6 New APIs: Polls, Stocks, Biodiversity, and Google

Here are 6 of the newest APIs added to our API directory. They include a Danish registry of biodiversity data such as species data, including plants, animals, fungi and micro-organisms; an API for conducting polls, a pair of stock APIs to get you finance data, an SMS API for marketing campaigns, and Google's new Virtual Keyboard API which we reported on earlier this week. Below is a summary of each new API:

DoodleDoodle API: The Doodle API allows you to create and conduct a poll. You can use the Doodle service to schedule an event or reach a consensus about a topic. Doodle polls can also be integrated into a facebook or igoogle page.

Global Biodiversity Information FacilityGlobal Biodiversity Information Facility API: Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) enables access to over 7000 datasets by over 200 data providers as part of a UDDI Registry. Get species data, including plants, animals, fungi and micro-organisms, plus species occurrence records with classifications and scientific and common names. Participants in the GBIF network can use a toolkit to efficiently publish to the Internet biodiversity data. GBIF is an international group that works to make the world's biodiversity data accessible anywhere. The GBIF office is at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, in the Zoological Museum.

Google Virtual KeyboardGoogle Virtual Keyboard API: As we reported earlier this week, Google released a Virtual Keyboard AJAX API. As they note, the Google Virtual Keyboard API "lets you use an onscreen keyboard on any textfield or textarea in a webpage. This will help your website users to type in any language using their familiar keyboard layouts. This JavaScript API allows you to configure and integrate the keyboard. It is part of the Google Translate family of APIs."

TextingitTextingit API: An SMS API for mobile marketing campaigns. Use this API "as part of a cost-effective, flexible, private-label solution. Possible uses are campaigns, real-time alerts, interactive displays, site integration, or customer support, classifieds, and real estate. Send messages to certain phone numbers. If the message is over 160 characters, the message will be broken into parts automatically. You also can schedule messages and specify a time zone for them. Cancel scheduled messages as needed. Enter a message ID and learn its delivery status. "

XigniteNASDAQLastSaleXigniteNASDAQLastSale API: Provides real-time NASDAQ Last Sale stock prices and trade data for US-listed stocks. Use the API "to obtain last sale, open, high, low, and close information. Also you can create completely customized real-time charts of a security's intra-day activity."

XigniteVWAPXigniteVWAP API: The XigniteVWAP API gives you access to intraday and historical volume weighted average price. You can find historical vwap, daily, weekly, monthly, realtime vwap and other related metrics.

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