60 New APIs: ConnectYard, DealAngel, and friendSurf

This week we had 60 new APIs added to our API directory including a programming article search, a retrieval, and rating service, an international shipping service, a business operating information service, a home buying service, a consultation and engagement service, a social messaging service and a biodiversity event information retrieval service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

27 Seconds Knowledge Base27 Seconds Knowledge Base API: 27 Seconds is a full-service graphic design and development firm. Knowledge Base is a section of their website that contains snippets of code, links, and general ideas that are useful when programming. Site visitors can view all the contents of Knowledge Base in a list, or they can search Knowledge Base for specific information. 27 Seconds provides a SOAP-based API that allows users to search, retrieve, and rate Knowledge Base articles programmatically.

Bongo InternationalBongo International API: Bongo aims to help with International Cross Border eCommerce transactions by both Consumers and Businesses. Bongo services 95,000 International Consumers and over 3,000 Businesses globally with a team spanning 3 continents speaking 12 languages. The Bongo API allows users to make a variety of calls to check order information and status including: ConnectOrder, ConnectLandedCost, ConnectProductInfo, ConnectOrderRemove, ConnectOrderTrackingUpdate, ConnectSkuStatus. The API can use several protocols and will return XML or XML- RPC.

Business ProfilesBusiness Profiles API: The service provides provides search access to the provider's database of public registrations and disclosures required of corporations. Public companies must register information with government authorities about locations, officers, lines of business, and some financial details. The service summarizes these kinds of information in profiles of over 40 million records companies worldwide. Applications can make use of this information for purposes like validating their own information about a company, discovering company official names and contact information, and verifying a company's good standing with government agencies.

API methods support submission of a query specifying all or part of a company name or other term relevant to the company's profile. Requests can also specify a legal structure (corporation, partnership, LLC, etc.) and record status to filter results. Methods also allow search for officer names and other details for a particular company specified by ID value in the request.

Buyfolio PartnerBuyfolio Partner API: Buyfolio was designed to facilitate and streamline the New York City home buying experience where listings and data can be stored in one place. The Buyfolio Partner API allows users to integrate Buyfolio with websites and apps. The API can create a new client folio, add additional email addresses to existing folios, retrieve a broker's full client list, and add property listing to a folio. An account is required for use.

CitizenSpaceCitizenSpace API: CitizenSpace is an international consultation management service developed in collaboration with the UK Government. The API allows users to link consultation records with other sites and management software, embed media from sites into consultation records, and take the RSS Feed that Citizen Space publishes and add them to third-party websites to provide an up-to-date list of consultations. An account is required with service.

ConnectYardConnectYard API: The service provides messaging, both one-to-one and one-to-many, via social media platforms -- Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn -- in addition to more traditional SMS text messaging and email. It allows the sender to assign individual recipients to groups called "yards" for shared management of communications. For example, an instructor can create one or more yards composed of students in a course to allow messaging between individuals, project groups within the course, or all students. Notification options allow delivery of time-sensitive information via the methods most convenient to both sender and recipient.

API methods support managing user accounts and group memberships, with notification options selected for each. Methods support creation, updating, distribution, and deletion of message content. Reporting functions provide full analytics about service usage and communication success.

Convention on Biological DiversityConvention on Biological Diversity API: The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is an international treaty that seeks to sustain the rich diversity of life on Earth. The Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (SCBD) was established to support the goals of the Convention and currently maintains the CBD website.

The CBD website hosts a great deal of information relevant to its cause, including a calendar of biodiversity-related events and a list of NFPs. NFPs (National Focal Points) are points of contact within governments for communications regarding the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The CBD website hosts an API that lets users search for Events or NFPs by selection criteria or to retrieve one in particular by using its UniqueID. This API functions using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Danish Historical AtlasDanish Historical Atlas API: The Danish Historical Atlas is a map-based digital project intended to breathe life into local history. The atlas includes data on archaeological finds and ancient monuments as well as more contemporary history on farms, churches, villages, shipwrecks, and more.
The Danish Historical Atlas API provides developer access to the project’s collected metadata describing maps, institutions, photos, and more. Responses may be JSON or XML formatted.

DealAngelDealAngel API: DealAngel is a hotel rate search engine. DealAngel allows users to search for hotels by location, retrieving pricing and reservation information for booking hotels.

The DealAngel API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of DealAngel with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should email api@dealangel.com for API information.

