62 Blogging APIs: Pownce, Poodz and Yammer

Our API directory now includes 62 blogging APIs. The newest is the Jux API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Feedburner API. We list 34 FeedBurner mashups . Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of blogging APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There are 42 blogging REST APIs and 4 blogging SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 34 blogging XML APIs and 35 blogging JSON APIs.

The most common tags within blogging APIs are 25 blogging microblogging APIs, 15 blogging microblogging APIs and 4 blogging Internet APIs

On the mashup side, we list 4 blogging mashups. We profiled the Malva Weather mashup as mashup of the day in July.

For reference, here is a list of all 62 blogging APIs.

activeRenderer API: Outline publishing for Radio UserLand

Adocu API: Single word microblogging service

Bentio API: Microblogging Service

Blake.lt API: Lithuanian microblogging service

Blipea API: Hispanic micro-blogging service

BlogPingr API: Blog ping service

BlogSpam.net API: Detection for Blog & Forum SPAM

BloXoo API: Blogging Platform

Bordom RPC (BRAX) API: Crowd-sourced strange news service

Carbonite Blog Importer API: Online blog backup service

Chictopia API: Online fashion community

Cirip API: Microblogging service

cnFOL API: Chinese microblogging service

Compendium API: Content marketing service

CoveritLive API: Live event publishing platform

Epistlee API: Blogging service

FeedBurner API: Blog promotion tracking service

feedly API: Blog and RSS Feed reader

HubSpot Blog API: HubSpot Blog Management Service

java.blogs API: Java-related blog agreggation service

Jux API: Personal multimedia showcasing service

KBCafe PaSS API: Blog syndication and editing service

LetsProve API: Lifestreaming services

My Opera API: Opera web browser community site

Nature.com Blogs API: Nature Publishing Group blog tracking and indexing service

Netalive API: Blogging Service

Newsinapp API: News add-in for applications and blogs

OnSugar API: Blogging service

Open Places API: Web content about locations provider

Pagely Partner API: WordPress hosting and management service

Plurk API: Microblogging service

Poodz API: Microblogging service

Pownce API: Social networking and micro-blogging service

Publisheer Text Rewrite API: Automated text rewriter

Publr API: Blogging Service

Qaiku API: Micro-blogging and social network service

Sapo Social API: Social media management tools

ScienceSeeker API: Science blog article aggregator

Scribe API: SEO improvement service

Scripted API: Blog content provider

Skyrock API: Blog Management Tool

Slug.ch API: Swiss blog search engine

Sni.ps API: Bookmarking and attribution service

SpamWipe API: Comment spam prevention service

SpinChimp API: Article spinning software

Tapir API: Blog search service

Teidu Mikroblog API: Micro Blogging Service

ThoughtStreams API: Microblogging service

Tweet Press API: Long tweet blogging service

Twick.it API: Social Explanation Engine

TypePad AntiSpam API: Anti-spam service for blogs

Wassr API: Twitter for SecondLife microblogging service

WhatsNew? API: Blog user tracking and updating service

Wikidot API: Wiki hosting service

Wishpot Publisher API: Add product pages and ads to blogs

WordPress.com API: Blogging platform

WordPress.org API: Blogging platform

WP Remote API: WordPress site updates management service

Yahoo Status API: Yahoo account status

Yahoo Wretch API: Photo and blog hosting services

Yammer API: Microblogging for business

YoolinkPro API: Corporate social networking platform

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