68% of All PollDaddy Polls Created via Their API

PollDaddy, one of the most popular online poll and survey creation services, recently opened their new API to the public. The basic PollDaddy service provides free accounts for creating polls and surveys, or a Pro upgrade that eliminates sponsored links and allows higher numbers of survey responses than the free version. Now with the API, the core poll creation and reporting services are available to developers (details at our PollDaddy API profile).


PollDaddy's business partners have been beta testing the API for several months. Even without the general public having access to PollDaddy code, the company says that 68% of all content created on PollDaddy already comes through the API. As noted by Mashable, this is thanks to the work of some prolific partners such as Sproutbuilder, Seesmic, and IntenseDebate.

If you'd like to get your hands on the API, which PollDaddy says "for the moment" allows you to create and manage polls at your own site, you'll need to sign up for a free PollDaddy.com account and request a key for the full read-write API. With it, says PollDaddy, you can add and update polls, moderate comments, and get poll results and metrics at your own site. For now, the API functionality is limited to pollmaking and excludes surveys. More information and complete Documentation is available at the PollDaddy wiki.

It's clear that this API is already a success. It remains to be seen how much more widely used it will become now that it is available to the general developer population, but it should be worth following.

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