64 New APIs: Bitly, Goodzer, Clipped

This week we had 64 new APIs added to our API directory including a voice messaging service, document and URL summarization service, flight routing data service, casino game distribution Platform, meme faces download service, random number generator and car information and pricing service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

All The Rage FacesAll The Rage Faces API: All The Rage Face is a website that hosts image files of meme faces for the public to view and download. These files can also be retrieved programmatically using a RESTful API. Calls are provided for retrieving a single face by ID, all of the faces, all categories of faces, faces by tag, or faces by search.

ANU Quantum Random Number GeneratorANU Quantum Random Number Generator API: The Australian National University (ANU) provides free, truly random numbers to the public. The numbers are considered to be "truly random", because they are generated by measuring the quantum fluctuations of a vacuum, which quantum mechanical theory predicts will be random. Users can retrieve random numbers programmatically by using REST calls issued in JSON format.

APEC SecuritiesAPEC Securities API: Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a securities retailer that caters to both businesses and individuals. The APEC website provides both online financial information and trading capabilities. Their API provides a programmatic method through which users can make orders and payments, set and manage alerts, and retrieve financial information of all kinds. The APEC website is offered in both Vietnamese and English.

Astro-Phys.com EphemerisAstro-Phys.com Ephemeris API: Ephemerides (singular: ephemeris) are tables of values that give the positions of astronomical objects in the sky at a given point in time. Object positions are written in terms of right ascension and declination. Davy Wybiral has created the Ephemeris API as a method of querying NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) planetary ephemerides, which are generally created to support spacecraft missions to other planets. The Astro-Phys.com Ephemeris service can be accessed using RESTful calls issued in JSON format.

Bit.ly Social DataBit.ly Social Data API: Bit.ly allows users to shorten, share, and track links (URLs). The Bit.ly Social Data API allows developers to access and integrate data about social sharing, referrals, social media use, and other social data of shortened links with other applications. Some example API methods include returning high volumes, categories, and realtime sharing and clicking.

Brand Content ChatBrand Content Chat API: Brand Content provides advertising services to companies trying to build their brand. They construct advertisements for all sorts of media channels including television, print ads, and social media. On the Brand Content website, visitors can engage in a live chat with Brand Content receptionists.

This live chat capability can also be accessed programmatically using the SOAP-based Chat API. This service can be used to connect or disconnect to the chat service as well as send and receive messages.

CeloxisCeloxis API: The service provides scheduling, collaboration, and Resource management functions through both a hosted SaaS platform and installed software. It integrates with popular collaboration tools like Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce.com as well as backoffce enterprise resource planning (ERP) and bug tracking services to define tasks, assign personnel to complete them, set deadlines, track completion, and related functions. It complies with the widely used iCal standard to integrate activities with individual and shared calendars, including Google Calendar.

API methods support creating and updating user accounts, creating tasks, assigning tasks to users, setting deadlines, and tracking task performance over time. Methods support email Integration to allow task status updates via emails sent or copied to the service address.

Cisco Unity Connection Messaging InterfaceCisco Unity Connection Messaging Interface API: The Cisco Unity Connection Messaging Interface (CUMI) is a messaging API for Cisco Unity Connection that has been designed to be stable and simple to use. It is based on leading industry standards for web-based API development, and provides access to a wide set of Connection messaging functionality.

With the API users can access functionality such as sending messages, receiving messages, replying to messages and sending broadcast messages. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

ClippedClipped API: Clipped is a web and mobile application that summarizes articles, documents, and other content into simplified bullet points with the main points.

The Clipped API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Clipped with other applications. The main API method returns parts of a specified URL, such as the title and summary.

COILS predict protein coiled-coil regionsCOILS predict protein coiled-coil regions API: The service provides predictions of coiled-coil regions within a protein structure through application of an algorithm from Lupas et al. It assesses the probability that some part of a protein structure represents a coiled-coil formation by comparing flanking sequences with those of proteins established as exhibiting such formations.

