64 New APIs: Parse.ly, ImageCollect and Yottaa

This week we had 64 new APIs added to our API directory including a content publishing analytics service, social publishing platform, celebrity photo library, social commerce platform, cost splitting service and website optimization service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Atomic ReachAtomic Reach API: Atomic Reach is a social publishing platform that lets users leverage content from multiple contributors and use it to build more engaging web sites. Content creators can use Atomic Reach to distribute their content to a variety of places. The API lets developers create their own applications to integrate with and extend the Atomic Reach platform. Public documentation is not available but developers can contact lencovello@atomicreach.com for more information.

Benchmark Automotive DataBenchmark Automotive Data API: Benchmark provides automotive data and intelligence. They build applications based on this data and also make feeds of the data available to clients. This data is provided via an API that lets clients integrate automotive data into their own web sites and applications. Available data includes: Vehicle Identification Data, Vehicle Specification Data, Vehicle Technical Data, Insurance Group Rating Data, Vehicle History Data, Vehicle Finance Data, Vehicle Valuation Data and Vehicle Statistical Data. The API returns data in XML format. Full documentation is not publicly available.

BikkoBikko API: The service provides training tools and social interactions for bicycling hobbyists. It is under development by avid cyclists from Austin, Texas, to help others track rides and record performance, with plans for route guidance and suggestions. Social networking tools for interactions among cyclists also are anticipated.

API methods currently support retrieval of route information with location and altitude as well as speed and power ratings. Returned data support interaction with mapping applications.

BLAM AdsBLAM Ads API: BLAM Ads is an online advertising service that can be implemented with to monetize websites using content locking advertising. When BLAM's code is pasted into a website's HTML, visitors will be prompted with a "content locking gateway" which will display several offers that users must interact with to gain access to the rest of the site. This model ensures that any user who makes it to a site using BLAM's content locking is providing advertising revenue to the site owner.

The BLAM ads API provides programmatic access to exactly how the content locking service operates on a site, giving developers control over the types of offers presented to end-users of their sites. Other functionality exposed by this API includes statistics and reporting, account and user management, and integration with virtual currencies - for example interacting with ads in exchange for a certain amount of virtual currency.

This RESTful API can be configured to provide a wide range of response types, including JSON, JSONP, XML, PHP, CSV, and HTML. Access to this API is dependent on an account with service.

Bowker Book Metadata ServiceBowker Book Metadata Service API: The service provides descriptive information about books and other media resources maintained by the publisher of Books in Print, a comprehensive listing of currently available publications. Data include bibliographic description (author, title, ISBN, publication date, etc.) as well as cover image, published reviews, table of contents, and publisher's price.

API methods accept search criteria as author or contributor name, title, ISBN, UPC, and a range of other identifying values. Methods then return data specified in the request for matching resources, including bibliographic description, availability status, binding type, intended market or audience, etc.

CDYNE Profanity FilterCDYNE Profanity Filter API: CDYNE's Profanity Filter API finds and removes words that are considered profanity. It is designed to help maintain professionalism in web-based applications such as message boards, bulletin boards, chat rooms, and shout-boxes. CDYNE Profanity Filter also gives users the ability to create personalized profanity lists and filter levels.

CDYNE is no longer maintaining this product. It's free to use at your own risk.

CensorNet Hosted Web SecurityCensorNet Hosted Web Security API: The Hosted Web Security platform offered by CensorNet is SaaS security suite designed to secure networks with multiple locations and remote, unsupervised, or roaming users. Their software intercepts web any web traffic from a network, allowing administrators to control and report on all user activity. Furthermore, Hosted Web Security includes functionality for user security and authentication.

The Hosted Web Security REST API provides developers with the flexibility to integrate the service into their own applications and systems, and provides the means for external control and monitoring. Other uses of this API include custom web filtering, automatic provisioning of customer and user accounts, reporting, and importation of external users into a Hosted Web Security account.

CentiliCentili API: Centili is a cloud based mobile payments service. Consumers can use Centili to charge their purchases of online products to their phone bill. The Centili API gives partners the ability to control and customize their payment process. The API can be used by independent developers, B2B Partners, commercial cloud solutions and vertical market specialists. API documentation is not publicly available but can be access to registered partners.

