67 Recommendations APIs: Rotten Tomatoes, CleverSet and Evri

Having just looked at recommendation mashups in our directory, we now turn our eye to APIs in that category. Our API directory now includes 67 recommendations APIs. The newest is the Food Genuis API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Evri API. We list 6 Evri mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of recommendations APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 53 recommendations REST APIs and 9 recommendations SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 46 recommendations XML APIs followed closely by 41 recommendations JSON APIs.

The most common tags within recommendations are 17 social recommendations APIs, 9 shopping recommendations APIs and 9 travel recommendations APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 36 recommendations mashups. We named 4sqoogle as mashup of the day in October.

For reference, here is a list of all 67 real estate APIs.

  Add To Trip API: Social trip planning service

  AlterGeo API: Local recommendation service

  AlternativeTo API: Software application recommendations

  Appinions API: Opinion aggregation Platform

  Baynote API: Recommendations service

  BeliefNetworks API: Semantic Intelligence, Site recommendations service

  blippr API: Recommendations service

  BMAT API: Music search and recommendation service

  Boo-box API: Recommendation service

  CleverSet API: Recommendations service for eCommerce sites

  Criteo API: Distributed recommendation service

  Directed Edge API: Content linking services

  Easyrec API: Recommendation software

  EasyUtil API: Recommendation service

  eBay Merchandising API: eBay item and product recommendation service

  Ecordia API: Content optimization and text analysis service

  Evri API: Recommendations and semantic search service

  Food Genius API: Restaurant and food data

  GamePro API: Gaming review service

  Gifts.com API: Gift recommendation service

  GigPark API: Local recommendations service

  GoodGuide API: Green healthy product ratings

  Inveni API: Movie and TV show recommendation service

  Lift Suggest API: Shopping recommendation service

  Loomia API: Recommendation service

  MeeMix API: Music recommendation service and discovery

  Minube API: Social travel recommendation site

  Moviepilot API: Movie search, information and recommendation service

  Navnelabarotoriets (Name Laboratory) API: Dutch baby name recommendations

  Needish API: Price quote service

  Nextstop API: Travel recommendation service

  Notches API: Distributed user reviews service

  Parse.ly API: Recommendations platform

  Patient Opinion API: UK health ratings service

  People's Music Store API: Music store

  Praized API: Local user reviews and search service

  QuarkRank API: Consumer reviews service

  RateItAll API: User reviews database and services

  RatePubs API: Pub and bar reviews services

  Rotten Tomatoes API: Movie Information and Reviews Database

  Rovi Cloud Services API: Digital entertainment technology

  Rummble Labs API: Business and personal recommendations

  Seevl API: Music discovery service

  Similar Site Search API: Website information service

  SmartTravelDeals API: Travel offer publishing and search

  Snooth API: Wine recommendations service

  Stereomood API: Internet radio service

  Strands Social Recommender API: Social Recommendations API

  StyleFeeder API: Recommendations service

  SubSift API: Research Community Resource

  target API: Semantic targeting and personalization service

  TasteKid API: Taste discovery service

  Tellmewhere API: Location sharing service

  ThisNext API: Social shopping service

  trakt.tv API: Television tracking and recommendation service

  Trazzler API: Travel recommendation service

  Tripl API: Social travel service

  TripSay API: Social travel search and recommendations service

  TrustedPlaces API: Local user reviews and city guides

  Vegan Guide API: Vegan Establishment Search Tools

  Vizimo API: TV recommendations service

  welovelocal API: Local user reviews and city guides

  welovelocal API: Local business search and recommendation service

  WSRelater API: Recommendation engine

  YellowBot Location API: Local business search service

  Yonda4 API: Reading lists and recommendations

  Zemanta API: Blog authoring extension services

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