6 APIs for Sentiment

Sentiment is a judgement, thought, or attitude which is determined by how a human is a feeling. Sentiment analysis is the act of analyzing and classifying subjective information found in written phrases.

These days, most communication is done online. In order to improve customer experience, sentiment analysis tools are being adopted more and more. These tools can monitor emotions and opinions in social media posts, in customer feedback communications, for customer support, market research, manager and employee communications, reputation management, brand monitoring and more. Developers wishing to create or enhance applications with sentiment technology need to find suitable Sentiment APIs.

What is a Sentiment API?

A Sentiment API is an Application Programming Interface that developers can use to connect with sentiment services and data.

The Sentiment category in the ProgrammableWeb API directory is the best place to discover these APIs. In this article, we provide details to the six most popular Sentiment APIs, as determined by

1. SummarizeBot API

SummarizeBot provides Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain-powered solutions for text and multimedia analysis. The SummarizeBot APITrack this API allows applications to scrape web articles, summarize text from documents or the web (or audio and video content). Use the API for sentiment analysis and extraction of text, videos, and images. More than 100 languages are included and supported file types include .doc, .pdf, .epub, .csv, .pptx, .rtf and others.

SummarizeBot API

Screenshot: SummarizeBot

2. Intento API

Intento provides a single interface to connect to several cognitive AI models and vendors. The Intento APITrack this API provides JSON responses for translating text, tagging images, sentiment analysis, OCR, and speech transcription. For Sentiment analysis, it covers Algorithmia, AWS Comprehend API, AYLIEN, Google Cloud Natural Language API, IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding, MeaningCloud, Microsoft Text Analytics API, Repustate Text Analytics API, Twinword, BosonNLP, and Salesforce Einstein Language.

3. Bitext API

The Bitext API Sentiment APITrack this API enables developers to identify coversation topics and evaluate, extract and quantify the emotional state of the converation with a polarity score value. If a sentence contains no sentiment expression, a score of '0' is applied. Responses from a POST of text are in JSON format. This technology is available in 8 languages.

4. Clarabridge Engage API

Clarabridge provides sentiment and text analytics software. The Clarabridge Engage APITrack this API allows developers to interact with a customer care product for social media & messaging that uses text analytics to analyze incoming feedback and visualize it in a dashboard. The API offers methods to manage crisis plans, dashboards, filters, inbox, insights, notifications, security, accounts, sentiment and language, and users. The technology offers a sentiment score of customer confersations.

5. Salesforce Einstein API

The Salesforce Einstein Language APITrack this API consists of two parts to analyze text from emails, chats, or web forms. The first part is Einstein Sentiment, which enables the classification of text sentiment into positive, negative, and neutral classes to understand the feeling behind the text. Custom models or use pre-built sentiment models can be created. The second part is Einstein Intent, which allows for categorizing unstructured text into user-defined labels to better understand what users are trying to accomplish.


The AYLIEN News APITrack this API enables users to source, search and sydicate news content which has been analyzed by Machine Learning and natural language processing technology. AYLIEN adds 26 data points to every piece of content collected so users can query news, track entities, analyze sentiment, get categorized articles, and get content summaries. This API can also be used to monitor worldwide news outlets in real-time to provide users with a COVID-19 related news data Feed.


Screenshot: AYLIEN

Find dozens more APIs, plus SDKs and Source Code samples in the Sentiment category.

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