API methods support submission of a protein sequence to generate a processing job and begin processing. The API returns any elements within the sequence that match known exemplars of coiled-coil structures.

Continental ClothingContinental Clothing API: Continental designs, manufactures, and sells wholesale to the imprintables industry, with a focus on markets such as music merchandise, fashion, corporate promotions, and athletics. The Continental API enables customers to embed live Feed data on the entire product range. The API supports both SOAP and HTTP calls, with XML or JSON formatted responses available.

Dazzlepod IP Address LookupDazzlepod IP Address Lookup API: Dazzlepod is a privately held web development agency based in Malaysia. The IP Address Lookup API lets users determine real-world geographical location of an IP address or domain by country, region, city, ISP and organization. It returns geolocation information for an IP address. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are foramtted in JSON.

Denmark Central Business Register (CVR)Denmark Central Business Register (CVR) API: The Central Business Register (CVR) contains primary data on all businesses in Denmark, both public and private. The CVR API allows users to access this information programmatically using SOAP calls. The register contains business's names, addresses, industry information, telecommunications data, etc. The CVR includes both active and historic legal entities.

Most portions of the website are provided in both Danish and English, but some are only given in Danish.

DragonPayDragonPay API: The service provides payment functionality within the Philippines without processing through debit and credit card accounts. It routes secure payment transactions through funds transfers via that nation's bank network, merchants like convenience stores and pawnshops, and bill payment services. It is intended to provide secure payment processing for market segments that are not dependent on credit cards.

API methods support submission of transaction details such as seller, product purchased, and payment amount along with buyer information including payment account details. The API processes payments and returns confirmation of the transaction status. Methods also support transaction status inquiries, payment cancellation, and retrieval of billing information.

DSC protein secondary structure predictionDSC protein secondary structure prediction API: The service provides predictions of secondary protein structures by assigning a test sequence to one class of such structures based on statistical measures of probability. This method decomposes the sequence prediction decision into basic elements, then combining those found in a sample to predict the overall secondary structure. This method adjusts for relevance of particular structural patterns to a sample submitted for analysis.

API methods support submission of a protein sequence to initiate and analysis job. The API generates a prediction of secondary structures based on probability of combinations found in the submitted sequence, weighted for the varying importance of different elements within the specific analysis.

E-goiE-goi API: E-goi is a multichannel marketing service integrating Email, SMS, voice, fax and social media. The E-goi API provides developers with REST, SOAP, and XML- RPC interfaces for automating all aspects of E-goi’s marketing services.

EftelEftel API: Eftel is one of Australia's largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Their customers come from the residential, small to medium business, and corporate sectors. Eftel's services include ADSL, SHDSL, Fibre, EoC (Ethernet over Copper), web hosting, co-location, IP transit, mobile broadband, mobile phone, and telephony services.

Eftel makes an API available to those of its customers who have an online account. This API provides programmatic means by which users can retrieve logs and error information and administer to their connections and settings.

Fast2HostFast2Host API: The service located in the UK provides hosting for websites and supporting resources to customers worldwide. Web resources are hosted on dedicated servers in its own data center with internet-based access from remote locations. Users of the service control resources provided under their accounts via online control panel functions, either through the service's own interface or via its API.

API methods support management of user accounts, managing hosting space assigned to the account, and upgrading/downgrading service packages. User account methods allow creation of new users, updating of existing account data, assigning permissions to hosted resources, and inactivating users. Methods for managing hosting spaces and upgrading/downgrading work with service packages defined by the service.

FastA protein similarity searchFastA protein similarity search API: The service compares a protein sequence submitted with a request against a database of protein structures. It reports matches with known protein sequences, indicating genetic relationships between the sample under analysis and sequences already documented and supporting conclusions about the sample's biological heritage.

API methods support submission of a protein sequence to trigger analysis based on the FastA algorithm along with the specific reference database for the comparison. The API returns matching sequences found in the selected database to allow further analysis of genetic relationships with known proteins structures.