ClarabridgeClarabridge API: Clarabridge provides sentiment and text analytics software. The Clarabridge API allows businesses to search, report on and analyze their documents, even those with unstructured data. Users can submit and process multiple verbatims for real-time determination of sentiment, classification of a verbatim, and stage the verbatim for future processing into the Clarabridge system. Public documentation of the XML API is not available but developers can contact the provider for further details.

ClickworkerClickworker API: The service allows submission of orders for crowdsourced activity to support web content management, blogs, and other applications through content creation, translation, and research. Applications can submit, update, and cancel orders for crowdsourcing along with reviewing results, accepting or rejecting results, and other account interactions.

API methods support submission of requests for crowdsourcing services, checking status and updating existing requests, and canceling requests. Methods also allow retrieval of request results and confirmation of acceptance or rejection of those results.

DaymetDaymet API: Daymet was developed at the University of Montana by the Numerical Terradynamic Simulation Group (NTSG) to provide fine resolution, daily meteorological and climatological data. The Daymet API generates maps of temperature, precipitation, humidity, and radiation over large regions of complex terrain. It can also retrieve daily surface weather data for a specific geographic point.

Developer Garden ClickandBuyDeveloper Garden ClickandBuy API: Developer Garden provides API's for a variety of telecom and marketplace services, including ClickandBuy, a one click online payment gateway. ClickandBuy is designed with the intent to handle the charging or payment aspects of online transactions, leaving users free to concentrate on selling and shopping.

The API gives programmatic control over initiating, canceling, and refunding transactions with ClickandBuy. Additionally, the API exposes methods for executing, processing, and managing batch transactions. This is a SOAP-based API that charges fees based on account activity and transactions.

EveryScapeEveryScape API: EveryScape is a service that provides visual tours for businesses, restaurants, and hotels. EveryScape digitally architects businesses and creates visual tours that can be added to websites.

The EveryScape API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and content of EveryScape with other applications and websites. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up as a partner for more information: http://www.everyscape.com/corporate/partner_signup.html.

eWAYeWAY API: eWAY is an Australian payment gateway solution that lets retailers process their customers' online payment transactions in real time. The eWAY API allows developers to integrate the eWAY services into their own web sites and applications. Functionality includes the ability to offer hosted and redirected payment processing, refund processing, setup of automated payments, fraud monitoring and more. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

GoCardlessGoCardless API: GoCardless is a service that lets users accept online payments. Users can get paid directly from their customers’ bank accounts without the need for a merchant account and without credit card fees. The API gives developers access to the same functionality as the service. With the API users can create subscriptions, pre authorizations and bills. In addition they can read existing resources and create bills under an existing pre authorization. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

IconCMOIconCMO API: The service provides online tools for managing the administrative functions of a church or religious congregation. Web access allows distributed access by church staff to monitor and control purchasing and payments, congregation membership rolls and donations, event scheduling and calendar publishing, personnel scheduling, and related activities.

API methods support accounting (receivables and payables), donation tracking, and other financial activities. Methods also allow updating and reporting on congregation membership, including groups of individuals such as households and mailing lists.

ImageCollectImageCollect API: ImageCollect is a celebrity photo marketplace. Users can access over 4.4 million photos on a subscription basis.

The ImageCollect API allows developers to access content and data from ImageCollect to create other applications. Some example API methods include searching the library by celebrity, downloading image URLs, and retrieving the most recent celebrity pictures and popular celebrity photos. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

IPGEOIPGEO API: The service maps detected IP addresses to geolocations of their origins. By detecting the originating country and city, an application can control presentation of locally relevant content, manage language localization defaults, and detect attempts at online fraud, among other purposes.

API methods support submission of the IP address detected from an HTTP request header and the type of location information desired (country, city, etc.). The API returns the location matching the submitted information.

IPRentalIPRental API: The service provides access to a network of IP addresses for routing application traffic. An account with the service allows API-based access to change the IP address an application uses from a large selection.

API methods support selection among reusable bindings for concrete protocol and data format specifications for port types. This binds operations and messages to a network protocol and message format applicable to the traffic.

KnotInFrameKnotInFrame API: KnotInFrame predicts frameshift sites in DNA and RNA sequences with a simple pseudoknot as secondary structure. The prediction is based on a comparison of minimal free energy structures.

KnotInFrame is available as both a web console and a SOAP API.

