6000 Mashups: Social Continues Rising

6000 mashupsThis week we saw the ProgrammableWeb mashup directory pass the 6000 mark. Maps, specifically Google Maps, maintain the largest percentage of mashups as has been the case since we started six years ago. However in a continuing trend from the last couple of years, social mashups have steadily increased in popularity. They now comprise 9% of the directory making them the third largest type of mashup represented.

Leading the way in the social category are the Twitter API and Facebook API, which combined have been used in nearly 900 mashups. In the past year, one of the most popular new mashups was DataCalifornia, which managed to use Google Maps, Twitter and Facebook. It lets users view details and comment on California education, health and current legislation.

A popular mashup added since last year was Office², an iPad application for editing Microsoft Word and Excel files. Its Integration with Box.net allows users to load and save files from Box from within the Office² interface.

Among APIs used in mashups, GoogleMaps accounts for 41%, with Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Amazon as the next most popular APIs. There are now 17 APIs that have been used in 100 or more mashups.

Previous mashup milestones we've covered on the blog have included 500, 1001, 2000, 3000 and 5000 mashups.