6 New APIs: Real Estate Search, Video Search, SMS, and Twitter Auto-Follows

Want new APIs? This week saw an interesting mix of new entries in our API directory including a service for publishing and accessing location-relevant content, a simple API to get a JSON-formatted list of people you tweet most, a variety of APIs based on Clickatell's SMS services, a video API providing search to over 300 million online videos, and a real estate listing search API for Multiple Listing Service (MLS) properties. Here are more details on each of these new API listings:

Auto Follow FridayAuto Follow Friday API: Use this API to quickly produce a JSON array list of people you tweet most (during your last 100 tweets)

Clickatell FTPClickatell FTP API: One of seven SMS APIs offered by Clickatell. Clickatell covers over 819 networks in 220 countries. All these APIs support text, Unicode, binary SMS and flash messaging. If you wish to send once-off, high volume message batches (especially from legacy systems) than FTP is best suited to your needs. With FTP you can send concatenated messages, use ringtone and logo converters, and set up sender ID, delivery acknowledgement, batch sending and two-way messaging. You will also have access to gateway escalation and queuing, which lets you specify up to 3 prioritised queues according to which your messages will be sent out.

Clickatell SMPP Clickatell SMPP API: This Clickatell API uses SMPP for regular high-volume SMS users (there is a monthly minimum requirement of 5,000 SMS credits), enabling messages to be sent reliably and at high speed. Clickatell supports connections via SMPP using the global SMPP 3.4 standard, and is backward compatible. SMPP connection supports extended length messages, provides converters to turn ringtones and logos into the correct format, allows delivery acknowledgement, sender ID, and two-way messaging.

Aloqa Aloqa API: The Aloqa Content Publisher API allows you to "publish location-relevant content (a business directory, social network, dating site or any other relevant content useful for people on the go) by creating a channel on Aloqa instead of building and supporting mobile applications for the many phones out there."

CliptaClipta API: Clipta's API allows you to "search and display an index of over 300 million online videos, and offers web publishers and developers to bring customizable video search to their sites and use video search results in custom applications and widgets."

GetYourIDXGetYourIDX API: GetYourIDX is an online real estate IDX service, allowing website's to provide IDX data searches direct from your web site (according to Wikipedia: " Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is a real estate property search site which allows the public to conduct searches of approved Multiple Listing Service properties in a certain area."). It is a pay-as-you go service. They guarantee to return all IDX queries within 1 second.

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