Kole ImportsKole Imports API: Kole Imports is a direct importer and wholesale distributor of discount and dollar store merchandise. The API allows customers to acquire data about Kole's product line, submit orders and track orders. Methods exposed by the API include listings of resources, account information, product specific information, order information and more. The API uses RESTful calls with responses in XML and JSON.

Larimer County Public Records DatabasesLarimer County Public Records Databases API: Larimer County's Public Records Database APIs allow programmatic access to some of the information in Larimer County's public records. The SOAP-based APIs can be used to retrieve information on a property or on a property's taxes within Larimer County, Colorado.

Leverage Software Leverage Software API: The service provides online tools for intranet, extranet, social networking, and other online community interations. Features include status updates and blogging by community members, wiki content update, discussion boards, file management, microsites for subgroups, and more. The platform uses a SaaS model to support collaboration within an organization, across organizations, and among individuals.

API methods support management of user accounts with individual profiles and group membership, including permissions for resource access. Methods allow management of community resources such as discussion boards, chat interaction, news and status updates, polls, and wiki pages with related topic structures.

LiveLeader Data ExportLiveLeader Data Export API: Kalibera LiveLeader is a live chat based support service. The LiveLeader data export API lets users access historical chat data and integrate it with their own CMS. Chat data can be searched for by time, user, keyword, location, ISP and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

LookStatLookStat API: LookStat is a service for microstock photographers. LookStat provides processing services for photographers for upload into microstock image sites, such as analytics, keywords, and submission.

The LookStat API allows developers to access and integrate the data and fucntionality of LookStat with other applications. The LookStat API provides four API calls: logging in, retrieving earnings by time, retrieving uploads by time, and retrieving photo metadata and information.

ManageMyRequestsManageMyRequests API: The UK service provides case management to track and update a variety of ongoing information requests and similar engagements, in part to help maintain compliance with legal requirements for information disclosure. Sample applications include tracking Freedom of Information Act requests, requests related to enforcement of environmental laws, inquiries to law enforcement agencies and other public records managers, and personal information requests.

API methods support creation of a case with all specifics when the engagement begins, designation of agents involved in the case, updating activities as they occur, and termination of the case when the request is fulfilled. Methods also generate reports of case status to verify request compliance.

myCitiScapemyCitiScape API: myCitiScape is an application that provides information about college campuses. myCitiScape offers web and mobile applications for Android and iPhone.

The myCitiScape API allows developers to access the data from myCitiScape. An example API method is returning information on local restaurants around a specific campus.

MyTravelToolboxMyTravelToolbox API: MyTravelToolbox is a website plugin for travel websites. MyTravelToolbox offers features such as online airline check-ins, airport codes, world time clocks, and currency exchange information.

The MyTravelToolbox API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of MyTravelToolbox with other applications and for customization. Some example API methods include retrieving airport delays, listing account information, accessing flight status, and listing airport codes. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here: http://www.mytraveltoolbox.com/account.

NASA Moderate Resolution Imaging SpectroradiometerNASA Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer API: MODIS (or Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) is a key data-gathering instrument aboard the Terra and Aqua satellites, which view Earth's entire surface every 1 to 2 days. From this vantage point, MODIS generates imagery of Earth in 36 spectral bands. This imagery is available for public purchase online. The MODAPS API allows users to search, order, and download certain types of MODIS imagery through a programmable interface.

NCEP North American MesoscaleNCEP North American Mesoscale API: The National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) North American Mesoscale (NAM) Model retrieves and analyzes data taken from across the continental U.S. to make predictions about future weather conditions. Data used by this model comes from the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS). The SOAP API for accessing the NCEP NAM functionality is provided by CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System (HIS).

Oakland CrimespottingOakland Crimespotting API: The service operates independently of the city of Oakland, Calif., and Oakland Police Department, but it repackages data from the city's own crime-mapping program, CrimeWatch. It emphasizes location-aware mapping of crime reports by date, type of offense, police precinct, and related details. Its goal is to aid in discovery of crime activity within the areas of specific homes, schools, and workplaces.

API methods allow retrieval of crime reports for specified crime types, police beats, and date ranges. Methods return reports with location information -- street address as well as latitude and longitude -- to aid in mapping.
Individual crime reports can be downloaded in a variety of formats, suitable for use in spreadsheets, feed readers, and more. All requests are simple HTTP GET, and there is no registration or authentication requirement.

