58 New APIs: USGS, Text Marketing and Tablet Publishing

This week we had 58 new APIs added to our API directory including a contour mapping service, text marketing service, mobile and tablet publishing and content service, telecom information applications and airport flight connection instruction service. In addition we covered an API to embed maps in your applications. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AdformAdform API: The service provides integrated advertising functionality for applications across Europe. Functions include serving ad images, media, and other content along with media campaign planning, traffic management and media buys, and campaign reporting. Features include customizable dynamic advertising with personalization targeting messages to user groups and interactive bidding to obtain desirable ad display slots.

API methods support creating and updating advertising campaign listings with reporting of clickthrough rates and other performance statistics. Methods also support tracking of users and media displays to allow placement services with personalized delivery of relevant messages. The API manages delivery of ad media as selected by placement methods.

AnniversaratorAnniversarator API: The service provides an "anniversary calculator" that suggests reasons to celebrate wedding or relationship anniversaries and birthdays. Input must specify a start date and the event type, either birthday or anniversary (the default). The service returns a suggestion for a reason to celebrate based on the time elapsed since the start date.

API methods generate text suggestions based on the number of days, weeks, fortnights (2-week periods), months or years since the specified start date. Optional annotations explain potentially obscure references in the suggestions.

bubblebox:mailerbubblebox:mailer API: The service provides blast email service for promotional campaigns and other large-group communications. Its online tools allow creation of rich HTML message body without hand-coding along with management of address lists and handling of interactions with recipients. Reporting functions provide feedback on campaign success and communication effectiveness.

API methods automate some common tasks within the system for efficiency and prevention of common errors. Methods include address list management with upload functions and deduplication, designation of message body text and other content, and scheduling delivery. Methods also handle opt-out requests and other responses from recipients, with reporting of these interactions as well as delivery success rates, link clickthrough rates, and other performance measures.

bytehandbytehand API: Bytehand SMS is a Russian system for sending SMS in bulk. Users can watch their messages being sent, correct their campaigns, and analyze the results from anywhere, simply by logging onto their personal account from any device with internet access. Bytehand's services are available directly through the website or programmatically through its RESTful API. The bytehand website is provided in Russian, but most of it is also available in English.

BYU AcademicBYU Academic API: The service provides support for courses taught at Brigham Young University. It allows creation and updating of course records with links to the university curriculum inventory of all courses and student registration records. The service allows for control of coursework and student performance across the BYU academic calendar.

API methods support definition and updating of course sections linked to listing from the curriculum inventory, with offering dates and times, student registration rolls, and other class schedule variables. Methods also allow updating of the official curriculum listings with official title and grading rules, records of student course performance and academic status, and dates from the BYU academic calendar.

BYU Email VerificationBYU Email Verification API: The service validates email addresses under the internet domains used by Brigham Young University. It accepts a character string as input which it compares against records for the buy.edu and byu.net domains. The system response either confirms that the address string submitted is associated with a BYU user account or an error message that the address is not recognized.

API methods check whether a submitted string identifies a properly formatted email address in domains managed by BYU. It then checks the specific address against the university's login databases to confirm whether it is registered for a user account there or whether it forwards to a valid BYU address.

BYU Entrance ExamsBYU Entrance Exams API: The service provides access to scores on placement exams reported to Brigham Young University on behalf of students applying for admission and to course credits awarded on the basis of those scores. Exam scores cover testing programs such as Advance Placement (AP), College Level Entrance Placement (CLEP), and others. Data is retained within the the university's student information application under substantial confidentiality requirements mandated by the U.S. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

API methods support retrieval of placement exam scores for a student based on a request identifying the correct student ID value. Separate methods cover entrance exam scores and credits awarded on the basis of the scores.

CentzyCentzy API: Centzy is a service that displays prices, hours, and ratings for services by location. Users can search for a variety of services such as hair stylists, tailors, and auto repair in cities in the United States.

The Centzy API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Centzy with other applications and to create new applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up for more information here: http://centzy.com/.

Charlotte City Club Photo AlbumCharlotte City Club Photo Album API: The Charlotte City Club - located in Charlotte, NC - provides social and business event hosting services to its members. Members may set up their own events or attend events held by the Club itself. The Charlotte City Club website provides a photo album, which is not available to the general public. The Photo Album API enables users to load all or some of the images from the photo album onto their own websites. This API is accessible via SOAP calls issued in XML format.