Flight RoutingFlight Routing API: Flight Routing is an API hosted by Mashape. It lets users get flight routing options, currently covering European and US airspace. For European airspace, users can retrieve CFMU validated (time sensitive) routing options. The API uses RESTful calls.

GameStamper GraphGameStamper Graph API: GameStamper is a casino game distribution platform. Games are set up as iFrame applications and hosted by the developer. GameStamper’s social graph defines the links between members of the GameStamper network relevant objects, including photos, events, pages, and other people. The GameStamper Graph API provides developer access to objects in the social graph. Responses are JSON formatted.

General MotorsGeneral Motors API: General Motors offers developers two APIs - "In Vehicle API" and "Remote API." Both APIs allow developers to access and integrate the functionality and data behind the APIs with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving current position, retrieving speed, and dialing phone numbers. The APIs allow for voice-recognized applications to be built and used with GM vehicles.

Documentation is available with log-in.

GeoNBGeoNB API: The service from the Canadian province of New Brunswick provides geographic information about its location and surroundings on the eastern coast of the country. It consolidates geographic information resources from the provincial government and other institutional and commercial sources in a single, standards-compliant repository for public access with minimal duplication of data collection and maintenance efforts.

API methods support mapping of geographic data in compliance with ArcGIS models.

Georgia Revenue Service WayBillGeorgia Revenue Service WayBill API: The Georgia Revenue Service is a part of the Ministry of Finance that supports businesses in Georgia and manages the tax system. The Revenue Service also provides the WayBill API, which enables users to create, manage, and retrieve waybills online. A waybill is a document that gives details and instructions relating to the shipment of goods. It usually shows the names of the consignor and consignee, the point of origin for the shipment, its destination, and its route. Users can access the WayBill API using SOAP calls issued in XML format. The Georgia Revenue Service website is provided in both Georgian and English.

Globalstar OSATGlobalstar OSAT API: The service provides an aid to scheduling satellite telephone calls. Its resources are specific to users of the provider's satellite phone hardware and intended to help these users identify windows of available bandwidth based on the locations from which they will be placing calls. Programmatic access provides the same functions available in the provider's interactive interface.

API methods support programmatic access to schedules of access timing for satellite telephone communications. Methods allow designation of a terrestrial location by latitude and longitude along with a desired time period to make calls. Returned data provide periods of projected minimal competing traffic, supporting decision making about call scheduling.

Goodzer Local productsGoodzer Local products API: Goodzer's API will enable your mobile or web application to find products in local stores (large AND small) all over the U.S. It provides the most comprehensive coverage out there with more than 2.5 BIllion (yes, Billion) inventory items in 500,000 brick-and-mortar store locations.

GOR protein secondary structure predictionGOR protein secondary structure prediction API: This collection of three services -- GORI, GORIII, and GORIV -- provide predictions of secondary protein sequences using methods based on the information theory of Garnier, Osguthorpe, and Robson. It evaluates checks for 17 residues to determine scores for four possible conformation states, with correction for known decision constants. The highest score is taken to indicate the protein conformation.

API methods support submission of a protein sequence from experimental data. The API returns predictions of secondary sequences associated with the input data based on estimates of conformational states.

HQCasanova Weekly CO2HQCasanova Weekly CO2 API: The Weekly CO2 API is a RESTful serivce providing the latest weekly atmospheric CO2 average as measured at NOAA's Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. The data is sourced from MLO's RSS feed. The averages recorded for the same week 1 and 10 years ago can also be retrieved. Responses are formatted in plain text.

IdealoIdealo API: The UK service provides comparisons of prices for products in a wide range of categories available from competing online sellers. Price quotes include voucher codes that apply available discounts to quoted prices. A Price Watcher Function monitors price changes for a product and sends email if a preset price is reached. Product selections include comparisons of airfares across airlines service selected routes. Separate services are available to shoppers and sellers in Germany, Austria, France, and Italy.

Methods allow e-commerce sellers to create and update product and price listings on the service by submitting XML data using the same format as the provider's file-upload service. Updates via the API appear immediately in the service data, while updates via file upload appear after a lag due to batch processes for file handling.

