62 New APIs: PeekYou, Customer Experience and Feed Search

This week we had 62 new APIs added to our API directory including a website filtering data service, social network mapping service, webfeed search service, time tracking and project management service, customer experience and cloud application service and deal distribution service. In addition we covered Moonshadow Mobile's big data API. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AdventureLinkAdventureLink API: AdventureLink is a service for finding and booking trips, such as vacation excursions. Trips are selected from top operators and organized for users. Community features allow users to share trips, ideas, advice, and media from past trips with friends and fellow travelers. The API allows developers to integrate trips and book reservations via their applications or web sites. It uses RESTful calls with responses formatted in XML and JSON.

Örebro kommunÖrebro kommun API: Örebro kommun (Örebro municipality, Sweden) provides an online portal to government data and information, including waste & recycling, libraries, transit, politics, sports & culture, business, tourism, and more. Much of this information can be mapped and a RESTful API can also retrieve this data in XML and JSON. The site and documentation are in Swedish.

Betwext BroadcastBetwext Broadcast API: Betwext is a SMS messaging company that provides users with a variety of SMS related features and services. Their primary business comes from Betwext Broacast, which provides services for managing and executing SMS campaigns. Broadcast allows users to manage subscribers, execute A/B testing through SMS, create keyword responses, and segment and target campaigns.

The Betwext Broadcast API allows programmatic access to many features of their Broadcast service, including managing subscribers, lists, keywords, and campaigns. This is RESTful API that returns data in XML or JSON, and requires an API Key for access.

Betwext RemindBetwext Remind API: Betwext is a SMS messaging company that provides users with a variety of SMS related features and services.

In addition to their Broadcast suite, which provides features for managing SMS campaigns, Betwext also provides their Remind service, which allows users to set up reminders via SMS. After setting a reminder, Betwext Remind will send a text back to you at the time you specify, complete with a personalized reminder message.

Betwext Remind operates via REST, returning data in XML or JSON. There is are no charges for this free service, though users must register for an API Key and API Token for access.

Brightcloud Brightcloud API: The web service offers a web filtering database of website profiles that aids in classifying sites. A request specifying a web URI receives information about the site, including its category from a list of almost 100 types maintained by the service. The site's reputation index is also provided. Developers can use the data to track web use and enforce internet-use policies.

Methods allow retrieval of a current category list, categories assigned to a particular URI, and real-time updates to the URI database. The API also allows reporting of URIs not yet categorized and suggestions for category changes.

BrowshotBrowshot API: Browshot is a service that allows users to take screenshots and size them for a variety of devices, such as tablets, smart phones, and computers. Browshot also allows users to test websites on various devices in multiple resolutions.

The Browshot API allows developers to access the functionality of Browshot for integration with other applications. Some example API methods include creating, listing, and managing instances, listing browser information and details, and creating screenshots.

BullseyehubBullseyehub API: Bullseyehub provides event promotion software, employing automatic event listings, email, and mobile and social tools to assist its users in promoting their events online.

The API allows developers to integrate events and content from Bullseyehub onto their sites or into their applications. Through this API, users have access to detailed listings for over 1,000 unique events per month, and can customize their API queries by genre, venue, or geolocation. Please note that only details on future events are available via the Bullseyehub API.

This is a RESTful API that returns data in XML and JSON formats, is free to use, and requires an API key for access.

Bunker AppBunker App API: Bunker App is a project management platform designed specifically for freelancers. Freelancers can manage their various projects, create and send invoices to their clients, and organize all information related to their projects.

The Bunker App API allows developers to access the functionality of Bunker for integration with other services and applications. Some example API methods include searching and retrieving projects and project information, accessing client information, and creating invoices.

CarTrawler AccelerateCarTrawler Accelerate API: CarTrawler's solutions suite, known as Accelerate, is the leading car rental distribution system for direct connection to leading and independent suppliers. Customers can choose from a database of car rental suppliers (over 550 car rental suppliers in 175 countries, in 25,000 city and airport locations in 29 languages and multiple currencies). The car rental content can be integrated into the customer's website via the OTA (Open Travel Alliance) XML API. This enables customers to maintain brand identity. Public documentation is not available.

