESTful API and supports XML, JSON and YAML response types. API calls allow you to interface with actual block objects, view and create Block templates, view a list of available Block products, and view available locations.

BtctBtct API: Btct.co, BTC Trading Corp, is a stock exchange service that allows users to buy shares in a virtual currency stock exchange. The site provides users with an avenue to buy or sell shares that have been issued in virtual currency companies, issue shares, deposit and withdraw cash, and create assets. The API uses REST calls and allows users to query for assets and market data, ticker data, order book data, contract info, all trade data, trade history, and dividend history. An account is required with service and API keys and SSL are used for authentication.

BundesTaggerBundesTagger API: The BundesTagger is an unofficial open government website exposing the plenary proceedings of the Bundestag, Germany’s national parliament. The BundesTagger API provides developer access to Bundestag parliamentary groups, sessions, speeches and other resources. This RESTful API supports HTTP GET calls and returns XML or JSON formatted responses. JSONP is supported for callbacks.

BuzzVoteBuzzVote API: BuzzVote is a user generated social Polling and voting platform. Users can create or vote on questions, and share questions and votes socially. The BuzzVote API provides a developer interface to the entire platform, including management of votes, questions, and many aspects of the site’s social component. The API accepts HTTP POST/GET calls, supports SSL, and returns JSON formatted responses.

City of Helsinki GeocoderCity of Helsinki Geocoder API: The City of Helsinki provides a Geocoder API that allows users to access geospatial information relevant to the Helsinki metropolitan area. This API uses REST calls issued in JSON format to give developers access to its functions. Currently, it offers functions for converting from addresses to coordinates, converting from coordinates to addresses, searching for points of interest, and looking up city plans and districts. A demo Portal is provided so that users can try the service out on the website.

City of Helsinki Issue ReportingCity of Helsinki Issue Reporting API: The City of Helsinki in Finland provides the Issue Reporting API to let people send service requests to the city government regarding things like broken street signs and potholes. These issues are typically handled by the Public Works Department. In the future, other issues for other departments will be included as well.

The API's specific functions include providing information on possible service requests, submitting service requests, and checking the descriptions and statuses of previously submitted service requests.

City of Helsinki Listed EventsCity of Helsinki Listed Events API: The Listed Events service provides information on events and places of interest in the Helsinki capital region. This service takes its data from Visithelsinki.fi, which is the city of Helsinki’s official website for tourism and travel information.

The Listed Events API provides programmatic access to the categories, events, and places contained in this service via REST calls. The Listed Events service is available in Finnish, English, and Swedish.

City of Helsinki Open AhjoCity of Helsinki Open Ahjo API: Open Ahjo is a service for accessing decision-making materials for the City of Helsinki. The service focuses on materials related to political decision-makers such as committees, the city board, and the city council. This year, data from non-political civil servants involved in decision-making are also expected to be made available.

All accessible data is provided in zipped XML files, though the REST calls used to retrieve the data are issued in JSON. The ZIP data files also contain other types of files, usually PDFs.

City of Helsinki Service MapCity of Helsinki Service Map API: The City of Helsinki Service Map provides an overview of groups capable of providing useful information and services to people in Helsinki, along with data on the connections between those groups. The Service Map REST API allows users to retrieve information on organizations, departments, units, services, and the overall network created by those entities.

Documentation for the City of Helsinki Service Map API is available in Finnish and English.

CitySDK MobilityCitySDK Mobility API: CitySDK is a project that's designed to make it easier for cities to expose useful information to developers. So far, the cities of Lisbon, Helsinki, Lamia, Rome, and Amsterdam have joined the project.

The CitySDK Mobility API exposes information on basic geography, street-level mapping, public transportation, and Amsterdam-specific infrastructure and transportation. Its major data sources include OpenStreetMap, openOV, and DIVV. The CitySDK Mobility API can be used, for example, to discover museums located in Utrecht, get the locations of stops along a given tram line, or retrieve a list of towns located in the Netherlands.