IQ ResellersIQ Resellers API: IQ reseller aims to decrease costs and increase profit for IT resellers and recyclers who sell, service, maintain and dispose of the global IT infrastructure. The API allows users to move orders from a users eStore flow into your IQ reseller enterprise system without re-entry for inventory allocation and invoicing. An account is required with service.

Kelley Blue Book InfoDriverKelley Blue Book InfoDriver API: The service syndicates data about car models, features, and selling prices from the provider's extensive database. Primarily aimed at automobile dealerships selling to the public, syndicated data may also be useful to consumer-focused applications or websites. The service covers both new and used cars across the full range of makes and models and across North American markets where they are sold. Data are available as a real-time Web Service or periodic downloads.

API methods support retrieval of data about current-year and used vehicles by year, make, and model with listings for standard and optional equipment. Methods also provide projected car values at levels for suggested dealer price, used car trade-in transations, and private party sales. The API includes access to a VIN decoder to determine a specific car's equipment level based on its manufacturer identification number.

Maporama Geocentric Web ServicesMaporama Geocentric Web Services API: Maporama Solutions is a leading provider of digital mapping solutions. Their mapping solutions gives users the ability to combine the strengths of geographical information and business intelligence, add value to enterprise data, assist decision-making, optimize resource allocation and match supply with demand in the context of location.

The Maporama Geocentric Web Services suite offers a set of APIs that allows developers to build location-centric applications. Maporama CoderService performs geocoding and reverse geocoding operations. The Map Web Service offers the method to render or prepare maps. The Itinerary Web Service exposes the methods to compute itineraries and distances. The APIs use SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

MEGAMEGA API: MEGA is a New Zealand based cloud storage service that helps users protect their privacy. With MEGA, users can control the Encryption, users hold the keys, and users decide who to grant or deny access to files without requiring software installs. The API gives developers programmatic access to the functionality of the service. It uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

MemjoggerMemjogger API: Memjogger is a web application for spaced repetition learning.

The API makes it possible to perform progammatically most of the operations available through web interface. All operations are fully documented.

micropayment GmbHmicropayment GmbH API: The service from Germany provides payment processing for small amounts of money, especially suited to fees for software downloads, content access, and other inexpensive online services. It consolidates functions for conventional debit and credit card charges as well as payments triggered by phone calls or other interactions with mobile devices along with selective disbursement of prepaid account balances. Sellers register accounts with the service, but buyers need not create accounts to submit payments.

API methods support call2pay, a set of functions for one-time payment events or scheduled invoicing for recurring charges triggered via mobile devices. Methods also support disbursement of prepayments by authorized bank transfer as well as conventional charges to credit card and debit card numbers.

MobPartnerMobPartner API: MobPartner is a mobile affiliate marketing platform that aims to provide risk-free performance-based marketing campaigns for advertisers, marketers, and publishers. The MobPartner API can integrate using S2S HTTP or Rest API, and can return XML, JSON, XHTML, or through an XML feed. The service offers 24/7 real-time statistics. 100% fill rate, and dedicated service support.

mygatemygate API: The PCI-compliant service provides online payment processing to merchants across Europe and South Africa via several different methods suited to different sets of needs and merchant capabilities. Methods range from payment buttons directing buyers to the provider's interface through white-label options to full API integration of credit and debit card processing. Available payment options support subscription payments with recurring invoicing and highly secure options with fraud prevention.

API methods support submission of merchant information including product purchased and transaction amount and buyer information such as name, billing address, and card or payment account information. Methods interact with card associations Visa, MasterCard/Maestro, American Express, and Diners Club or a number of partner banks to preauthorize payment and complete funds capture. Methods also support transaction inquiries, transaction voids, and refunds. Advanced methods allow scheduling of recurring subscription payments and fraud detection.