ConvertAPI Word2PDFConvertAPI Word2PDF API: Word2PDF lets developers create a PDF file of a Word document. The ConvertAPI Word2PDF API is a pay-per-credit API. Developers can manipulate many different settings: orientation, page size, margins, cover pages, and more can be set with the Word2PDF API. Pricing begins at $15 for 1,000 calls.

ConvertAPI Xps2PDFConvertAPI Xps2PDF API: Xps2PDF lets developers create a PDF file of any Xps document. The ConvertAPI Xps2PDF API is a pay-per-credit API. Developers can manipulate many different settings: orientation, page size, margins, cover pages, and more can be set with the Xps2PDF API. Pricing begins at $15 for 1,000 calls.

DeviceMagicDeviceMagic API: Device Magic builds applications for mobile devices and smartphones that help users reduce their reliance on paper forms for data capture (applications, checklists, to-do lists, surveys and more) by allowing rapid creation and distribution of electronic forms to mobile devices. The API lets developers build workflow and routing applications integrated into their current back-office systems. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

DomainDomain API: A collection of web services from EuroDNS S.A. that aggregate functions for domain lookup, data reporting, and transactions across the domain name industry. Gives access to data collected from whois providers, domain registries, and domain availability check services along with major aftermarket data providers.

The services available include availability and whois lookup by both domain name and IP, along with registry information and domain profile information such as value appraisal and secondary market offerings. Whois information available includes registration history for the domain.

Dynamic GeometryDynamic Geometry API: The API provides a number of utilities for manipulating maps and adding content to the map for integration with another website. Based on the input address, X-Y coordinates, or IP address, it returns the geocode, U.S. Census tract, city and neighboring cities, Zip code and neighboring Zip codes, county, school district, and more.

First Data Global GatewayFirst Data Global Gateway API: The web service allows third-party applications to process transactions through the Global Gateway payments system. The service supports a range of processing tasks such as purchase, refund, pre-authorization.

Methods support a range of transaction processing scenarios such as zero-payment pre-authorization, balance inquiry, payment via credit card or PayPal, cancel and void transaction, and refund payment. Methods also support payment by gift card.

FotkiFotki API: Fotki is a free photo hosting and sharing site that also provides users with photo printing services. Fotki allows its users to browse photos by category, and recently added support for adding videos to albums. Fotki also a social aspect, allowing users to add friends with similar photography interests.

The Fotki API provides programmatic access to many of Fotki's services, specifically those relating to adding or managing photos, and retrieving information about a photo or set of photos.

This is a RESTful API with XML or JSON return types. Multiple API keys are needed to access all Fotki API methods, and keys must be acquired by contacting Fotki via email.

IP Address LocationIP Address Location API: IP-address.com is a leading IP tracing site. The site receives more than 10,000,000 unique visitors the month. The site allows users to trace unlimited IP addresses to reveal their location and get details related to the IP addresses in real-time. The RESTful API lets users lookup unlimited IP addresses in real-time from their web site or application. Searchable data includes IP Address, Location ID, Country Code, State/Region, City Name, Postal Code (US and Canada only), Latitude, Longitude, Organization and ISP.

itDuzzit itDuzzit API: itDuzzit is a cloud integration platform that exchanges data between cloud various applications. itDuzzit can connect applications with other applications to connect data from each so manual entry is not required.

The itDuzzit API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of itDuzzit tools with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving contact information, managing accounts, running connections between applications, and retrieving reports.

Its4smsIts4sms API: Its4sms provides SMS messaging services including two-way SMS, shortcodes, email-to-SMS, and bulk SMS.

The Its4sms API provides a variety of SMS-related functions, including sending and receiving messages, sending time-delayed messages, checking delivery status of messages, and checking your account balance.

This API operates over HTTP, and requires a Username and Password for access. Username/Password can be obtained by creating an account on their site, though credits must be purchased before any methods relating to sending messages can be used.

iVisionMobileiVisionMobile API: iVisionMobile provides mobile messaging and marketing solutions for companies looking to address their messaging needs with a web-based software platform. Their software handles both individual or batch messaging, depending on user needs.