CitySDK TourismCitySDK Tourism API: CitySDK is a project that's designed to make it easier for cities to expose useful information to developers. So far, the cities of Lisbon, Helsinki, Lamia, Rome, and Amsterdam have joined the project.

The CitySDK Tourism API lets users retrieve information on points of interest (POIs), events, and routes for any city that has provided their data to the CitySDK Framework. API users can search for information by category, tag, description keyword, and geographic coordinates.

CnobinCnobin API: Cnobin is a domain registration service provider and reseller platform. The reseller platform is built around an API providing developer access to all aspects of reselling functionality. Supported methods include domain transactions and management, registrant management, and billing. The API is accessible through HTTP POST calls.

Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum API: The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum is part of the Smithsonian Institution and is the only museum in the U.S. devoted to historical and contemporary design. Collections and exhibitions are dedicated to exploring the history and culture of design and the decorative arts.

The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum Collection database provides a REST-ish style API. Use the API to return information about exhibitions, galleries, departments, objects, people, periods, roles, and types from Cooper-Hewitt's Collection database. Access is provided via API key and OAuth access tokens are used to monitor access to the API.

DataseedDataseed API: Dataseed is an interactive data visualization and analysis platform. In short, Dataseed allows users to import, link, visualize, analyze, and export data. The Dataseed API provides a developer interface for importing and managing datasets. Some aspects of the API are designed to REST standards, while some are not strictly RESTful, in order to minimize the amount of transferred data. Responses are JSON formatted, the API supports HTTP Basic Authentication, and communicates over HTTPS.

DeveoDeveo API: Deveo is an enterprise-class, cloud-based software collaboration platform built around version control. Deveo allows users to manage their Git, Subversion, and Mercurial repositories and their access control. Deveo was built from the ground up as an extensible program. Deveo’s REST API provides users with developer access to all of their Deveo data objects.

Digium SwithchvoxDigium Swithchvox API: Digium is a communications technology company specializing in business phone systems and custom telephony solutions. Switchvox is Digium's Asterisk-based unified communications system designed for small and medium businesses.

The Digium Switchvox API lets you query information from your Switchvox PBX. This allows you to perform a multitude of tasks such as downloading an XML call log, getting a list of all extensions, and downloading a user's voicemail messages. The API's call creation methods allow you to build auto-dialers, add click-to-call functions to other applications, and more.

dimpledimple API: dimple is an API for business analytics powered by D3 (Data-Driven Documents), a JavaScript Library for manipulating data-based documents using web standards. The focus of dimple is to make D3's power and flexibility easier to access for analysts who may not necessarily be skilled JavaScript users. dimple allows analysts to build useful and interesting business analytics visualizations with less coding knowledge.

DraftDraft API: Draft is writing tool boasting an array of features, but largely built around improved version control for collaborative writing. In Draft collaborators work on their own copies of a document, allowing the owner to accept or ignore individual changes.
The Draft API provides a RESTful interface for managing documents and collaborators. Supported calls include creating, updating, and deleting documents, comparing document versions, merging changes, managing manual savepoints, and much more. The API supports SSL, returns JSON formatted responses and authenticates using OAuth 2.

EligiusEligius API: Eligius is a Bitcoin mining operation named for Saint Eligius, the patron saint of goldsmiths, metalworkers, and coin collectors. The Eligius mining pool has no fees, and no registration is required. The operation exposes information about its pool and miners through its stats page and its API.

The Eligius API allows users to retrieve data on pool miners' earnings and balances, the amount of shares available, payouts, and user output via REST calls.

Finnish Parliament VotingsFinnish Parliament Votings API: The Finnish Parliament Votings API is an unofficial Web Service providing developer access to the voting results of the Finnish Parliament. The RESTful API returns XML formatted responses. Supported resources include voting lists and results, parliament member data, and keyword searches.