China TelecomChina Telecom API: China Telecom is a state owned telecom operator in China servicing over 600 thousand customers. China Telecom transitioned to promote the development of information applications, specifically for enterprise use, to bring new ways for the public and enterprise to access and use information. The China Telecom API requires developers to first apply for access, then go through an application process for their application idea to be approved. Once approved, developers can then create their application for enterprise and public use. The goal being to spread technology and information into the rural parts of China.

CPE Monitor ServiceCPE Monitor Service API: CPE Monitor allows continuing education providers to submit attendee lists from CPE (continuing pharmacy education) activities. The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) are developing CPE Monitor in order to authenticate and store data for completed CPE units received by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

The service is expected to save time and expense by streamlining the process of verifying that licensees and registrants meet CPE requirements and by providing a centralized repository for pharmacists’ and pharmacy technicians’ continuing education details. The CPE Monitor Service API permits direct programmatic interaction with CPE Monitor. With it, users can add, edit, and remove CPE information programmatically via SOAP calls.

Frontier Airlines Word Wheel LocalFrontier Airlines Word Wheel Local API: Frontier Airlines is a commercial airline whose primary hub is located at the Denver International Airport. Frontier Airlines is represented online by the Fly Frontier website. This site hosts the Word Wheel API, which can be used to retrieve information on all Frontier Airlines (abbr. F9) airports and their locations. This service uses SOAP calls issued in XML format and has little associated documentation.

GPSit TrackFusionGPSit TrackFusion API: GPSit provides covert GPS tracking services within the United States and Mexico. They specialize in providing solutions to owners of goods in transit, third party logistics providers, and law enforcement technical surveillance. By covertly incorporating tracking devices into shipments or assets, owners can monitor them in real time and quickly recover them if they are lost or stolen. Integrated device sensors can monitor environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, altitude, light exposure, and vibration and send alerts if there is a threat or a dangerous change in environmental conditions.

TrackFusion is GPSit's browser-based application, designed to access the advanced capabilities of GPSit trackers in a simple-to-use environment. The application is viewable on all popular browsers and is password-protected. TrackFusion is built upon an XML-based open architecture and can therefore be integrated with other applications using a SOAP-based API.

iLanguageArtsiLanguageArts API: iLanguageArts is an online education system provided by Perfection Learning. It allows teachers and students to access and manage their Language Arts-related digital books and resources at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection. Digital books can be personalized using highlights, notes, and bookmarks. iLanguageArts provides a SOAP-based API, which enables users to retrieve their e-books programmatically.

InviosmartInviosmart API: Inviosmart is an Italian company that offers bulk SMS solutions and SMS marketing tools. Inviosmart provides many methods for sending SMS online, one of which is its HTTP (REST) API gateway. The API can be used to send SMS, get the status of SMS, and look up a user's account balance (in Euros). The Inviosmart website is provided in both Italian and English.

Iron.io IronCacheIron.io IronCache API: IronCache is an elastic cache and key/value data storage system. It was designed to share states, pass data, and coordinate activity between processes and devices. IronCache provides persistent, backed up, long-term storage along with flexible TTL (Time-to-Live), meaning that items can be set to expire at specific times or persist permanently in the cache.

IronCache offers an HTTP (REST) interface through which users can connect to IronCache endpoints for storing and retrieving data items. This interface uses secure Authentication protocols and provides a simple method for including IronCache's functions within a web app. IronCache works seamlessly with IronWorker and IronMQ, because it uses the same authentication protocols, dashboard, and backplane.

KnpBundlesKnpBundles API: KnpBundles is a repository of bundles for Symfony2, a PHP Framework for web projects. The repository can be accessed directly through the KnpBundles website or programmatically via its HTTP (REST) API. Functions are available for retrieving a complete list of bundles, developers, and organizations or information on any individual from those categories. API users may also retrieve all bundles provided by a given developer or organization, or search the entire repository.

This API only accepts GET requests and returns all responses in JSON. When using API calls that return a pageable list, users may choose to limit the total number of pages and the number of results per page.

LeadspendLeadspend API: The service provides validation of email addresses. It determines not only that an address has correct syntax and references a functional domain but also that it matches a valid account properly registered under the domain and configured to receive email. In this way, it ensures that email data submitted online or accessed from vendors represent deliverable addresses.

API methods support submission of an email address or list of addresses. For each one, the API returns a status of verified, disposable (provided by a service unusable for ongoing communications), unreachable (not connected to functional mail handlers), illegitimate, or undeliverable. Methods allow specific checks for full mailboxes, expired domains, and other common issues that prevent email delivery.

