61 Display APIs: Bing, Mapy and Wikimapia

Our API directory now includes 61 display APIs. The newest is the HighStock API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Google Maps API. We list 2521 Google Maps mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of display APIs.

In terms of the technical details, JavaScript and XML lead the way. There are 21 display REST APIs,
32 display JavaScript APIs and 5 display SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 22 display XML APIs and 21 display JSON APIs.

The most common tags within display are 58 display mapping APIs, 40 display viewer APIs and 17 display places APIs

On the mashup side, we list 1 display mashup. We profiled the Commonplace mashup in July.

For reference, here is a list of all 61 display APIs.

Bing Maps API: Microsoft online mapping service

Bing Static Maps API: Bing static map creation service

CloudMade API: Mapping and geospatial web services

Cloudmade Leaflet API: Interactive maps service

CORDC HF RADAR Maps API: Vector mapping service

Daum Maps API: Mapping services

deCarta API: Location-based services

DeviceAtlas API: Mobile device detection service

Ericsson Web Maps API: Online mapping service

ESRI ArcGIS JavaScript API: Mapping services

FancyBox API: Image Display Service

Geoportail API: French geomapping overlay service

GIS Cloud API: Geospatial data cloud hosting & map creation service

Google Maps API: Mapping services

Google Static Maps API: Simple online mapping service

HighCharts API: Information Charting Service

HighStock API: Stock Charting Service

Infochimps Geo API: Geographic data and mapping service

Loxcel API: Location based mapping service

Map.Search.ch API: Interactive map of Switzerland

Map24 AJAX API: Mapping services

MapBox API: Mapping Service

Mapfluence API: Mapping infrastructure and data access

MapLarge API: Embed interactive maps on websites

Mappy API: French mapping service

MapQuest API: Online mapping service

MapQuest Open API: Online mapping service

MapQuest Open Static Map API: Simple online mapping service

MapQuest Static Map API: Simple online mapping service

Mapstraction API: Mapping API abstraction layer

Mapy API: Czech mapping services

MashSpots API: Local search and mapping

Microsoft Bing Maps API: Mapping services

NAC Real-time Mapping API: Realtime mapping service

Naver Maps API: Korean mapping service

Nokia Maps API: Online mapping service

OpenLayers API: Mapping API abstraction layer

OpenStreetMap API: The free wiki world map

Ordnance Survey OpenSpace API: Online mapping service

Overpass OpenStreetMap API: Collaborative Mapping Service

Postcode Anywhere Maps API: Online mapping service

Pushpin API: Mapping service

RaveGeo WebMap API: JavaScript Mapping Service

SimpleGeo API: Location services Platform

SimpleMappr API: Point map creation service

South African YellowPages Maps API: Mapping service

TeleNav AJAX Maps API: Integration service for TeleNav maps

UMap API: Flash-Based Mapping API

UMapper API: Emeddable flash maps

UMapper API: Map authoring application

Verizon NavBuilder MapKit API: Mobile location based services

WebGL Earth API: Custom interactive map service

Where2GetIt SlippyMap API: Online mapping service

Whereis API: Australian and New Zealand mapping service

Wikimapia API: Editable interactive maps

Yahoo Local Search API: Local search service

Yahoo Map Image API: Map image creation service

Yahoo Maps API: Mapping services

Yahoo Placemaker API: Geo-enrichment service

Yandex Maps API: Online mapping service

ZeeMaps API: Embedded maps and international geocoding

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