OLOOLO API: OLO is an online ordering system that can be integrated with point-of-sale (POS) systems. Users can use OLO to offer online ordering on their websites and mobile applications.

The OLO API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of OLO with other applications and to create new features. Public documentation is not available, but the API is open to developers to integrate and build applications. Interested developers should email info@olo.com for more information.

OlopolyOlopoly API: Olopoly is an open two-way social commerce platform that allows businesses to initiate direct, real-time dialog with their customers. The platform allows businesses to push targeted deals out to users while at the same time allowing potential customers to send requests to businesses. The Olopoly API lets users integrate social commerce into their web sites or applications. Uses of the RESTful API include creating SoLoMo services, view the location of individuals, earning loyalty rewards and more.

OneDeskOneDesk API: OneDesk is a cloud based platform that offers tools to assist with product development and management. It is meant to help with the coordination of team members including product managers, engineers, marketing and customer support. The API lets developers access the functionality of the platform programatically. Some of the functionality includes accessing organizations and their information, working with feedback, posts, projects and more. The API uses RESTful calls and resposnes are formatted in XML and JSON.

ParsCitParsCit API: ParsCit is an application that performs reference string parsing, sometimes also called citation parsing or citation extraction, and logical structure parsing of scientific documents. ParsCit's functions can be called using a free SOAP-based API.

Parse.lyParse.ly API: Parse.ly provides a specialized type of analytics aimed at content publishers. The service extracts terms from posts and lets you view your traffic and engagement in new ways.

Parse.ly starts at $499 per month and each level of access comes with more advanced API access.

PaxumPaxum API: Paxum offers a secure ewallet payment service that lets users pay merchants and other users by transferring funds from banks. The Paxum Payment API gives developers the ability to implement direct payment processing. Integrating the API lets users accommodate various payment methods including prepaid cards, checks and wire transfers while working with a single provider to process and manage all online payments. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Pervasive Data IntegratorPervasive Data Integrator API: The service provides a platform for data integration across multipurpose applications. It facilitates cloud data storage and exchanges of information between data repositories used by hosted applications. Its goal is to enable reuse of software for diverse application scenarios requiring the same datasets.

API methods support definition of storage "destinations" and configuration of application "products" that use the data, along with provisioning to connect the two. Methods also support CRUD (create, read, update, delete) control for products managed by the service.

pknotsRGpknotsRG API: pknotsRG is a tool for folding RNA secondary structures, including the class of simple recursive pseudoknots. Users can input RNA sequences in FASTA format and receive secondary structure information as the output. pknotsRG is available as a web console, download, or SOAP API.

PlanMillPlanMill API: Planmill offers cloud based CRM, ERP, PROJECT and PSA. The Planmill API lets developers exchange information between third party applications and Planmill. Examples of applications that can be integrated with Planmill include accounting, CMS and store and social media apps. The API gives users access to the most common functionality of the service. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON. Full documentation is not publicly available.

ProxyFraudProxyFraud API: The service provides a programmable XML interface for detecting web visitors routine requests through any type of proxy server, which often indicates attempts to circumvent blocks on traffic from particular locations or addresses. This fraud detection function alerts e-commerce applications to traffic with origins masked, helping to avoid costly chargebacks and other bad results of online frauds.

API methods support submission of a requesting IP address discovered in the header of an HTTP request. The service then checks on the authenticity of that address and returns status information indicating whether or not it involves redirection through a proxy, based on a database updated hourly of proxy IPs.

QRickit QR CodeQRickit QR Code API: The service generates QR codes that encode web URLs, email addresses, or other text for access by scanner-equipped devices. An application interacts with the service by submitting an HTTP request to its URL with variables specifying parameters for the code generated. Parameters can designate a web URL or other text string to be encoded plus footer text desired along with the size and colors of the image to be generated. The API generates the image and returns it in PNG format.

Regal Technologies DevConnectRegal Technologies DevConnect API: The service handles online payments via credit card, ACH bank account debits, and RecurPay scheduled payments. All services implement the provider's Fraud Detection Suite (FDS) with configrable filters to prevent suspicious transactions, reducing risk of potentially costly fraudulent payments.

API methods support requests to process one-time and scheduled, recurring payments via credit card and ACH bank account debit. Methods also enforce rules determined by the using application to detect possible fraudulent transactions before processing.