LedningskollenLedningskollen API: Ledningskollen is an online service that allows anyone planning excavation work in Sweden to quickly and easily find out who has cables buried on a given site. Ledningskollen is available for use by private persons as well as by companies, public authorities, and the municipal government.

Users need only highlight the relevant area on the map, and the service will identify the affected cable owners and send them an automatically generated query. The details of cable locations are not stored online for security reasons. If no underground cables are located in the selected area, the user will be informed immediately.

The Ledningskollen website is provided solely in Swedish, but there is an informational page given in English.

MaConDaMaConDa API: The service provides access to the Mass spectrometry Contaminant Database which aggregates research reports for chemical composition of environmental contaminant molecules. It gathers data from experimental results and theoretical projections developed both by researchers in the field and instrument providers in testing their mass spectrometers. Contaminant records are annotated with metadata describing compounds.

API methods support search against the database of approximately 300 records, specifying contaminant type and ion structure of detected molecules, as well as type and specific model of mass spectrometry instruments performing the analysis.

MagPlusMagPlus API: MagPlus is a publishing and content creation service for mobiles and tablets. Users can access a variety of features that allow them to create and publish dynamic and interactive content for mobiles and tablets.

The MagPlus API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of MagPlus with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email sales@magplus.com for more information.

MapAlerterMapAlerter API: MapAlerter is a free service that enables people living in Ireland to receive important service alerts from their local COuncil via text, email, landline, and social media. New users supply their contact details along with general location information. MapAlerter then determines alert recipients based on their home and work locations, so that subscribers only receive alerts that are relevant to them. The multi-channel nature of the service ensures that users will receive an alert over one or more channels as soon as it is published by their Council. This service is used to issue alerts for floods, severe weather warnings, water service disruptions, boil water notices, road closures, and more.

MenuManiaMenuMania API: The service provides access to the provider's database of restaurant listings for cities and locations in New Zealand. It delivers information on restaurants for a specific location, those serving a particular cuisine, or a combination. Available information includes address, cuisine offered, hours and other operating details, and ratings from other diners.

API methods support search for restaurants located in New Zealand within a defined radius of a specified map point. Search can also provide an address or city, with or without particular keywords in descriptive information. Methods allow filtering of results for a defined list of cuisines and other attributes such as price level. The API also gives access to community reviews logged by the service to help discover the most highly rated restaurants.

Metropolis Country Club Photo AlbumMetropolis Country Club Photo Album API: Metropolis Country Club is a private membership club located in White Plains, NY. They offer their members a recently-remodeled clubhouse along with golf, swimming, and tennis facilities. Their website hosts a photo album, which is not available to the general public. The Photo Album API enables users to load all or some of the images from the photo album onto their own websites. This API is accessible via SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Microbust e-storesMicrobust e-stores API: The service provides hosted e-commerce functionality to be integrated with web content management, ERP, and back-office transaction reporting platforms. Its tools allow creation and updating of online product catalogs with options for shopping cart and payment processing. Integrations with fulfillment systems would allow completion of sales completed via the service.

API methods support creation of product catalog listings, including description text, product images, price, and related information. Methods also support adding a product to cart and checkout to complete payment and trigger fulfillment processes. Reporting methods allow for Integration with enterprise Resource management (ERP) systems.

MultAlinMultAlin API: The service detects multiple alignments of elements within protein sequences submitted. Comparison of sequences detected in multiple sources can reveal similarities that indicate shared genetic heritage, allowing researchers to infer common background.

API methods support submission of a set of protein sequences in Pearson-Fasta format. The API returns alignments detected in the sequences by applying the ClustalW algorithm, allowing researchers to draw conclusions about common genetic origins represented by the sequences.

NOAA Historical Observing Metadata RepositoryNOAA Historical Observing Metadata Repository API: The service provides metadata describing stations maintained by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for monitoring weather conditions. It does not provide measurements of weather logged by the stations, rather it gives station locations and describes their surrounding environments. Location is specified as two-letter codes for U.S. state or Canadian province and latitude/longitude pair. Additional conditions noted include elevation, nearby rivers or lakes, etc.

API methods support retrieval of descriptive metadata about a weather station, either by NOAA ID value or name, with dates when conditions were assessed. Methods also retrieve stations within a specified state or country and descriptive data recorded during particular date ranges.

