6 New APIs: Track Billing, Patent Search, Phone Number Lookup, Domains and Photos

This week we had 26 new APIs added to our API directory. Some of the notable new entries include a billing and time tracking API, an API to access patent document data, a networking community and job resource API, a telephone number look up API (which we covered here), an API for url shortening and lengthening, and a photo storage and sharing API. More information on each of these APIs below:

Beta freckleBeta freckle API: Freckle is a RESTful API that allows users to enter billable hours, see which projects and tasks are taking up the most unpaid time, fetch a list of projects, log a time entry and complete a bulk entry import. Responses can be in XML or JSON.

Boliven Web ServicesBoliven Web Services API: Use Boliven APIs to integrate patent data into a website or application. The API provides developers access to Boliven's store of patent document data in the form of RESTful calls.

BrightFuseBrightFuse API: BrightFuse is a talent community "for professionals of all ranks and industries to showcase their unique skills and specialties, and interact with each other in interest-based groups". It is a subsidiary of CareerBuilder. The open API lets you present BrightFuse public data in third party applications. The API requires an API Key and features a RESTful interface with XML and JSON support.

Cloudvox DigitsCloudvox Digits API: Cloudvox Digits is a free, public, multi-protocol API and Web service for turning a phone number, area code, or prefix into geographic location, carrier, and other metadata. The service can be consumed via browser, REST API, DNS API, and bookmarklet. Digits was built to be used by Web apps, phone services, and other software that displays or interacts with phone numbers.

Dot TK TweaKDot TK TweaK API: Dot TK's TweaK API service lets developers design computer programs and online applications that interact directly with the Dot TK registration system for free domain name registration services. Dot TK allows developers to register short URLs and free domain names with the .TK extension, in the background of their applications. The RESTful TweaK API offers two functions: shorten for shortening a random URL and lengthen for resolving the short name.

ExponoExpono API: A service to store, organize and share your photos. Their "feature rich social photo sharing platform built with your privacy, data portability and security in mind" has an API for data access.

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