6 New APIs: Lyric Search, People Search, Apple Push Notifications, and Social Messaging

This week we had 6 new APIs added to our API directory including a new API for finding song lyrics, an API for integrating Apple Push Notification Service messages into any service, an API for domain registration and web hosting, an API for social messaging, an API for the Sourcemap project (which we covered earlier this week), and an interesting new API for people search. Below are more details on each of these new APIs:

ChartLyrics LyricChartLyrics Lyric API: ChartLyrics is a lyrics database sorted by artists or songs. The Lyric API supports both a SOAP or REST interface to allow developers to access the full database. The API provides 2 functions: SearchLyric to search the available lyrics and GetLyric to retrieve the lyric.

iLimeiLime API: iLime is a solution for integrating Apple Push Notification Service (APNS). Push notifications can be sent as one of three types: a custom text alert, an icon badge number, or a custom sound. Responses are formatted in either XML or JSON.

MessageMostMessageMost API: MessageMost is a short, mobile, and local messaging service. The MessageMost API allows developers access to data and user accounts to build applications that interact with the MessageMost network. The API can be used to build mobile, desktop, or Web applications or to interpret and visualize data.

NameCheapNameCheap API: NameCheap offers domain registration and web hosting. The NameCheap API allows developers to build new web and desktop applications that integrate with the NameCheap account. It allows users to programmatically access account data from NameCheap.com and perform operations like domain check, registrations and renewals from within applications.

SourcemapSourcemap API: Sourcemap is project from the MIT Media Lab. It is a tool for producers, business owners and consumers to understand the impact of supply chains. The services lets you simulate the impact of manufacturing, transporting, using and throwing away products using our Life-Cycle Assessment calculator. This web-based tool uses linked data from geological and geographic resources. Each Sourcemap can be used to help market socially- and environmentally- conscious products and to buy carbon offsets.

Whoozy Person SearchWhoozy Person Search API: This API is part of the people search engine Whoozy. This API offers a RESTful interface to allow developers to search for a name in social networks, search engines, blogs, news, pictures, phone numbers, email addresses and more. Responses are formatted in either XML or JSON.


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