National Cellular Directory People SearchNational Cellular Directory People Search API: The National Cellular Directory is a people search website that lets users search for a person by name or by phone number using reverse phone lookup. National Cellular Directory Happy Hour People search allows users to search phone numbers (including cell phone numbers) to find the owner behind the number. This free service has an API for developers. The National Cellular Directory People Search API uses SOAP messaging with HTTP POST or GET methods for accepting requests and returns results via XML. Full documentation is available with registration.

Nobel PrizeNobel Prize API: Nobelprize.org is a website with information about Nobel Prizes, recipients of Nobel Prizes, and what Noble Prizes have been awarded for.

The Nobel Prize API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data from Nobelprize.org with other applications and to create new applications. Example API methods include returning Nobel Prizes winners, returning information about Nobel Prize Laureates, and Nobel Prizes by country.

NYPL What's on the MenuNYPL What's on the Menu API: The service from New York Public Library provides access to data extracted from a collection of restaurant menus. NYPL accumulated the menus as documentation of city life over time, showing the meals enjoyed by diners in the many restaurants in the city and beyond along with the language proprietors have used to describe their fare. Data come from crowdsourced dish-by-dish transcriptions of menus in the collection.

API methods support access and analysis of individual dish descriptions based on search by the names of menu items as well as keywords mentioned in descriptions. Methods also report the restaurant serving the dish, its location, the price in U.S. dollars, and other descriptive data.

O*NETO*NET API: The service from the U.S. Department of Labor provides authoritative information about occupational descriptions and projected employment demand across the nation's economy. It offers the U.S. government's official taxonomy of job titles and Standard Occupation Classification (SOC) codes. Also available are tools for career investigation and planning, questionnaires to analyze and categorize job duties, and hiring guidelines for employers.

API methods support access to career overview materials grouping job definitions by required skills and experience, personality traits, technologies used, and more. Methods also provide updated employment outlook for occupations and categories. The API gives programmatic access to interest profiler functions that present questions and accept responses to suggestion occupations suited to specific areas of interest.

OCLC MapFASTOCLC MapFAST API: The service provides place names for geographic locations as specified in the Faceted Application of Subject Terminology (FAST) list of subject headings. That list adapts the authoritative subject headings from the U.S. Library of Congress (LCSH) for simplified application of complex rules. The streamlined structure allows rigorous application of standard terminology across large volumes of materials within manageable workflows. The service applies a subset of those terms identifying places by standard names based on location coordinates.

API methods accept one or more locations based on latitude and longitude plus a radius specifying the size of the region of interest. The API returns the applicable term(s) from the FAST list.

PayWayPayWay API: PayWay, from Westpac, provides web based customer payment collection and management services. The PayWay API allows developers to automate credit card processing, including debiting and crediting funds, pre-authorizations, and queries. This is a SOAP API returning XML formatted data.

PcProf predict physico-chemical profiles of proteinsPcProf predict physico-chemical profiles of proteins API: The service provides a profile of a submitted protein sequence, describing its characteristics in relation to a list of properties established for known structures. Characteristics described include hydrophilicity/hydropathy, flexibility, antigenicity according to two measures, accessibility, and transmembranous helices. The profiles generated predict the behavior o be expected of the sample genetic structure.

API methods support submission of a protein structure detected in research results. The API returns measures of key physical and chemical properties known to be associated with such structures to form a profile of the sample.

PREDATOR protein secondary structure predictionPREDATOR protein secondary structure prediction API: The service predicts secondary protein structures by analyzing amino acid sequences submitted and detecting hydrogen-bonded residues within those structures. Potential for hydrogen bonds is associated with resulting secondary structures, providing a partial indicator that may be used in combination with outputs of other services.

API methods support submission of amino acid sequences to generate a job request and begin processing. The API returns indicators of hydrogen-bonded residues detected within the input data for use in secondary structure prediction. Methods also allow for control of the service, including status monitoring and cancellation of current processing jobs.

Research Data AustraliaResearch Data Australia API: The service provides a single, comprehensive point of access for research conducted or sponsored by the Australian government or its agencies. The national government has established an Australian Research Data Commons and registry with standardized storage and retrieval methods across research projects with the goal of unified and simplified access to result sets, promoting access to and reuse of data. An additional goal is improved visibility of Australian research within search engine results.