RNAhybridRNAhybrid API: RNAhybrid is a SOAP-based API for finding the minimum free energy hybridization of a long and a short RNA molecule, and is primarily intended as a means of microRNA target prediction. In this tool, hybridization is performed so that the short sequence is hybridized to the best fitting part of the long one.

San Francisco Ethics Commission LobbyistSan Francisco Ethics Commission Lobbyist API: San Francisco Ethics Commission requires lobbyists to file monthly disclosure statements electronically. The disclosures give access to the lobbyist client lists, expenses, political contributions and more. In order to make those statements more transparent, the Ethics Commission API provides access to the lobbyist database. Developers can search filings by year, lobbyist, and individual filings.

The API is free and available without an API key. The RESTful service returns data in JSON format.

SnappyTVSnappyTV API: SnappyTV is a platform that allows companies and organizations to create and push real-time social media advertising based on what is happening on TV, such as prime time shows, sports events, and breaking news.

The SnappyTV API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of SnappyTV with other applications and to create other applications. Some example API methods include integrating video features in applications and creating real-time clips. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email contact@snappytv.com for more information.

SNOTELSNOTEL API: The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) installs, operates, and maintains an extensive automated system to collect snowpack and related climatic data in the Western United States called SNOTEL (for SNOwpack TELemetry). The SNOTEL API provides SOAP-based access to data collected by this system.

SplitableSplitable API: Splitable is a service that allows users to split the cost of purchasing goods, services, and food. Users can determine the breakdown of costs among the people they are splitting the cost with and send them details about the good, service, etc.

The Splitable API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Checkout by Splitable, which enables companies to allow their customers to split the cost of goods and services. Methods include managing details about the goods or services, managing cost information, and sending invoices.

SpringCMSpringCM API: The cloud-based enterprise content management platform allows applications to assemble customized services matched to specific needs. Available functions include configuring document-storage spaces, structured by user-defined folders and metadata, along with supporting workflow processes for updates, review, and publishing.

API methods support CRUD actions (create, read, update, delete) for folders, documents, and descriptive metadata. Workflow methods provide for automation of repeatable processes, step status review, check-in/checkout of documents, and related functions.

Tap.MeTap.Me API: Tap Me is a service that introduces advertising into games through the use of gameification. Players are allowed to choose a sponsor which will grant them benefits during game play and can offer rewards in the real world.

Tap.Me contains a custom in-game metrics API. With it, users can track how many times gameplay elements such as how many times gamers are jumping, dying or using a certain item. Currently the API is in closed beta.

The Old BaileyThe Old Bailey API: The service allows search against records of legal proceedings at the Old Bailey, London's central criminal court, from 1674 to 1913. The fully searchable repository gives access to documentation of almost 200,000 criminal trials either by specific case or for all cases that match specified terms.

API methods support submission of search criteria, either a trial number, text to match, or both, along with the number of desired results (maximum of 1000 per request) and the desired output format, either text or zip file. If both a trial number and match text are specified, output tags the specified terms within the text returned.

TubeMogulTubeMogul API: TubeMogul is a video advertising and marketing company. TubeMogul provides real-time video advertising for a variety of video platforms and devices. Advertising can be customized and localized for different areas and audiences.

The TubeMogul API allows developers to access and integrate the data and functionality of TubeMogul with other applications. Some example API methods include uploading videos, accessing uploading status, accessing video details, accessing statistics, and deleting videos.

UltraCart Affiliate ManagementUltraCart Affiliate Management API: UltraCart is an online shopping cart and e-commerce service, providing users with the functionality to connect their sites to UltraCart's hosted platform. UltraCart also offers Affiliate Management software, giving users the means to set up affiliate marketing on their site, provide affiliates with specific marketing content, control commissions, manage affiliates, and run reports on individual affiliates or the program as a whole.

The SOAP-based Affiliate Management API exposes methods for creating new affiliates within an account, gathering data about existing affiliates, and establishing relationships between different affiliates.

UltraCart CheckoutUltraCart Checkout API: UltraCart is an online shopping cart and e-commerce service, providing users with the functionality to connect their sites to UltraCart's hosted platform. The UltraCart platform can be hooked up to many facets of an e-commerce business; in addition to checkout, their software integrates with payment processing, shopping carts, marketing management, shipping, and accounting systems.