FxSpyderFxSpyder API: FxSpyder is a forex trading service that provides users access to backtesting and trading robots. The FxSpyder API allows users to develop custom automated trading systems with commercial trading accounts, multi-user managed accounts, and personal retail accounts. The API is designed to communicate uniformly with the assorted brokers forex APIs so that code only needs to be written once. The API uses JavaScript, and an account is required with service.

GovDataGovData API: GovData is an unofficial search service that aggregates and process publicly available information on Swedish Government tax expenditures. Current functionality includes the ability to search for data by agency. The API supports JSON and JSONP formatted responses.

How are youHow are you API: How are you? is a free service for NHS patients and healthcare professionals that provides a convenient way to host patient health records online. Patients can control the contents of these records as well as how much of that content is shared and with whom. How are you? also provides users with information about medical conditions in plain English with direct links to external reference sources.

The How are you? API uses REST calls to enable users to retrieve, edit, and delete information on the medical conditions, medications, and allergies in a patient's record. The API also lets users add and retrieve measurements taken over time such as blood pressure, blood glucose level, caloric intake, height, weight, and physical exercise.

IKON FinanceIKON Finance API: Ikon is a forex and futures market that provides a suite or brokerage an trading services that provides liquidity to institutional clients. To access the API, users must have 200 million + USD notional monthly volume and apply. The API is available through the FIX protocol, and Java sockets. The Ikon Finance API allows users to receive streaming tradable quotes, send orders, get executions reports, cancel and replace working orders, request for open and closed positions and request for account values.

itch.ioitch.io API: itch.io is an indie game distribution platform. Users can create customized landing pages, upload game files and screenshots, and set their own prices for games. Users may even choose to set a minimum price of zero, allowing buyers to pay what they want or what they can afford. itch.io hosts all uploaded files so that game makers don't have to worry about building a website or storing files themselves. Data is provided on how many times each game is viewed, downloaded, and purchased.

The itch.io API allows game makers to use JavaScript to embed a game purchase button into an existing website or blog. When someone clicks the button, a pop-up appears that gives them the opportunity to purchase the game.

KODAK Network ServicesKODAK Network Services API: KODAK network service APIs enable your mobile app/desktop/web users to print photos and other exciting products through our unique global infrastructure and the largest fleet of quality output devices near your users - in the Western world.

Join our Beta program to get early access to the KODAK network services APIs and have your applications ready for prime time, i.e. the upcoming holiday season.

KODAK takes the complexity out of global retail photographic product fulfillment, extending your reach and increasing your return of investment.

We are now accepting your applications for being among the first to benefit from this exciting opportunity. We’ll shortly announce our first major retail partner who has a huge footprint in North America – and are actively working on enabling many more around the globe, dynamically extending your reach and profitability via the exact same APIs.

Highlights include

• Two interesting business models perfectly matching your application

• No need for online payment - your user can pay at retail

• Think beyond just prints! Kodak equipment at your nearby retail store can produce, cards, calendars, books, posters and more. Typically same day, often within the hour.

Did you ever think of providing Kodak quality greeting card printing from within your collage app? Convert the content of your social app into a tangible photobook? Get poster size canvas output from your painting app?

Well, just go to the portal and see what's possible when we open our infrastructure for your great apps.

Loco Language Pack ConverterLoco Language Pack Converter API: Loco is a localization service designed to manage a repository of assets along with their versions in each of the developers' target languages. Loco provides the Language Pack Converter as a free tool to let users convert language packs of up to 1MB in size from one file format to another. It can convert packs to Gettext, XML, Yaml, CSV, SQL, JS/JSON, PHP, iOS, Java, and HTML format. The Language Pack converter is available directly through the Loco website or programmatically via REST calls.

NameActionNameAction API: NameAction is a Chilean domain name services company specializing in South and Central America and the Caribbean. NameAction has implemented Extensible Provisioning Protocol.