DebitsuccessDebitsuccess API: Debitsuccess is a full-service direct debit initiator that provides billing services to over 1200 clients throughout Australasia. The company's APIs enable users to create a seamless interface between websites or software and the Debitsuccess Total Billing Solution.

The Data Transfer API enables users to submit client billing data to Debitsuccess and to retrieve client and transaction information from them, as well. The Extended version of the API allows users to integrate with all aspects of the Debitsuccess Total Billing Solution. Both versions of the API operate via SOAP calls issued in XML format.

DelivraDelivra API: Delivra is an email marketing software firm that also provides professional consulting, design, and other services to its clients. Customers can integrate their own applications with Delivra's software using the Delivra API.

Through the API, users can manage accounts settings, mailing list membership, email templates, subscriptions, and scheduled mailings. They can also record website activity that results from a mailing and retrieve a history of bounces, click-throughs, unsubscribes, and other such results.

ebookersebookers API: ebookers.com provides global online booking options for travel products including a choice of over 250 airlines, more than 110,000 hotels, holidays, car hire and insurance. ebookers.com is part of Orbitz Worldwide (NYSE: OWW). The ebookers API allows users to embed live XML feeds into third party sites including Flight feeds, Hotel feeds, and Car hire feeds. The API is part of the site's affiliate program and an account is required with service.

European Parking Association Photo GalleryEuropean Parking Association Photo Gallery API: The European Parking Association (EPA) is the umbrella organization for all European parking associations. Its purpose is to facilitate cooperation and information exchange between its member associations and to exert influence on measures and resolutions relating to parking and urban mobility. The EPA maintains an online photo gallery documenting its major events. Developers can retrieve information about the photo albums within this gallery using the SOAP-based Photo Gallery API.

Exploring Surrey's pastExploring Surrey's past API: Exploring Surrey’s Past is a historical Resource for Surrey County in Southern England. The site includes browsable pages about people, places, and times, as well as searchable databases of archival documents, archeological sites, and museum objects.
The Exploring Surrey’s Past API provides developer access to the site’s metadata. The API currently supports RSS formatted responses only.

Flight Explorer FastTrackFlight Explorer FastTrack API: The Flight Explorer FastTrack web services provide registered customers with flight information such as origin, destination, departure time, estimated arrival time, and more. They also offer a great deal of real-time information that includes aircraft status, local airport weather conditions, and images showing a flight's current location. These services are available via API so that developers can integrate real-time flight data into their applications, websites, or commercial products.

Free Content ArticlesFree Content Articles API: The service provides short English-language articles on a wide range of topics submitted by users interested in distribution of their information. Terms of use allow free reuse of article content under a Creative Commons BY-ND 3.0 license. The web User Interface links articles grouped under more than 300 categories, and API access allows applications to integrate the content.

API methods support retrieval of specific articles by citing an articleID in the request. Methods also allow retrieval of all articles by a specified author or all articles categorized under a specified topic. Returned article data includes the body text along with title, author (with 'about' blurb), category, and status

FriendSurfFriendSurf API: FriendSurf is a Hungarian social network, allowing users to connect with others and share photos, videos, music and more. The FriendSurf API allows developers to create applications using FriendSurf functions and taking advantage of the FriendSurf user base. Requests require a user token. Responses are JSON formatted.

GeneCoDis2GeneCoDis2 API: The service provides analysis of genetic sequence data to identify those associated with biological features, known as annotations, that frequently appear together. It then ranks these sets of genes based on the statistical significance of the frequency of co-occurrence. The results indicate the strength of association between biological annotations and a research project's identified set of genes.

API methods support analysis of statistical relationships between genetic sequences based on multiple repositories of data documenting statistical relationships. A request can specify the organism genome to be the focus of analysis along with the statistical algorithm and method to apply plus the gene sequence and set of biological annotations to consider. Results suggest statistical associations between those annotations within the specified sequences for the specified organism.

GeneProfGeneProf API: The service provides data to support genetic research. Its data analysis functions help with processing of genetic sequences in RNA-seq and ChIP-seq formats, and a database of previously processed experimental results provides points of comparison for newly collected datasets. These resources help researchers to evaluate expression and regulation of genes developed in their experimental work and in similar results from other studies.

