58 VoIP APIs: 8x8, MumbleBoxes and Sylantro

Our API directory now includes 58 VoIP APIs. The newest is the Rebtel Voice Platform API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Broadsoft Xtended API. We list 2 Calais mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of VoIP APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 22 VoIP REST APIs and 18 VoIP SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 37 VoIP XML APIs and 13 VoIP JSON APIs.

The most common tags within VoIP are 55 VoIP telephony APIs, 15 VoIP voice APIs and 13 VoIP mobile APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 6 VoIP mashup. We named Click2Message mashup as mashup of the day in July.

For reference, here is a list of all 58 VoIP APIs.

3NGNetworks API: VoIP services provider

4PSA VoipNow API: Integrated communications system

8x8 Click to Dial API: Contact Center Outbound Call Service

8x8 CRM API: Contact Center Customer Management Service

8x8 External IVR API: Contact Center IVR Server Interaction Service

8x8 Recordings API: Contact Center Recording Interaction Service

8x8 Reporting API: Contact Center Statistics Reporting Service

8x8 Web Callback API: Contact Center Web Callback Service

AIM Phoneline API: Voice Over IP Internet telephony services

Alianza API: Cloud-based voice communication service

AOL Instant Messenger API: Instant messaging chat service

Azuralis API: Norwegian hosted telecommunication service

Broadsoft Xtended API: VoIP telephony services

Cloudvox API: Voice application Platform

Cloudvox Digits API: Telephone number look up service

DIDWW API: Phone and call forwarding service

DIDx API: Global DID exchange

Digium Swithchvox API: Unified Communications Service

EuroIAX API: VoIP services provider

FCC Form 499 Filer Database API: Common carrier reporting information service

foneAPI API: VoIP and internet telephony service

Global IP Sound API: Voice Processor for VoIP Services

grnVoIP API: VoIP Service

innovaphone PBX API: Hosted VoIP telephony service

Junction Networks Web Services API: Business VoIP Services

Lypp API: VoIP Callback & Teleconferencing API

Massphoning API: Mass Calling Service

MorrisComGroup API: VOIP Communication Service

MumbleBoxes API: Voice over IP for gaming

MyDivert API: International VoIP and call forwarding service

NovelASPect API: Application hosting services

OnSIP VoIP API: Telephony service

OnSIP XMPP API: Real-time notification service

Open Voice API: VoIP telephony services

Orange Click-to-Call API: Inactive - Click to call Internet voice services

PennyTel Open API: VoIP provider in Australia

Phaxio API: Fax delivery service

Rebtel API: App communications on the cloud

Rebtel Voice Platform API: International calling platform

Ribbit API: Flash based VoIP service

Setu Infocom API: VoIP callback and click-to-call service

SimpleVox API: Cloud-based VoIP solution

Simwood eSMS API: SMS Service and Management Tools

Sipgate API: Internet telephone service provider

SIPmly API: Voice over IP service

Sippy SoftSwitch API: VoIP network management platform

Speap API: International phone service

SureVoIP API: VoIP service provider

Sylantro API: Hosted VoIP services

Synergy-IPV API: Voice over IP service

Tall Umbrella API: VoIP notifications service

Telsolutions API: Multi-channel communications services

TringMe API: VoIP telephony services

Voice-Jump API: VOIP Communication Service

Voicebuy VoIP API: VoIP service

VoiceMeUp API: VoIP service provider

Voxbone API: VoIP provisioning service

woopla API: Automatic alert calls

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