6 New APIs: Fraud Detection, Mobile Number Validation, Hosted Subversion, and Postcode Lookup

This week we had 20 new APIs added to our API directory. These latest entries include an API for a hosted subversion and storage service, a social content sharing and discussion API, a cell phone number validation service API, a UK address lookup service, an API for online fraud detection, and an online project management and issue tracking API. More details on each of these new APIs below:

BeanstalkBeanstalk API: Beanstalk is a hosted subversion service that allows designers and developers to store Source Code, track changes, and collaborate with their team. The API can be used to build tools or services around Beanstalk account information. It uses a RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

Cliqset Cliqset API: Cliqset is a social Web Service that helps users share and discover content and discuss it with other users. The RESTful API allows developers to create accounts, edit profiles, monitor real-time comments and more. Responses may be formatted in either XML or JSON.

Data8 Postcode LookupData8 Postcode Lookup API: Data8 is a UK data solutions provider offering services like data cleansing, postcode lookup and data validation. The Data8 Postcode Lookup service is a SOAP API that provides methods to find full, accurate addresses from a UK postcode or partial address details using the Royal Mail's Postal Address File (PAF).

Data8 Mobile ValidationData8 Mobile Validation API: The Data8 Mobile Telephone Number Validation service provides an API to let developers validate which mobile (cell) numbers are still live. They can also tell you the network and country, and even the country the phone is currently in.

IPInfoDB Fraud DetectionIPInfoDB Fraud Detection API: Fraud detection system for ecommerce sites that calculate the distance between shipping location and IP location. The purpose of this API is for online fraud detection and prevention. It compares the transaction shipping / billing information with IP geolocation data for all countries. Responses are in XML format.

LighthouseLighthouse API: Lighthouse is a service for collaborate projects. The Lighthouse API gives developers the tools to integrate their services to other sites and applications.

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