64 Bookmarks APIs: Blogmarks, Digg and Scribble

Our API directory now includes 64 bookmarks APIs. The newest is the Thinkery API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the del.icio.us API. We list 161 del.icio.us mashups . Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of bookmarks APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST leads the way with JSON and XML coming in at a tie. There are 58 bookmarks REST APIs and 2 bookmarks SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 37 bookmarks XML APIs and 37 bookmarks JSON APIs.

The most common tags within bookmarks are 24 bookmarks social APIs, 10 bookmarks internet APIs and 6 bookmarks search APIs

On the mashup side, we list 149 bookmarks mashups. We profiled the Digg City mashup as mashup of the day in June.

For reference, here is a list of all 64 bookmarks APIs.

11870 API: Spanish bookmarking and directory service

AddThis Menu API: Allows Integration of AddThis sharing tools to websites

AddThis Services API: AddThis Integration Service

Audiobaba API: Music search and recommendation engine

BibSonomy API: Social bookmarking

bkkeepr API: Book reading social services

Blogmarks API: Social bookmarking

Blue Dot API: Content sharing community

BO.LT API: Webpage Sharing Service

Bookie API: Bookmarking and web content parsing service

Catch.com API: Content capturing and notes application

CiteULike API: Citation management service

Cogenz API: Social bookmarking service

Connotea API: Bookmark and reference sharing for researchers

Copyto API: Clever bookmarking service

del.icio.us API: Social bookmarking

Digg API: Community driven news links and ratings

Diigo API: Research bookmarking service

Dipity API: Interactive timeline creation services

EasyBib API: Bibliography citation service

EC Navi BuzzURL API: Bookmarking service

Everytime API: Music and video clip saving and sharing service

Faves.com API: Social Bookmarking

Gimme Bar API: Bookmarking service

GiveALink API: Social bookmarking service

GroupMe API: Social bookmarking

hbookmark API: Real-time semantic bookmarking via Twitter

Historious API: Website bookmarking tool

Inchicks API: Story submission service

Instapaper API: Bookmark long web pages

Jots API: Social bookmarking

Kippt API: Bookmarking application

linkaGoGo API: Social bookmarking service

LinqTo.me API: Link bookmarking service

Ma.gnolia API: Social bookmarking service

Memonic API: Web content, notes, and bookmark organizer

myFeedz API: Blog services

OnlyWire API: Social bookmarklet service

Orange Personal Favourites API: Website bookmarking service

Pinboard API: Social bookmarking service

Pocket API: Save pages to read later

PostRank API: Social engagement data analysis service

Radbox API: Video bookmarking and saving service

Raw Sugar API: Web directory service

Readability API: Bookmarking & Reading Service

Rrove API: Social Bookmarking for Places Create & Share Maps

Scribble API: Link manager

SendTab API: Share Links Between Browsers

Shadows API: Social bookmarking and community

Simpy API: Social bookmarking

Sni.ps API: Bookmarking and attribution service

Snip.it API: Online Content Aggregation and Sharing Service

Symbaloo API: Personalized internet startpage service

TagTooga API: Tag based Internet directory

Tagyu API: Tag recommendation service

The Web Blend API: Technology, design, and development news online community

Thinkery API: Idea and personal note management service

Trails.by API: Q&A social bookmarking tool

Trunk.ly API: Bookmarking service based on social link sharing

Unofficial Hacker News API: News and comment service

ZoomClouds API: Tag cloud service

Zootool API: Online Bookmarking and Collecting Service

Zotero API: Research citation organization service

Zvtra.ru API: Bookmarking Service

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