API methods support retrieval of a catalog of datasets already logged by the service along with search-based access to data for individual genes, experiments, datasets, or public samples. Methods allow selection of transcription factors and TFAS scores for a target gene or an experimental sample. The API gives access to genomic data files in BED or WIG format.

Genie CashBoxGenie CashBox API: Genie Cashbox is a communication and payment processing service that plends products and services to facilitate business operations and member to member payments. The Genie Cashbox API allows users to GET and POST transaction and payment information. The service uses REST calls and uses SSL for Authentication. An account is required with service.

GEPIRGEPIR API: GEPIR (Global Electronic Party Information Registry) provides online access to basic contact information for companies that are members of GS1. These member companies use GS1's globally unique numbering system to identify their products, physical locations, and shipments. By typing a product's bar code number into GEPIR, users can find the code owner's contact information. Physical location numbers and shipment numbers can also be used as search criteria.

This service is accessible directly using a web interface or programmatically using a SOAP-based API.

getpos.degetpos.de API: Getpos.de provides geolocation services that allow users to locate IP addresses, retrieve location information based on a postal code, and search for a store location in a given area or worldwide. These services are available directly through a web interface or programmatically using SOAP-based APIs. All information retrieved via API comes with titles and corresponding standardized codes so that users can process the information more easily.

The getpos.de website is provided primarily in German. A limited portion of the site is also translated into English, but this does not include the API documentation.

GlobalTeach LMSGlobalTeach LMS API: The service provides learning management system (LMS) functions for e-learning courses and online instructional components. It helps with creation, updating, and accessing educational content for use in courses sponsored by educational institutions and organizational training programs. Other functionality includes student rosters, attendance, assignment submissions, and grading.

API methods support search against the course catalog, review of course listings, and selection of individual courses. Methods support course registration and enrollment along with student interactions such as access to the syllabus and instructional materials, interaction with classmates and instructors via chat and forum posts, and posting assignments. The API also tracks course completion and performance with longer-term credential planning.

HobbyKingHobbyKing API: HobbyKing is a radio control product manufacturer and dealer for hobbyists. The HobbyKing API allows merchants to integrate real-time data on products and orders into their websites. Users can query product stock, shipping weight, cost, and descriptions, as well as order status and tracking numbers.

IDT Oligo AnalyzerIDT Oligo Analyzer API: Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) is a company that manufactures and sells oligonucleotides (short, single-stranded DNA or RNA molecules). On their website, they provide the Oligo Analyzer service, which can be used to examine an oligonucleotide (oligo) in a variety of ways. This service is primarily available through a web interface, but the Analyze, Hetero-Dimer, and Self-Dimer functions are also available as SOAP functions.

The Analyze service returns physical properties of a given oligo sequence. The Hetero-Dimer examines possible duplexes when one oligo is combined with another. The Self-Dimer reports possible duplexes and their stabilities when an oligo hybridizes with itself.

Indiligo InsideIndiligo Inside API: The service provides a Platform for online interaction via real-time video, chat, and document sharing. It is intended as a service for remote meetings and presentations as well as other applications that emphasize rich customer and colleague contact. Custom call scripts allow applications to integrate online interaction functions with other processes like customer relationship management (CRM) and sales management applications.

API methods support initiating a hosted video call with access via a specified URL available to specific users. Methods support chat messaging and uploading documents to a collection hosted by the service and shared with all users accessing the call. Methods also support management of contact lists and access credentials for accessing shared calls..

iProfileiProfile API: The service provides tools for tracking customer behavior and collecting and analyzing customer data to identify sales leads and measure market potential. Its data collection functions contribute to market analysis that identifies and prioritizes the most attractive potential customers. It also suggests strategies for engaging those prospective buyers to generate sales.

API methods support access to the provider's repository of operating profiles for prominent B2B market participants, including individual decision makers with direct influence on purchasing decisions. Methods support data analysis across more than 50 measures of customer activity to identify the most likely buyers and their key concerns.

Jobs.ieJobs.ie API: Jobs.ie is an Irish job site designed to make recruitment easier for employers. Recruiters can advertise jobs located in Ireland as well as jobs located abroad. The Jobs.ie API can be used to create, update, retrieve, and search for jobs on the website. It can also be used to retrieve other information from the site, or even to submit applications. This API uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

KrakKrak API: Krak is a Danish search engine for looking up companies, people, maps, brands, and products. The website is designed to be compatible with computers, phones, and tablets. Krak provides information on all Danish companies and more than two million products. The Krak website is given exclusively in Danish, though the API documentation is in English. Krak's SOAP-based API allows users to search for companies in Denmark using an array of different search parameters.