Overlake Golf and Country Club Photo AlbumOverlake Golf and Country Club Photo Album API: Overlake Golf and Country Club is a family club located in a residential area of Medina, WA. They offer their members an 18-hole golf course, 6-lane competition pool, and U.S. Open style tennis courts. Their website hosts a photo album, which is not available to the general public. The Photo Album API enables users to load all or some of the images from the photo album onto their own websites. This API is accessible via SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Pacific Links Hawaii Championship Photo AlbumPacific Links Hawaii Championship Photo Album API: The Pacific Links Hawaii Championship is an official PGA Champions Tour golf tournament. It is named for Pacific Links Hawaii, a golf course investment company. The Championship website hosts a photo album, which is programmatically accessible via SOAP API. The Photo Album API enables users to load all or some of the images from the photo album onto their own websites.

podcast.de podcast.de API: Podcast.de is a German podcasting site that caters to teaching users everything about podcasting. The Podcast.de API gives developers access to over 100,000 podcasts and the information surrounding them. This includes functionality to access podcasting bookmarks, favorites, playlists, specific properties and etc. The API is RESTful and responses are formatted in JSON. A maximum of 200 responses are returned for each call to ensure Platform stability.

PseudoviewerPseudoviewer API: The service provides tools for creating visual representations of genetic structures involving RNA. It converts experimental data to depict secondary structures and pseudoknot structures. By providing a consistent, flexible toolset, it helps researchers overcome problems with variations in data structures and software incompatibilities.

API methods support conversion of large data sets to visualize complex RNA secondary structures with pseudoknots. Methods accept data uploads for RNA sequences in bracketed or paired format along with specifications for the output image desired. The service then generates the requested image representing relationships between RNA components implied by the data.

PurlemPurlem API: The service provides custom URLs personalized for marketing campaigns and individual users linked to custom landing pages highlighting content important to those users. It is intended to allow highly targeting promotional campaigns with selective message delivery optimized for specific user preferences. The embedded page editor facilitates design and creation of landing pages to display when a user follows a custom URL defined within the system and delivered in marketing communications.

API methods support creation of a marketing campaign reference for an individual user with its own unique URL and linked to a personalized landing page created in the system. Methods also support managing contact lists from which to create personalized promotional URLs and reporting on campaign results such as visits to a URL and similar traffic statistics.

pvSensepvSense API: pvSense is a tool for understanding how photovoltaic (PV) installations perform. Such installations are often assembled from disparate subsystems that are sourced from different vendors and are not designed to work together. pvSense provides an integrated environment that collects measurements in real time with high accuracy over an entire PV portfolio.

The pvSense HTTP (REST) API forms the interface for accessing the pvSense platform and modules over the web. The pvSense API provides secure access to pvSense and to pvSense sites and databases. It can also be used to create, modify, and delete databases, tables, and fields as well as to create, read, update, delete, and analyze table and time series records.

QuickGOQuickGO API: The service maintains an ontology of terms describing concepts important in genetic research and related biological science. It's structure defines standard language for concepts from the topic domain, with annotations describing the meanings and proper uses of the terms. This standardization of language use encourages consistent treatment and discussion across genetic research efforts.

API methods support access to the ontology's list of standard terms for proteins and descriptive properties, with annotations about correct usage and taxonomic relationships between terms, including those with broader meanings, narrower meanings, and related usage. Methods allow control of the scope of a result set depending on an application's need for complete or streamlined data.

Sale Plus OperationsSale Plus Operations API: Sale Plus is a Turkish website for helping shoppers find sales and potential discounts. Their tagline, "her gun indirim her yerde taksit", translates to "payment discounts every day, everywhere". With the Sale Plus Operations API, users can interact with the site programmatically to look up available discounts and leave feedback. This service uses SOAP calls issued in XML format. The website is offered solely in Turkish.

SIMPA96SIMPA96 API: The service provides predictions of secondary protein and nucleic acid sequences implied by the presence of known primary sequences. Its analysis is based on the nearest neighbor methodology, which tests for homologous chromosomes and infers secondary structures associated with them.

API methods support submission of a primary gene sequence and retrieval of predictive data describing associated secondary sequences. Methods also allow status checks to monitor processing under the API and cancellation of current analysis operations.

SimpleTextingSimpleTexting API: SimpleTexting is a text marketing service that lets users engage customers via text messaging. Increase revenue, loyalty, participation, and appreciation with targeted texts. The service offers features such as building lists, creating text campaigns, enhancing texts, sending messages and analyzing results. A RESTful API is available that gives developers access to the service's full functionality.

