6 New APIs: Powerful Americans, Moods, Museums, Web Analytics and Web Hosting

Last week was a busy one for new APIs and in addition to the 7 new APIs we profiled earlier this week, here are 6 more new listings from our API directory. These include an API for tracking political and business relationships (an "involuntary facebook of powerful Americans"), a real-time website analytics service API, an API for getting the Mood of the Nation, a ringtone search API, a museum geolocation service, and an API for internet hosting and resellers. Below are more details on each of these new APIs:

LittleSisLittleSis API: LittleSis is a free database tracking the key relationships of politicians, business leaders, lobbyists, financiers, and their affiliated institutions (also described as "an involuntary facebook of powerful Americans, collaboratively edited"). The LittleSis API exposes the raw data used on the LittleSis website. The data consists of basic information about people and organizations, and the relationships between them. It uses a RESTful interface and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

MixpanelMixpanel API: Mixpanel is a web service that lets companies track how users engage with their websites in real-time. The Mixpanel API allows users to post and access the data that Mixpanel is analyzing. This is a RESTful API and responses are returned in JSON format.

Mood of the NationMood of the Nation API: Mood of the Nation API allows clients to retrieve the raw trending data associated with the free Mood of the Nation iPhone application. The application collects mood information (physical, mental, emotional) from users and trends over day, week, month.

Motime Motime API: The Motime Open Access platform is an affiliate program based on the APIs of the Motime service which allows partners/affiliates to advertise Motime ringtone content on their own web or mobile sites and earn money for each referral given to Motime. The search API offers a REST protocol to allow developers to link their content with Motime's catalog of ringtones.

MuseliusMuselius API: The Muselius API can be used to display information on up to 99 museums in an area on your own web site. The information about museums can be used to "enrich your art related sites, hotels and tourist sites. Muselius is a global directory of museums. Our mission is to facilitate the information you need for visiting museums all over the world. Muselius is created and maintained with the help of many users who update and complete the data we have about each museum."

OpenSRS OpenSRS API: OpenSRS API is intended for resellers who offer domains and supporting services to their customers. Resellers can provide functionality to their customers by integrating data from the RESTful API functions (includes SSL support). Developers can use the API to run queries or automate tasks that would otherwise be performed manually using the Domain Name Control Panel.

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