LinkTrustLinkTrust API: LinkTrust provides tools that allow users to manage their own affiliate programs in-house using a customizable software platform which can cater to a limitless number of affiliates. LinkTrust offers a slew of reporting services, many of which operate in real-time. These run the gamut from high-level overviews to detailed records of all transactions. Information from reports can also be accessed using LinkTrust's APIs, which operate over SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Lost Springs WeatherLost Springs Weather API: Lost Springs Ranch is located in the Texas Hill Country west of Austin. They provide a safe habitat for local wildlife and propagate native plants, especially those endemic to Central Texas. The Lost Springs website primarily contains photos and information about the native plants; however, it also provides a local weather information service. This can be viewed directly through the site, or users may employ a SOAP-based API to retrieve weather information as either text or an image.

Metal MakerMetal Maker API: Metal Maker is a service for metals bands that have trouble coming up with quality lyrics, song titles, or album titles. By using state-of-the-art heuristic algorithms, Metal Maker provides an endless supply of modern metal lyrics. This service is free for public use; however, if any content generated by Metal Maker is used for an album, a small Metal Maker logo should be printed on the back of the album cover. Metal Maker's functions are available for Integration with other applications using its SOAP-based API.

MomondoMomondo API: Momondo.com is a travel site that helps users find cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals. Visitors input their desired destinations, and Momondo then searches hundreds of sites for the best prices, returning results within seconds. Momondo is not a travel agency, so they don’t charge any booking fees. Developers can access the site's services programmatically by using Momondo's SOAP-based API.

Oonetic BuyBoxOonetic BuyBox API: Oonetic BuyBox is a French E-Commerce software-as-a-solution (SaaS). Oonetic features E-Commerce solutions for online stores and websites.

The Oonetic BuyBox API allows developer to access and integrate the functionality of Oonetic BuyBox with other applications and websites. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact Oonetic for more information: http://www.oonetic.com/contact/.

OpenGov NSWOpenGov NSW API: OpenGov NSW is a repository for data, publications, and records of the New South Wales government. Users can search for publications and records on the website.

The OpenGov NSW API allows developers to access and integrate the data of OpenGov NSW with other applications. Some example API methods include searching for publications, retrieving publications, and searching by keyword.

Pin 'n' TagPin 'n' Tag API: Pin 'n' Tag is a location information service. Pin 'n' Tag provides information about locations for tagging, application integration, and mapping.

The Pin 'n' Tag API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Pin 'n' Tag with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email support@pinntag.me for API access.

PlagSpotterPlagSpotter API: The service provides online reviews for duplicate content in search engine results. It either conducts ad hoc checks or regularly monitors for appearance of text matching a sample provided or text found at a specified URL. It aims to allow web publishers to verify the originality of their own content and to detect unauthorized copying by others.

API methods allow submission of text sample for a duplicate content check. The sample text can be either a string submitted with the request, a file, or a URL. Methods access content at the URL or in the file and search to determine whether it is found in results provided by leading search engines. Returned data provide URLs for any matching sources and the percentage duplication found.

PushBulletPushBullet API: The PushBullet API allows developers to engage customers through the PushBullet Android application. This service makes it easy to write software that can push to devices through PushBullet. What you would push and why is up to you; PushButton provides the tool. This API utilizes RESTful calls and JSON responses.

Radixx InternationalRadixx International API: Radixx provides state-of-the-art Passenger Services Systems (PSS) to more than thirty airlines on five continents. Radixx can provide solutions to replace a current reservations system, or it can add functionality or distribution channels not offered by a current system provider.

Radixx Air provides a comprehensive tool set that enables airlines to create and manage their offerings to customers. This includes the ability to establish a flight schedule, allocate seat inventory to flights, create fares and fare rules, and manage the conditions under which products will be offered to market.

Many airlines need to be able to connect their core PSS to a variety of external systems. Radixx Air offers a comprehensive API that allows third parties - such as website design companies, tour operator systems, payment gateways, and more - to access services from the PSS.

RelifyRelify API: Relify is a recommendations as a service provider. Relify provides infrastructure and data for developers to integrate recommendation functionality into their applications.