The NameAction API provides developer access to all aspects of domain management including registration and renewal, transfers, availability and status queries, and credit consultations. The API accepts calls over HTTPS and returns XML formatted reponses.

National Cancer Institute SEERNational Cancer Institute SEER API: The Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Program, a service of the National Cancer Institute, is a cancer statistics resource. Collected data includes information on the incidence, prevalence and survival from specific geographic areas within the U.S., as well as cancer mortality for the entire country.

The SEER API is a RESTful service supporting various program datasets and algorithms, and is available to developers who wish to incorporate SEER resources into their own systems. Exposed resources include Collaborative Staging, the Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Neoplasm Database, NAACCR documentation, the Antineoplastic Drugs Database, and incidence site recode variables. The API returns JSON formatted responses, communicates over HTTPS, and requires a free account and API key.

NiceNicNiceNic API: NiceNic is a Hong Kong based company providing domain name, hosting, and other internet services. The NiceNic API provides developer access to NiceNic’s domain reseller program. Based on HTTP POST calls, the API exposes all aspects of the domain registration and management process. The API is available to all registered NiceNic resellers.

Obituarydata.comObituarydata.com API: ObituaryData.com is a complete and current digitized archive of obituary data. Data sources include online newspapers, funeral homes, and direct submissions. ObituaryData.com is also a licensed subscriber to the Social Security Death Index and has archived its entire database.
The ObituaryData.com API provides developer access to the obituary database. Exposed data fields include first and last name, city and state, date, and keywords. Responses are XML formatted.

OnehubOnehub API: Onehub is a file sharing solution that allows you to store files, collaborate with coworkers, and communicate with clients all in the same place. Use the services to quickly upload and organize content, share collaborate and communicate, and securely access content from any location.

The Onehub API enables you to access data from the Onehub service on behalf of a client. The API is designed to adhere to the REST Principals. The API uses HTTPS, and returns all data in JSON.

Open GameOpen Game API: Open Game Database is a gamer community that allows users to find, add, and edit information about video games. The database covers the major gaming platforms such as Xbox 360 and Playstation, as well as the Android and iOS mobile platforms. Users can add metadata, screen shots and videos as well as contribute user reviews and ratings.

The Open Game API allows you to download details about thousands of games in the Open Game database. Acquire game assets such as box art, screenshots, and gameplay videos. API calls use REST and access is grated via API key.

Open Knesset User Voting APIOpen Knesset User Voting API API: Open Knesset is an open source project developed by a community of volunteers and born out of the Public Knowledge Workshop, a non-profit Israeli organization aiming to make government information easily accessible to the public. Open Knesset mines data from the Knesset website and presents it in user-friendly, browser agnostic formats.

The Open Knesset User Voting API provides developer access to Members of Knesset (MKs) voting data, as well as allowing applications to post user votes in support or opposition to approved, ongoing, or dismissed bills. Individual and aggregate user voting data may then be contrasted with MK voting data. Among the supported queries is a call calculating the correlation between the voting of each MK and that of a specified user.

Orchestrate.ioOrchestrate.io API: Orchestrate.io is a service that allows users to add features to applications without having to use databases. Orchestrate.io allows people to add features like location services, activity feeds, and recommendations to applications.

The Orchestrate.io API allows developers to access and integrate features from Orchestrate.io with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email hello@orchestrate.io for more information.

packit4mepackit4me API: packit4me is a simple service for solving 2D and 3D packing problems. It can be used to plan the packing of physical boxes for shipping departments or to allocate conceptual space, such as in print layouts. packit4me provides its algorithm as a service so that users don't have to compile it or figure out an Integration method. To access the packit4me algorithm, users can simply issue a JSON-formatted REST call to the packit4me server.

ParliamentData.caParliamentData.ca API: ParliamentData.ca is an unofficial web service using the Canadian Government’s datasets to make parliamentary data more accessible. ParliamentaryData.ca is accessed through a free RESTful API returning JSON formatted responses. Data describing federal bills and federal representatives is currently available, with more datasources on the site’s To Do list.