UtraCart has both JavaScript and SOAP-based Checkout API's, however, their SOAP services are largely undocumented as they turn users towards their JavaScript web services. The Checkout API exposes a wide range of functionality, allowing developers to programmatically interact with UltraCart's e-commerce platform. Example methods for this API include creating a cart, getting items, handing off to Google Checkout or PayPal, cart validation, and applying coupons.

UltraCart Order ManagementUltraCart Order Management API: UltraCart is an online shopping cart and e-commerce service, providing users with the functionality to connect their sites to UltraCart's hosted platform. Through their platform, UltraCart gives sellers top-level control over many shopping cart functions. Their order management system allows users to customize accounts receivable, order processing and automation, and pre-orders.

UltraCart also provides a SOAP-based API for programmatic control over order management. Using this web service, developers can access methods to do things such as cancel orders, retrieve order data and active orders, check payments, and resend receipts.

USGS National Water Information SystemUSGS National Water Information System API: The USGS National Water Information System (NWIS) provides a suite of APIs to facilitate the automated sharing of water monitoring data. The USGS NWIS APIs provide information on all monitoring locations within a given geographic area and can also retrieve water-quality measurements by site. All data is provided by the NWISWeb database.

VyewVyew API: Vyew is an online meeting, web conference, and webinar service. Some of the features Vyew offers include online meeting rooms, VOIP, and file sharing capabilities.

The Vyew API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Vyew with other applications. Some example API methods include creating new meeting rooms, managing account information, and importing documents.

WebDAM WebDAM API: WebDAM is a web-based digital asset management platform. Users of WebDAM can upload, organize, store, manage, and share their digital assets, such as photos, videos, logos, and other digital assets.

The WebDAM API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of WebDAM with other applications and systems. Some example API methods include managing digital assets, adding digital assets, deleting digital assets, creating asset folders, and searching digital assets.

WeGatherWeGather API: WeGather is a private social network for churches. It is web based software that allows churches to manage their events, volunteers, store data and more. The data stored on WeGather can be accessed via an API and integrated with third party applications and other websites. Documentation of the API is not publicly available.

XsollaXsolla API: Xsolla is a provider of localized in-game payment solutions specializing in MMO, social, mobile and casual games. The Xsolla platform provides access to over 150 payment options including credit and pre-paid cards, mobile payments, premium SMS, E-wallets, cash and e-cash, payment kiosks and offers. Xsolla also provides statistics such as RPU (Revenue Per User) and ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User) that allow partners to analyze their players' habits and payment options used.

The Xsolla API offers a suite of services for integrating payment services into a game. API functionality includes invoicing, write-offs, payments via cash kiosks, registration and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Yottaa PartnerYottaa Partner API: Yottaa is a service for website owners to improve website performance and speed. Yottaa also offers tools for website owners to monitor their website performance and speed. Yottaa's services work on various facets of websites, including data, code, and image optimization, security optimization, and visibility.

The Yottaa Partner API allows developers to access and integrate the user information data and functionality from Yottaa with other applications. Some example API methods include accessing user account information, deleting user accounts, getting a list of user sites, and retrieving site usage data.

Yottaa PublicYottaa Public API: Yottaa is a service for website owners to improve website performance and speed. Yottaa also offers tools for website owners to monitor their website performance and speed. Yottaa's services work on various facets of websites, including data, code, and image optimization, security optimization, and visibility.

The Yottaa Public API allows developers to access and integrate all of the public information generated by Yottaa about website performance. Some example API methods include accessing any public information about site URLs that Yottaa has collected, accessing user set public benchmarks about URLs, and accessing reports about website performance that Yottaa generates.

Yottaa UserYottaa User API: Yottaa is a service for website owners to improve website performance and speed. Yottaa also offers tools for website owners to monitor their website performance and speed. Yottaa's services work on various facets of websites, including data, code, and image optimization, security optimization, and visibility.

The Yottaa User API allows developers to access and integrate the information and settings of user accounts from Yottaa with other applications. Some example API methods include accessing user set benchmarks, managing user set benchmarks, adding sites to user accounts, and accessing all sites of a user.

Zeitin VidiZeitin Vidi API: Vidi is a service that lets developers add live streaming video to their web sites and applications. The video capability can be used for video conferencing, video messaging, video chat, live broadcasts, security cameras and more. The API lets developers control aspects of the video feed such as the room, client, player and more. The API uses REST, SOAP and JavaScript protocols and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.


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