Skobbler TilesSkobbler Tiles API: The service provides additions to the OpenStreetMap in the form of map tiles that display information coded to locations so users can discover businesses and other facilities available at particular locations. Sample integrations are available for Google Maps, OpenLayers, and Leaflet. Mobile-aware integrations provide data for mapping applications on iOS and Android devices.

API methods support access to map tiles for locations specified as latitude and longitude for display as layers in mapping applications with control of map size, zoom level, and other variables. Methods adopt familiar JavaScript and other formats for compatibility with OpenStreetMap and compliant applications.

smart.codersmart.coder API: The smart.coder API allows the automatic coding of free-text answers to open ended questions in surveys. It performs an intelligent text analytics process of free-text answers and automatically generates an accurate code table and assigns appropriate codes to free-text answers. It enables developers to interact with smart.coder programmatically via REST in order to add this functionality to existing software and tools.

SmartBotsSmartBots API: SmartBots is a tool for managing Second Life (SL) bots and groups. The HTTP (REST) API enables users to control SL groups and bots using queries that can be sent from SL objects (LSL script) or online. These services are divided into two APIs: the Simple Groups API and the Bot Commands API. The Simple Groups API allows users to send group invitations and eject group members. The Bot Commands API provides extensive control over bots, but the API reply must be decoded using llParseString2List and similar functions.

SMTP.comSMTP.com API: SMTP.com is an independent provider of outbound email delivery services for marketing, enterprise, and personal applications. Their RESTful public API provides functions for retrieving information on successful deliveries, bounces, queue size, and spam complaints as well as detailed delivery logs. Real-time delivery feedback can be set up for immediate bounce and spam complaint notifications.

Snapito!Snapito! API: Snapito! is a tool for taking screenshots of webpages. Users can take a screenshot by entering a web address into the box on the Snapito! homepage and clicking the Snap! button. There are features available that enable users to pin a website to Pinterest as well as take timestamped snapshots of websites. Users may also take screenshots programmatically using the Snapito! API. Parameters are available for selecting image size, freshness, format, speed, and timestamping.

SPP CROWSPP CROW API: The service provides notifications of planned and unplanned maintenance outages across the provider's network of electricity generating stations in the south-central and southwestern U.S. It allows power providers to create outage reports for their facilities and to view reports for other providers to aid in anticipating and scheduling their own operations.

API methods support posting an outage report with facilities affected as well as date, time, and expected duration. Methods also support retrieval of lists of power generating facilities within the network and outage reports currently scheduled or in process for any of them.

SSearch protein similarity searchSSearch protein similarity search API: The service compares a submitted protein sequence against a reference database with analysis of similarities to known sequences. The output helps to identify a sequence and establish its genetic relationships to established structures while also noting variations from known patterns. This analysis puts a sample in context of prior research and links it to existing genetic structures.

API methods support submission of a protein sequence identified in research to initiate the comparison. The API identifies similar sequences from its reference database, which allows the researcher to understand links to established genetic structures represented in the data.

Texas A&M University Geoservices GeocoderTexas A&M University Geoservices Geocoder API: Geocoding is the process of converting non-spatial locational data (such as an address) into its corresponding spatial representation (usually latitude and longitude). The Texas A&M Geoservices Geocoder is research-based geocoding software that is continually being improved. The Geocoder allows users to process a single address as well as a database of records in batch. The Texas A&M Geoservices Geocoder can be integrated with desktop or web applications through its API.

Texas Franchise TaxTexas Franchise Tax API: The service provides of online submission of reports and payments of franchise taxes due to the state government of Texas. It employs a data schema used by the MeF XML e-file service of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) including compliance with TIGERS standards for exchanges of tax data, which are also endorsed by the IRS.

API methods support submission of data required by the Texas Comptroller's office for tax payments by franchisees operating within the state. Methods also support payment of taxes owed and monitoring status of a submission under the service.

TEXTKINGTEXTKING API: TEXTKING is an online translation service. With the TEXTKING Translation API, developers can access and integrate the TEXTKING human translation services with other applications.

The TEXTKING API is a RESTful Web Service for the accessing and management of translation projects. The API can be addressed using all common programming languages.

The Philadelphia Cricket Club Photo AlbumThe Philadelphia Cricket Club Photo Album API: The Philadelphia Cricket Club is a private club with several clubhouses located in Pennsylvania. In addition to cricket, they also provide facilities for golf, paddle, squash, swimming, and tennis. Their website hosts a photo album, which can be accessed programmatically using its SOAP-based API. The Photo Album API enables users to load all or some of the images from the photo album onto their own websites.

