62 Image APIs: Yahoo, Google Street and Library of Congress

Our API directory now includes 62 image APIs. The newest is the Pic Resize API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Yahoo Map Image API. We list 12 Yahoo Map Image mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of image APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There are 44 image REST APIs and 5 image JavaScript APIs. Our directory lists 29 image JSON APIs and 22 image XML APIs.

The most common tags within real estate are 30 photo image APIs, 12 tools image APIs and 11 media image APIs.

On the mashup side, we list two image mashups. We named Vidbrief as mashup of the day in September 2010.

For reference, here is a list of all 62 image APIs.

  Associated Press API: News database

  Avatars.io API: Avatar hosting service

  Barcodesoft API: Bar code generating service

  BigStock API: Image Database Service

  Blipfoto API: Photo sharing service

  Chute API: Media management service

  Chute Media API: Photo application development tools

  CloudFab API: 3D customizing and printing Platform

  Cloudinary API: Digital asset management service

  Confident CAPTCHA API: Image-based captcha service

  Confident Image-Based Authentication API: Image based Authentication service

  ConvertAPI Web2Image API: Webpage to Image Conversion Service

  Daisy API: Dynamic image platform

  Digibug API: Photo and print marketplace

  DirectSmile API: Image personalization service

  DoppelMe API: Avatar creation service

  fanart.tv Music API: Music fan art repository

  fanart.tv TV API: TV and movie fan art repository

  Favatar API: Favicon retrieval service

  FlashFoto Image Processing API: Image processing service

  FlauntR API: Photo editing service

  Fujifilm Smart Publishing API: Photo product catalog services

  Google Street View Image API: Street view image service

  IconFinder API: Graphic icon and image search

  Imagga API: Image collection analysis service

  IMG to CSS API: Image files to CSS converter

  IMG4Me API: Text to Image Service

  Infinigag API: Meme and photo sharing platform

  Lauerfac.es API: Christopher Lauer avatar platform

  Library of Congress Prints & Photographs API: Image search service

  Lica API: Photo conversion service

  LifePics API: Photo printing e-commerce service

  LinkPeek API: Web site image preview creation service

  LookStat API: Microstock photographer solution service

  Lunapic API: Online photo editor

  Macroglossa API: Image comparison search engine

  MetaLayer API: Data visualization service

  Molinspiration API: Chemical entity imaging service

  Mugshot API: Face-detection service

  Nokia Map Image API: Online mapping service

  NYPL Digital Gallery API: Digital image service

  Open Images API: Audiovisual archive service

  OpenPhoto API: Online photography management service

  PBS Image Transformation Service API: Image manipulation service

  Pic Resize API: Image editing platform

  Picitup API: Visual search service

  Pictaculous API: Color palette generator

  Pin Drop API: Location application

  Pongr Image Recognition API: Image Recognition Service

  Ponyfac.es API: My Little Pony avatar platform

  Ragefac.es API: Meme avatar platform

  Resizor API: Image resizing service

  RightsLine API: Media Library and rights management service

  SuperFish API: Visual search service

  Thinglink API: Image interaction service

  Thumbsnap API: Image hosting service

  URL2PNG API: Automated screenshot service

  WebPurify Image Filter API: Image moderation service

  WebResizer API: Online image editing tool

  Yahoo Map Image API: Map image creation service

  ZetaPrints API: Web-to-print and imaging service

  ZingChart API: Flash or HTML5 charting and graphing service

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