6 New APIs: On-demand CRM, eCommerce, Shopping Carts, Beta Programs, and Spanish Blogs

This week we had 38 new APIs added to our API directory (the most ever in a single week). What's new? These latest APIs include a new ecommerce API, an online shopping cart API, an API for a customer feedback and beta management service, an API for a Spanish social blog network, a CRM web service, and an API for a content parsing and extraction service. More details on each of these new APIs below:

2Checkout2Checkout API: 2Checkout.com provides "turnkey e-commerce solutions to thousands of business customers around the world. 2CO supports back-office functions including financial reporting, tracking, fraud prevention, affiliate tracking, customer service and sales tracking. The API provides a way to automate both account and order management processes." It uses a RESTful interface and responses can be in XML, JSON or HTML XOXO microformat.

3dCart3dCart API: The 3DCart Store Web Service API gives merchants access to 3dCart Stores information. Shopping carts from 3DCart "allow businesses to market and sell their products online, and their clients to make online purchases. Thousands of companies world wide use 3DCart to build and maintain their online stores." With the Store Web Service APIs, users can build applications to perform tasks such as listing or update orders, customers, and products. This is a SOAP-based API.

BetaEasyBetaEasy API: BetaEasy is a customer feedback and beta management service. The service helps developers to build communities of users who will participate in beta and other testing processes. The BetaEasy Callback API allows users to interact and sync their BetaEasy account with their own web sites and apps. When any event happens on a user's BetaEasy forum (user_join, user_activated etc) - BetaEasy makes call to the user's handler, so that the event can be processed in their application. All feedback is collected in one place, priorities are clearly identified and feedback is turned to improvement. There are REST and SOAP APIs and libraries are available for PHP, .NET, Java, Ruby and Python.

Bitacoras.comBitacoras.com API: Bitacoras is the largest social network for bloggers that exists in Spanish with over 250,000 users. The system collects information from thousands of blogs and organizes, catalogs and distributes it in real-time becoming a tool for learning what is happening in the Hispanic blogosphere. The API uses a RESTful interface and responses are in XML, JSON, PHP, RSS formats. Documentation is in Spanish.

Capsule CRMCapsule CRM API: Capsule is an online CRM used to track contacts, manage sales and projects. The API allows users to interface with the Capsule system. The Capsule API is implemented in a RESTful style using XML or JSON over HTTP.

cQuerycQuery API: The Content Query Engine uses CSS to extract Internet content. It provides an API to access parts of webpages using CSS selectors. The API uses RESTful calls and returns the response in JSON, XML and raw formats. An API key is required.


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