6 APIs Used in 7 Days: Instagram, OpenStreetMap and Edmunds.com

This past week 7 new mashups were added to our mashup directory and 6 different APIs were used to build them. Some of the newer or less frequently seen APIs include Edmunds.com Vehicle, I Need a Bargain and Woot. The most often used APIs this week are Edmunds.com Vehicle, Google Maps and OpenStreetMap. And the most commonly used types of APIs were Mapping (2 APIs, 4 mashups), Shopping (2 APIs, 2 mashups) and Photos (1 APIs, 1 mashups). The list below shows which APIs were used by which mashups:

Edmunds.com Vehicle Edmunds.com Vehicle used in What's My Ride

Google Maps Google Maps used in CommonFloor, NukeMap 3D, Prezi Real Time Collaboration

I Need a Bargain I Need a Bargain used in Deal Tracker

Instagram Instagram used in StoryWheel

OpenStreetMap OpenStreetMap used in The Slate Starbucks Map Quiz

Woot Woot used in Deal Tracker

Mashups of the day:
And each day there is one mashup selected to be Mashup of the Day. Here are last week's winners:


 Deal Tracker

 NukeMap 3D

 Prezi Real Time Collaboration


 The Slate Starbucks Map Quiz

 What's My Ride