The iVisionMobile SOAP and REST-based API's include services for interacting with their SMS gateway, such as data importing and exporting, messaging, and reporting. Their API's also provide services for mobile content delivery, allowing users to deliver messages, set up SMS polls, or send inline links.

JawocoJawoco API: Jawoco is a search engine. In addition to advanced search options, users can search the web for web results, image results, video results, and academia results.

The simple Jawoco API allows developers to integrate Jawoco functionality into other web based applications. The API method available is searching.

KnowledgeTree KnowledgeTree API: KnowledgeTree is a document management software provider that helps organizations to manage the growing amount of content within their lines of business. KnowledgeTree offers APIs that let developers integrate the service into their own web application or back end system. The APIs use both REST and SOAP protocol with responses formatted in XML.

KongregateKongregate API: The web service logs submitting game statistics, awards badges to players, and provides shared content. Players can interact with games and one another, while building achievements and reputation within the system. Developers can reach potential players and build community around their games.

A RESTful JSON API handles communication between the game server and the Kongregate server to update player and game data. Client API methods manage game statistics, chat functions, virtual goods (Kreds), and shared content. Server-side API methods handle user information, achievement badge data, and item inventory.

LIBRISLIBRIS API: LIBRIS is an online search service of the National Library of Sweden. Search national, academic, and several public libraries of Sweden for books, periodicals, articles, maps, posters, printed music, electronic resources, and more. The site and documentation are in Swedish.

Use the Xsearch API to access data from the catalogs in MARC-XML, Dublin Core, JSON, RIS, MODS, and RDF formats.

LinkPeekLinkPeek API: LinkPeek.com instant preview service lets users convert any webpage to an image or picture file that is linkable or downloadable. The service can be used to embed self updating 140 pixel thumbnails on a web site for free. The API uses RESTful calls and returns images or URLs.

MailerLiteMailerLite API: MailerLite is an email marketing service. Customers of MailerLite can create and send HTML emails to their subscriber lists for an annual fee. Features include subscription management, email campaign reporting, and HTML email design.

The MailerLite API allows developers to access and integrate MailerLite functionality with other applications, such as CRMs and eCommerce applications. Public documentation is not available; documentation is available with accounts.

MakePlansMakePlans API: MakePlans is an online scheduling and appointment setting service. MakePlans can be integrated into websites so people can make appointments online through the website and receive email confirmations.

The MakePlans API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of MakePlans into other sites and applications. Some example API methods include retrieving lists of appointments, setting appointments, and accessing account information.

MalmöfestivalenMalmöfestivalen API: Malmö Festival is an art, music, and culture festival which occurs in downtown Malmö, Sweden's third-largest city. An API is available to grab information about the festival including: festival schedules, event locations, lists of acts, news articles about the festival, and more. The API is RESTful and returns responses in XML, JSON, and JSONP. The site and documentation are in Swedish.

Merchant's MirrorMerchant's Mirror API: Merchant's Mirror is accounting software for small businesses. It lets users manage customers, track vendor accounts and generate reports. The API allows developers to integrate the service into their applications. The functionality exposed includes managing accounts and vendors, looking up sales tax and terms and more.

MinefulMineful API: Mineful is a service that allows customers to access and retain customer data for customer service purposes. Some features of Mineful include receiving alerts when customers need immediate assistance when on the website, requesting customer feedback with surveys, creating reports on customer behavior and feedback, and integration with other applications.

The Mineful API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Mineful with other applications. Some example API methods include managing customer information, adding events about customers, and retrieving survey information.

Moonshadow MobileMoonshadow Mobile API: Moonshadow Mobile works with large databases to visualize “big data” over maps. The Moonshadow Mobile API provides acces to over one billion records related to the US population. Data available includes census data from 2000 and 2010, the adult population database and registered voters database. The API uses JavaScript protocol and responses are formatted in JSON.

