59 Money APIs: Microsoft adCenter, ActBlue and TD Ameritrade

Our API directory now includes 59 money APIs. The newest is the MoneyScience API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Microsoft adCenter API. We list 3 Microsoft adCenter mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of money APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 49 money REST APIs and 28 money SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 44 money XML APIs and 15 money JSON APIs.

The most common tags within money are 32 finance money APIs, 19 enterprise money APIs and 10 financial money APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 26 money mashups. We named Earn/Learn Web as mashup of the day in March.

For reference, here is a list of all 59 money APIs.

  ActBlue API: Democratic fundraising service

  Amazon DevPay License Service API: Amazon web services licensing

  appFigures API: Sales Reporting and Analytics for iTunes Apps

  Archivme API: Mobile personal finance Platform

  BitMinter API: Bitcoin currency service

  Blippy API: Social spending service

  Bundle API: Money managing community and service

  Cleeng API: Publisher Content Management & Sales Service

  FinCRN API: U.S. SEC Edgar filings

  FuturePrice Data API: live NYSE shares Feed

  GiftRocket Gift Card API: Gift money transfers

  Google Finance Portfolio API: Investing portfolio services

  Just2Trade API: Securities Trading Service

  Lemon API: Personal finance management tool

  LevelUp API: Online and mobile payment service

  Lyons OFAC API: OFAC screening service

  Mergent Company Fundamentals API: Business information service

  Mergent Executives API: Business information service

  Microsoft adCenter API: Online advertisting services

  MintChip API: Royal Canadian Mint digital currency

  MoneyScience API: Social network for science and technology fields

  New York Times Real Estate API: Real estate listings and sale prices

  PerfectMoney API: Secure Payment Service

  Poligraft API: Political Entity Extraction Service

  Quoqu API: Microblogging service for finance traders

  Recovery.gov API: Recovery Act 2009 data

  ServiceObjects DOTS GeoCash API: ATM location service

  StrikeIron Super Data Pack API: APIs for variety of reference data sources

  Super Rewards API: Virtual currency monetization platform

  TD Ameritrade Veo API: Financial advisor platform

  The Oxford Celtic Coin Index API: British coin collection images and data

  Tipjoy API: Aggregator monetization services

  ValueAppeal API: Property Tax Appeal Service

  Wesabe API: Personal finance management and community

  Xavier Finance Exchange Rates API: Exchange rates and charts

  Xignite Calendar API: Global economic calendars

  Xignite Global Historical API: Historical stock quotes from global stock exchanges

  Xignite Realtime API: Real-Time Stock Quotes for U.S. Stocks

  XigniteAnalysts API: Analysts ratings on U.S. stocks

  XigniteCompensation API: U.S. executive pay listings

  XigniteCurrencies API: Real-time currency exchange rates

  XigniteEdgar API: U.S. SEC Edgar filings

  XigniteEstimates API: Analyst earnings estimates for U.S. stocks

  XigniteExchanges API: Provides operating hours for world securities exchanges

  XigniteFinancials API: U.S. company financial statements

  XigniteFundamentals API: U.S. company stock information

  XigniteFundData API: U.S. mutual fund facts and performances

  XigniteFunds API: U.S. mutual fund daily NAVs

  XigniteFutures API: Futures market quotes

  XigniteInsider API: Real-time corporate insider transactions

  XigniteInterBanks API: Global interbank interest rates

  XigniteMaster API: Global securities information

  XigniteMetals API: Real-time precious metals prices

  XigniteMoneyMarkets API: U.S. Treasury and LIBOR Swap Rates

  XigniteOptions API: Market quotes for options

  XigniteOutlook API: US financial market daily news updates

  XigniteRates API: Global interest rates and government bond yields

  XigniteStatistics API: U.S. economic statistics service

  Yodlee FinApp Store API: Money management platform

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