API methods support search access to stored data sets compliant with Open Search and Open Archives Initiative (OAI) formats. Methods support retrieval of data objects from the ANDS registry and of groupings in which objects are organized, including spatial data. Methods also provide lists of registered data sources with descriptive metadata detailing the data they provide.

SellMateSellMate API: Sellmate is an eCommerce tool allowing local retailers to easily upload their products to search engines and expose those products to local customers using Google Merchant and Google Places. The Sellmate API provides developer access to Sellmate services through a RESTful interface, including access to products, collections, and orders.

SendoutsSendouts API: The service provides functions for third-party staffing agencies, including open job listings, both summary and detailed, job search, and candidate management functions such as skills listings and job seeker profiles. Applications can interact with the service to help recruiters to post jobs, allow job seekers to find opportunities, and handle resume submissions and the hiring process.

API methods support creation of job orders to post open positions along with job searches by formal position title, keyword in the job description, category, and location. Methods also support submission of applications by job seekers and review of applications by recruiters.

SensorLogicSensorLogic API: The service provides remote monitoring of server and network resources via a platform-as-a-service (PAAS) model. It offers asset tracking to log performance of applications and supporting resources with reporting of results over time. The service is targeted at network operations engineers and sysadmins but also at original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) interested in performance of their products and at IT managers with responsible for contractual application hosting arrangements.

API methods support remote monitoring of system resources via the service's own platform. Tracking routines periodically access functionality provided by remote networks and record response and performance parameters, with methods for reporting on logged data.

SeQR PaySeQR Pay API: SeQR Pay provides a new way to purchase products. The basic concept is that products, product packaging, and advertisements have unique SeQR Pay QR codes on them so that anyone may scan that QR code and purchase the product using the SeQR Pay app. As a results, users no longer need to go to a store or website to make purchases. The user's payment information and shipping address are stored on SeQR Pay's secure server and only needs to be entered once.

So far, only a few brands have incorporated SeQR Pay technology. However, the SeQR Pay API still appears to be functional. It includes functions for both customers and merchants who want to integrate the SeQR Pay functions with other application or services.

SetOnxSetOnx API: SetOn{x} is a utility app that allows the user to add features to mobile phones. Examples of possible functionality on the site include location-based volume that adjusts phone volume when you are at work and raises it back to 50% when the user departs from work and MOT-based Radios that switches the phone to bluetooth when a user is driving. The API allows users to call SetOn{x} by launching it as an app.

ShepHertz App42 CloudShepHertz App42 Cloud API: ShepHertz Technologies’ App42 Cloud is a RESTful API service built to support app development irrespective of environment. App42 renders technical and business services as Cloud APIs across all major platforms and languages. API calls and responses may be JSON or XML formatted.

Skate IpsumSkate Ipsum API: Skate Ipsum is a lorem ipsum tool that generates skateboarding themed placeholder text. The Skate Ipsum API provides a simple REST interface for generating JSON, plain text, or HTML formatted text. Users can specify the number of paragraphs.

SnaptwitSnaptwit API: Snaptwit allowing users the ability to have their application send long tweets over the 140 character limit. Snaptwit is an alternative to mobile twitter which improves the usability of Twitter. Snaptwit API uses RESTful protocol and responses format is using JSON.

StormzStormz API: Stormz Builds collaborative technology empowering employees to collectively tackle corporate challenges. Stormz designs web based workshop sequences for brainstorming and problem solving. The Stormz API provides developer access to Stormz resources including Users, Workshops, and Activities. Data is transmitted over HTTPS and JSON formatted.

The Game CrafterThe Game Crafter API: The Game Crafter is a web-to-print on demand game publishing service. The Game Crafter gives game designers a system to make board games, card games, or custom playing cards. Built to the Wing API protocol, the Game Crafter API provides a RESTful interface for developers to do things like create game uploaders, use the Game Crafter as a private label service, integrate the Game Crafter into outside websites, and create customized interfaces to the shop. All results are JSON formatted.

