6 New APIs: Monitor Amazon, Fight Spam, and Send Snail Mail

This week we had new web services added to our API directory ranging from small startups to the big names in web APIs. One of the more notable new ones comes from Amazon with their CloudWatch API for insight and monitoring of your EC2 instances. Then we have the API for Hunch, the much talked about new decision engine-type service from Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake. In addition, 4 more of the newest APIs from last week including ones for collaborative spam control, the ability to send traditional postal mail via a Web Service, on-demand IT management, and an API from Ericsson that allows you to push content up to mobile phones. Below is more detail on these 6 new APIs:

Amazon CloudWatchAmazon CloudWatch API: Amazon CloudWatch is a web service that provides visibility into your cloud assets. Amazon CloudWatch provides the data you need to make informed decisions. It is designed to provide comprehensive monitoring for all of the following AWS services: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or Amazon EC2 (including instances of paid AMIs), and Elastic Load Balancing.

AnatoaAnatoa API: Anatoa is a "collaborative attempt to solve the problem of scamming, spamming and defrauding legitimate website members. New users are checked against the Anatoa fraud detection system, powered by participating sites. If a scammer has tried his tricks on one of these websites, Anatoa will recognize this and put measures in the way of the scammer's continued activity on other websites which use the Anatoa service."

DocMailDocMail API: Docmail's UK-based service provides a way to create, personalise, print and mass mailout. Docmail is "a way to create and send your post. By logging on to our website you can create what we call a 'mailing'. A mailing is your order to us, and tells us what to print, and who to send it to. Docmail now has a web service available so you can send a mailing from within your own application."

HunchHunch API: Hunch is a questions and answers service that offers solutions to user-entered problems. "Hunch's answers are based on the collective knowledge of the entire Hunch community. Hunch is designed so that every time it's used, it learns something new. Hunch allows access to its data and embeddable content through an API. Developers can make use of this API in many ways, such as: putting an embeddable version of a Hunch topic on your web site; porting Hunch to a mobile device or other Platform such as SMS, Twitter, IVR etc; querying our "taste database" for correlations, predictive variables, and more."

Mobile Java PushMobile Java Push API: Ericsson Labs' Mobile Java Push API "enables you to push content directly to one or more phones. The API supports a broad range of phones and service providers. To use the Mobile Java Push web interface, specify the URL's of the files you want to push and press send. When you hit send, all users of your application will instantaneously receive the content."

PagloPaglo API: Paglo is an IT management company. Paglo's "search engine for IT technology automates the collection of all of your IT and operations data and ensures that you can instantly solve computer, network, and user problems. Use Paglo to quickly search and analyze your data. Paglo supports the management of inventories, networks, servers, cloud services, and search."

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