Toronto Pearson Connecting GuideToronto Pearson Connecting Guide API: Toronto Pearson is Canada’s largest and busiest airport, and thousands of people make flight connections through it every day. To assist such travelers, the Toronto Pearson website provides free access to its Connecting Guide service. Users input the details of their arrival, destination, and airline, and the Connection Guide service returns a customized, step-by-step guide to navigating Toronto Pearson.

Turkish National Police AKBSTurkish National Police AKBS API: AKBS is a Law and Order ID Notification System for hotels, motels, dormitories, etc. Any sort of temporary accommodations where people might stay on a per-night basis is reported as part of the system. Such facilities can send the required data automatically using AKBS software queries. AKBS is also available as a SOAP-based API. This software is no longer being updated. The entire website is provided exclusively in Turkish.

uCozuCoz API: The service provides hosted websites with simple configuration and content management (CMS) tools helping technically naive users to manage and update their own sites. Functions are organized as a number of modules that place content and functional components onto pages. Controls include access permissions, content types (page, blog, news, photo, etc.), visitor forum, and content index. Site owners can register their own domains or create sites under the provider's domain, but hands-on control functions are the same.

API methods support creating new pages and adding text, photos, and other content along with updating existing pages. Methods allow blog, news, and other content types with different elements for each. The API supports management of site user accounts and permissions to access content as well as content display templates.

UN OCHA Financial Tracking SystemUN OCHA Financial Tracking System API: The service from the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Aid provides tools for tracking appeals for aid and flows of financial resources in response. It is part of the UN's program for prioritizing needs documented by humanitarian workers embedded in communities in need throughout the world. The tracking system accepts appeal documents generated and makes them available to agencies of member states and other partners to consider possible funding. The FTS then records funding provided to meet such needs and its disbursement.

API methods support management of lists of aid appeals and projects requesting funding, including status as ongoing or emergency efforts, along with organizatoins and countries both requesting and providing aid. Methods also record both pledges made and funding provided by donor organization, date, amount, and recipient. The API generates data in the format recognized by the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI).

University of Leeds Progress FileUniversity of Leeds Progress File API: The University of Leeds, founded in 1904, is Yorkshire's oldest and largest university. In September 2010, they launched a new e-portfolio system, the Progress File, for all medical and dentistry students.

The Progress File allows students to gather evidence of their learning and evaluate their progress. The Progress File is composed of exercises, responses, feedback, learning notes, completion report, gallery, and resources sections. The Progress File API enables users to interact with a Progress File programmatically to add, retrieve, and delete comments and competencies from it.

USGS Contour ServiceUSGS Contour Service API: The USGS Contour Web Service creates a vector shapefile of contours for the desired area, which the user inputs in terms of latitude and longitude. If desired, the user may also choose the contour interval and units and a name for the resulting shapefile. The generated files are packaged in one zipfile and placed on the USGS webserver where they are publicly available. This service returns a URL that can be used to obtain the finished file.

W3 SolutionsW3 Solutions API: W3 Solutions is an all-in-one integrated management solution for extended warranty programs. They offer plans covering a variety of products that include appliances, consumer electronics, mobility products, furniture, and computers. Contracts can be registered online either manually or through batch uploads, and customers can file their claims online.

The API provides users with programmatic access to data they have stored with W3 Solution, including lists of clients, manufacturers, product types, SKUs (stock-keeping units), and stores.

Where's it up?Where's it up? API: Where's it up? provides a network of servers that allows users to make sure that their websites are up wherever a server is located. Locations include cities around the world with a focus on North America and Eurasia. Each server is capable of local DNS resolution. Where's it up? can follow a reasonable number of redirects and will report back IP and timing information. Users can access Where's it up? programmatically by issuing JSON-formatted POST calls to the server.

Widen Media CollectiveWiden Media Collective API: The Widen Media Collective is a web-based digital asset management solution from Widen Enterprises. Users of the Widen Collective can manage, share and distribute digital assets such as photos, logos, audio/video clips, presentations, documents and more.

Widen offers a Web Services API that allows other web applications to search and access the digital assets and metadata in Widen Digital Asset Management (DAM). With the API, clients can dynamically pull assets and metadata from Widen DAM and use it in their own web applications.

WithFloatsWithFloats API: WithFloats is a local discovery service that allows users to search for events, businesses, movies, parties, and offers by city.

The WithFloats API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of WithFloats with other applications. Public documentation is not available. Interested developers should sign up here: http://develop.withfloats.com/ for API access.