National Student Radio ChartNational Student Radio Chart API: The National Student Radio Chart Show is a weekly live broadcast in the U.K. produced by the Student Radio Association. The program offers web services with music metadata such as performer bio and history, track list, images, video content, and other related information. Another service offers popularity charts specific to student-run radio stations.

The Music API's Artist method returns data about a performer from a range of sources. The Chart API returns the week's most popular tracks, as played be members of the association. Member list is also available via API.

Navnelabarotoriets (Name Laboratory)Navnelabarotoriets (Name Laboratory) API: Navnelabarotoriets (Name Laboratory) is a Dutch website that assists in finding baby names. Input parts of names (e.g. names beginning with "ja*" or names ending in "*vor") and results will show suggestions from the Family Protection Agency list of approved names. Links are provided to more information about each suggested name. The site and documentation are in Danish.

A RESTful API is available to retrieve approved names, statistics on names, forename charts, and number of people named per year with a given name. Responses are returned in XML, JSON, and JSONP.

NITLE Blog CensusNITLE Blog Census API: The National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE) helps liberal arts colleges and universities integrate technology into their instructional programs. The NITLE weblog census scans the web for active blogs across all languages, documenting language and interrelationships with other sites via incoming and outgoing links.

The API returns data for individual blogs and in summary form about authoring tools used for blogs, their languages, and link counts to gauge relationships among sites.

NZTA Auckland TrafficNZTA Auckland Traffic API: The web service provides real-time data on traffic conditions in Auckland, New Zealand, including highway congestion, notices from Variable Message Signs in the area, a list of web cameras and the URLs for the camera images.

API methods provide a list of the highways in the Auckland region with human-readable name and location specifications. Methods also provide locations experiencing traffic congestion with direction of travel and messaging currently displayed on warning signs.

NZTA Highway InfoNZTA Highway Info API: The web service provides real-time data about activities affecting the New Zealand National Highway Network. Information provided covers road construction, accidents, and weather conditions affecting traffic. The system provides information for situations likely to cause delays of 20 minutes or more.

Methods in the TREIS API provide detailed data about Events and Incidents related to a specified location. Methods also allow separate retrieval of General Warnings relevant to the country's North Island and South Island.

NZTA Location ReferencingNZTA Location Referencing API: The web service gives access to data describing locations along the New Zealand State Highway Network. It gives standard KML vector data for state highways and supports validation queries to verify the logical structure of the highway network. Conversion methods allow translation of linear route data to spatial representations, with accuracy less than 1 meter.

API methods provide data for logical network structure, spatial centerline mapping, linear/spatial translation, and directionally tolerant location search.

NZTA SSDF Segment ManagerNZTA SSDF Segment Manager API: The web service estimates travel time within segments of the New Zealand State Highway Network based on traffic flow measurements as well as the total time required to complete a specified journey across segments.

The service API accepts input of a location and returns data about the highway segment, including average traffic speed, default speed, and vehicle occupancy. The API also lists journeys including that segment and sums segment time to calculate total journey travel time.

OfferGridOfferGrid API: OfferGrid.com is a location aware distribution network for deals. OfferGrid.com offers a platform for deal suppliers to connect with retailers and publishers.

The OfferGrid.com API allows developers to access the functionality of OfferGrid.com for integration with other applications and sites. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up on the website or contact business@offergrid.com.

OpenRouteServiceOpenRouteService API: The API implements a route-finding service for cars, pedestrians, and bicycles based on Open Standards and Open Geodata. Coverage varies depending on data contributed. It also adds several location-aware services created from OpenStreetMap data: Geocoder/Reverse Geocoder, Directory Service, Accessibility Analysis Service, and Emergency Route Service. Please contact the providers prior to using the API. They are interested in spreading the usage of OpenRouteService in academic and non-profit projects.

Oregon EducationOregon Education API: Project OFAR is an initiative of the Oregon Department of Education in collaboration with the University of Oregon to publish information about the state's educational assessment results. The project supports access to assessment data by the state's students, parents, teachers, school and district administrators, legislators, and educational researchers. The API enables outside entities to receive and validate transactional data via real-time interactions with state systems.

