6 New APIs: Bing x 2, Chinese Chops, and Games

This week's new APIs included something for everyone: re-branded and enhanced APIs for search and mapping thanks to Microsoft's new Bing family, an unusual API that let's you build Chinese or Korean chop images, an API for finding wind resource data, and one that gets you access to the world's largest user editable video game database. Below are more details on each of these:

BingBing API: The Microsoft Bing API offers open, flexible options for building or enhancing your site or applications. Developing an application with the new API is straightforward: Choose a SourceTypes (Web, Images, InstantAnswer, Phonebook, RelatedSearch, Spelling), choose an output protocol (JSON, SOAP, or XML) and then customize according to your needs. For more, see our story on Microsoft Releases Bing API - With No Usage Quotas

Bing MapsBing Maps API: The Microsoft Bing Maps API is the re-branded name for the Microsoft Virtual Earth API and Virtual Earth SDK. It features an AJAX map control. Use Bing Maps to build maps which can include routes and traffic info. Gives developers the ability to code the controls, shapes, and layers of the maps, and can summon the birds-eye, 3D, and aerial imagery. For commercial applications there is a SOAP-based Web Service also provides access to the Bing maps and geospatial features. For more, see our story: Goodbye Virtual Earth, Hello Bing Maps

Chinese Seal Chop ImageChinese Seal Chop Image API: The Chinese Seal Chop Image API lets you build Chinese or Korean chop images. It gives you a URL-customizable Chinese seal chop From anywhere. Images are returned in PNG format.

FirstLookFirstLook API: 3TIER's FirstLook Prospecting tool is a web-based application that provides basic wind resource data for any location worldwide and basic solar resource data for any location in the western hemisphere. It is used by residential and commercial-scale renewable energy installers and manufactures, helping them educate customers on the value of their on-site renewable resources, inform hardware and installation decisions, and calculate returns-on-investment.

Giant BombGiant Bomb API: Giant Bomb is the world's largest editable video game database. The Giant Bomb API lets you access and search across the site's diverse database of video games, characters, creators and companies.

MashSpotsMashSpots API: MashSpots.com is a free service for local search. Click on any location on the map to get the four closest spots of the searched item. The Mashspots API lets you integrate into your website to help users search places around your office or company.

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