PayNetEasyPayNetEasy API: PayNetEasy is a payment service that handles payment processing, payment management, fraud prevention, security analysis, and mobile payment. The service is targeted towards banks, credit card companies, loyalty card operators, and other payment services. The PayNetEasy API allows users to complete Bitcoin transactions. The API can return the transaction type, status, bitcoin address, paynet order id, merchant order id, and several other calls. The service uses REST calls and uses SSL for authentication.

PikaPayPikaPay API: PikaPay is a mobile virtual wallet for sending and receiving Bitcoin payments via Twitter. The PikaPay API provides a RESTful interface for the same wallet functionality as exposed through the PikaPay web interface. The API currently supports payments and payment requests, user details requests, and account setting management. More resources are under construction. All calls require HTTPS.

Qtravel Qtravel API: Qtravel.pl is a full-text search engine of vacation packages provided by Polish tour operators. The Qtravel API provides developer access to the site’s search tools and booking functionality. API features include the ability to filter and sort offers by various attributes, and full-text search of offer descriptions. The API supports HTTP GET calls and returns XML formatted responses.

RepStampRepStamp API: RepStamp allows you to maintain a single online identity across multiple online marketplaces, providing a means of carrying your online reputation across all marketplaces and social platforms.

The RepStamp API provides e-commerce marketplaces with a trusted reputation system and allows their users to leverage their existing online reputation. Integrate reputation widgets and badges into your site or query for reputation scores and social network connections in order to enhance interactions between buyers and sellers. The RepStamp widget is integrated using client side code (Javascript). Reputation and social API queries are sent via HTTP GET and HTTP Post and API responses are supplied in JSON format.

RRPproxyRRPproxy API: RRPproxy is a domain reseller network from Key-Systems, a German internet solutions provider. The RRPproxy API provides a developer interface for the reseller program, accessible over various protocols, including SOAP, XML- RPC, and HTTP calls. Supported methods include domain applications and transactions, nameserver administration, and contact management.

SimSimi ConversationSimSimi Conversation API: SimSimi database consists of simple "Request - Response" set. When you request "Hi", SimSimi API send "response" by similarity with request sentence. Conversation API enables you to get SimSimi's 20million response data. Use the Conversation REST API

What is SimSimi?

SimSimi is a super advanced chatting robot that makes amusing conversation to engage with users. SimSimi has over 30M download via Appstore and Google play store. 9Billion conversation has been made via SimSimi and user.

SimSimi app is best reference for SimSimi conversation API.

Check out the links for SimSimi experience.

Web: http://www.simsimi.com

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/simsimi/id375239755?mt=8

Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ismaker.android.simsim...

SkytapSkytap API: Skytap Cloud is a cloud computing service that allows enterprises to create complex computing environments in the cloud. The platform allows users to create, access, and share multi-machine virtual environments through a web browser.

Skytap's REST API can be used to automate complex operations related to Skytap Could resources including: creating and editing the parameters of configurations, templates, and their component parts; starting, suspending, or shutting down one or more virtual machines; providing access to virtual machines through networks and sets of URIs and; identifying the status and usage of machine resources.

SmartwaiverSmartwaiver API: Smartwaiver offers custom digital waiver solutions with an array of features including photo capture, secure storage, on-screen signatures, linked safety videos, and more. The Smartwaiver API provides a RESTful interface for querying raw participant data. Exposed resources include participant names, birth dates, waiver creation and acceptance times, participant user agents, marketing opt-ins, and custom fields. The API communicates over HTTPS, requires an API key, and returns XML formatted responses.

SocialPlaySocialPlay API: SocialPlay is a local media player that can be used to play songs and share them on Twitter. Users get ranked by popularity, which is based on points awarded each time a song they share gets "hearted" or retweeted with a #NP. The SocialPlay REST API enables users to post songs or playlists to Twitter programmatically.