PeekYou Social AnalyticsPeekYou Social Analytics API: The service aggregates standardized information from over 60 social sites and a range of blogs to define a digital footprint of fans and followers specified to create a picture of those users. The Social Audience API supports awareness of audience and message to enable audience measurement for social analytics platforms, including audience type, age range, gender, location, social affiliations, social activity, interest, work, school related tags, and proprietary scores for Sociability, Network, and Reach.

The API works within privacy settings and social platform TOS, so it can be called only with publicly viewable URLs. Search retrieves results from social URLs under Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Myspace, YouTube, and Google+ or using blog URLs from Blogspot, TypePad, Blogger, Livejournal, Posterous, or Tumblr.

Point-In-Polygon Census IntersectionPoint-In-Polygon Census Intersection API: The web services link data from the decennial U.S. Census to specific geographic locations based on latitude and longitude. The user can submit a single latitude/longitude pair or a batch of records to retrieve Census data relative to the location(s).

For each location submitted, the API returns the Census block, blockgroup, tract, county, and state by Census year. This data in turn allows an application to pursue additional Census information about the location.

PSWinCom IntouchPSWinCom Intouch API: PSWinCom delivers software and services to send and receive SMS and MMS in Norway and abroad via their SMS Gateway. The PSWinCom Intouch REST API can be used for sending SMS, as well as maintaing a database of contacts and messages. It also allows for automation of tasks like synchronizing contacts and implementing alternative user interfaces. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Q-Sensei FeedBoosterQ-Sensei FeedBooster API: Q-Sensei's offers a multi-dimensional searching and indexing technology to help businesses find and discover new ways to leverage the increasing volumes of structured and unstructured data stored within. Q-Sensei's solution provides faceted federated search, which presents results in a dynamic and organized index sorted along multiple 'dimensions' (date, tag, source, author, language or other attributes).

The Q-Sensei FeedBooster API lets users embed the service in any web site or application, and to provide users with a more organized search experience for webfeeds and RSS data. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Readability rdd.meReadability rdd.me API: rdd.me by Readability is a link/URL shortener service for articles accessed on Readability. Users can create and share short URL links of Readability articles.

The rdd.me API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of rdd.me with other applications. The available API method is creating and returning shortened links.

RightNow ConnectRightNow Connect API: Service Oriented Architecture for integrating with the RightNow CX customer service and cloud storage platform. The system attempts to unify disparate recordkeeping systems to allow shared information exchanges across all channels of interactions.

The API supports access to functions for a customer service agent desktop and reporting dashboard. The service also provides for customer account analytics and reporting, tracking services provided, and customer portal functions.

SentiRateSentiRate API: SentiRate is a service that offers sentiment analysis of emotion or attitude from written digital content, such as email, forms, documents, and blogposts.

The SentiRate API allows developers to access the functionality of SentiRate for integration with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving sentiment analysis text, managing sentiment analysis, and returning how many API requests are left.

ServiceM8ServiceM8 API: ServiceM8 (Service Mate) is an application that allows customers to manage field service delivery businesses. Features include job management, appointment scheduling, quoting tools, time tracking tools, and invoicing tools. ServiceM8 also offers an iPhone application.

The ServiceM8 API allows developers to access and integrate ServiceM8 functionality with other applications. Some example API methods include managing job information, managing contact information, retrieving what staff are on which jobs, and material information.

SimpleWorkerSimpleWorker API: SimpleWorker is a cloud-based worker service that lets users run background jobs in the cloud. Jobs can be queued up or scheduled from within an app and then are passed on to SimpleWorker to be run in the cloud. Functionality included being able to upload new code to be executed for tasks, create jobs to queue tasks and check statuses, set up recurring schedules and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

SMStradeSMStrade API: SMStrade provides services for sending and receiving SMS messages internationally. They offer SMS gateway services, providing bulk SMS capability, HTTP and email integration for SMS reception, and a web payment system that is available in 60 countries.

The majority of the SMStrade API is available over HTTP, though limited SOAP services are available, and all API methods are available over SSL. The API provides functionality for sending and receiving messages, account management, reporting, and bulk and time-delayed messages. There is also documented support for sending messages with international characters.