The Mar-a-Lago Club Photo AlbumThe Mar-a-Lago Club Photo Album API: The Mar-a-Lago Club is a private club owned by Donald Trump. It is located in Palm Beach, Florida. The club website hosts a photo album, which can be accessed programmatically using the Photo Album API. This API enables users to load all or some of the images from the photo album onto their own websites by using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Transit and TrailsTransit and Trails API: Transit and Trails is a project of the Bay Area’s Open Space Council. The intent of the project is to connect users to parks and open spaces by helping them find, plan, and share outdoor adventures. Users can locate trailheads and find public transit, walking, biking, or driving directions. Users can share plans and invites over multiple channels, and post pictures and text afterwards.
The Transit and Trails API is read-only, providing GET calls over HTTPS, and returns JSON or XML formatted responses.

USDA Soil Data AccessUSDA Soil Data Access API: The service from the U.S. Department of Agriculture provides data from soil surveys to support agricultural planning and geographic information about farming activities. Data provide geolocation and temporal data, allowing applications to generate reports against the data for specific locations and regions within selected time periods. The service frees the soil survey data from its conventional download formats to allow real-time access to selected data elements.

API methods support submission of queries accessing data from USDA soil survey results, with potential for selecting particular geographic areas of interest, time periods, and subsets of data. Methods allow retrieval of raw data or mapping layers to support uses in reporting and analysis as well as visual mapping applications. ArcGIS format is supported.

ValutecValutec API: The service provides gift cards to be redeemed by recipients and loyalty cards given to customers as premiums to promote return purchases. It allows merchants to sell gift cards to the public to to initialize them and load cash balances for distribution to customers. Merchants prepurchase the cards, possibly with customized designs, then control the activation and credit balance assignment at the point of sale.

API methods support activation of previously issued cards, adding value, and checking remaining balance as well as charging purchases to the cards. Methods also allow creation and management of e-commerce equivalents of physical cards.

VersionEyeVersionEye API: VersionEye is a service that monitors software repositories for new versions and updates to software that VersionEye users are interested in. VersionEye supports a wide range of package managers and is continuously adding more. It currently supports pom.xml files from Maven2 and Maven3, package.json files from NPM, Ruby Gemfiles from Bundler, composer.json files from packagist.org, and PIP requirement.txt files. Users can access VersionEye's functions programmatically using REST calls issued in JSON format.

WebPay DirectWebPay Direct API: Webteh is Croatian based ISO/MSP/PSP registered and licensed for differnet banks in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro with presence in UK for EU based Merchants (Webteh LTD) and USA (Webteh Inc.) for USA based Merchants. The company provides WebPay, a PCI-compliant, secure payment processing via a white-label hosted interface or full integration based on its REST API. Transactions are resolved through global payment networks such as Visa and MasterCard/Maestro using registered merchant accounts and buyer profiles. Available services include transaction status inquiries, refunds, and scheduled installment payments.

API methods support submission of a transaction for payment, with merchant identifier, product purchased, and payment amount along with buyer profile identifier and payment card information to generate preauthorization codes. Completion of a preauthorized payment generates transaction status updates and transfers funds. Methods also support inquiries about previously submitted transactions and cancellations.

Where's it up?Where's it up? API: Where's it up? provides a network of servers that allows users to make sure that their websites are up wherever a server is located. Locations include cities around the world with a focus on North America and Eurasia. Each server is capable of local DNS resolution. Where's it up? can follow a reasonable number of redirects and will report back IP and timing information. Users can access Where's it up? programmatically by issuing JSON-formatted POST calls to the server.

ZootleZootle API: Zootle is an online sales, inventory, and client relationship manager. Zootle can be used for contact management, supply chain management, and online sales.

The Zootle API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Zootle with other applications and websites. Some example API methods include adding content, managing contacts, and retrieving inventory details.