SocureSocure API: Socure is a service for detecting attempts at identity fraud by users on websites and applications. It uses advanced Machine Learning algorithms to track a user's social behavior on various social networks in order to confirm their identity. When new users sign up with a site using a form or a pre-existing social account, the site sends a REST or SOAP call to Socure so it can compute an authenticity score for the new user and send that info to the site owner.

TheRockTradingTheRockTrading API: TheRockTrading is an EU based virtual currency exchange platform that allows users to trade bitcoins, lindens and other virtual currencies using Euros and US Dollars. The site also issues and tracks different virtual currencies funds that issue dividends, and provides traders with insurance. TheRockTrading API operates using REST calls, returns JSON or JSONP, and can make queries to check the order book, obtain trade tickers, and obtain latest trades. An account is required with service.

TraindomTraindom API: Traindom is an online platform that allows anyone to create and market information products. Users can create e-courses, e-trainings, and membership sites. Traindom removes the technical barriers involved in starting an information marketing business and allows users to easily publish content, set up pricing, and manage products and customers.

The Traindom API is a RESTful API with responses delivered in JSON. API supported functions include adding a client, changing a password for a client, activating a client, blocking a client, and deleting a client.

USDA Economic Research ServiceUSDA Economic Research Service API: The Economic Research Service (ERS) is a Branch of the USDA dedicated to informing and enhancing decision making on economic and policy issues related to agriculture, food, the environment, and rural development.

The USDA Economic Research Service API provides developer access to the primary content of the ERS website, including topical information, digital publications, and the ERS’ online magazine Amber Waves. The RESTful API returns JSON or XML formatted responses.

UshahidiUshahidi API: Ushahidi is a non-profit technology company specializing in developing free and open source software for information collection, visualization, and interactive mapping. Originally developed to map reports of violence in Kenya after the post-election fallout in early 2008, the organization now has teams of volunteer developers in Africa, Europe, South America, and the U.S.

The Ushahidi platform allows you to use create, visualize, and share stories on an interactive map. With the Ushahidi API, you can retrieve reports, categories, locations, comments, countries, and custom forms. The platform’s REST API requests are submitted trough HTTP GET or HTTP Post. The API supports both XML and JSON output formats.

White House Policy SnapshotsWhite House Policy Snapshots API: Policy Snapshots is a whitehouse.gov feature spotlighting President Obama’s policies. Each spotlight focuses on a particular subject and is composed of two sections: Progress, which gives a quick overview of the work done thus far by the administration, and What’s Next, which illuminates the President’s plans for continuing progress.

The Policy Snapshots API provides a customizable JSON Feed supplying content from the Policy Snapshots. Content can be accessed by specified section or category tags. Access requires no account or authentication.

XegesisXegesis API: Xegesis is a sports content generation system built to allow the expansion of a set of data into a narrative. Xegesis currently focuses on soccer, but intends to create the needed text analysis to support multiple sports in multiple languages.

The Xegesis API provides a RESTful interface for automating access and publishing of Xegesis generated content. Responses may be JSON or XML formatted.

YookosYookos API: Yookos is a social microblogging website for connecting with people around the world, much like Facebook and Twitter. Yookos provides a REST API that enables users to develop applications that create, alter, or retrieve Yookos' local content. The API can access a wide variety of content, including user information, activity streams, comments, status messages, announcements, polls, and more.

ZOWiZOWi API: ZOWi is a learning platform and App that enables users to engage in oral question and answer modules. ZOWi interacts completely by voice: it asks you a question and listens to your spoken answer. ZOWi includes thousands of ready to use modules.

The ZOWi API provides developer access to the entire ZOWi content collection in realtime. The content is speech recognition and text-to-speech friendly. The API is able to retrieve lists of units, modules, and specific questions, as well as enabling the user to evaluate whether the answer to a given question is correct. The API also supports the creation of interactive question and answer conversations. This RESTful API returns JSON formatted responses.