Please note that, while the majority of the site and documentation is available in English through their .eu portal, some content is only available in German on their .de site.

TestingBotTestingBot API: TestingBot is a website testing service that tests websites in multiple browsers to identify browser-specific bugs. Users can test their websites and web applications in multiple browsers and see the results in screenshots.

The TestingBot API allows developers to access the data and functionality of TestingBot. Some example API methods include managing account information, retrieving testing details, and accessing the browser tests.

Topica Topica API: Topica is an email marketing service. Topica offers its customers features like creating HTML email campaigns, sign-up forms on websites, campaign reports, and automatic email subscriptions.

The Topica API allows developers to access the subscription functionality of Topica for integration with other applications and sites. The API method allows for email subscription management, such as adding and deleting email addresses and exporting subscriber lists.

Trailer AddictTrailer Addict API: TrailerAddict offers movie trailers in high-definition. Users have the ability to embed trailers in HD anywhere. TrailerAddict lets users find trailers by film, genre, actor, actress and more. The TrailerAddict API gives developers the ability to embed trailers with variables such as width, offset, trailer count, trailers by which film and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

USgeocoderUSgeocoder API: The service returns data to support mappling applications in XML, depending on the subscriber's choice at the time of registration. Authorized users can obtain a range of information by submitting street address and Zip-5 information: Geocode, standardized US Postal Service address, mail delivery data, Political jurisdictions and elected officials, and U.S. Census statistics. Additional modules also provide California sales and use tax rate.

Western Australian MuseumWestern Australian Museum API: The Western Australian Museum comprises six public sites, housing over 4.5 million historical objects. The Museum also manages 200 shipwreck sites off of the Western Australian coast.

The Western Australian Museum API allows users to retrieve information related to artifacts and shipwrecks owned by the museum.

This is a REST-based API that returns data in XML and JSON formats, and is free to use with no signup requirements.

WiLocate Indoor LocationWiLocate Indoor Location API: The WiLocate indoor location API integrates into new and existing applications to provide indoor location within 5 meters on iPhone and Android. Full documentation is not publicly available but developers can contact the provider for more details.

WizIQ Virtual ClassroomWizIQ Virtual Classroom API: WizIQ offers a rich set of intuitive tools for online teaching including virtual classroom, student recruitment tools, and payment collection mechanisms. Developers can use the WizIQ API to integrate WizIQ with their website, CMS or Learning Management System. Functionality exposed by the API includes conducting live classes to multiple users, taking attendance, uploading and managing content and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

XML VIN decoderXML VIN decoder API: The web service gives access to full vehicle specification data with submission of a 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN). The XML document returned may contain hundreds of fields describing: basic vehicle identification, engine and transmission options, installed and optionally available equipment, technical specifications, warranties, colors, original pricing, and U.S. EPA estimated MPG.

YastYast API: Yast is an online time and project tracking service. Features of Yast include tracking time and projects either individually or shared with others, making notes about time, creating timesheets, and reporting functions.

The Yast API allows developers to access records stored in Yast. Some example API methods include integration with other applications, accessing reports on time, and retrieving project information. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are in XML.

ZEDOZEDO API: ZEDO is a digital ad solutions company that provides ad network optimization, ad serving, behavioral data capture and reporting, and market targeting services.

The ZEDO API allows customers to manage their advertising accounts and campaigns via SOAP. Specifically, the API contains sets of methods for advertiser and campaign management, site management, reporting, and administration.

A further description of ZEDO's API service can be found via their PDF [[http://www.zedo.com/technology/PDF/ZEDOAPIService.pdf here]]

ZIPFOURceZIPFOURce API: Service provides web-hosted, real-time address validation. CASS-certified protocols parse, look up, correct, and standardize addresses in the United States based on updated USPS ZIP + 4, DPV and LACSLink data. Validation allows single or batch submissions, with adjustment for case in names (all caps, all lower case, etc.).

Methods support simple address encoding or complex encoding with options to standardize, adjust case, or look up carrier route, county code, congressional district, and more.

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