The Relify API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of Relify with other applications and to create applications. Some example API methods include creating data and datasets, creating and managing users, and managing account information.

RoyBoyDealsRoyBoyDeals API: The service provides information local price discounts, coupons, and other deals offered by sellers in a particular city. Each day for each location where it offers service, it reports an offer sponsored by a restaurant, bar, or other business. Contact the provider to determine where the service is active.

API methods support submitting a query specifying a city or other location as latitude and longitude along with the desired data format, either XML or JSON. Methods return a single offer with the sponsor's ID value and URL along with a URL for the service itself that provides basic information. Returned data specify the product offered, price and other terms, start and end dates for the special offer, etc.

RushWebRushWeb API: RushWeb is a national clearinghouse for the courier and transportation industries that is designed to help people find courier services that meet their needs. Shipping and courier companies can register with RushWeb to have their services included in customers' searches. RushWeb provides a SOAP-based API through which persons from a registered company can manage orders that people have submitted through RushWeb.

SDSS CasJobsSDSS CasJobs API: The Catalog Archive Server Jobs System, or CasJobs, is an online workbench for large scientific catalogs. It is designed to emulate and enhance local free-form query access in a web environment.

CasJobs provides both synchronous and Asynchronous query execution, and a 'History' Function records queries and their statuses. Each user gets a personalized, server-side database called 'MyDB', which enables persistent table, function, and procedure creation. MyDB data can be downloaded in a variety of formats and shared between users via the 'Groups' mechanism.

CasJobs provides multiple interface options, including a browser client and a java-based command line tool. It also offers SOAP-based web services for managing user accounts, jobs, user groups, and servers.

SelecTrucks Email SignupSelecTrucks Email Signup API: SelecTrucks, part of Daimler Trucks North America, sells quality used trucks. All trucks sold — from medium to heavy duty — must first pass a rigorous inspection and reconditioning process. People can sign up to receive email updates from SelecTrucks directly through the website or programmatically using the Email Signup API. The latter method uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

ServiceUServiceU API: ServiceU is web-based software designed help churches, schools, and non-profit organizations manage their online processes related to events and donations. It offers online event registration and ticketing services and can also accept donations made through a website or mobile device.

ServiceU provides REST APIs that allow users to access their data for use in calendars, web pages, and mobile apps. ServiceU also provides a SOAP API for customizing its EventU Public Calendar.

Sierra Stanford HIVSierra Stanford HIV API: The service provides access to a database developed by Stanford's HIVdb project to detail resistance of human immunodeficiency virus to established drug treatment regimens. Data provide scores according to the Stanford HIV Drug Resistance Algorithm for 17 protease and RT inhibitor compounds approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as treatments for HIV. Data also provide comments to guide evaluations and applications to form judgments of likely levels of drug resistance.

API methods support submission of nucleic acid sequences to retrieve algorithmic scores predicting resistance of the described virus strain to known HIV treatment drugs. An XSL transform template is available to render the XML Web Service results as human-readable HTML.

SpanDexSpanDex API: SpanDex is a collaborative academic platform that is intended to ease the research and collaboration between professors and other project works. The SpanDex API allows users to open entire ZIP or Tarball files in SpanDeX, open text snippets (small and incomplete, or entire documents) via URL parameters,
open text snippets (small and incomplete, or entire documents) POSTed via a web form. The service uses REST calls.

Spell OutSpell Out API: Spell Out is a voice procedural alphabet translation tool to aid users in spelling words over the phone. Users enter text and choose from a list of phonetic and spelling alphabets such as the ICAO spelling alphabet. Spell Out provides the translated spellings with audio examples.
The Spell Out API provides a RESTful interface for developers to access the list of available alphabets, extract an alphabet’s information, and convert text using a given alphabet. Responses may be JSON or JSONP formatted.

Sri Lanka Postal CodesSri Lanka Postal Codes API: The service provides postal code lookup for locations within Sri Lanka. It returns either the correct postal code for a specified location or the location corresponding to a known postal code. It can also list postal areas near a specified postal code.

API methods support submission of an area name to retrieve the postal codes included there. Methods also support submission of a known postal code to retrieve information about the location, including area name, official district, and latitude/longitude location.

StatProStatPro API: StatPro is a portfolio reporting and analytics service for companies and organizations. StatPro allows users to access and analyze various data, such as investments, portfolios, and stock market.

The StatPro API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of StatPro with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here for more information: http://www.statpro.com/interact/developers.

STEPStoolsSTEPStools API: The service provides information about prescription medication suitable for pediatric patients based on diagnosis, age, body size, and other relevant conditions. Its knowledge base covers a full range of illnesses and prescription medicines used to treat them, including rounding of dosages and adjustment of formulations appropriate for small children.

API methods support search across the knowledge base by illness or health condition, medication, and patient characterstics. Methods return a ranked list of recommended formulations and doses for matching medications, with allowance for patient age and body weight. These recommendations are scored. Rankings reflect recommendation scores determined by the medication matching algorithm.

Swanand Mokashi Quote Of The DaySwanand Mokashi Quote Of The Day API: Swanand Mokashi is the founder and CEO of Malaika Consultants LLC, a software consulting company that also offers web design and web hosting services. On his website, Swanand provides a Quote Of The Day API, which returns a random funny quote and its author. This service can be integrated into a website or application using SOAP calls issued in XML format. Code samples for the API are provided in VB, C#, Perl, and 4D.

TopruralToprural API: Toprural is a rural accommodation search engine built to promote rural tourism throughout Europe. The Toprural API provides users with GET requests for accommodation listings information, including the ability to search within specified geographical parameters. Responses may be XML or JSON formatted.

Treparel KMX for OEMTreparel KMX for OEM API: Treparel's KMX for OEM is a service that provides users with advanced search, analysis, and discovery capabilities for extracting information from text. In this way, it reveals hidden patterns and locates desired information in unstructured data sources such as email, application notes, blogs, social media, content management systems, research, and patent libraries.

KMX provides an open platform so that users can leverage its functions within existing technology environments. The KMX for OEM REST API enables rapid integration that is scalable, secure, and flexible.

TryPaperTryPaper API: TryPaper is document printing and mailing service. TryPaper provides an API to print and mail letters, invoices, and other documents.

The TryPaper API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of TryPaper with other applications. Some example API methods include sending files to print and mail, managing printing and mailing, and batching files to print and mail at the same time.

TurnItin iThenticateTurnItin iThenticate API: The service provides search against published articles and other resources to match a sample provided by a user or application. It reports other occurrences of text provided to the service across journals, publications, and other published source to allow verification of original work or identify copies of the same text published elsewhere. Uses include verification by academic institutions that work turned in is original to students claiming it and investigation by authors of suspected copying from their work without proper attribution.

API methods support submitting document text to be checked for matches in other published sources. Methods also support managing document collections via folder structures and user accounts. The API returns a similarity report citing locations of text that matches content submitted with the request.

VillarentersVillarenters API: Villarenters is a worldwide vacation property rental company. Spain is their biggest destination with over 3,500 villas available, but their total offerings include over 28,000 holiday homes in 76 countries. Listings contain plenty of information, often including past customer reviews. Every property is bookable and payable online.

The Villarenters API lets users search for properties as well as retrieve property images, reviews, and availability details. These functions are accessible using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

WhoisXML Brand AlertWhoisXML Brand Alert API: The service provides search for domain names either newly registered or newly available to be registered matching a particular string over a specified time period. It highlights domains using words or character strings of interest within the .com, .net, .org, .biz, .mobi, and .us top-level domains. It is intended to spot registrations similar to a company's brand name or any trademarks it maintains.

API methods support submission of one to four terms to match and a time limit (either start date or number of days in the past) with a maximum of 12 days prior to the current date. Methods then search for domain registrations or drops with full or partial matches across the most common top-level domains.

WhoisXML Reverse WhoisWhoisXML Reverse Whois API: The service provides a listing of web domains registered by a specified person. A search can target partial names or multiple names to identify the desired set of domains. Both current registrations and historical information are available.

API methods support submission of a domain search query specifying at least one registrant name, or part of a name, possibly including wildcard characters to control the accuracy of matches in search results. Methods support search for current or historical registrations or both. The API also supports registration of currently available domains discovered in its search results.

WhoSampledWhoSampled API: WhoSampled is a website community for discovering music, samples of music, and music remixes. Users can search for music by songs and artists.

The WhoSampled API by Echonest allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of WhoSampled with other applications. Some example API methods include looking up songs and artists, retrieving information, and searching by song ID.